Does Alexa Need Wi-Fi?

Voice Shopping: Place Orders with Alexa and Google Assistant

Do you own Amazon Echo or Echo Dot speakers or are thinking about buying them? If so, you must be asking yourself, does Alexa need Wi-Fi? Check out this article to answer all your questions about your Alexa devices.

Roomba and Google Home

Roomba and Google Home

With simple Google Home or Google Assistant voice commands, you can command your Roomba robot vacuum to start cleaning, pause when necessary, resume cleaning or return to the dock.

Best Keyless Door Locks for your Home

Keyless Door Lock

Automatic door locks and keyless door locks would previously have cost thousands of dollars to acquire and install. Nowadays it’s as simple as buying a smart lock deadbolt, installing it, and away you go! The stylish August Smart Lock Pro + Connect is our choice for best keyless door lock with its smart automatic locking features while the Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro +…