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The Amazon Echo Show is a great addition to the Alexa range and is front and center, mounted on my kitchen wall! However, since it’s release, there have been some teething problems with its audio output and the problem with no sound.

Some users have complained that while initially working fine, suddenly there would be no sound coming from the device. We dive into some quick ways to get it back up and running.

So lets kick off and no better place to start than the old reliable!

Restart Device

While not a permanent fix, this seems to be the most common way to temporarily resolve the problem of no sound with your Amazon Echo Show. After all it is the classic fix for most IT problems!

Below are the step by step instructions on how to do this correctly.

  1. Unplug the power cord of the Echo show from the power outlet
  2. Let it the device rest for 15 – 30 seconds after unplugging it
  3. Re-plug the device’s power cord back into the power outlet
  4. Turn on the device and you the audio output / sound should be back to normal

If restarting the device does not bring back sound on your Amazon Echo Show, we've listed some other common reasons why you're not able to hear anything.

Ensure Bluetooth Is Not Connected

The second most likely reason for sound problems with your device is, it is connected to a bluetooth speaker which is turned down. In this scenario, it is best to either unpair the bluetooth device from the Amazon Echo Show so the native speaker is used, or simply find the bluetooth speaker and turn it up!

Below are step by step instructions on re-pairing your bluetooth speaker in case there's an issue with that connection.

  1. Open the Alexa app and select the Device icon
  2. Select your Amazon Echo Show device and go to Bluetooth device
  3. Select the device from your list and press Forget Device. If the Echo show is paired with a number of devices, you may need to do this for each.
  4. Restart your Echo Show device and the sound should be restored, if Bluetooth connectivity was the problem
  5. Open the Alexa app and tap on devices
  6. Select your Echo Show device from the list of available devices
  7. Tap on Bluetooth Devices and re-pair your external speakers, if you don't want to use the native Echo Show speaker.

Increase volume!

Sometimes, the easiest solution is the simplest! It could be that you have turned the volume way down on your Amazon Echo Show to the point where no sound is coming from it!

The fix for this one is easy!

Amazon Echo Show no sound problem may not be as complex as we think it is. The problem may simply be that the volume is too low, thus, you need to increase it. 

You can do so by either increasing it on the device volume button or by telling Alexa to increase the volume. Yes, fixing the no sound problem can be that simple!

  1. Press the increase volume button to boost the volume between 1 and 10
  2. Alternatively, simply say “Alexa, increase volume” or “Alexa, volume ten” (Replacing ten with the number representing the volume level you prefer)

Unplug Aux Cable if Connected

The volume issues you experience with your Amazon Echo Show may not always be down to a problem with your device. Similar to the Bluetooth example, sometimes, the device may be relaying sound to an external speaker. This time via an aux cable / auxiliary cable.

  1. Examine the device and check if it is connected to an aux cable.
  2. If it is, disconnect the aux cable from the device.
  3. The sound should now return to your Amazon Echo Show

Is Mute Enabled?

It's possible the problem is not with a lack of sound from the device, but it's that you have the mute button switched on so Alexa cannot hear you to respond!

On the top of the device is the mute button which slides left and right. Once you see the red indicator, you know the device is muted and the microphones are switched off. Sliding back will allow the device pick up commands which it can respond to.

Is Multi-Room Setup?

Another reason for a lack of sound on your Amazon Echo Show may be that the sound is playing on another Echo device out of earshot.

This can be the case in multi-room setups where you have multiple Echo devices connected together, allowing you to play music throughout your home.

Typically, you can experience sound problems with the Alexa Echo Show if you do not properly name devices when setting them up.

The key to avoid this problem is to know where each speaker is connected and knowing which speakers is playing what.

  1. The easiest way to do so is by naming each speaker in your Alexa App. You can name your speakers simply as “Living Room” or “Kitchen”
  2. Once named, Alexa should respond properly to the device names you have set. So when you want to jam to your music, you can simply say “Alexa, play Spotify in the Living room”.

Sound is playing but is distorted

In some cases, you may experience some trouble with sound distortions. This may be that the audio is not working properly, muffled or difficult to hear. The Amazon Echo Show has two built in speakers.  In some cases, one of these speakers may be working just fine whilst the other is not.

The main cause of distorted audio is prolonged music playback on high volume, which results in damage to the speakers. If the audio is crackly or makes a popping noise, you may have to replace the speakers inside the device or the device itself.

If you experience troubles with audio in one or both speakers, the internal cable connections that connect the speakers to the rest of device may be frayed.

If your device is still within warranty, you could look to get a replacement.

If not and you have the skills, you could open the speakers to fix and reattach the connections. There are guides available online on how to do so. You should remember that the moment you pop open your speakers, you will forfeit your warranty so it's definitely your last port of call . Therefore, if you are unsure of what to do, it is best to contact the customer support for guidance on what to do next.

At SmartHomePerfected we always advise readers not to undertake any work they are not competent in performing and if in any doubt, it is best to seek the assistance of a professional.

When all else fails … contact customer service and look for a replacement!

If you have worked through the guide and still have no sound from your Amazon Echo Show or are having persist problems requiring regular reboots, it may be time to pick up the phone and contact customer service. If the device is still under warranty you may be entitled to a replacement if the issue is a manufacturing fault.


I hope this guide was helpful and you resolve your problems with your Amazon Echo Show. Generally speaking, it's a great device and addition to your smart home! If you have any thoughts or feedback on the troubleshooting tips detailed above, I'd love to hear from you. Leave a comment below and I'll get back to you!


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    Posted November 29, 2022 at 9:23 am

    Sound is not coming from my Alexa echo 8 show .

  • Susie
    Posted June 8, 2021 at 8:46 pm

    I have an Alexa Show and have no problem with the sound– except when I pair my BRAVEN speaker. Initially the sound is great. However it frequently cuts out (at least once per song). My speaker is fully charged. My internet speed is 200/200 Mbps (yes, that’s my real speed) and very reliable. Is it possible my speaker is incompatible? It is a couple of years old; my ECHO SHOW is new. Thank you for your assistance!

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