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If you want to enjoy all-around 360 degree security for your home or business, then don’t settle for any less then the best outdoor PTZ security camera! Using these cameras, you will be able to adjust the angle and zoom lens from anywhere, putting you in control of your security!

Best Outdoor PTZ Security Camera
9.7 1080p Weatherproof MPX PTZ Camera
Top PickA high resolution camera with a massive 25x optical zoom!
9.6 Reolink RLC-423 5MP High Speed Dome PoE Security IP Camera 4X Optical Zoom Waterproof Night Vison
Runner UpA powerful 5-megapixel Super HD camera
9.5 Reolink Argus PT & Solar Panel Home Surveillance IP Camera, Starlight Color Night Vision, PIR Motion Detection, Pan Tilt, 1080p Full HD
Top Wireless PickA 360-degree wireless camera
Premium Pick30x optical zoom with two way audio!
9.1 Foscam Outdoor PTZ (4x Optical Zoom) HD 1080P WiFi Security Camera - Pan Tilt Wireless IP Camera with Night Vision up to 196ft, IP66 Weatherproof Shell, WDR, Motion Alerts, and More (FI9928P),White
A Wi-Fi day and night vision long-range camera
8.9 HeimVision PTZ Security Camera Outdoor, 2x2MP Ultra HD Dual Lens, Pan/Tilt/12X Zoom, 360° View, Wi-Fi Camera with Floodlights, Color Night Vision, Weatherproof
Budget PickA 2×2 MP ultra dual lens camera
Top Pick
A high resolution camera with a massive 25x optical zoom!

With a powerful 25x optical zoom range, the Lorex 2K HD Analog Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera captures even the tiniest details.

Top Features
  • 25x optical zoom
  • Full 360° rotation
  • Configure scan cycles and patterns

The Lorex HD Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera is designed to allow cycles through several user-defined location presets to cater to your security needs. Through the cycles, you can integrate all the movement features, including pan, tilt, and zoom. 

Furthermore, the camera allows you to opt for a special setting, creating a simple pattern movement that automatically cycles the camera’s viewpoint between two presets. The settings can be put together based on the time of day you want the cycles to go into effect. 

Optical Zoom

With a zooming range of up to 25x, the camera covers every detail. The 2K HD resolution combined with the FPS recording rate delivers a crisp clear and smooth on-screen movement on the footage. 

Integrating an exclusive Color Night Vision mode, the camera allows you to see full color images in low light conditions. Furthermore, the Color Night Vision mode offers enhanced contrast for easier detection and recognition. The infrared LEDs illuminate the surroundings in regular night-time conditions for full color images. 

High Dynamic Range

Additionally, the high dynamic range of the camera enhances video clarity in high contrast lighting, allowing you to see articulate details even in bright and dark areas of the image. Whilst it is built with generous spaces, images stored don’t lose any quality thanks to the high-efficiency video coding. 

The high-efficiency video coding compresses video file sizes without affecting the quality. The camera’s aluminum alloy housing is IP67 weather and waterproof rated,surviving temperatures between -40 degrees and 158 degrees Fahrenheit.

What we liked
  • Color Night Vision mode for night-time viewing clarity to a distance of 150 feet in low light and 98 feet in total darkness
  • Powerful 25x optical zoom range to cover even the finest details
  • Aluminum alloy housing can withstand harsh weather conditions
What we didn't like
  • Doesn’t offer a two-way talk function
Runner Up
A powerful 5-megapixel Super HD camera

Using the Reolink PoE Outdoor PTZ Security Camera, you will enjoy a 360-degree view with 90-degree vertical tilts to ensure a full view.

Top Features
  • 360-degree endless pan
  • 90-degree vertical tilt
  • 4x optical zoom

The Reolink PoE Outdoor PTZ Security Camera is fitted with a motorized zooming lens that boasts an autofocus function to give you a generous view. The camera can be zoomed up to 4x and delivers a wide viewing angle between 31 and 87 degrees, allowing you to see more details that may be far away. 

You can even zoom out to get a wider and larger area view. The camera is also built with a 360-degree endless pan, allowing it to rotate at up to 360 degrees at high speed. The 90-degree vertical tilt complements the camera’s live video feed for seamless viewing and to prevent dead areas. 

Motion Detection

Its built-in motion detector on the other end notifies you instantaneously through alerts. You can choose to replay the motion clips in the micro SD cards or FTP servers to figure out what happened. Furthermore, you can customize the specific motion zones or detention sensitivity to monitor important areas. 


Notifications from the camera come in four ways—through emails sent 30 seconds within the motion detection, instant app notifications on the phone, the SD card that saves up to 64 GB of the motion events, and FTP servers.

To ensure long-lasting durability, the security system camera is housed in an aluminum alloy body with an IP66 waterproof rating, allowing it to survive the harshest weather conditions.

What we liked
  • IP66 waterproof and weatherproof rating to survive harsh conditions
  • Comes with a 64 GB SD card that can save up to 6.1 hours of motion clips and footage
  • Records continuously when connected to the Reolink NVR or a video surveillance system
  • Offers free firmware updates
What we didn't like
  • Some users had issues with the autofocus

Tech Specs

Image pixels:5.0 MP
Optical zoom: 4x
Day/night mode:Auto switchover
IR night vision distance:190 feet
Viewing angle:360 degrees horizontal/90 degrees vertical
Top Wireless Pick
A 360-degree wireless camera

The Reolink Wireless Argus Outdoor PT Security Camera is built with an ultra-wide viewing angle you can adjust thanks to the 355-degree and 140-degree tilt design. The camera’s 1080p full HD quality allows for live streaming and replaying with absolute clarity.

Top Features
  • 2.4GHz Wi-Fi
  • 90-degree vertical tilt
  • 4x optical zoom

Its Starlight night vision mode with a CMOS sensor allows for clear viewing, covering a distance of up to 33 feet. Plus, the camera is easy and convenient to mount, requiring only a few seconds to set it up. 

However, to make full use of the camera, you will need a Wi-Fi network—make sure it is 2.4GHz. The camera’s versatility allows you to set it up anywhere within wireless range, whether it’s indoors or outdoors. The security camera is also built with an IP64 waterproof rating to survive rainfall and sunshine.

Premium Pick
30x optical zoom with two way audio!

The Hikvision 5MP Outdoor PTZ Camera is built with a two-way talk function using an audio I/O for audio communication. The camera is also built with a high 2592×1944 resolution and a fast FPS rating of 30 to deliver crystal clear and smooth video footage. The powerful 30x zooming range on the other end allows you to capture even the tiniest details.

Top Features
  • Smart IR cut filter
  • Auto, semi-auto, and manual focus modes
  • 30x optical zoom

To allow the camera to function at night, it is fitted with IR LEDs for night vision. The built-in memory card slot accepts micro storage cards with a memory of up to 128 GB whilst the integrated PoE technology makes connectivity easy using a single cable for power and data transfer.

Built with a smart motion detection feature, the Amcrest PoE Outdoor PTZ Camera easily filters and detects human and vehicle motion events. Its IVS feature on the other end utilizes a tripwire and intrusion detector design to detect facial images and offer perimeter protection.

Top Features
  • Smart detection feature
  • IVS function
  • Intelligent alerts

When it picks up motion, the camera utilizes intelligent alerts sent as notifications to your PC or smartphone using the Amcrest View app. If you want, you can even record motion events on the camera as they happen and save them on an SD card, the Amcrest cloud, or your PC.

A Wi-Fi day and night vision long-range camera

Constructed with a powerful Ambarella chipset, the Foscam Wi-Fi Camera delivers a high quality HD 1080p video experience with a rate of up to 25 FPS. The camera also offers a 355-degree horizontal and 85-degree vertical rotation range for a larger vision range.

Top Features
  • HD 1080p
  • IP66 weatherproof housing
  • 4x optical zoom

Its optical zooming range of up to 4x allows you to capture more details whilst its intelligent WDR corrects dark details in heavy light for guaranteed image clarity in any lighting conditions. The distortion correction technology allows the camera to automatically fix common image distortion flaws.

Budget Pick
A 2×2 MP ultra dual lens camera

Integrating 2×2 MP UHD and color vision upgraded lenses, the HeimVision PTZ Security Camera delivers a twice clearer 1080 p live image. Its two bright built-in floodlights offer true color night vision, even in total darkness. In fact, the camera switches the mode automatically when it gets dark and offers a clear vision of up to 98 feet.

Top Features
  • 360-degree view
  • Color night vision mode
  • 2×2 MP UHD dual lens

Furthermore, the camera features a smart detection and tracking feature, allowing you to set up motion and sound detection, customizing sensitivity from low to high and detection zones to meet the desired scenes.

Features of Outdoor PTZ Cameras

Optical Zoom

All of the best outdoor PTZ security camera options are designed to allow optical zooming. Some offer a small range of just 4x whilst others offer a range of up to 30x. The optical zoom function features a physical camera lens movement, allowing you to view the image subject much closer with more detail. You can also zoom out for a larger viewing angle.

Vandal & Weatherproof

Remember, outdoor PTZ security cameras are used outside your home or business. Therefore, you want a camera that is built to withstand different weather changes. Go for a camera with a waterproof and weatherproof rating of at least IP64, allowing it to withstand heat and rain. Furthermore, a casing made from aluminum alloy is better as it can withstand corrosion.

360-Degree Control

You will find cameras that rotate or those that rotate and tilt, allowing you to adjust the view horizontally and vertically. Different outdoor PTZ camera models can tilt to different degrees based on your needs. For example, you can find a camera that rotates up to 180 degrees horizontally and tilts up to 90 degrees vertically.

Night Vision

A camera built with a night vision mode can extend its overage in low light conditions and total darkness. Such cameras may be designed with LEDs which help to illuminate the images at night and correct them to maintain the same image clarity and contrast you would enjoy during the day.


Typically, the best outdoor PTZ security camera features a resolution ranging from 2–10 megapixels (MP). The higher the pixel, the better the image clarity and contrast will be. You want to go for a camera that offers a resolution of at least 8 MP.

Wired vs Wireless

Some outdoor PTZ cameras are wired whilst others are wireless. It all depends on what works for you. Wireless cameras are typically battery-operated to make them easy to mount anywhere.

The Verdict

As the review above confirms, with the best outdoor PTZ security camera, you will enjoy full and all-around footage of your home or business at any time and anywhere. 

Plus, the best thing about these cameras is that they come in different designs based on our needs, whether that’s night vision, distance, or two-way audio.

Top Pick
A high resolution camera with a massive 25x optical zoom!

With a powerful 25x optical zoom range, the Lorex 2K HD Analog Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera captures even the tiniest details.

Top Features
  • 25x optical zoom
  • Full 360° rotation
  • Configure scan cycles and patterns



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