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Smart floodlight cameras give your home the 24/7 security it needs. With the combination of ultra bright LED lights and a high-definition camera, no intruder will go unnoticed.

The best floodlight cameras come integrated with motion-detecting technology, sirens, and two-way audio functionality. Once the camera sights an unwelcome visitor, it starts recording and alerts you, allowing you to engage the intruder remotely!

Best Floodlight Cameras
Top PickBuilt-in siren to help startle intruders + no monthly fees
9.4 eufy
Runner UpHighest lumen power + no monthly fees
9.3 Ring
Offers alerts with Amazon Sidewalk Bridge when Wi-Fi is down
9.3 Manufacturer
Impressive light intensity
Top Pick
Built-in siren to help startle intruders + no monthly fees

When it comes to the Lorex floodlight camera, flexibility is a top feature.

Top Features
  • Users can control the camera and engage intruders from a remote location using the app.
  • No cloud storage cost is required since the camera comes with 32GB of local private storage which can be retrieved.
  • It’s highly compatible with your smart home network.

The Lorex floodlight camera comes equipped with dual LED lights, a combination produces 4000 lumens. The outstanding quality of its floodlights is more than enough to brighten the outdoor spaces of your home.

In addition to the lights, the camera comes with infrared night vision—a thermal-imaging feature that enables your camera to capture things or people in the absence of light using the heat emitted from the bodies.

One of the major concerns of installing a surveillance camera is the issue of false alarms. Lorex floodlights can differentiate between objects, animals, and people and eliminate false alarms with the aid of Passive Infrared Motion (PIR) detectors.

The PIR motion detection operates within the 270° horizontal field of view, making it perfect for doorways and large open space.

What I liked
  • A siren sounds when the camera detects an intruder.
  • It’s easy to set up and install with the current light fixture wiring.
  • It is designed with weather-resistant materials, making it the perfect floodlight camera for any weather.
  • Initiate a two-way conversation with visitors via its microphone and internal speaker.
  • Users do not need to acquire special skills to operate the floodlight camera.
What I didn't like
  • Lorex does not offer professional installation services for consumers who may not want to install the floodlight camera themselves.
Runner Up
Highest lumen power + no monthly fees

The Eufy 1080p floodlight camera is the perfect replacement for conventional floodlight cameras with complacent functionalities. This smart home device provides advanced security features such as motion detection and light scheduling.

Top Features
  • Schedule the light brightness in the day and night.
  • The dual floodlights emit 2500 lumens combined.
  • Users can live-stream or record to watch later.

The device does not require timely subscriptions to function optimally. With a one-time purchase, you are good to go.

What I liked
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a noisy 100 dB alarm
What I didn't like
  • The LED lights cannot be replaced once spoiled.
  • The device lacks colored night vision functionality.
Offers alerts with Amazon Sidewalk Bridge when Wi-Fi is down

This floodlight camera is a powerful combination of two LED floodlights, both capable of emitting 1800 lumens, and a 1080p HD camera.

Top Features
  • It comes with an Amazon Sidewalk Bridge which keeps the device connected to offer alerts in situations when the Wi-Fi connection is down.
  • It will continue operating in weather conditions between -30 and 48.5° C.
  • Users can communicate mutually with visitors, as the camera is designed with a microphone and speakers.

While the lights remain on during the night, the two LED lights are also supported by the infrared night vision tech which picks up the image of every heat-emitting body such as cars, animals, and humans.

The field of view is enough to capture your desired spots. The Ring floodlight camera possesses a field view of 140°horizontally and 78° vertically. The LED lights and camera are quite flexible and can be tweaked to various angles.

A floodlight camera has the ability of recording whatever it sees. However, the Ring floodlight was designed with your privacy in mind, meaning you can customize the audio and visual content that should or should not be recorded. You can also set up customizable privacy zones that you don’t want the camera to “see” and record.

The device comes in a black and white color. It requires an upload speed of 1 Mbps but the device performs best with 2 Mbps.

Every tool needed to install the floodlight camera is included in the box. This box contains the floodlight camera, installation tools, a security sticker, a user guide, a mounting bracket, and screws.

Arlo’s Pro 3 floodlight camera offers a pretty good 2K camera and LED bulb which emits 2000 lumens. 3000 lumens of brightness is only attainable if you purchase an outdoor magnetic charging cable (sold separately).

Top Features
  • It offers security options, such as sound the siren, dial emergency services, and call a friend.
  • It allows users to zoom in for more details.
  • The color night vision feature maintains the visual quality even in the dark.

The battery has a lifespan of six months. However, the battery life can be affected by the user settings, environmental factors, and consumer behavior.

What I liked
  • Does not require a hub to function properly
  • Easy to install
  • Offers a two-way audio feature
  • Works seamlessly with Alexa
  • Alarm can be sounded via the Arlo mobile app
What I didn't like
  • Needs a subscription to operate some special features and access cloud storage
  • Not available in the USA and UK overseas territories

The quality of a security camera is majorly determined by the level of detail it can capture, detect, and store in real-time. The Ezviz floodlight security camera helps homeowners watch over their property 24/7 and track every detail obtainable from the footage recorded.

Top Features
  • Get instant alerts on your mobile phone via the EZVIZ app.
  • Access unlimited access to the video history.
  • Store recordings with SD cards up to 256 GB.

With the Ezviz floodlight security camera, you can get visual recordings at a 1920×1080 resolution and the advanced 8x zoom-in feature.

What I liked
  • Monitor a wide area with a 121° diagonal field of view.
  • The camera is fortified with night vision (up to 82’).
  • It’s easy to install and operate.
  • Control your camera remotely from the EZVIZ app.
  • It’s compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Cons
What I didn't like
  • The PIR motion detector is quite sensitive and might cause false alarms.

The Amcrest floodlight camera offers excellent 2000-lumen dual LED lights and a 1080p HD camera. Stay updated when a weird or unusual event is captured by the floodlight camera via mail and push notification on your mobile phone.

Top Features
  • Comes with flexible storage options
  • Two-way audio feature
  • PIR sensor detects objects, animals, and humans

This floodlight camera is built to last. The materials used are weather-proof and keep functioning in harsh weather. The devices come with a one-year US warranty and full technical support.

What I liked
  • Lights can be rotated to focus on the desired area
  • Equipped with a noisy 110 dB security siren which serves as an active deterrent to intruders
  • Easy to set up and use
What I didn't like
  • Need to subscribe for a pro tier to access live viewing

The Vincture floodlight camera is an excellent choice for users who are looking for flexible floodlights. The device allows you to schedule the lights to come on and off at your desired period.

Top Features
  • Regulate the alarm sensitivity from the app.
  • Two-way audio communication is enabled and aided by noise cancellation technology.
  • The 2500-lumen LED floodlights are super bright and capture a wide area.

In the night, you can record in two modes—colorless and colored. The visuals are recorded in colored mode when the lights are on.

What I liked
  • Installation is super easy
  • The device is IP65 waterproof
  • Accepts up to 64 GB SD card
  • Comes with 36 months of maintenance service
What I didn't like
  • The motion-detection range is quite short.

Features To Consider When Choosing a Floodlight Camera

Floodlight Brightness

Floodlight brightness is measured in lumens. Always check the brightness capacity of the floodlight camera you are about to purchase from the manufacturer’s site.

The brightness capacity may range from 2000–4000 lumens. Some manufacturers design their floodlight camera with double LED lights of an overall lumen value as opposed to one with a single lumen value. For instance, two 2000-lumen lights have 4000 overall lumens, while a signle LED bulb can emit the same amount of brightness.

The benefit of splitting the lumens between two bulbs is that it eliminates dark shadows and gives the bulbs a higher angular range. Other factors that affect the brightness of bulbs include the color, temperature, watts required, and nature of the bulb.

Installation & Wiring

Most floodlight camera boxes contain a mounting kit and guide. Installation should be easy and straightforward. Smart home cameras could be wireless or corded.

The wireless ones could come with durable batteries and magnetic charging solar panels. If you use an old wiring fixture, ensure the camera is compatible with your home fixture before purchasing. Most floodlight cameras would fit into new and conventional wiring fixtures.

For the installation to be complete, the floodlight camera must be paired with the smart home hub (though some do not require a hub). If you purchased a hubless camera, ensure it is compatible with your smart home network at the very least. If the “smart” camera cannot successfully “cohabit” with other smart devices in your home, then do not buy it.

Resolution & Picture Quality

Most floodlights security cameras have a 2K resolution, which is pretty good and efficient. With a 1080p HD resolution, you are good to go.

The picture quality is determined by the number of details captured in real-time and the number of times the video/picture can be zoomed in before it starts to lose sharpness.

For video footage to be used as evidence in the court of law, the video must be well-detailed. A blurry camera does no good.

Motion Detection & Person Detection

Motion detection and person detection features can be infrared-based or AI-based. The sensitivity of the motion detector is one thing, its precision is another.

The ability of a motion-detector to distinguish between people and objects is absolutely essential. Beware of cameras with very high sensitivity and no means to regulate its sensitivity.

If it sets off your alarm over non-threatening events, then it’s of no use. Some security cameras allow you to set privacy zones.

Two-Way Audio & Night Vision

Communication is key for adequate security of your property. A two-way audio-enabled floodlight camera lets you engage visitors or delivery personnel.

While it’s good to have floodlights of great lumen capacity, the absence of night vision is an unforgivable mistake on the part of the manufacturer. Night vision technology detects people and objects with the aid of thermal energy.

Anything that emits heat can be detected by night vision-enabled cameras even in the absence of light.

App & Footage Streaming

Unless you are rich enough to hire independent security operatives to watch your home footage 24/7, do not opt-in for a security camera with no app and live view option.

The app lets you access videos, interact with visitors, and control the alarm from a remote location. Some apps have the ability to send you push notifications and emails once an unusual event occurs within the coverage of the floodlight camera.

The Verdict

One common mistake people make when purchasing floodlight cameras is that they ignore the camera range, only to discover that the security camera barely captures incoming cars or passersby.

Also, ask if the sensitivity of the PIR night vision can be regulated. If not, don’t buy it.

What we mean to say is that you need to dedicate some time to doing thorough research before choosing the appropriate camera for you. We hope our article has been helpful in your research process.

Top Pick
Built-in siren to help startle intruders + no monthly fees

When it comes to the Lorex floodlight camera, flexibility is a top feature.

Top Features
  • Users can control the camera and engage intruders from a remote location using the app.
  • No cloud storage cost is required since the camera comes with 32GB of local private storage which can be retrieved.
  • It’s highly compatible with your smart home network.


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