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A reliable smart dimmer switch offers three-way functionality, allowing the maneuver of a single light from two distinct places nearby. This particular type of smart dimmer switch carries numerous benefits. It brings forth features such as access to remote control, voice-command functionality, the ability to set personalized schedules, and numerous other enticing characteristics that attract users.

Types of 3-Way Smart Switches

There are two different types of 3-way smart switches to choose from.

  • The first is a hardwired switch with a secondary wireless remote, which can be mounted in the place of the other light switch.
  • The second is two hardwired smart dimmer switches, one in a master configuration and the other setup as an add-on.

The Lutron Caseta Smart Dimmer Switch and Mounted Pico Remote is a hassle-free way to upgrade your existing 3-way switches.

Top Features
  • Easy installation, with replacing of one switch and terminating the second, replacing with the wireless mounted remote.
  • 3-way control via remote, app, and virtual assistant
  • Smart bridge extends control and allows you set your lighting according to schedule

One of the best things about the Lutron Caseta Smart Lighting Dimmer Switch and Pico Remote 3-Way Mounting Kit is it’s Homekit compatibility, which most devices on this list do not have.

With its wireless remote, the Lutron Caseta is a hassle free way to install new 3-way lighting in your home as there is no additional wiring required.

If you are upgrading an existing 3-way light circuit, you can simply terminate one of the switches and replace with the wireless remote, using the supplied mounting kit.

You can easily extend your control over lighting fixtures by getting yourself the lutron hub and deriving the benefit of connectivity via the mobile app and virtual assistants. 

The Caseta smart switch works with various types of bulbs, such as incandescent or halogen bulbs (300W), dimmable LED lights (100W) or dimmable CFL bulbs.

What I liked
  • Simple installation
  • Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri voice controls
  • Supports dimmable LED, CFP and incandescent
  • Light schedules can adjust to seasons
  • Wall Plates included
What I didn't like
  • Power failure can set outlets to full OFF
  • Smart bridge required for app or voice control through virtual assistants

If you're searching for a way to make your traditional light bulbs go super-smart, then the C by GE Smart Dimmer Switch should suit you just fine.

Top Features
  • Does not require neutral wiring
  • Works well with traditional GE smart bulbs
  • Allows you control over a lighting fixture with Alexa or Google Home without a hub.

The C by GE dimmer switch allows you to control your traditional light bulbs via Alexa or Google Home so that you can enhance functionality to include remote access, scheduling, and scene-setting. 

The C by GE 3-way dimmer switches only need three wiring connections: ground, load, and line. No neutral needed which is a major plus for older homes. And you know what's better – this product can determine which wire can be used for line and load, so you don't have to!

The switch itself hasn't changed much design-wise from previous generations and includes a depressible button to turn the lighting on or off, along with paddles to adjust dimming.  


You can easily install the C by GE dimmer switch by going through the product's concise manual (instructional videos are also available) and following the procedure step-by-step.

All you need is a Phillips screwdriver, needle-nose pliers, and a voltage tester. 

The good news is that most buyers report that the switch's actual installation is relatively easy and won't require too much effort. However, it's highly recommended that you carefully go through all the safety instructions before attempting the installation.

Additionally, C by GE smart switches can wirelessly connect with each other – which means you'll be able to adjust a single light fixture with multiple switches (even when the switches are connected to separate circuits). 

Overall, the C by GE smart dimmer switch is great for anyone looking to upgrade their lighting fixtures without too many expenses. 

What I liked
  • Easy to install, even with wiring requirements
  • App allows for scheduling, scene-setting, and regular functions
  • Easy to understand user-manual
  • Offers control over light bulbs even when OFF when paired with GE smart bulbs
  • Smart switches can connect wirelessly to afford control of a single fixture through multiple switches
What I didn't like
  • Losing wireless connectivity may lead to a lower dimmer setting

Leviton has decades of experience in making homes smarter, which is why the Leviton DW6HD Smart Dimmer doesn't lack much as a smart home device.

Top Features
  • Features the Leviton App for extended control over lighting
  • Compatible with virtual assistant like Alexa, IFTTT, Google Assistant
  • LED Feedback Lights highlight the lighting percentage

The DW6HD is armed to the teeth with specs – much like all the other selections on this list. 

Let's talk about the switch itself, to begin with. Unlike the smart switches thus far, the Leviton 3-way smart dimmer features a unique bright-bar that helps you manually dim or brighten your lights. Apart from looking cool, it's a pretty handy feature. But what we really liked was the LED Feedback Lights feature that tells you the lighting percentage you're running at (without having to resort to the app).

Additionally, the switch can handle Compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) and dimmable LED loads of up to 300W, and for incandescent bulbs, the load's double that, at 600W.


There's a user-manual, complete with diagrams and instructions to help you through the process. 

Also, while many users have had no problems DIY-ing these switches themselves, one or two buyer reviews spoke of complications. That's why, if you're a newbie or feel like you won't be able to handle wiring this switch – it's best to turn the job over to an electrician. 


As far as specs are concerned, the Leviton DW6HD is up to par with all the latest smart switches.

The product offers users total control over their lighting fixtures via the Leviton app (which doesn't require a hub), which you can use to create lighting schedules, auto shut-off, and there's also a vacation mode that offers randomized lighting. 

You can also voice-adjust the smart switch via virtual assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT, August, SmartThings, etc.

Finally, there's a whopping 5-year guarantee, in case things go wrong.

What I liked
  • Works with CFL, LED, and incandescent light bulbs
  • 5-year guarantee
  • User-manual with wiring diagrams and instructions
  • Smart switch features bright bar for manual dimming
  • Can function with low-wattage light sources
What I didn't like
  • Requires neutral wiring
  • Installation may prove complicated for some users

Tessan is a popular brand in Europe, Asia, and North America. Generally, their products are very well received, which is why the 3 Way Smart Dimmer Switch by Tessan has found its way onto our list.

Top Features
  • Smart Life App and virtual assistant pairing/access
  • The kit includes a master and an add-on switch
  • User-friendly switch design

The actual switch design is ergonomic and includes three buttons – two for dimming actions and one for turning the light on/off. Tessan's decision to use buttons for dimming/brightening will appeal to users against using dials.

The switch also includes Feedback LED lights to indicate the percentage of brightness without having to access the app.


The 3-way smart dimmer switch by Tessan does require neutral wiring. The first step involves fitting the attaching the master switch, according to the diagrams and instructions detailed in the user guide. Buyers are then directed to check the wiring and then connect the smart switch to your Wi-Fi connection. The last step of the process involves pairing the control with virtual assistants like Alexa or Google Home.


Speaking of technical specs, the smart switch by Tessan offers users enhanced control of their lighting fixtures via the Smart Life app and voice commands (through pairing with virtual assistants). You can utilize the app for automatic scheduling, brightness memory, and there's no requirement for a hub or a smart bridge.

The kit includes two smart switches – the master switch and an add-on switch; however, only the master switch includes brightness-indicating feedback lights.

The 3-way dimmer is designed to work with a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection and is not compatible with 5G. Apart from that, you're okay to use up to 150W dimmable LEDs or 400 W CFL/incandescent bulbs with this product.

Tessan provides buyers with lifetime technical support through their customer team – with a promise of response within 24-hours.

What I liked
  • Lifetime technical support via customer care team
  • Brightness indicating lights on the master switch
  • Automatic scheduling via Smart Life app
  • Installation assistance through Tessan customer care
  • Compatible with multiple bulbs
What I didn't like
  • Neutral wiring required for installation

GE's in-wall smart dimmer can help you discover new avenues of lighting – for indoor or outdoor fixtures.

Top Features
  • Compatible with all Z-wave friendly hubs
  • QuickFit switch design
  • SimpleWire Technology

Modeled to work with Z-wave certified hubs, the GE in-wall smart switch can operate ceiling, wall, and accent lighting via programmed setting or individual command. 

But what really stands out about this product is that the switch's design has been upgraded to minimize housing depth by a whopping 20% – so this switch will likely fit in the tightest of spaces. Other improvements include:

  • Auto line/load sensing terminals.
  • Relative trouble-free installation.
  • No heat tabs.
  • Dual ground ports that support chaining for multi-switch situations. 


The 3-way smart dimmer by GE comes equipped with the SimpleWire technology – which includes auto line/load sensing terminals and dual offset ground ports that help simplify the entire installation procedure.

Even though the installation requires neutral wiring, the QuickFit design goes a long way in making your life easier by leaving ample space in the junction box for wiring. 


Some of GE Enbrighten Smart Dimmer's tech specs include remote access via smartphone (app) and voice commands. However, the device needs to be connected to a Z-wave compatible hub for you to enjoy perks like personalized scheduling, alerts, and integration with multi/add-on switches. You can connect up to four switches to a single device. 

Additionally, the smart switch is compatible with (dimmable) CFL, LED (300W), incandescent, and halogen bulbs.

What I liked
  • Remote access via smartphone (app) and voice commands
  • Connects four switches to a single device
  • Auto line/load sensing terminals
  • Dual offset ground ports
  • Compatible with (dimmable) CFL, LED (300W), incandescent, and halogen bulbs
What I didn't like
  • Requires a Z-Wave hub to operate

Other 3 Way Smart Dimmer Switches

The Insteon Remote Control Dimmer Switch is a balanced option for folks looking to upgrade their traditional 3-way switch with something more intuitive and convenient.

Top Features
  • Can pair with keypads, motion sensors, and other Insteon switches to create 3-way circuits without a hub
  • Remote access via smartphone and voice commands
  • Customizable paddle colors

This dimmer can pair with keypads, motion sensors, and other Insteon switches to create 3-way circuits without the need for a hub. However, if you're looking to enjoy remote access via smartphone and voice commands – you'll need a smart bridge. That means you'll only be able to enjoy scheduling, setting timers, and dimming lights via a smartphone once you're connected to a hub. 

This product is also perfect for users who'd like to customize their switches according to their decor – because it allows you to choose a paddle color according to your needs.

If you're looking for an economical 3-way smart dimmer switch that offers all the features of a top-of-the-line smart switch – then the Zooz Z-Wave Smart Switch should suit you just fine.

Top Features
  • Smart Tap features
  • Compatible with Z-wave hubs
  • Built-in range extender

With a Z-wave hub, the Zooz Smart Switch can offer you scene control, smooth dimming, customized settings, automatic updates, and the latest S2 security standard to ward off issues like hacking. 

When paired with a smart bulb, you can dim and turn your lights on/off from the switch without cutting power to the bulb.

With an easy 15-minute installation, official store support, and compatibility with virtual assistants without the need for a hub – the Gosund 3-way Smart Light Switch is quite a marvel in its price range.

Top Features
  • Smartphone and voice command access without a hub
  • 2-year warranty
  • Maximum wattage of 1700W

After installation, you can easily connect the smart switch to your smartphone and virtual assistant to unlock benefits like personalized scheduling/smart scenes, countdowns and timers, the share device function, etc. 

The Gosund smart switch also offers a maximum wattage of 1700W, overload protection, a 90-day money-back guarantee, and a 2-year warranty. 

Features & Benefits of Smart Dimmer Switches

Still a little iffy about 3-way smart switches? Take a moment to go through some of the benefits you can look forward to – if you upgrade your lighting with a 3-way smart dimmer switch.

Overall Convenience

One of the biggest advantages of smart switches is the sheer convenience they offer. Picture this – you've just arrived from work, dead tired when you suddenly remember you left the garage lights running. Without a 3-way switch, you'd have to trek back and manually turn off the lights!.

Smart dimmer switches give you the benefit of remote access to your lighting fixtures. So, even if you remember you left the garage lights during a road-trip, you can use your smartphone to switch the lights off and save yourself on some hefty energy bills.


If your 3-way smart switch is compliant with virtual assistants like Alex or Google Assistant, you can control your lighting fixtures without ever having to leave your comfort zone.

Be it watching a movie, reading a book, or any other activity – with a smart switch that offers voice-controlled functionality you can turn your light on/off or dim them with a simple voice command.

Energy Efficient

Believe it or not, a smart switch can help you save some serious cash. That may sound made up, but because 3-way smart dimmer switches allow users to schedule their lighting and remote access control, they can help cut back on your energy bills.

What's more, smart switches can help you figure out a lighting plan according to the weather. In winters, you can program the smart switch app to switch on the lights earlier as opposed to summers.

Enhanced Security

A lot of 3-way smart dimmer switches come equipped with an away or a vacation mode. You can utilize these randomized lighting modes while you're out on a trip to make it appear as if your home is occupied.

The best part is that because the on and off pattern is random, potential intruders won't have reason to think the lighting is automated somehow. This mode can be handy for people who live in remote areas.

Cost Effective

A single Wi-Fi smart switch can offer you control over several lighting fixtures or bulbs. That means you don't have to expend time, effort, or money trying to upgrade the traditional bulbs in your home with smart bulbs.

On the other hand, you can also control the lighting fixtures in a room by connecting one directly to the smart switch, and the other via a smart bulb.

Either way, smart switches offer you a lot more choice compared to traditional controls, and they can be cost-effective too if you carefully plan out your lighting details.

Best 3 Way Smart Dimmer Switches: The Verdict

The Lutron Caseta Smart Dimmer Switch and Mounted Pico Remote is a hassle-free way to upgrade your existing 3-way switches.

Top Features
  • Easy installation, with replacing of one switch and terminating the second, replacing with the wireless mounted remote.
  • 3-way control via remote, app, and virtual assistant
  • Smart bridge extends control and allows you set your lighting according to schedule



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