Daniel founded Smart Home Perfected in 2019 as a personal passion project. With a Bachelor of Science (Hons) Degree in Computing and IT from The Open University, his 15 years experience as a software engineer is what initially inspired him to play around with home automation platforms.

A shed full of power tools and an eagerness to take on any DIY task have helped get his smart home to its current level. He has tested over 100 smart home devices over the last 4 years. As a smart home is never "finished", he's continuing to find more ways to automate and improve his home, as new devices are released and technology evolves.

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How to Change the Batteries on a White Rodgers / Emerson Thermostat

Replace the Batteries 1 1

To ensure peak performance and efficiency, it is strongly suggested to regularly swap out the batteries in your White Rodgers/Emerson thermostat. It’s especially vital to change the batteries without delay when you notice a low battery alert. A thermostat running on low batteries can disable Wi-Fi, create automatic temperature offsets or even power down and revert to default settings. So in this…

How to Fix a White Rodgers / Emerson Thermostat that’s Stuck on Hold

Stuck on hold 1 1

If you’re thinking about altering your current configuration to align with a temperature setting that suits your individual liking, it would be beneficial to precisely adjust your temperature control equipment to an exact degree. In most models, you can cancel an existing hold by creating a new one or by pressing on the “Run Schedule” button.  So in this article, I’ll guide…

Home Security Cameras & Systems

PoE Camera for Outdoor Security - Best of 2020

Years ago, people viewed home security systems as an unnecessary hassle. Now, they’ve become the first line of defense against possible home invaders. Whether you’re concerned about your family’s well-being or want to secure your valuables – home security devices are the way to go.

The A to Z of Alexa

Alexa Orange Ring 3

Are you prepared to maximize the use of your Alexa device? My detailed guide provides the vital details you require. This essential handbook demystifies challenging steps, such as device configuration and personalization, which allows novices to execute tasks much more proficiently. In addition, those who are accustomed to Alexa would gain advantage from this guidebook as it demonstrates several convenient methods and…