Daniel founded Smart Home Perfected in 2019 as a personal passion project. With a Bachelor of Science (Hons) Degree in Computing and IT from The Open University, his 15 years experience as a software engineer is what initially inspired him to play around with home automation platforms.

A shed full of power tools and an eagerness to take on any DIY task have helped get his smart home to its current level. He has tested over 100 smart home devices over the last 4 years. As a smart home is never "finished", he's continuing to find more ways to automate and improve his home, as new devices are released and technology evolves.

Latest Posts

The A to Z of Alexa

Alexa Orange Ring 3

Ready to discover the full potential of your Alexa device? Look no further than my ultimate guide to Alexa! If you’re new to this smart assistant, let me walk you through the basics, from setting up your device to customizing its settings. And for those who already have some experience with Alexa, we’ve got plenty of tips and tricks, such as creating…

3 Ways to Add your Samsung TV to your Google Home account

samsung tv google home 1 1

If you’re looking to connect up your Samsung TV to Google Home and voice control with Google Assistant then the big question is what year was your TV manufactured? Keep reading to learn how to connect your Samsung TV, no matter the year of manufacture. Option 1: Samsung Smart TVs 2021 Onwards It’s a relatively simple process to configure Google Assistant on…

14 Fixes when your Google Home App can’t find Chromecast

chromecast 1

I love Chromecast and have set up various Chromecast devices for family and friends down through the years. While generally easy to configure, every now and then I’ve come across connection issues. This might occur when the Google Home app on my phone or tablet can’t find the Chromecast device or the Google Home app says Chromecast is offline when it shouldn’t…

Home Security Cameras & Systems

PoE Camera for Outdoor Security - Best of 2020

Years ago, people viewed home security systems as an unnecessary hassle. Now, they’ve become the first line of defense against possible home invaders. Whether you’re concerned about your family’s well-being or want to secure your valuables – home security devices are the way to go.