Daniel founded Smart Home Perfected in 2019 as a personal passion project. With a Bachelor of Science (Hons) Degree in Computing and IT from The Open University, his 15 years experience as a software engineer is what initially inspired him to play around with home automation platforms.

A shed full of power tools and an eagerness to take on any DIY task have helped get his smart home to its current level. He has tested over 100 smart home devices over the last 4 years. As a smart home is never "finished", he's continuing to find more ways to automate and improve his home, as new devices are released and technology evolves.

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Arlo vs Reolink: Head to Head

Camera Brand Head to Head Arlo vs Reolink 2

Are you in search of a dependable and user-friendly security camera system for your home or office? Considering renowned brands such as Arlo and Reolink could be beneficial. Familiarizing yourself with these brands may prove useful. In this comprehensive article, I thoroughly compare and assess the features, capabilities, and performance of 9 Arlo cameras and 31 Reolink security cameras across nine key…

How to Turn On Aux Emergency Heat on a White Rodgers / Emerson Thermostat

Toggle Emergency Aux 1

The “EMER” feature on your thermostat is engineered to autonomously control your emergency heating system. This is useful in several scenarios, especially when your heat pump or first-stage heating equipment is malfunctioning or frozen over.  So in this guide, I’ll show you how to enable this setting and how to use it effectively.  What is “EMER” or Emergency in Your Thermostat? The…

How To Turn Off Or Clear the Schedule on a Honeywell Thermostat

Turn off clear schedule 1 1

Understanding how to change or turn off the software on your thermostat is crucial. This knowledge is particularly significant if you have recently purchased a new thermostat from Honeywell, or if you are attempting to enhance the efficiency of your current one. In almost every Honeywell thermostat model, you can set up temporary or permanent holds and in certain models, you can…

Hydronic Heating System Guide


Hydronic heating is not only one of the most common forms of heating found in homes, but also one of the most efficient. If you’re looking to invest in hydronic heating, or simply understand the system you have, this article will provide you with the working principle, types and pros/cons of this type of system.