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If your Amazon Alexa smart speaker is flashing a green light, it indicates you have an incoming call. There are two variations of this ring – pulsing and spinning. The pulsing green ring means you have an incoming call or drop-in. On the other hand, the spinning green light means you are on an active call or drop-in.

Alexa makes our lives easier. After you connect it to your smartphone, you will see the Alexa green ring every time you’re receiving a call. Even if your phone is muted, you will still know when someone is calling you by looking at what color ring your Alexa is flashing. On Echo devices with a screen, you will also get to see who is calling before you decide whether you want to pick it up or not.

What is a Drop In?

With the new Drop-In feature, if you have multiple Echo devices in your home, you can initiate a call from one device to another. For Echo and Echo dot speakers, this is an audio call while for the Echo Show, you can have a video call.

You can even call your friend's Echo devices, if they have enabled Alexa Calling and Messaging on their app. In this case …

Say to your Echo device, “Alexa, Drop In on [friend's name].”

About the Green Ring

The green light doesn't indicate there’s an error with your Echo device. It announces only one specific notification type – you have an incoming call. Just like some other flashing lights on your Amazon Echo, the green one also has its variations. You will either find the green light spinning in a clockwise motion, or pulsing.

What does a Pulsing Green Ring Mean?

If users see a pulsing green light on their Echo, it means they are getting a call. It might also indicate someone is dropping in.

Make this light disappear by simply saying, “Answer”.

By saying this, they will be connected with the caller. However, users don’t have to blindly answer every call they get. Echo devices with a screen will display the name of the caller. If they were expecting a call from that person, they can pick it up.

Moreover, they might get calls from an unknown number. In this case, the Echo screen will display the number to allow the user to make an informed decision about whether to answer or to reject the call. 

If you don’t want to answer the call, say “Drop”, and it will be declined. 

You can also ignore it by saying nothing. Your Echo will stop spinning right after the call ends. Both ways work fine and will turn off the pulsing green light on your Echo.

However, if you aren’t home and someone calls, the green light will also start pulsing if your Echo is turned on. After the incoming call is not answered, it will eventually stop spinning the green light, right after completing 10 rings.

What does a Spinning Green Ring Mean?

The other variation of the green light will not show up until and unless you pick up a call. To indicate that you are in an active call or drop-in, your Echo will display a green light spinning clockwise.

You will see the green spinning light for as long as you are in that call. As soon as you hang up, the green light will disappear. However, if you are not on a call, and your Echo is still showing the spinning green light …

Simply say “Alexa, Hang up.” 

You can also end your call from your Alexa App.

How to Disable the Alexa Green Ring

If you don't want your Echo to display the green light at all, and would rather disconnect Alexa from your phone calls, follow the below steps.

  1. Launch the Alexa App on your smartphone device.
  2. Tap the three horizontal lines at the top-left corner.
  3. Select Settings >> Device Settings >> Amazon Alexa Device.
  4. From the General tab select Communication.
  5. Tap on the Communication to toggle it off.
  6. After you turn off Communication, it will turn grey.
  7. Your Echo will not display the green light to indicate an incoming call or drop-in any longer.


Alexa has its way of informing you about incoming calls. The Alexa green ring is part of its calling and messaging feature. It will either pulse or spin depending on whether you are getting a call or are on an ongoing one. You now also know how to disable it, if it becomes too annoying!


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  • jackNM
    Posted March 31, 2022 at 1:12 am

    If you want to block the light permanently, you can buy a light blocker for the Echo at

  • john ross
    Posted February 19, 2022 at 3:48 pm

    how can she say i have a call coming in when i dont have a phone?

    • margie
      Posted April 9, 2022 at 2:47 pm

      Your Alexa device can make calls over the web or to other Alexa devices over the internet.

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