As an engineering graduate, I love the idea of using technology to transform how we engage with the physical world. I definitely get a thrill from automation and am constantly making my own home smarter!

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Smart Glasses: How They Can Fit In Your Daily Life

smart glasses

Smart glasses have been gaining increased attention in the wearable tech community, as noted by Verified Market Research. The projected growth of this industry is set to scale at an annual rate of 8.50% between 2023 to 2030. The previous decade has seen significant advancements in the manufacturing of such devices. Current smart glasses, designed to blend seamlessly with everyday attire, align…

3 Best Long Range Security Cameras Worth Your Investment

Floodlight camera

In the vast expanse of security technology, long-range security cameras stand as vigilant sentinels, offering an unmatched ability to monitor extensive areas with clarity and precision. These cameras are pivotal in today’s security infrastructure, where the demand for surveillance over large distances is not just a luxury but a necessity. This guide will explore the essence of long range security camera wireless,…