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Automatic door locks and keyless door locks would previously have cost thousands of dollars to acquire and install. Nowadays it’s as simple as buying a smart lock deadbolt, installing it, and away you go! The stylish August Smart Lock Pro + Connect is our choice for best keyless door lock with its smart automatic locking features while the Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro + Wi-Fi Bridge is a close second with its unique fingerprint entry.

Physical and digital security are critical aspects when considering which keyless door lock to install. In addition, you want to pick one with the flexibility to integrate with other smart devices, apps, and voice assistants.

When you’re not home, these automatic door locks can send you alerts when someone arrives home and unlocks the door. Most of these smart locks can even send signals to your smart home devices to turn on the lights and welcome you back home with your favorite music!

Let’s explore the top 5 keyless door locks for your smart home!

Top Pick
An IFTTT compatible lock

The August Smart Lock Pro is the most fully equipped smart lock we have analyzed.

Top Features
  • Auto-Lock, Auto-Unlock Features

  • Control with Apple Smart Watch

  • Remote Access & Activity Feeds

The August Smart Keyless Lock Pro has compatibility with Apple HomeKit, various voice command services, geofencing, three wireless protocols, and IFTTT.

Since it is a third-generation smart lock, it offers all the bells and whistles you get with the previous HomeKit model. It provides various additional features such as August’s DoorSense Technology and compatibility with Z-Wave. It’s more expensive than its competitors, but its features are worth the price.


The August Smart Keyless Lock Pro is made of an aluminum shell that comes in silver or dark grey colors. It has a hockey puck shape that’s 3.2 inches in diameter and 2.2 inches deep. Its outer edge is textured in the form of a ring, which turns green when it’s unlocked and red when it’s locked. 

It uses the August Home App which lets you control these smart locks even if you are not around. You can manage multiple smart locks in various locations due to the app.


It is enriched with August DoorSense Technology to indicate to you if the door is open, closed, or left ajar. To connect the automatic door lock to your wireless network, you need to buy the Connect Bridge as well.


The August Smart Keyless Lock Pro is the safest smart lock when it comes to security. It encrypts data using Bluetooth Energy Encryption (BLE) and TLS in its mobile apps. 

It also requires user authentication through email or phone number verification. Even if your phone is lost, the app and all of the virtual keys can be disabled instantly through August support.


There are two CR123 batteries which are free from the hassle of recharging and quite easy to replace. These batteries can last up to three months so that you will not need to worry about their lifespan.

What we liked
  • Simple installation procedure
  • Supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Z-Wave
  • Comes with a door-sensor and Wi-Fi bridge
  • Compatible with Alexa, Google, and Siri voice commands
What we didn't like
  • No alarm
Editors’ Choice
A smart fingerprint lock

The Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro is a multidimensional smart lock that lets you unlock your door with a fingerprint scan, voice command, keypad, or even a traditional key.

Top Features
  • 6 in 1 Keyless Smart Lock

  • Fingerprint Access

  • Magic Shake and Auto Unlock

The Ultraloq uses your phone’s location services to unlock the door when you arrive automatically.


The Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro comes with an interior and exterior plate, 4 AA batteries, a deadbolt assembly, and a plug-in Wi-Fi bridge. The smart lock fits a door with a thickness of 2.0 inches and a diameter of about 8 inches. 

It is made of Zinc alloy and contains a 360-degree capacitive fingerprint scanner in the center. An LED ring on the outer surface indicates the lock or unlock status with glowing green or red colors, respectively.


The U-Bolt Pro keyless door lock comes with a Bluetooth radio instead of a Wi-Fi one which can be bought separately. It is backed by the U-Tec technology which centralizes the smart lock with an easy to use mobile app.


The fingerprint scanner generates temporary, time-based codes and maintains logs so you can keep track of users. 

The Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro uses dual data encryption. Two-Layer protection using secure 128-bit AES and a Dynamic Key that help secures your data.


It comes with four AA batteries with more than one year of battery life through regular use. It is a battery efficient keyless door lock because it uses the Bluetooth 4.0 ultra-low power consumption technology. If the battery is low, you can also get a notification via the mobile app.

What we liked
  • 6-in-1 keyless entry
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant voice control
  • Comes with Wi-Fi bridge
  • Easy installation process
What we didn't like
  • Magic Shake feature is not very useful
  • Incompatible with Apple HomeKit
A secure tamper-proof lock

The Schlage Sense Bluetooth deadbolt smart lock lets you use your phone to lock and unlock your doors.

Top Features
  • Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple HomeKit compatible

  • Tamer Alarm

  • Battery Operated

The Schlage Sense can also be used to program access codes and set up access schedules to your home. Although it doesn’t support geofencing, its compatibility with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple HomeKit makes it a great choice.


The Schlage Sense is a Bluetooth-enabled touch-screen keyless door lock that you can control through a mobile app. It has a large illuminated keypad, a tamper alarm, and a low battery alert. It comes in two styles, namely the classic Camelot style and the modern Century style. 

It’s about 2.5 inches wide with a density of about 2.1 inches. It has a thumb turn lever for locking and unlocking the door manually and a Schlage button that silences it. A green checkmark appears when the dialed code on the keypad is correct and red when it’s incorrect.


The Schlage Sense uses Schlage Technology, which incorporates Bluetooth support. There are just four access code keys that make it easy to remember with 30 additional guest access authentications.


Since it has built-in alarm technology, it makes it a safe, keyless door lock that senses potential door attacks. The security mechanism has been the primary focus of Schlage as it maintains its security standards. It also encrypts data throughout the complete locking and unlocking process.


It uses four AA Alkaline batteries that make it a durable option as its lifespan can go up to one year with regular usage. These batteries are not rechargeable.

What we liked
  • Simple installation
  • Integrated tamper alarm
  • Easy to use app design
  • Compatible with voice support
What we didn't like
  • More expensive than competitors
  • An additional device is required for remote control

The Nest X Yale Smart Lock is a key-free deadbolt that is easy to use and reliable.

Top Features
  • Keyless Deadbolt

  • Tamper Proof

  • Auto-lock with remote access

The Nest X Yale Keyless Lock is a sleek looking smart lock that you can control from anywhere using the Nest’s mobile app or web platform. It has numerous worthy features such as Auto-Lock, One-Touch Locking, and maintained usage logs.

It is an excellent choice if you are already using other Nest devices. Since it adheres to the top security and safety standards such as complex encryption, it’s a great choice to consider among other automatic door locks.


The Nest X Yale Smart Lock is a beautifully crafted sleek product. Its exterior consists of a black glass capacitive touch screen and white backlit keypad. It comes in three colors, namely Oil Rubbed Bronze, Polished Brass, and Satin Nickel.

There is a numeric keypad, back button, check button, and a settings button on the surface. When the Yale logo is tapped, the keypad and other options appear, making it the smooth user experience.


The Nest X Yale Keyless Smart Lock connects to the Nest Connect hub, which makes its configuration with other smart home devices easier. The Nest app is the main focus of this smart lock where you can control all of the Nest smart locks integrated into your home. You can also enable and disable guest mode and privacy modes using the Nest technology.


The Nest X Yale Smart Lock uses Nest Secure, which is an additional feature to enhance the security to its optimal level. As a second layer of protection, the AES 128-bit encryption is enabled to secure your authorization data.


Since it is battery powered, you wouldn’t need to install any additional wiring to power your automatic door lock. It uses four standard AA Alkaline batteries so that you might not need to worry about them for a year, depending on your usage.

How safe is the Nest X Yale Lock?

It is one of the safest keyless door locks on the market because of its Nest Secure and advanced encryption features, which protects it from any hacking or malicious activity.

Can the Nest X Yale Lock be broken?

It is extremely durable and difficult to break smart lock. In case, if someone breaks it with a power tool, it will sound an audible alarm and sends a notification alert to your mobile phone instantly.

What we liked
  • Sleek design
  • Simple installation
  • Compatible with Nest Secure
  • Works with Google Assistant
  • Very quiet
What we didn't like
  • Not compatible with IFTTT
  • Relatively expensive

The Yale Assure Lock SL is a sleek keyless touch-screen deadbolt lock that’s trouble-free to install.

Top Features
  • Voice integrated with Siri and Apple Homekit

  • Create Schedules for Locking and Unlocking

  • Z-Wave Plus, ZigBee and iM1 for HomeKit compatibility available

The Yale Assure Lock SL can be controlled remotely through a mobile app and all three major voice command systems, namely Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit. 

It is one of the more expensive smart locks on the market. The built-in mini speakers inform you about what’s going on if you enter a wrong access code.


The Yale Assure Lock SL offers a more streamlined design than other smart locks. Its outer plate measures about 3.6 inches of height, 2.6 inches of width, and 0.7 inches of diameter. It consists of a black glass capacitive panel with a white backlit keypad. 

It can fit doors that are between 1.75 and 2.25 inches in thickness. Its design is a versatile one that looks modern as well as backed up with the latest safety and usability features.


The Yale Assure Keyless Lock SL uses the GetSafe mobile app that controls it remotely. Thanks to its automatic door lock and privacy mode features. Its DoorSense feature works a charm as it assures a proper door lock by analyzing the door’s state automatically.


Since it can store up to 50 key codes on its own, specified users can be set to allow access at certain times, on certain days, or for single time usage. Due to its security ratings of ANSI/BHMA Grade 2, it is considered to be one of the best secure smart locks.


It uses four AA batteries, which are durable for about one year. Replacing the cells is also quite easy. Even if these batteries die, you can still use the physical key to lock or unlock the smart lock.

How safe is the Yale Assure Lock SL?

The Yale Assure Lock SL is equipped with high-class material and security mechanisms approved by ANSI Grade 2, so it’s one of the safest smart locks available.

Smart Lock Features to Consider

Access Mechanisms

Codes or Electronic Keys are the most common access mechanism on keyless door locks. To unlock the door, you need to enter the code using the keypad. More advanced models also allow for Biometrics, which are fingerprint scans. Every person has a different fingerprint that’s difficult to mimic. Now you might be thinking, how many fingerprints can you save? Well, you can save as many as the members you have in your family.

More advanced models come with voice commands, face recognition, and Fob. The Fob is a small object. It comes paired with the keyless door lock. Users can carry the Fob in their pocket. As soon as they approach their locked door, the Fob sends a signal to unlock it.

Security Grades & Deadbolts

If you are techy, you know what an IP rating is. It is a universally accepted certification that tells how durable a smartphone is against dust, water, dirt, and other small floating particles.

Just like the IP rating for smartphones, the ANSI/BHMA certification is a widely accepted indicator of how secure a keyless door lock is. ANSI stands for American National Standards Institute, and BHMA is short for Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association.

These certificates are awarded after running a set of different tests on the lock. Now as a customer, when you are on your way to buy a keyless door lock, look for the ones with a grade 1 or 2 ANSI/BHMA rating.

Smart Home Integrations & Protocols

Do you have a locker to store important papers and money? Keyless door locks use the same mechanism as those lockers. Your home security systems can connect with your keyless door lock and work together. Moreover, you can also integrate your keyless door locks with your home security cameras.

Thanks to IoT (Internet of Things), most keyless door locks are also compatible with other smart devices at home. After you integrate your keyless door lock with the lights, you can make them turn off automatically as soon as you leave for work in the morning. Similarly, as you come back in the afternoon, the lights will turn back on automatically as soon as you walk in.

Battery Power & Backup Options

Most keyless door locks rely on a battery for power. And just like any other device that runs on battery, users need to replace the batteries from time to time. If the battery is running low, the keyless door lock will communicate it to the user. Look out for the battery power indicator light. If the keyless door lock has a screen, look out for any text that hints at a low battery. It is advised that users don’t delay replacing the battery. Otherwise, they run the risk of locking themselves out.

To save battery power, keyless door locks come with different mechanisms. Wi-Fi requires a lot of battery power, so this is why most keyless door locks are Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

Auto-Lock & Auto-Unlock (Geo-Fencing)

Along with Wi-Fi compatibility, most models also come with Bluetooth. Using the Bluetooth ID, the keyless door lock can figure out when you are in or when you are walking towards it. It can then light up the keypad screen or the fingerprint scanner.

Moreover, most keyless door locks don’t even require you to insert your code. You can pair your smartphone with your keyless door lock. After that, as soon as these two devices are nearby, they can initiate a wireless protocol and start communicating. This connection is protected via cryptographic keys. After it authorizes access, the door will unlock. The entire process takes only seconds to complete.

Smartphone Apps & Remote Access

But almost all keyless door locks come with an App. Using the app, users can control their them from any place on earth. They can set a new security code, monitor who gets in and who gets out, receive alerts about tampering, and so on.

You must be wondering what happens if you lose your smartphone? Well, to fend off against unwanted people breaking into your home using your phone, you can immediately disable all the security keys.

Along with Apps, most keyless door locks are now also compatible with different wearable devices such as Apple Smart Watch, and other home assistant devices such as Apple HomeKit, and Alexa.

Should I Buy a Keyless Door Lock?

Convenience – No more keys!

Convenience is a competitive advantage that keyless door locks offer. Users get solid security without having to carry a key. With a keyless door lock, they get remote access as well as home security monitoring. Furthermore, they also get hands-free aces to their home.

Imagine coming back home with a newborn in your arms. How convenient would it be if the door unlocked as soon as you walked into your driveway? Imagine coming back home from a heavy shopping spree. How convenient would it be to unlock the door as soon as you walk closer to the door? And lastly, for those of you who do not like carrying a bulky keyring, keyless door locks are just for you.

Fine-grained Access Control

In general, users are all set with one security code. After they set the code, they should share the code with their family members. Afterwards, they no longer have to worry about who gets locked out. However, from time to time they might have their relatives visiting them. They might also want to rent one part of their home to temporary tenants. In such scenarios, they don’t need to share the master code with their guests. They can easily set a new code and let their guests use it while they are staying. Once visitors have left, users can remove that code from their keyless door lock and they are good to go.

Most keyless door locks come with multiple code support. Some let their users save 10 codes. On the other hand, some have the option of saving hundreds of codes.

Easy Installation

Keyless door locks are very easy to setup. Most homes come with them pre-installed. But if you don’t have one yet, don’t worry. Installing a keyless door lock is very straightforward. Take the old traditional key off and set up the keyless door lock. That’s how easy it is.

Just one thing, before making a purchase, make sure you are buying a keyless door lock that supports the kind of deadbolt you have at your home. They come with screws and bolts, so all you need is a screwdriver. Moreover, once the keyless door lock is in place, you can go ahead and set it up with your smartphone, which should not take more than 5 minutes.

Increased Security

In plain terms, keyless door locks don’t require a physical key as traditional locks do. They do come with a physical key for adverse situations, but they mainly rely on electronic codes, fingerprints, Fob, and voice commands.

Upgrading to a keyless door lock means users are one step ahead when it comes to outsmarting potential burglars. No one can open the lock unless they have the right electronic key. If someone uses power tools to break into your home, they will immediately trigger the alarm. Moreover, they will also get a text on your phone. Along with convenience, enhanced security is also a plus of using keyless door locks. If users think about smart homes, smart locks are needed.

Remote Access & Monitoring

Users can access their keyless door lock using their smartphone. Using the app, they can see who has gotten in and who has gotten out. If they have ma maid who comes to clean their house after they leave for their office, they can easily check when the maid entered their home. Along with entry time, users can also see what time he/she left.

Moreover, homeowners can assign a new electronic key/code to guests that they were not expecting. What will happen if the guests go straight to their home while they are still at the office? They can greet them with the comfort of their home even when they are not physically there. All they need to do is open their keyless door lock app and create a temporary code for their guests.

Tamper Alarms

Unlike traditional keys that have no response mechanism, keyless door locks have their way of informing users about failed attempts to access their home as well as tampering.

Remember, “burglars are criminals of opportunity.” They are tempted when seeing a window is open. On the flip side, noticing a keyless door lock works as a deterrent. The burglar knows that if he or she tampers the lock, it will set off an alarm. Moreover, if users integrate their keyless door lock with home security systems, upon detecting tampering, a whole bunch of things are initiated, from security cameras starting to record the burglar and sending it to the owner’s phone to sounding all the alarms.

Common Questions relating to Keyless Door Locks

What is a keyless door lock?

Keyless Door Locks have become an essential part of every Smart Home. It might take years before people start considering them as important as a kitchen stove or a heater. But with new technological breakthroughs, rather than being a question of “why”, it is a question of “when”.

Most models now emphasize on complementing the overall décor of users’ homes. But that doesn’t undermine their advanced features. People will find feature-packed keyless door locks at every hardware store.
On the low-end, keyless door locks come with a keypad. And on the other side of the spectrum, there are models that come with touchscreen and cameras for face recognition. With the ones that require a code, there are up to 250 codes that can be used.

How does a keyless door lock work?

Most Keyless Door Locks now come with an App. You can use the app to remotely lock or unlock your door. Moreover, some keyless door locks rely on Bluetooth to sense your location and lock/unlock depending on that data.

Like many of us, forgetting codes is a common scenario. Now if you have a keyless door lock, you don’t want to write down the code on a piece of paper only to lose it later to a burglar. So, what do you do? Well, even if you forget the code, you will not be locking yourself out of your home. Most keyless door locks come with backup keys that work as an alternative to the code.

How do I use a keyless door lock?

Currently, you will find keyless door locks that run on RFID, NFC, Z-Wave/Zigbee, Wi-Fi, and of course Bluetooth.

RFID is commonly used in hotels. These keyless door locks come with a card. To unlock the door, you need to place the card on the lock or swipe the card against the lock, just like you would do while making a payment with your Apple Pay card.

And lastly, the Z-Wave or Zigbee technology works with multiple smart devices. Using this technology, your keyless door lock forms a mesh network with other smart devices at your home and communicate with each other to figure out when you are leaving and when you are coming back. You can also daisy chain commands together so if the door unlocks and its the evening, then automatically turn on the lights.

Can my keyless door lock be hacked?

Just like any other electronic device, keyless door locks are also vulnerable to hacks.

First, let us look at the downside. In comparison to traditional keys, keyless door locks can be tampered with from a distance. The bad guys don’t even need to physically be present in front of your home. But on the flipside, keyless door locks are typically a higher security grade than older locks.

They can can alert you and even the police if they detect a hack. That’s the beauty of it. Just like they can be hacked from a distance, they can inform about the breach to a lot of parties in seconds.

If worried about security, it’s best to choose a keyless door lock that is only accessible on a local network and does not communicate with cloud servers.

The Verdict

The stylish August Smart Lock Pro + Connect is our choice for best keyless door lock thanks to its smart automatic locking features, compatibility with Apple HomeKit, various voice command services, geofencing, three wireless protocols, and IFTTT.

Top Pick
An IFTTT compatible lock

The August Smart Lock Pro is the most fully equipped smart lock we have analyzed.

Top Features
  • Auto-Lock, Auto-Unlock Features

  • Control with Apple Smart Watch

  • Remote Access & Activity Feeds

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