As an engineering graduate, I love the idea of using technology to transform how we engage with the physical world. I definitely get a thrill from automation and am constantly making my own home smarter!

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Improving Lifestyle with Smart Automation in 2024

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Picture having the power to adjust your home’s lighting and temperature from your workplace. Imagine being able to monitor who comes and goes at your house even when you’re not there. Another example? Being able to tend to your pets’ needs remotely. All these, and countless more, are made possible today thanks to smart automation. We all think of remodeling our kitchens,…

The Best Smart Home Devices to Keep Your Baby Safe

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Being a new parent naturally comes with a deep-seated desire to protect your baby from potential harm. Our role is to alleviate those concerns. That being said, it’s important to understand that these devices function at their best only when tied to a reliable internet service, guaranteeing uninterrupted virtual assistance for all your smart devices. To be sure of reliable connectivity, try…

Troubleshooting a Frozen AC Unit: Steps to Defrost and Fix

troubleshoot a frozen ac unit

Should your air conditioning system begin to falter and freeze, especially in the intense heat of summer, it can turn into a serious nuisance. Taking swift action is essential to inhibit any further damage to your air conditioning system. When your AC unit is freezing up, it’s not just an annoyance, it’s a potential headache waiting to happen, especially when the sweltering…