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Selecting the ideal NVR security system for your home or commercial property requires thorough examination of key factors.

  1. Buy a Kit / Bundle – This lets you hit the ground running as you get both the NVR recorder, preloaded with a hard drive, and a number of compatible cameras.
  2. Buy the NVR Recorder and Cameras Separately – This can be more complicated as if purchasing from different brands, you need to ensure both the NVR and the cameras you choose are ONVIF compatible. (There are also different ONVIF profiles to consider)

In our listing below, we feature NVR recorders while also providing options for kits if you want to go that route.

Best NVR Camera Systems
Top PickSmart Motion Detection with Voice Control & Smart TV Support
9.5 Reolink
Runner Up4K Resolution with a 2TB HDD. 16-Channel NVR also available.
9.4 montavuevnvr
Supports up to 20TB Storage
9.3 Amcrest
Comes with a 6TB Hard Disk
9.2 Hikvision USA
Premium Pick2TB HDD & Two-way audio
9.1 Ubiquiti
Corporate PickProfessional Grade NVR System

Article updated November 2022 to take account of the latest collections and models

Top Pick
Smart Motion Detection with Voice Control & Smart TV Support

With 16 channels, this Fusion Series Network Video Recorder (NVR) has enough capacity for most homes and small businesses.

Top Features
  • Can record videos up to 4K with Ultra HD resolution.
  • Supports digital zoom and cameras with optical zoom
  • Supports 16 channels / 16 cameras
  • Smart Motion Detection reduces false alarms and unwanted alerts.
  • Includes panic button for activating compatible Active Deterrence cameras.
  • Compatible with Apple TV and Chromecast for streaming footage and voice-assistants Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Built-in security-grade 3TB hard drive; expandable to up to 16TB without any hidden monthly cloud fees.

With its industry-leading, sharp 4K recording capabilities, active deterrence security camera support, and smart motion detection, this NVR brings a whole new level of detail and ingenuity to your security monitoring system. 

The NVR’s smart motion detection can easily monitor humans or vehicles. It also includes a security-grade hard drive for added security and privacy for your data without additional monthly fees. For quick remote viewing, pair the Fusion Series 4K Ultra HD NVR with the Lorex Home App. 

Available NVR Kits including Security Cameras

This NVR is also compatible with most smart home hubs and voice assistants, including Alexa and Google Assistant.

Motion Trigger

As far as recording is concerned, the Lorex 4K 8CH NVR understands the needs of its user. For example, some of you might need a continuous recording, and some might prefer a motion trigger. You can schedule a recording session, or you can set this security system to solely motion trigger.

Power over Ethernet

Just like other popular security systems, this security camera system comes with PoE connection, so say goodbye to power cables. Using the secure app, you can live-view your footage. Moreover, support for 4K cameras and the ability to capture videos at 30fps makes this security system a top pick. It also supports wireless cameras for places hard to service.

Tech Specs

Channels16, NVR supports 16 cameras
HDD Storage3TB
ConnectivityPoE & Wireless
AppLorex Home APP
HDD extensionBuilt-in 3TB, maximum capacity 2 x 8TB hard drive
Video resolution4K ultra HD resolution
Continuous recordingYes
Motion DetectionYes
Frames per second30fps
What I liked
  • 4K video output.
  • Multiple viewing.
  • Continuous and scheduled recording.
  • Motion detection and face detection.
  • Security camera system panic button.
  • Remote viewing with Lorex Home App.
  • Smart home hubs and voice-assistant compatibility.
  • HEVC / H.265 video file compression saves 40% more space.
  • Internet connectivity is optional.
What I didn't like
  • While there is some level of ONVIF compatibility, Lorex don't advertise it which makes selecting 3rd party cameras difficult

Reasons to consider

  • This model comes with 3TB HDD local storage.
  • You can anytime access it remotely and locally. 
  • Can be controlled from the app.
  • Easy to maintain and sure to last in time.
Runner Up
4K Resolution with a 2TB HDD. 16-Channel NVR also available.

The Reolink 8-Channel PoE NVR is built for those who need flexibility with their security system.

Top Features
  • For sharp and crisp videos, it supports up to 4K resolution cameras.
  • To reduce wire clutter, it requires only one PoE connection.
  • Support for 8 channels to reduce blind spots.

The Reolink 8-Channel PoE NVR is a popular choice that comes with support for 8 channels. To record videos from all connected cameras, it has a 2TB HDD. Even if you connect all 4K resolution cameras, you will not face any issues with low storage capacity. You can view captured footage as well as receive important notifications using the Free Reolink app. To eliminate false alarms, this security system features motion detection.

Available NVR Kits including Security Cameras


Thanks to IP66 certification, the Reolink 8-Channel PoE NVR can withstand downpours, snowstorms, and dust. Wiring is a big concern for all users. No one likes an ugly mess of wires. To ensure its users don't get frustrated with complex wirework, this security camera system comes with a PoE connection. It requires only one Ethernet cable, preferably a CAT5 or CAT6, for power as well as data transmission. 

Motion detection

Motion trigger has become a standard feature in all security cameras. As such, the Reolink 8-Channel PoE NVR also has this feature built-in. Upon detecting motion, the NVR will notify users about possible security breaches. You can also customize the motion detection zones to ensure solid security around your home. With 2TB of built-in storage, this system can save vast amounts of video footage. Along with remote access and control, the security cameras also work with a microphone.

Tech Specs

Storage2TB HDD
AppFree Reolink App
Motion DetectionYes
Weatherproof IP66 certified
Connectivity PoE
Motion Trigger Yes
Notification Instant alert
Motion Detection Zone Customizable
External HDD4TB 
AudioMic (Optional)
Remote Access & control Yes
Compatibility with Operating systems Mac OS, and Windows
Refund policy 30-day money back
What I liked
  • Built-in 2TB HDD.
  • Continuous recording.
  • Works with multiple IP cameras.
  • Motion detection.
  • Supports external hard disk.
What I didn't like
  • Some users have complained about buggy motion detection.

Reasons to consider

  • Offers 2TB built-in HDD storage.
  • It’s easy to access both locally and remotely. 
  • Can be controlled using the free Reolink app.
  • Highly reliable and not high maintenance.
Supports up to 20TB Storage

The Montavue NVR system is ideal for large homes or small / medium sized businesses. They set themselves apart from the competition with their fully US based support team.

Top Features
  • Fully ONVIF compliant so works with other manufacturers cameras
  • MontavueGO app works on PC/Mac as well as mobile devices
  • Commercial Grade IVS features

The Montavue MNR12082 is a commercial-grade NVR that supports ONVIF-compliant IP cameras along with high-end PTZ cameras. It has the largest storage capacity of any NVR in our list, with 20TB across two SATA connections.

Unlike a lot of NVRs which struggle with high-frame rate 4K footage, the Montavue MNR12082 supports 30 frames per second of 4K footage. This is a lot of the reason why 20TBs may be needed as a 4K takes up a lot of space!

IVS and Motion Detection

The motion detection features of the NVR are suitable for businesses with tripwire, missing object, abandoned object, and intrusion detection included. There is also face detection which can be very useful when reviewing footage.

You can also configure motion zones and sensitivity and trigger recording by motion or IVS with pre-roll, to save on storage space.

Desktop Apps

A lot of NVRs only offer mobile apps alongside the NVR OS. Montavue has a PC and Mac app available, making full use of the IP capabilities of the system.

Comes with a 6TB Hard Disk

The Amcrest 4K 8CH NVR is an intelligent security system for smart homes.

Top Features
  • For more video storage capacity, it comes with a 6TB HDD.
  • Full coverage for large areas using 8 channels.
  • Real-time viewing of 8MP/4K video at 30 frames per second.

The Amcrest 4K 8CH NVR is a powerful security system with support for 8 different channels. You can connect 8x1080p/4K resolution cameras with it. To ensure zero data loss, the security system comes with a 6TB HDD. You no longer need to regularly delete older footage to make room for newer ones. Users can live-view and control this security system using the free Amcrest View app. 

Available NVR Kits including Security Cameras

As far as smart technologies are concerned, the Amcrest 4K 8CH NVR comes with standard motion detection. You can program this camera system to start recording only when it detects a moving object. This revolutionary technology made security systems use less storage. Moreover, this security connects with cameras with single PoE wires. One benefit of PoE wires is that when compared to coaxial wires, they are not susceptible to video quality degradation. 


As far as remote access is concerned, the Amcrest 4K 8CH NVR comes with a dedicated app. Users can also access and control their security system from a web browser on both Windows and macOS devices. Unlike other security systems that have no encryption measure, this one comes with H.265 advanced encryption technology. Setting it up is also very easy. To connect it with the app, users only need to scan the QR code at the bottom of the product.

Tech Specs

Storage6TB HDD
Resolution 1080p-4K
AppFree Amcrest View App
Motion DetectionYes
Connectivity PoE 
Motion Trigger Yes
Notification Instant alert
Motion Detection Zone Customizable 
Remote Access & control Yes
Compatibility with Operating systems macOS and Windows
Frames per Second 30fps
Encryption H.265
SetupApp Connection via QR code 
Backup USB 
Credibility CE & FCC certified
What I liked
  • Advanced H.265 compression.
  • Intelligent backup and playback options.
  • Search option.
  • Easy to use.
  • Motion detection.
What I didn't like
  • Some users have complained about unreliable notification alerts.
  • Some users have complained about the quality of the user manual.

Reasons to consider

  • This model offers 6TB of local storage.
  • It can be accessed locally and remotely. 
  • Can be controlled using the Amcrest View app, or any browser from Windows and macOS devices. 
  • Can withstand harsh conditions and it’s not difficult to keep it working.
Premium Pick
2TB HDD & Two-way audio

A variety of playback and recording modes along with plug and play PoE

Top Features
  • Supports 8 separate channels.
  • Works perfectly with up to 5MP video cameras.
  • Compatible with 3rd party network cameras.

The Hikvision 8CH PoE NVR supports a multi-screen live view display for full property surveillance. It can be connected to Hikvision as well as any third-party camera brand.

It also supports HDMI and VGA output options. The package comes with a 2TB hard drive and supports 2 x 6TB SATA disks.

Available NVR Kits including Security Cameras

Through the built-in web server, you can remotely monitor and control your camera feeds via any web browser, along with triggering alarms or engaging in two-way audio.

Corporate Pick
Professional Grade NVR System

The UniFi is ideal for businesses that already have invested in Ubiquiti kit and also require a comprehensive security system. While generally more expensive than their competitors, their devices typically have a much higher build quality.

Top Features
  • To ensure you don’t miss any details, it comes with support for HD recording.
  • For more storage capacity, it has a 2TB hard drive.
  • Popular pick by DIY-lovers, as it is easy to set up and configure.

The Ubiquiti 2TB NVR can support security cameras that record full HD videos. If you are not a tech-savvy individual, you can still easily set up this security system as it is a hard-wired model. 

Along with SSD storage, it also comes with 4GB standard memory. Just like any other NVR, this security system has a motion detection feature. It will start recording videos only after it detects motion. Moreover, you will also receive notifications about motion triggers.

8 channels, customizable motion detection, and PoE

Annke’s 4K POE NVR can be connected to up to eight cameras and offers motion detection and smart search.

Top Features
  • Power over Ethernet
  • Motion Detection Capabilities
  • Smart Search and Playback

Annke’s PoE NVR offers 8 PoE channels to which you can connect 4K Ultra HD cameras. You can choose the number of Annke cameras you want while buying the product or simply connect any other compatible camera. A separate power cable is supported if you have cameras without PoE.

The user interface is quite intuitive. In addition to the common NVR functionalities, you can search through the playback library using the “Smart Search Function.” This makes playing back and exporting files easier, instead of going through each video independently.


Once you’ve connected the cameras and powered your Annke NVR, turn it on. It will ask for a password and three security questions. After that, you can customize your camera’s names and set up a displaying interface.

The NVR does not connect with smart home hubs/assistants. However, you can download the Anke app and connect it to your NVR by scanning a QR code.

Motion Detection

 Motion detection has been tough for NVR in the past few years, especially if the feed isn’t connected to a cloud that performs Machine Learning continuously to learn continuously about inconsequential moving objects.

 However, the opinion on most online forums seems to be that Annke’s NVR does a good enough job on motion detection compared to other NVRs. You can choose sections on the feed for motion detection and select recording only when motion is detected.

Video Output

The NVR comes with 4,6 or 8 4K Ultra-HD cameras with night vision and PoE. You can export the video to an external hard disk or connect to an internet protocol to look at it from anywhere in the world.

What I liked
  • Power over Ethernet means you only need the ethernet cable for the camera
  • Motion detection with real-time notifications to your phone or computer
  • You can choose specific areas on the video output for motion detection
  • Smart Search and playback for exporting/browsing recorded videos
  • Intuitive user-interface
What I didn't like
  • 8-channels is less compared to some other NVR’s on our list

Tech Specs

AppAnnke Free App
Motion DetectionYes
Weather Conditions14 °F ~ 131 °F /-10 °C ~+55 °C
Motion TriggerYes
Motion Detection ZoneCustomizable
HDDUp to 6TB 
Remote Access & ControlYes (if connected to the internet)
16 Channel with a 2TB HDD

The Swann 16CH 4K NVR gives users serious security coverage by working with PoE cameras.

Top Features
  • Works with 4K/8MP resolution cameras that are four times greater than the normal 1080p resolution.
  • Supports 16 different channels for eliminating every blind spot.
  • For increased storage, it comes with a 2TB HDD and the feature to directly save screenshots to your Dropbox account.

The Swann 16CH 4K NVR is a powerful security system for those who need to cover larger areas. Unlike other models, this one can support 16 different channels. However, having support for 16 channels doesn’t mean it compromises video quality. This system works with 4K/8MP security cameras. In comparison, these are 4 times greater than any 1080p resolution camera. 


This security system comes with a 2TB hard drive. Another great feature of the Swann 16CH 4K NVR is that it allows its users to save footage from the cameras directly to their Dropbox account. It also supports digital zoom. Users can zoom in to confirm car number plates. They can also help identify possible intruders by zooming into their physical characteristics such as tattoos. 

As far as remote viewing is concerned, the Swann 16CH 4K NVR can be accessed via the free HomeSafe View app. Users can check stored footage from any Windows or macOS system. This security system stands out from the crowd as it comes with True Detect technology. Along with motion detection, this feature enables it to detect heat signatures as well.

Tech Specs

Channels 16
HDD Storage2TB 
Resolution 4K Ultra HD 
App Yes
Remote viewingFree HomeSafe View App
Computer OS Windows, macOS
Dropbox complianceYes
Digital zoomYes
Night Vision Yes
Audio CaptureYes
Alert Push notification
Preferred UseIndoor + Outdoor
Heat sensingTrue Detect Thermal motion detection
Face Detection Yes
What I liked
  • Crisp videos.
  • Digital zoom.
  • Local storage for up to 300 days.
  • Free HomeSafe view app.
  • Supports both Windows and MacOS.
What I didn't like
  • Higher price than competitors.

Reasons to consider

  • This model offers only local storage.
  • You can access this security system both remotely and locally. 
  • Can be controlled using the app.
  • Easy to set up and doesn’t need special maintenance

Best NVR Security System Features to Consider

Power – PoE or Not

When selecting the best NVR camera system, you will need to decide how you want to power your cameras. Back in the days, people used to use separate power and camera feed wires for each device connected to their security system. However, in recent times, almost all NVRs support cameras with PoE. 

PoE (Power over Ethernet) can supply power to security cameras. At the same time, it can also transmit video data to the NVR. A great benefit of PoE wires compared to their Coaxial wires predecessors is that PoE wires are not susceptible to video quality degradation.

Wireless cameras can also be battery powered which is ideal if the camera location is quite remote.

Resolution, Quality, and Field of View

The resolution will be the first item on the checklist for some of you. If it is so, the good news is that almost all security cameras nowadays support a resolution of 1080p or above. On the lower end, you are all set with a 1080p camera. You can also get 5MP to up to 12MP cameras. But as you climb the spectrum, the price will also increase proportionately.  

The field of view is another important factor. Some cameras will give you a complete 360-degree field of view. However, on average, almost all popular security cameras come with at least a 110-degree field of view.

Wired vs Wireless

A decade ago, all security systems were hard-wired. They needed a separate wire for each separate task. For instance, you needed a separate wire for power, and another wire to connect the camera to the video recorder. 

However, in present times, no one uses wired security systems anymore. However, if you have a large area to cover, you are better off with a wired security system rather than a wireless one. Wired security systems can cover up to 300 feet easily. On the other hand, wireless security systems can barely cover 100 feet.

Number of Channels

The number of channels refers to the number of cameras you can use with the best NVR system. The higher the number, the better. If you have a moderately small area to cover, you are better off with 1-2 security channels. In case you have a big area to cover, for instance, a large mansion, you need a multi-channel security system. To reduce the hassle of management, all the channels can be accessed and controlled using the NVR.

Storage Space

Storage is a big concern for many. There are usually 2 major types of storage options available. You can have local storage or cloud storage. 

Many users who use a handful of cameras are better off with SD Card storage. However, if you have to store videos from 8-16 cameras, you need something larger. This is where SDD storage comes into play.  Most security cameras come with an average of 1TB SDD hard drive storage. Some also give the option of an expandable HDD.

Smart Integration & Local and Remote Access

With advancements in technology, the security camera industry has gone through major breakthroughs. Those days when you had to use bulky processing units and wait for videos to render before you could see them are long gone. Now, you can jump right into your camera's feed using apps.

Moreover, some security systems also let users remotely control and access their security systems from a web browser. And as far as smart integrations are concerned, many security systems come with integration with other smart IoT home devices such as smart alarm systems, smart lights, and so on.

Motion Detection & Alarm connectivity

Motion detection is an industry-average feature. Almost every security system has this. The basic concept behind motion detection is that only after your security system detects motion will it start recording videos. This reduces storage waste that occurs with continuous capturing. 

Moreover, similar to motion detection, many security cameras also come with heat detection technology and face recognition. The latest security systems only trigger after they detect warm moving objects. After they detect motion, they can trigger the recording as well as the alarm system.

Common Questions About NVR IP Security Camera Systems

What is an NVR?

An NVR, short for Network Video Recorder, is a video recorder. In comparison to DVRs, NVRs encode and process video data within the camera. Most NVRs are built to be used with IP security cameras. Unlike DVRs, NVRs rely on PoE wires for connectivity. Moreover, they also ensure better video quality than their DVR counterparts.

Difference between an NVR and DVR?

The major difference between NVR and DVR is how they process and encode videos. DVRs do it at the recorder, whereas the NVRs do it within the cameras. Another major difference between these two is that DVRs are primarily used with analog/CCTV security cameras. On the flip side, NVRs are primarily used with IP and other advanced security cameras.

What type of cabling do I need for a wired NVR?

NVRs can be wireless and wired. You can connect the wired NVRs using PoE cables. The most popular PoE cables used with NVRs are Cat5 and Cat6. PoE or Power over Ethernet cables provide both power and data transmission from the security cameras to the NVR.

The Best NVR Camera System Verdict

So there you go. Now you know about the ins and outs of NVRs. We have looked at some of the most popular NVRs on the market. Starting from their channel capacity, storage, night vision, remote access, and control, we have looked at all their most important features. We hope this guide helps you pick the ideal NVR solution that meets your requirements. 

Top Pick
Smart Motion Detection with Voice Control & Smart TV Support

With 16 channels, this Fusion Series Network Video Recorder (NVR) has enough capacity for most homes and small businesses.

Top Features
  • Can record videos up to 4K with Ultra HD resolution.
  • Supports digital zoom and cameras with optical zoom
  • Supports 16 channels / 16 cameras
  • Smart Motion Detection reduces false alarms and unwanted alerts.
  • Includes panic button for activating compatible Active Deterrence cameras.
  • Compatible with Apple TV and Chromecast for streaming footage and voice-assistants Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Built-in security-grade 3TB hard drive; expandable to up to 16TB without any hidden monthly cloud fees.



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