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For homeowners looking to monitor disconnected, remote locations or trail enthusiasts monitoring wildlife, we dive into the best cellular 4G LTE security cameras.

Best Home Security Cellular Camera
9.6 Reolink
Top PickOnly 4G LTE camera with 355° Pan & 140° Tilt
9.3 Arlo Technologies, Inc
Runner UpCan be voice controlled with Alexa
9.2 Reolink
Starlight Night Vision for clear capture
Best Trail/Wild Game Surveillance Camera
Runner UpAT&T & Verizon Options

As you know, the key benefit of a cellular security camera is its flexibility. It doesn't require traditional internet connectivity or a hardwired power source.

The best models have solar panels for maintaining a battery charge along with ways to limit the amount of data sent over the network, which can become costly.

Best Home Security Cellular Camera

Top Pick
Only 4G LTE camera with 355° Pan & 140° Tilt

If you’re looking for the perfect cellular security camera solution for the outdoors, the Reolink Go PT is one of the best options on the market.

Top Features
  • Records videos in 1080p Full HD resolution
  • Advanced starlight CMOS image sensor for night vision to up to 10m (33 feet)
  • The camera comes with an ultra-wide viewing angle of 355° pan and 140° tilt
  • Supports both micro SD cards and HDDs to store videos internally
  • Battery/solar powered
  • Uses 3G/4G LTE networks for data transfer

This fully wireless outdoor surveillance camera doesn’t need Wi-Fi or an internet connection because it runs on 3G/4G LTE networks.

The Reolink Go PT provides excellent coverage without blind spots thanks to its ultra-wide viewing angle of the 355-degree pan and 140-degree tilt, making it the ideal security camera for large spaces, like warehouses. The camera can be panned left and right, as well as tilted up and down. With the easy-to-use Reolink app, you can also remotely control the pan-tilt feature.


The Reolink Go PT camera takes images and shoots video in 1080p Full HD resolution providing you with stunning and sharp videos during the daytime. The advanced starlight CMOS image sensor allows you to take clear images at night to up to 10m (33 feet) as well. This versatile 4G wire-free security camera uses a passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor to detect motion, and once any motion is detected, you’ll be promptly notified.

This Reolink product is powered by a long-lasting rechargeable battery and can also be powered using a solar panel. Other standard features include: push notifications, a built-in siren, and customized voice alerts. The Reolink Go PT can support a micro SD card up to 128 GB and 3 TB HDD for storage.

What I liked
  • Doesn’t require cables for the internet or power supply
  • Works without Wi-Fi or internet
  • Fast and reliable connection
  • Takes sharp, high-res images and videos
  • Supports both micro SD and HDD
  • Affordable
What I didn't like
  • Some users complained the speaker/microphone is on the inferior side
  • PIR motion detection only works up to 33ft/10m

Tech Specs

Image SensorStarlight CMOS Image Sensor
Video Resolution1080p HD at 15 frames/sec
Video FormatH.264
Field of ViewFixed Lens, 105° Diagonal
Pan/Tilt AngleHorizontal
355° and Vertical140°
Night VisionUp to 10m (33 ft)
Digital Zoom6x Digital Zoom
PIR Detecting Angle90° Horizontal
Runner Up
Can be voice controlled with Alexa

The Arlo Go is a 3G/4G-LTE-enabled wire-free security camera that is ideally designed for outdoor spaces and remote locations with Wi-Fi/internet access and power.

Top Features
  • Works with Alexa
  • Supports 3G/4G-LTE wireless connections
  • Enhanced night vision capability for superior recording in low-light/dark conditions
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 2-way audio allows you to listen and talk back and forth

The Arlo Go records in 1080p Full HD resolution, allowing you to enjoy sharp, detailed videos even in low-light/dark conditions thanks to its enhanced night vision capability. The camera is weather-resistant, so it’s perfectly safe for outdoor usage. Video and audio are stored in the built-in micro SD card, so you can view the images and videos when there is an internet interruption.

This Arlo security camera also works with Alexa for voice commands. Other standard features include 2-way audio, push-to-talk, live streaming via the Arlo app, and motion alerts.

Starlight Night Vision for clear capture

The Reolink Go is a compact 3G/4G-LTE-enabled security camera that is ideal for outdoor security monitoring and in locations with limited or no Wi-Fi or electrical power. This camera takes impressive, high-quality images and videos in proper 1080p Full HD resolution.

Top Features
  • Takes images and records video in full 1080p Full HD resolution
  • The 2MP Starlight CMOS Image Sensor has night vision and records detailed videos in low-light to up to 33 feet.
  • Record and save motion videos to a micro SD card.

Thanks to the 2 MP Starlight CMOS Image Sensor, this nifty security camera can record detailed videos in low-light to up to 33 feet. The Reolink app allows you to activate the Reolink Go camera for live streaming anytime, anywhere.

The Reolink Go is portable, weatherproof, and easy to install anywhere, including homes, garages, construction sites, campsites, etc. This cellular security camera is powered by a long-lasting rechargeable battery and can also be powered by an optional Reolink Solar Panel for uninterrupted power. Other standard features include motion alerts, a built-in siren for alarms, and customized voice-recordable alerts.

Best Trail/Wild Game Surveillance Camera

The Creative XP LTE 1080p Cellular Trail Camera is a great trail camera that shoots excellent high-definition videos combined with great IR night vision.

Top Features
  • Supports 4G LTE cellular networks
  • Takes 12 MP photos and records videos in 1080p resolution
  • Features Full-HD night vision up to 65 ft. range
  • Has a wide dynamic lens with a 110° PIR angle and 0.35-sec trigger speed
  • Powered by 12 AA batteries with an option of attaching a solar panel for power supply

It’s not every day you come across a great trail or game camera that shoots excellent high-definition videos combined with great IR night vision. But the Creative XP Camera is about to change all that. It can record crystal clear 1080p footage and excellent 12 MP photos during the day or night. 

It also features Full-HD night vision up to 65 feet. As this is a game camera, it features both Wi-Fi and cellular features, allowing users to share photos and videos via social media or email instantly.

Night Vision

The Creative XP Camera is water and snow-proof. It has 56 no-glow IR LEDs which won’t distract animals or trespassers. 12 AA batteries power this trail camera, and there is also an option of hooking it up with the Creative XP Solar Panel for an uninterrupted power supply.

With the Creative XP Camera, operating a wild game/trail camera has never been easier. This cellular wild game camera is easy to set up and use. The PIR sensor is motion-sensitive and gets activated when an animal or trespasser passes in front of it.


Unlike other game/trail cameras, it can also double as a security camera for your home, business, warehouse, or farm. After all, it has all the bells and whistles of all hi-tech security camera systems on the market.

It has a wide dynamic lens with a 110° PIR angle and 0.35-sec trigger speed, which is pretty quick, allowing you to capture 1-5 photos or videos per trigger. There is also a time-lapse feature. It includes a free 32 GB memory card for local storage.

What I liked
  • Excellent photo and video quality
  • Features night vision and time-lapse
  • Super easy to set up and operate
  • Dual power—battery and solar
  • Can send pictures and videos without Wi-Fi
What I didn't like
  • The multi-level menu system can appear complicated for some users
  • Some users complained the cellular connectivity is unreliable

Tech Specs

Dimensions5.83×4.61×3.07 inches
Wireless Communication Technology4G
Item Weight1.8 pounds
Trigger speed0.35 seconds
Night VisionUp to 65 feet
Video Resolution1080p Full HD
Camera Resolution12 MP, 110-degree wide lens
StorageMicro SD card (32 GB memory card included)
Runner Up
AT&T & Verizon Options

The Reconyx HS2XC HyperFire 2 Cellular Camera captures video in 720p resolution video and images taken by this camera are 3 MP photos with a standard aspect ratio. Video recording duration is limited to 90 seconds. There is also night vision or low-light recording up to 150 feet. The PIR sensor can detect motion up to 100 feet.

Top Features
  • Works on the AT&T/Verizon network
  • Captures 720p video and 3 MP standard aspect ratio still photos
  • The trigger speed is of 0.2 second
  • Low-light recording up to 150 feet
  • Battery life up to 5,000 images or one year

The Reconyx app allows users to activate and monitor subjects remotely on smartphones anytime, anywhere. Other standard features include motion sensor scheduling, time-lapse, loop recording, and more. The Reconyx HyperFire 2 is powered by 12 AA batteries. For storage, the built-in memory card slot supports SD/SDHC/SDXC cards up to 512 GB.

The Tactacam Reveal Cellular Camera is the ultimate remote wild game surveillance tool for hunting. Designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, the Reveal cellular camera supports LTE/4G networks and is one of the most compact and discreet cellular cameras around. It takes quick photos of animals without startling them thanks to its fast trigger.

Top Features
  • Supports LTE/4G Verizon networks
  • Takes 1080p videos and 12 MP still images
  • Trigger speeds under 1/2 seconds
  • Image on demand

This camera takes videos in crystal clear in 1080p and 12 MP still images. There is also night vision allowing you to capture photos and videos in low-light.

The Tactacam Reveal 4G 1080p Cellular Camera also includes unique features like Image on Demand. To save battery life and storage, the camera is activated when motion is detected or when you need it. There is also an easy-to-use mobile app that allows you to control the camera remotely. For storage, the Tactacam Reveal Cellular Camera supports Class 10 SD cards up to 32 GB.

The BrickHouse DefendX Cellular Surveillance Cameras is a cellular surveillance kit with two Brickhouse Security DefendX 1080p Outdoor Wi-Fi Cameras with night vision and a B-Link Secure Cellular Wi-Fi Camera Connector v2. The cameras are ruggedized and designed for outdoor use and can handle inclement weather. Both cameras have a 5 MP CMOS sensor capable of capturing videos in 1080p and 5 MP still images.

Top Features
  • The cameras capture videos in 1080p and 5 MP still images
  • Automatically removable IR cut filter
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries with quoted battery life up to 200 days

The kit also includes two 32 GB micro SD cards for storage. All the cameras in this kit feature motion detection capabilities. The kit comes in a storage case for portability and protection. Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries power the cameras, and battery life is quoted to up to 200 days.

Why a Cellular Security Camera?

The most significant advantage of cellular security cameras lies in their flexibility. Cellular security cameras are powered by batteries or are solar-powered. Therefore, there is no need for electrical outlets. You also don’t need Wi-Fi or an internet connection as these cameras use a 3G/4G LTE/5G network for data transfer. 

Cellular security cameras are also easy to install and can be set up within a few minutes. You can also install them anywhere you like and reposition them to some other location without drilling holes or dealing with messy cables.

They’re also safer and more secure than traditional security cameras because they transfer data using cellular signals, and hacking a cellular security system is almost impossible. Furthermore, with cellular security camera systems, you can stream videos remotely anytime and anyplace, even without Wi-Fi and a power connection.

Features & Benefits of Cellular Security Cameras

Install anywhere!

One of the major pros of cellular security cameras is that there are no limitations to where you can install them. As long as there are cellular services in the place, you’re good to go. 

Cellular security cameras only need a 3G/4G/LTE/5G network to work, and they’re powered by rechargeable batteries or solar power. They aren’t limited to traditional internet connections or power lines. 

To sum up, you can install cellular security cameras on construction sites, barns, farms, boats, marinas, vacation homes, cabins, campsites, warehouses, hotels, etc.

3G & 4G Mobile Network

Most cellular security cameras are designed for 3G/4G/LTE networks as they’re the most reliable and found everywhere. There are 5G-enabled cellular security cameras, but we won't recommend them because the technology is still in its infancy.

There are some 3G/4G mobile security cameras with SIM cards that don’t work well after a few months, mainly due to poor signals from AT&T or Verizon networks which can disrupt your security monitoring and getting data from the cameras.

We recommend you buy cellular security systems from reputable brands to get the best performance and service.

Simple Wireless Setup

Cellular security cameras are wire-free devices sparing you the hassle of dealing with internet and power cables. Because these wire-free security cameras use 3G/4G LTE/5G network data transfer and batteries and solar power, you can set up these security cameras by yourself within a few minutes.

Before the final installation, insert a SIM card into the cameras and power them up. To operate them, download the camera manufacturer's app on your phone, and you can access the cellular security cameras from anywhere, anytime.

Stream to Your Phone

The problem with traditional wireless security camera systems is that they require to be connected to the internet or Wi-Fi. Without the internet, you can access the cameras or live stream videos remotely. But cellular security camera systems don’t have that issue.

As we previously mentioned, cellular security cameras require cell service, so you can live stream your feed to your phone anywhere, anytime, minus the Wi-Fi. Plus, as they run on batteries and solar power, you can live stream even when there is no power.

Solar & Battery-Powered

Batteries power most cellular security cameras. There are some models which are solar-powered, and some models are both solar and battery-powered.

Because cellular security cameras don’t require an electrical outlet to power them, and no internet or Wi-Fi connection is needed to transfer data or live streaming, it makes these kits flexible and portable. 

The batteries in cellular security cameras are often rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, while some require 12 AA batteries. For solar-powered cellular security cameras, each camera seller makes their own solar panels that can be connected to the units.

Common Questions Relating to Cellular 4G LTE Security Cameras

Are cellular security cameras expensive to run?

Cellular security cameras aren't necessarily more expensive than traditional wired/wireless surveillance cameras, given the benefits and flexibility they offer. 

You need to spend extra money on data plans for cellular security cameras. Again, manual recordings and live streaming will increase your data consumption, which means you need to pay even more for the data service. 

Additionally, you need to replace batteries now and then. But there are models with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, so consider those models to keep your operating costs low.

What is “LTE enabled”?

LTE is mobile network technology and stands for Long Term Evolution. Typically it's referred to as 4G LTE in short. LTE offers faster wireless data transmission than 3G, which means you can download music, video, websites, or live stream faster. Most cellular security cameras offer both 3G/4G LTE options for data transfers and live streaming. Before buying any cellular surveillance cameras, make sure it is compatible with your service provider's 4G LTE network.

The Verdict

Cellular security cameras offer many advantages and features compared to traditional wired/wireless surveillance cameras. 

3G/4G LTE cellular security cameras are a bit more expensive than standard models, but if you shop around, you can find some great and affordable options, such as Reolink Go.

Top Pick
Only 4G LTE camera with 355° Pan & 140° Tilt

If you’re looking for the perfect cellular security camera solution for the outdoors, the Reolink Go PT is one of the best options on the market.

Top Features
  • Records videos in 1080p Full HD resolution
  • Advanced starlight CMOS image sensor for night vision to up to 10m (33 feet)
  • The camera comes with an ultra-wide viewing angle of 355° pan and 140° tilt
  • Supports both micro SD cards and HDDs to store videos internally
  • Battery/solar powered
  • Uses 3G/4G LTE networks for data transfer



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