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Would you like to listen to your favorite podcast or music as you nod off without trudging out of bed to switch your device off? Or perhaps you need certain lighting ambiances for a meditative mood. Alexa sleep timers provide multiple options, from simply turning off lights, to performing gradual steps.

Our article will walk you through the various Alexa timer options you can rely on, so you can pick the one that suits your needs best.

What is a sleep timer?

The Alexa sleep timer is pretty much like regular timers. With the added advantage that it allows Alexa to turn the audio (or lights) off when the timer ends. 

Essentially, you can utilize an Alexa sleep timer in one of three ways:

  • To dim lights and turn off audio and lights when the timer runs out. 
  • To switch off lights when the timer runs out.
  • To switch off audio when the timer runs out

You can perform these actions at once at a particular time, or gradually over a set amount of time. More on this later!

Sleep Timer with audio only

Setting up a sleep timer on Alexa for audio is a straightforward process 

You can set up an audio sleep timer while your Echo device is streaming the content of your choice. All you need to do is ask Alexa to set a sleep timer and mention how long you want the timer to run. 

When you hear Alexa respond with an ‘okay,' repeat how long you want the timer for, and you're done! Once the timer runs out its course, Alexa will automatically switch off the audio, ensuring you're not disturbing anyone else or wasting electricity.

Sleep Timer for Lights only

Before we lay out how to set up a sleep timer on Alexa for lights, it's important to note that this won't work for folks without automated lighting that's Alexa-friendly. 

Also, note that this timer works with dimmable and non-dimmable lights. The only difference is that dimmable lights will slowly reduce brightness until they turn off when the timer ends. Non-dimmable lights will switch off once the timer runs out. 


If your lighting is automated and linked to your Alexa device, setting up the lights-only timer is easy-peasy. Wake up Alexa with a voice command that goes something like this, ‘Alexa, set up a sleep timer for the bedroom lights for 1 hour.'

You'll have to repeat how long you want the timer to run once you hear Alexa respond with an okay – and that's that.

Get a featured Routine for Audio and Lights

If you're thinking that setting up an audio and light sleep timer separately every day might get a little tedious, you're right. Thankfully, you can rely on Alexa Routines to take care of the problem.

The Routines feature allows you to control various actions with a single trigger (such as a voice command) to kick off the activities contained within a routine. 

For example, Alexa's ‘going to sleep' routine can be activated by saying something like ‘Alexa, good night.' From that point on, Alexa will play your favorite sleep sounds or podcasts, dim the lights, and set your notifications to ‘do not disturb.


To set up a featured routine, follow the steps listed below:

  1. Log on to your Alexa app.
  2. Hit the ‘burger' selection on the top left.
  3. Select ‘Routines' from the menu, and then select the ‘Featured' routines to learn your options.
  4. Next, tap on the routine of choice.
  5. You can also voice-activate a routine by saying, ‘Alexa, enable the sleep routine.'

Set up a personal routine

You can almost add any action you can do on Alexa in your very own customized routine that allows you to accomplish various actions with one command. 

For example, suppose you're looking to create a routine that dims the bedroom lights, plays audio, and sets the alarm for the following day. You can accomplish that and more through the steps listed. 

  1. Open your Alexa app. Hit the ‘burger' button on the top-left of the screen, and select ‘Routines.'
  2. Once you're one the Routines section, tap on the + selection on the top right of the page.
  3. Select your trigger of choice by choosing the ‘When This Happens' selection.
  4. Next, add as many actions you'd like to your custom routine by pressing the ‘add action' selection.

Get a sleep aid skill

For folks who have a hard time drifting into sleep, a sleep aid skill might do the trick. Alexa has multiple options, such as ASMR, relaxing sounds, and meditation ambiance.


You can check out which sleep aid skill suits you best by doing the following:

  1. Open your Alexa and press the burger selection (three lines on the top left side).
  2. Select ‘Skill and Games' from the sidebar.
  3. Once you're on the Skill and Games page, go to the search bar and type ‘sleep aid skills' to go through the complete collection of sleep-promoting skills.

The Verdict

Alexa Sleep Timer, Routines, and Sleep Aid Skills are impressive features for users looking for a relaxing and stress-free nighttime routine. Depending on your needs and circumstances, the above features can help you create an environment that's conducive to sleep without disturbing anyone else's slumber.


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