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Installation and maintenance of wired security cameras can be a costly business, requiring the services of a qualified electrician to provide power to hard to reach areas. Outdoor PoE cameras can save the day by allowing power and data to flow over a single network line to the camera. 

Best PoE Bullet Security Camera
Top Pick4K Resolution!
Runner UpMotion detection & night vision
Premium PickGreat low light capture
Best PoE Turret Security Camera
Top Pick5MP HD Video Quality
Best PoE PTZ Security Camera
Top Pick12x Optical Zoom

Power over Ethernet (PoE) makes it easier to transfer power and data to devices through a single network cable. The setup uses an injector device to deliver electricity over a network data cable to compatible devices, such as a PoE Camera.

Thanks to PoE cameras, it is now easier to install and maintain security surveillance devices in your home. Power over ethernet is perfect for situations where there is no power outlet close to the installation point.

PoE cameras can be configured with network video recorders (NVR), which provide fast and reliable video capturing capabilities. NVR offers IP-based connections as well as the ability to save large surveillance videos on external storage devices, such as USB flash drives and SD memory cards.

Types of Outdoor PoE Cameras

There are three types of PoE cameras to consider:

  • Bullet Cameras – These are easy to install bullet-shaped cameras which can be used to monitor a large area and are a great visual deterrent.
  • Dome Cameras – Because of their dome shape, these security cameras have a wide camera angle and are not quite as visible to people. It is not obvious to intruders which direction the camera within the dome is pointed.
  • PTZ Cameras (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) – As the name suggests, PTZ Cameras have pan and tilt movement options along with zoom functionality via remote control. These are usually very high-resolution cameras with great flexibility and scalability.

Best PoE Bullet Security Cameras

The Lorex PoE Bullet camera offers 4K resolution and night vision capability and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Top Features
  • Provides high-quality 4K video recording for clear identification.
  • Features night vision capability (up to 76m in ambient lighting) for improved recognition in low-light scenarios.
  • Comes with H.265 compression standard that helps save bandwidth and storage space.
  • Equipped with a 2.7-12mm motorized varifocal AI lens with a viewing angle of 102-39°(H).

This PoE camera from Lorex boasts an 8.51-megapixel image sensor capable of recording high-quality 4K footage. 4K video can deliver significant detail if you zoom in to look for a specific object or person in a scene. That means the camera can also capture a piece of useable evidence in case of any unfortunate incidents.

Zooming Capability

This IP security camera comes with a special zoom lens, namely a motorized varifocal lens, which allows you to customize the viewing area remotely. With the 4x optical zoom capability, you can zoom in on a small area for incredible detail or you can inspect a wider scene.

Night Vision

With the high-powered infrared LEDs built into this camera, you’ll be able to see deeper through the dark than ever before. These LEDs can capture the scenes in front of the camera that are invisible to the human eye, allowing the surveillance camera to see in total darkness.

The camera features Color Night Vision or CNV, so that it can capture the color of the object in the scene, despite the lack of light.

Moreover, the camera’s HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology produces great detail and its 3D-DNR (Digital Noise Reduction) technology reduces noise from the scenes captured in low light.

What I liked
  • Weather-sealed metal housing keeps the camera protected.
  • Can be easily mounted on a ceiling or a wall.
  • Includes one 30m CAT5e cable per camera.
  • Allows you to extend the camera's video and power cable up to 91 meters.
What I didn't like
  • Doesn’t feature person, vehicle, or pet detection
Runner Up
Motion detection & night vision

The Reolink 5MP PoE Camera comes with a 5MP lens with a pixel resolution of 2560×1920!

Top Features
  • 100 feet night vision capability.
  • Smooth audio recording.
  • Motion detection and instant alerts.

The Reolink 5MP PoE camera is one of the most reliable PoE cameras available. It comes with a 5MP lens with a resolution of 2560×1920, which is nearly 2.4 times the resolution of 1080p Full HD!


With 18 Infrared LEDs, there is a powerful night vision mode. With a wide viewing angle of 80 degrees, the Reolink 5MP PoE camera can capture crystal clear videos from up to 100 feet. 

You don’t need to view silent surveillance video feeds as the device comes with an audio recording feature. It can record sounds up to 15 feet. The weather-resistant structure of the Reolink 5MP PoE camera makes it more secure and effective than other PoE cameras on the market. The IP66 waterproof rating makes it very reliable in rainy and other bad weather conditions,too.

Remote Access

The 5MP PoE camera offers full remote access via the free Reolink digital platforms. The Reolink app can be used on Android as well as iOS, while the Reolink client software can be installed on your laptop or PC. As such, camera compatibility is quite versatile.

With its compatibility with Reolink NVR, you can record footage directly to a mounted SD card or other external storage device. There is also ONVIF and RTMP support to integrate with other NVR or VMS's.


The installation and configuration of the camera with the NVR is quite straightforward, with a detailed user manual.

With real-time motion detection alerts, you will receive instant email- and push notifications to your smartphone. This will enable you to sleep tight and have complete confidence in your security system. The setup also works with Google Assistant, so you can use voice control to interact with it.

Tech Specs

Effective Pixels: 2560×1920 (5.0 Megapixels)
The Angle of View: Horizontal: 80°, Vertical: 58°
Day/Night Mode: Auto Switchover
IR Distance:30 meters (100 feet)
Audio Interface:Built-in Microphone
Ingress Protection:IP66
PoE Support:PoE (802.3af)
Weight: 350g
What I liked
  • 5MP, 1080p full HD video recording.
  • Simple and quick installation.
  • 24/7 recording through compatibility with NVR.
  • IP66 waterproof camera.
  • Support for ONVIF and RTMP
What I didn't like
  • Viewing angle is not sufficient for large-scale surveillance.
  • Tricky to configure remote access with handheld devices.
Premium Pick
Great low light capture

The Hikvision Network Bullet Camera uses a 4-megapixel sensor, a 2.8mm Lens, and IR LEDs for surveillance during day- and nighttime.

Top Features
  • Features EXIR 2.0 technology to make things visible in low-light conditions.
  • Uses H.265+, H.265, H.264+, H.264, and MJPEG standards for video compression.
  • Three-axis angle allows camera rotation and adjustment.
  • Features a fixed 2.8mm lens with a 103-degree horizontal field of view.

Hikvision's Network Bullet camera is an ideal piece of equipment to keep an eye on an outdoor location. Using a 1/3″ CMOS sensor, the camera can record a 2688 x 1520 pixel resolution video at 30 frames per second.

Night Vision and FoV

The camera features IR LEDs with a night vision range of up to 100 feet, allowing it to capture the scenes in total darkness. Its 2.8mm fixed lens has a horizontal field of view (FoV) of 103 degrees.


hen it comes to storage capacity, SD cards (microSD/SDHC/SDXC) with up to 128GB of storage can be inserted into an onboard card slot, which is available separately.

Advanced Features

The camera also packs some advanced features like motion detection, line crossing and intrusion detection. It triggers alarms for IP conflict, video tampering, HDD error, false login attempts, and more. That means you can be in touch and aware of everything going on in your surveyed area.


Hikvision's Network Bullet camera is compatible with all the popular browsers and software such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Android, iOS, iVMS-4200, and Hik-Connect. Moreover, integrated PoE technology makes the network structure simpler by allowing power and data transfer via a single wire. The camera is IP67 rated and completely safe for outdoor use.

What I liked
  • Includes 3D-DNR for noise reduction in low light.
  • Triggers alarms for motion detection, video tampering, false login, and more.
  • Offers dust and water-resistant capabilities, making it safe for outdoor use.
  • Includes reset button.
What I didn't like
  • Doesn't offer zoom capability.

Best PoE Turret Security Cameras

With its Super HD quality video capturing capability, the Reolink 5MP Turret PoE Camera is one of the most trustworthy security cameras out there.

Top Features
  • 5MP HD video quality.
  • Night vision capability with coverage of 100 ft.
  • Reliable audio recording using the built-in mic.

The Reolink Turret PoE IP camera has a resolution of 2560×1920, which makes it a bit more than an HD camera. As its name suggests, the installation and setup of the camera is quite easy as it uses the Power over Ethernet (PoE) design.


Its night vision feature is backed by coverage of 100 feet long surveillance which helps capture motion from longer distances. There are 18 Infrared LEDs and advanced 3D-DNR technology which makes the turret PoE camera more reliable at night, so that you can have peace of mind around the clock.

As an extra layer of security, it records sounds through the built-in microphone. Compatibility with the Reolink NVR makes the security camera even more dependable as the real-time videos are saved continuously through its connection. A complete voice-enriched video helps a lot in defining what’s happening in the video feed. Moreover, you have full control over what you want the NVR to record: whether it’s the entire 24/7 video or just fragments of videos where any motion is detected.

Remote Access

The Reolink mobile app connects with the camera easily and provides live monitoring and instant alerts. Push notifications pop up whenever it detects any unusual activity or motion. The PC software enables various customization options ranging from specifying a Motion Zone to convenient playback and rewind options.

You can install it outdoors with confidence as the Reolink 5MP Turret PoE camera comes with an IP66 weatherproof rating. No matter if it's a rainy day, you can simply sit on the couch and enjoy your day without worrying about security.

Tech Specs

Effective Pixels: 2560×1920 (5.0 Megapixels)
The Angle of View:80˚ wide viewing angle
Day/Night Mode: Auto Switchover
IR Distance: 30 meters (100 feet)
Audio Interface: Built-in microphone
Ingress Protection:IP66
PoE Support: PoE (802.3af)
Weight: 385g
What I liked
  • Plug and play installation.
  • Instant motion detection alerts.
  • Recording flexibility of either motion detection or 24/7 video feed.
  • Weatherproof IP66 rated camera.
What I didn't like
  • Manual set up of angle and camera direction.
  • Limited viewing angle.

The Amcrest UHD Turret PoE Camera is one of the best PoE cameras on the market today.

Top Features
  • Ultra High-Definition (HD) picture quality.
  • Reliable and 164 feet long night vision feature.
  • IP67 Ingress protection.

The Amcrest Turret UltraHD outdoor security PoE camera provides a resolution of 3840×2160, which makes it an 8MP smart camera that stands out from the crowd. It can capture 4K videos of 4K, enabling you to look closely at what’s happening around. 

The viewing angle of 112 degrees makes it one of the widest cameras available on the market as it uses a 2.8mm super wide-angle lens. 

It’s an outdoor PoE camera, but it can also be used for indoor purposes. The built-in microphone capability enables it to record audio from its surroundings.

Night Vision

It comes with a smooth night vision feature with a Sony Starvis image sensor that enables it to capture surveillance videos no matter how dark it is. 

The night vision can work within a range of 164 feet (50 meters) which is quite sufficient for large-scale surveillance. The Power over Ethernet (PoE) installation process makes it one of the most convenient security cameras to install.


When it comes to its compatibility with NVRs, it can only be configured with the Amcrest NVR. However, it doesn’t compromise on functionality as the Amcrest NVR is backed by all the essential features of a smart PoE camera. The data storage options it provides are FTP, MicroSD card, and NVR. It offers cloud storage with secure data transmission using SSL connections.

The advanced zone protection can be optimized to a specific region of the viewing scene, such as doors or windows, for better monitoring. The Amcrest software works equally well with mobile phones as well as PCs.

You can have push notifications and instant alerts sent to your smartphone if the smart camera detects anything. Moreover, Intelligent Timeline Playback offers more control over the management of surveillance videos.

Tech Specs

Effective Pixels: 3840×2160 (8.0 Megapixels)
The Angle of View: 112° viewing angle
Day/Night Mode: Auto Switchover
IR Distance: 50 meters (164 feet)
Audio Interface: 1-way audio with a built-in microphone
Ingress Protection: IP67
PoE Support: PoE (802.3af)
Weight: 748g
What I liked
  • Secure cloud video backup.
  • Built-in microphone for smart audio recording.
  • Super wide-angle lens of 2.8 mm.
  • Instant motion detection alerts.
What I didn't like
  • No optical zoom capability.

This feature-rich PoE camera from Hikvision is equipped with advanced sensors and has the ability to capture incredible detail in low-light conditions.

Top Features
  • Features a 4-megapixel 1/1.8″ Progressive Scan CMOS imaging sensor.
  • Captures 2688×1520 resolution video at 30 frames per second.
  • Comes with H.265+ encoding standard for high-quality compression that helps save transmission bandwidth and storage space.
  • A 2.8mm fixed lens delivers a field of view of 125 degrees.

Featuring a 4-megapixel image sensor coupled with a 2.8mm fixed lens, this high-end PoE camera from Hikvision produces clear and high-quality results. Its auto-spotlight illuminates up to 98 feet and delivers outstanding results even in extremely dark environments.


This camera makes use of advanced compression methods that not only save space, but also ensure fast data transmission. These include H.265+, H.265, H.264+, H.264, and MJPEG compression standards. Plus, the camera also supports a MicroSD slot with up to 128GB of external storage.

Advanced Algorithms

Numerous advanced technologies have been added to this camera for intelligent functionality and detail-enhancement. For instance, the system uses Intelligent Video Surveillance (IVS) Technology for smart detection. It also uses Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology to ensure great detail in high contrast and brightness environments.

Similarly, the 3D DNR(3D Digital Noise Reduction) technology has been employed in order to minimize digital noise in low-light scenes.

Furthermore, the camera triggers alerts if it detects video tampering, network disconnection, HDD error, false login, and more. It also complies with the IP67 standard, meaning it’s dust- and water-resistant.

What I liked
  • Equipped with advanced sensors and features.
  • Wider field of view.
  • Highly efficient encoding standard.
  • Delivers noise-free footage in low light.
  • Protection against dust and water.
What I didn't like
  • Lacks zooming capability.
  • A little expensive.

Best Outdoor PoE PTZ Security Cameras

This PoE camera from Lorex can capture 2K HD videos and features color night vision and 12x optical zoom capabilities.

Top Features
  • Equipped with an 4-megapixel sensor that delivers 2K HD footage with astonishing detail.
  • A powerful 12× optical zoom provides maximum reach to the target area.
  • Features IR night vision with a range of up to 330 feet in low light and 30 meters in complete darkness.
  • 360-degree continuous pan rotation with maximum pan preset speed of 400 degrees per second.

This Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) camera packs a powerful sensor that can record real-time 2K HD footage. With a high frame rate, the camera can precisely capture critical moments for evidence.

Remote Access

You can view live footage through NVR's mobile app and control this camera using your phone or tablet. Simply put, attach the camera to a Lorex NVR and enable remote access to monitor the live feed.

Color Night Vision

With this incredible technology, you can see the color of the objects, cars and clothes in particular, in low-light conditions. This also enhances the detail in the images, and as a result, the camera recognizes the objects accurately.

Video Compression and HDR

This Lorex camera utilizes the High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) technique for video compression. It saves a lot of storage space on your hard drive and doesn’t compromise the quality of the footage.

HDR, on the other hand, helps to extract useful detail from the areas of the image that become extremely bright or dark during capture.

What I liked
  • Produces clear and detailed footage.
  • Offers color night vision capability.
  • Extended night vision range.
  • Comes in a full metal housing.
  • Includes premium features for security and surveillance.
What I didn't like
  • Not ONVIF Compatible

The Reolink PTZ Outdoor PoE Camera provides fantastic video quality and pixel resolution as it delivers 2560×1920 Super HD 5MP.

Top Features
  • 360˚ endless Pan, 90˚ Tilt & 4x Optical Zoom.
  • Night vision of 190 feet.
  • IP66 Ingress protection rating.

With its PoE compatible design, it is a straightforward process to install and maintain this security camera.

It supports detailed night vision footage with capacity of up to 190 feet. There are 6 powerful Infrared LEDs and a viewing angle of 360 degrees, enabling the smart camera to monitor everything in range.


The 4x optical zoom is one of the most notable features of the Reolink PTZ Camera as conventional security cameras cannot provide that much flexibility. Since it’s an IP66 weatherproof-rated camera, you can use it outdoors without any worries.

Additionally, it has been designed to patrol in a clockwise direction with various patrol and cruise customization options. You can now remotely manage and monitor every aspect of the PoE camera with the Reolink software as well as the smartphone apps for Android and iOS. 


When it detects motion, it rapidly pops up notifications and alerts on your connected smartphone or laptop. MicroSD cards can also be used to store motion events. When it comes to NVRs, it works perfectly with the Reolink NVR and captures videos 24/7.

There is no built-in microphone to record audio which is the only downside to this option. However, you can buy an additional audio recording device to use with the camera. In general, the Reolink PTZ PoE camera is one of the most reliable, secure, and best PoE security camera systems on the market.

Tech Specs

Effective Pixels: 2560×1920 (5.0 Megapixels)
The Angle of View:360˚ wide viewing angle
Day/Night Mode: Auto Switchover
IR Distance: 58 meters (190 feet)
Audio Interface: External sound pickup
Ingress Protection: IP66
PoE Support:PoE (802.3af)
Weight: 1700g
What I liked
  • Smart motion alerts on handheld devices.
  • Easy plug and play installation.
  • Preset and cruise control.
  • Works with Reolink PoE NVR.
What I didn't like
  • Lack of a built-in microphone.
  • Limited to Reolink NVRs only.

This Amcrest PTZ PoE Camera provides a smooth HD picture quality of 2MP with a resolution of 1920×1080.

Top Features
  • Optical 12x motorized zoom.
  • Flawless night vision capability with 100 meters vision range.
  • Weatherproof IP66 rating.

While the resolution on the Amcrest PTZ PoE Outdoor Camera is less than other security cameras, there is a 12x Optical Zoom capability which can be used to identify objects flawlessly, even from long distances. There is also a 4 megapixel model available. 

Viewing Angle

The camera can be remotely rotated so that a complete viewing angle of 360 degrees can be achieved. 

The night vision works pretty well with 4 powerful Infrared LEDs and the capacity to capture videos from 328 feet (100 meters). That’s why it is considered to be one of the longest range outdoor PoE cameras.

Data Storage

Footage can be stored on FTP, Amcrest NVR or uploaded to the cloud. Cloud storage data transmission is secure with SSL connection from the camera to the cloud server.

The Amcrest camera monitoring software and mobile app offers the ultimate convenience to its users, no matter how far they are from the surveillance system. 


You can get instant motion alerts if anything happens around your home or business. Not only do you receive email notifications, you can also get push notifications sent directly to your smartphone.

The Advanced Zone Detection offers more control over which part of the viewing scene you are most interested in. You can focus the motion detection feature where you need it most with this setting. Intelligent Timeline Playback also provides flexibility to scan surveillance videos.

Tech Specs

Effective Pixels: 1920×1080 (2.0 Megapixels)
The Angle of View: 360˚ wide viewing angle
Day/Night Mode: Auto Switchover
IR Distance: 100 meters (328 feet)
Audio Interface: N/A
Ingress Protection:IP66
PoE Support: PoE (802.3af)
Weight: 5400g
What I liked
  • 1080p HD video quality.
  • Viewing angle of 360 degrees.
  • NVR, FTP and Cloud data storage.
  • Smart motion alerts.
What I didn't like
  • No audio recording capability.

Should I Buy an Outdoor PoE Camera?

Reliability and Peace of Mind

There are a number of wireless security cameras available today. While easy to install, these devices lack the reliability of wired cameras as they may run out of battery or encounter weak data signals, resulting in broken security footage.

Security-critical areas cannot rely on these cameras as every second of surveillance is important.

Reliable security cameras usually come in the shape of cabled PoE cameras as their speed and efficiency are not compromised. Therefore, choosing a PoE security camera system is always an effective and reliable option to consider.

Simpler Installation and Maintenance

Conventional cabled cameras can be expensive to install and service as they require the services of a professional electrician. PoE cameras are the simplest solution for cabled cameras as they deliver power over an ethernet cable.

Great flexibility

Not having to service your outdoor PoE cameras with power directly means you have much greater flexibility when deciding where to position them. 

PoE cameras can provide different viewing angles without needing to physically manipulate their position. Pan, Tilt, and Zoom cameras are the best types of cameras available if looking for flexibility.


When it comes to scalability, outdoor PoE cameras win the battle over traditional non-PoE security camera systems. With a single monitoring platform, many PoE cameras can be utilized to form a complete picture of an entire area.

These cameras can provide surveillance indoors, as well as outdoors. In some situations, a single PoE camera can also be effective with Pan, Tilt, and Zoom features to cover large areas.

PoE Camera Features to Consider

Audio Recording

Audio recording is one of the main features of PoE cameras to consider if your requirements include the ability to hear the sounds of the area you are securing. 

Many PoE cameras offer a built-in microphone, while some offer compatibility with external audio recording devices.

Weatherproof & Vandal-proof

Weatherproofing is an important aspect to consider, since PoE cameras are typically installed outdoors, where the impact of weather can affect their performance greatly.

Extremely low to extremely high temperatures, as well as rain or snow affect the performance of security cameras. As a result, many PoE cameras come with a weatherproof rating of IP66 or IP67 to handle all weather-related problems.

Resolution / High Definition

Resolution plays a vital role in defining what’s actually happening in your surveillance videos. PoE cameras offer a wide range of resolution and picture quality options, ranging from HD to 4K.

In addition, some cameras offer optical zoom functionality, allowing you to focus on a particular area to investigate.

Typically, the higher the resolution you require, the more expensive the camera will be.

Viewing Angle

Almost all PoE cameras have a wide viewing angle while some have the ability to remotely adjust it. 

From 80 degrees to full 360 degrees, there are different variations and options to choose from. Before purchasing, you should carry out a survey of the area requiring surveillance to decide what is the viewing angle that you require.

Night Vision & Motion Alerts

Night Vision is one of the most important features of a PoE camera. Most of these cameras work equally well in daylight and at night, thanks to their built-in Infrared LEDs and long range technologies.

Instant notifications and motion alerts help when these smart PoE cameras identify any unusual motion. Even your smartphone can receive these alerts and you can carry out precautionary measures after viewing the feeds.

Remote Access

Remote access to your security cameras is critical, as a large percentage of intrusions take place when people are away from their property.

With just a simple configuration, you can view and have full control over your PoE camera. 

Moreover, in some instances you can pan, tilt and zoom the camera to both record footage of a break-in or to act as a deterrent. Most PoE cameras offer remote access through mobile apps, desktop software and web browsers.

Common Questions About PoE Cameras

What type of cable do I need?

Cat5 and Cat5e ethernet cables are typically used for these setups, due to their speed and reliability. Cat6 can also be used if you require future-proofing.

Cat5 cables are more than enough for simple requirements, while Cat6 can be used for large-scale surveillance areas where you need more speed and stability.

What is the difference between a PoE and non-PoE camera?

A PoE camera is powered by Power over Ethernet (PoE) in which power is transferred through a single network cable. A PoE injector or PoE switch is required to electrify the line.

A non-PoE camera on the other hand requires a direct power connection, typically serviced by a local power outlet.

How do I install a PoE camera?

Installation of PoE cameras is simplified as you only need to service the device with a network cable. You just connect the ethernet cable to the PoE camera and place it in an appropriate area based on your surveillance needs. A PoE injector or PoE switch is required to electrify the line. Finally, the setup is connected to a router for connectivity.

Do I need an NVR?

NVR is needed to record 24/7 surveillance videos. Most PoE cameras offer compatibility with different NVRs.

Data can be stored on external drives such as MicroSD cards, USB flash drives, and even hard drives. You should use the NVR if you want fast and reliable recorded surveillance videos with playback controls.

The Best Outdoor PoE Camera Verdict

PoE cameras play a vital role in the security and surveillance of small to large-scale areas. From Reolink’s reliability to Lorex's sturdy and sleek security structure, you now have all you need to make your purchase choice with confidence. 

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions on our PoE camera guide!

The Lorex PoE Bullet camera offers 4K resolution and night vision capability and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Top Features
  • Provides high-quality 4K video recording for clear identification.
  • Features night vision capability (up to 76m in ambient lighting) for improved recognition in low-light scenarios.
  • Comes with H.265 compression standard that helps save bandwidth and storage space.
  • Equipped with a 2.7-12mm motorized varifocal AI lens with a viewing angle of 102-39°(H).



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  • John R Pierce
    Posted April 26, 2021 at 8:17 am

    The ReoLink cameras work with any NVR software that supports RTMP, I’m using them with BlueIris, and I had previously had it working with ZoneMinder…. so I don’t know why you gave it a ‘Con’ of “Only works with Reolink NVRs.” …. and, BlueIris works just fine with mobile devices as clients, it offers a mobile friendly web UI for viewing live video and clips.

    • Daniel Henderson
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      Thanks John,

      Appreciate the correction. I’ve updated the article to reflect ONVIF and RTMP support for the Reolink cam.

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