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If you're looking for a reliable security camera system, most professionals often recommend a wired configuration. This preferred system employs Power over Ethernet (PoE), providing a simplified cabling solution that grants your cameras the necessary power and simultaneous data transmission. Furthermore, this system includes a Network Video Recorder (NVR), engineered to accumulate, manage, and store video data locally. This device also controls access from a centralized main point.

Each of the three Annke devices we have tested and reviewed have some interesting characteristics. The NC400 has full-color night vision; the C800 has 4k capture while the NVR can be accessed externally via the Annke Vision mobile app, or through a browser.

Check out our video review below and let’s get started!

8 Channel with 4k support
Great resolution and picture clarity.

Note: Annke provided us with a free sample of the product for the purposes of this review.

The Annke Helm 4K PoE NVR offers users high resolution, access controls, and large storage capacity.

Top Features
  • 4K input/output.
  • 6TB Capacity for HDD.
  • Can connect with up to 8 PoE IP cameras.

The Annke Helm 4K HD NVR utilizes PoE (power over ethernet) cables so you use the same wire for power transmission and camera signal transmission. In plain speech, that means installing the NVR is easy because there's a single cable involved in installing each component.

How it works

Network Video Recorders (or NVRs) process the video data in the camera and then stream it to the NVR for viewing and storage purposes. So, the camera input for the Annke Helm is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is plug the source of the feed in and watch the magic happen. As the camera captures, the NVR will record. You can easily control and access input options in the NVR, so configuring it is a breeze regardless of your tech background. 

8 Channel

You can also plug in several PoE cameras to this NVR without causing trouble or overburdening the system.

The Annke NVR features customized motion detection. You can easily choose specific areas that you want to monitor or ignore/block. That way, you can focus on heavy-activity or high-risk regions while reducing the chance of false alarms. 

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Once you’ve customized your motion detector, you will be alerted through emails and mobile app notifications when it’s triggered. You will also receive snapshots of the scene so you can take the right measures to mediate the situation. 

Supports up to 4K Resolution

Resolution plays a critical role in how effective your camera is at increasing your property’s security. 

With 4K support, the Annke NVR has just the right resolution to ensure you can capture the smallest details in recordings. For an excellent experience, you can plug 4K cameras into your NVR and 4K monitor to enjoy the excellence of high-quality resolution in surveillance.  

Remote Monitoring

Finally, one of the best features of this NVR is the remote control and monitoring. Once you have the Annke Vision app installed on your phone or PC, connect it to your NVR, and you’re good to go. You can monitor your home or office from anywhere in the world.   

What I liked
  • In-app connectivity for remote access with Annke Vision.
  • Automatic motion trigger alerts.
  • PoE ports.
  • 2-year warranty.
What I didn't like
  • Multiple false alarms as the motion alerts are a bit limited – could do with some person, vehicle, or object detection.
  • Had some issues with Annke Vision in streaming very high-resolution footage.

The Annke NC400 is a powerful full-color night vision security camera supporting H.265+ compression for enhanced storage capacity.

Top Features
  • 4MP QHD Acme Night Color Vision.
  • f/1.0 Super Aperture.
  • 1 /2.7″ Image Sensor.

The top feature of this camera is clearly the full-color night vision. As you can see from our video review, it is quite impressive. Where it lacks is in it’s resolution, coming in at 4MP.

Image Sensor

The high-quality 1.2/7″ image sensor used in the Night Chroma PoE bullet camera allows nighttime feed surveillance and recording with minimal effort. The image sensor does this through the use of photosensitive areas in the feed. 

When light reflects in these areas, they react and become more reflective, thus appearing in the dark feed of the night. This technique allows the Night Chroma bullet camera to cover more than half of the objects it would miss in the darkness. 


An aperture is the opening of a lens through which light passes for a camera to capture an image. This opening is regulated as per the camera’s requirements to be able to capture the right kind of images. With nighttime recording and surveillance, an F1.0 aperture is used in the Night Chroma bullet camera, which allows it to let in a huge amount of light. This light is used to reflect off dark objects in the night making them clearer and more noticeable for the viewers. 

Auxiliary Light

In order to give the feed its full warm color to match that of the daytime, an auxiliary warm light is used within the camera. This light provides the feed with warmth, allowing the camera to produce the full-color feed no matter how dark it is.

HD Resolution

The NC400 has a 4MP HD resolution. With an optimal shooting rate of 20 fps, the camera is ideal for capturing highly detailed footage. 


The Annke NC400 also uses image enhancement algorithms to further lighten and sharpen the images to make them look warmer and brighter. These image enhancement algorithms include 120 dB true WDR, 3D DNR, BLC & HLC. 

By using several techniques such as saturation and slicing – these algorithms improve the quality of the captured images and thus give you a bright, well-lit feed even at night.

What I liked
  • H.265+ compression technology for more storage space.
  • Smart motion detection algorithms.
  • IP67 weatherproof rating.
What I didn't like
  • Lack of 4K Resolution.
  • It’s not discrete because of the bright light it needs to keep on for the full-color night vision to work.
  • No audio capture.
Great resolution and picture clarity.

The Annke C800 offers 4K resolution, along with infrared night vision. This model also has audio capture.

Top Features
  • EXIR night vision for a clear view up to 100ft away.
  • 4K Ultra HD Resolution.
  • 2.8mm lens with a 123° view.

The C800 Annke 4K PoE Bullet Camera has Ultra HD 4K resolution, night vision, image enhancement, and audio capture.


The C800 captures footage in ultra-HD 4K resolution. With its professional 2.8mm lens and a Sony IMX274 sensor, the camera gives you a clear 124° angle view.

Night Vision

Then there's the EXIR 2.0 technology – used for rapid heat dissipation, which helps maintain the camera's longevity and night vision. The EXIR 2.0 light can be quickly processed by the camera so the feed records nighttime landscapes efficiently. 

The heat dissipation also prevents the accumulation of bugs and other insects on the camera, preventing any distortion in the feed. It also takes care of infrared reflection, allowing the camera to cover distances up to 100ft in the dark.


Another definite plus point of the C800 is its noise-canceling audio. A noise cancellation microphone in the camera cancels out background noises, to transmit important sounds like the human voice. 

The microphone can pick up undisturbed sound from up to 20ft away, which makes the microphone incredibly useful in determining threats and security issues. You can also disable the microphone or mute it to avoid picking up or recording any voices from the feed. 


Other benefits of the Annke 4K IP Security Camera include the IP67 weatherproof rating – meaning the camera can withstand extreme temperatures (-22 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit). It can also resist being submerged in up to 1m of water for approx. 30 minutes – so torrential downpours shouldn't be a concern either.

What I liked
  • Sony IMX274 sensor.
  • Built-in noise-canceling microphone.
  • IP67 weatherproof rating.
  • Supports microSD and NVR.
What I didn't like
  • 256GB TF card storage is not included

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