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If your Alexa app has been acting up, take a few minutes to go through our troubleshooting guide for a quick solution. Here we go!

How to fix your Amazon Alexa App Not Working

1. Restart the Amazon Alexa app

It's a good idea to start with the easiest solution first,  which means restarting the application.  

Once you've closed the app, remove it from the background, too, This should iron out any glitches responsible for slowing or hanging your app's functionality most of the time. Plus, it's quickly done and takes a total of a few seconds to carry out.

2. Check Wi-Fi connectivity

If your phone or Echo device is having trouble connecting to the internet, that is going to affect your app’s functionality. Wi-Fi connectivity needs to be addressed both at the router and the device.

Network name or password changes

We change our Wi-Fi network name or password at times but forget to update devices accordingly, resulting in apps or devices acting wonky. Be sure to update your Echo device to any change in the properties of your Wi-Fi. 

You can update your Echo device by logging on to the Alexa app and selecting the ‘devices' heading. Then choose Echo & Alexa, select the device you want to update, and hit the ‘change' button near the Wi-Fi network. Finally, follow all the instructions the app lists out. 

Different network connections

Another reason why your Alexa app may be facing issues is that your phone and Echo device are connected to different internet connections. Make sure both your phone and device are using the same Wi-Fi connection, and your app may go back to working normally. 

Firewall troubles

Your network (or mobile) firewall can create problems with how your devices function. It can block a device from accessing a WiFi channel, or your laptop or tablet. Check your system firewall to see if it's not the reason behind your phone or app acting up.

Connection saturation

If you've got one too many devices to the same Wi-Fi network, the saturation may lead to slower speeds or connectivity issues. In such situations, it's best to remove any device you don't need to use immediately from the network so that the application you do need to use gets the internet speed it requires to function properly. 

Range problems

Wi-Fi range can also affect the internet connectivity of devices, slow internet speed, or malfunctioning applications. Place your Echo device on a high location, away from items like cordless phones or baby monitors that can affect or interrupt connection and functionality. If that's not possible, try placing the Echo device in direct sight of your router for better range connectivity.

3. Restart the device and phone

Restarting your phone (or device) can also help you fix glitchy apps without too much effort. The science behind the move is when you restart your phone, its RAM is wiped clean, and any fragments of previously-run are done away with. 

So essentially, rebooting your phone and rerunning the Amazon app means that you're starting with a clean slate that will lead to faster load and running times.

4. Sign out of your Alexa App

If your Amazon Alexa app is still not working, you can also try logging out of it to make it respond. Though, if the app is entirely unresponsive, you might have to force close it first. 

Select the ‘ menu ‘ option once the app is running again, and then press on  ‘settings.' Next, click on your name and press ‘sign out.'

5. Uninstall the Alexa app

One of the fixes mentioned on Amazon's Help & Customer Service page mentions uninstalling and reinstalling the Alexa app to iron out any kinks. This should take care of any pending updates because you'll be able to download the latest version of the app from Apple's app store or Google's play store.

6. Check for Updates in the Alexa app

Logging on to the app store to check for new updates is a good idea if you're facing problems with your Amazon app. App updates generally take care of any pending bug fixes affecting the app's functionality and sometimes also feature design improvements or additional features.

7. Factory Reset Echo

Even if you're not facing issues with the Amazon app, it's important to know how to reset your Echo device if you're moving to a new home or giving your device away. 

Reset instructions are super-easy and don't take too much time. Here's what they are

  1. You should notice four buttons on your Echo Dot device: one for mute, another for action, and two volume control buttons.
  2. To start the reset process, press and hold the action button for 30 plus seconds or until you see the LED light indicator on the device turn yellow.
  3. Once the indicator lights turn yellow and play out the light sequence, your device has successfully been reset.
  4. Wait for the LED light to turn blue after the device starts up and announce the device is ready for setup.

8. Call Amazon Service

If you've tried out all the solutions listed here and your app still isn't functioning as it should, it's best to give Amazon Customer Service a quick ring to see what they can offer. You can contact customer care by calling them or clicking on the ‘help' heading at the bottom of the Amazon page.

Amazon Alexa App Not Working … The Verdict

More often than not, the Amazon app can act up if it's not been updated for some time or if there's a problem with your internet connection. We hope the fixes mentioned here will take care of any problems you're facing and have Alexa back in no time.



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