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Currently, most keyless door lock systems rely on Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Z-Wave, or Bluetooth technologies for their operation. However, we're excited about the potential investigation into the emerging trend of smart door locks that use RFID and NFC technologies in the coming future.

Best RFID Smart Locks
Top pickA double-locking RFID door lock
Runner upA push-pull biometric touch screen digital door lock
9.2 TownSteel, Inc.
Best valueA highly effective keyless RFID door lock
9.2 Nyboer
An innovative 5-way lock smart door handle
9.1 MamBate
A 620lb electric magnetic lock
Best Contactless Smart Lock (Not RFID or NFC)
9.4 August Home
Z-Wave, Alexa & Homekit compatible door lock

Best NFC Smart Locks

Currently, it is very difficult to find NFC smart locks sold by any major retailers in the US. Whilst manufacturers such as Yale and Neatmo tried to introduce these locks to the market, they have still not been able to roll them out for various reasons.

The NFC Rings brand in the UK does have a model which sells out pretty quickly. In the EU, you might also find a few on ShopNFC based in Italy. Another place you can find smart NFC locks is Alibaba, however, we’re not 100% on how secure they are—Caveat emptor!

Best RFID Smart Locks

Samsung is the most reputable supplier of RFID locks although there are a number of smaller manufacturers also competing in this space.

Unlike NFC door locks, RFID door locks use electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects. RFID locks feature a tiny radio transponder, radio receiver, and transmitter.

Top pick
A double-locking RFID door lock

Integrating a random security code design, the Samsung RFID Digital Door Lock allows you to enter your pin whilst displaying 2 random numbers to prevent onlookers from guessing your actual security code.

Top Features
  • Random security code
  • Double authentication
  • Double locking

The Samsung DFID Digital Door Lock comes with great versatility, allowing you to make your pick from over 71 user codes and RFID tags. The door lock is even designed to be compatible with different NFC items. Furthermore, the door lock is designed with different modes to cater to different circumstances.

The Away Mode on the other end helps to maintain security even when you leave your home for long periods. The Silent Mode on the other end helps to prevent noisy notifications and warnings to keep the home tranquil, especially when you have young children.

In the exterior, the door lock features a sleek modern design to complement any home, apartment, or office. Its bump and pick-proof construction further enhance its durability and security properties. At the front, the door lock features a digital touch screen numeric keypad to make it easy and quick to punch in your codes or RFID tags.

The built-in magnetic sensor on the other end automatically locks the door 3 seconds after you close it. The door lock is designed to fit doors with a thickness between 35–5mm.

What I liked
  • Reliable low battery warning after every door unlocking
  • The magnetic sensor allows the door to automatically lock after 3 seconds of being closed
  • It operates using a 9 V battery as emergency power, allowing you to lock from the outside panel
  • A built-in anti-theft alarm you can set up when you are not at home
  • Built-in intruder alarm goes off when the door is opened but still locked
What I didn't like
  • It doesn’t have an emergency key in case of malfunctioning

Tech Specs

Lock materialsPolycarbonate, zinc, and aluminum
Lock size2.7”x7.1”x1.4”(ext)/2.7”x7.1”x1.5” (int)
Battery life12 months at 10 uses per day
Battery type4 AA alkaline batteries
Door thickness35–55mm
Codes/RFID tags71
Runner up
A push-pull biometric touch screen digital door lock

The Samsung RFID Biometric Touchscreen Digital Door Lock features a premium construction with a fingerprint recognition system for increased convenience of door access. Thanks to the fingerprint recognition system, you don’t have to worry about remembering your password or carrying keys. However, the door lock system also allows you to use passwords or RFID if you want to.

Top Features
  • Intuitive LED icon and text UI
  • Biometric fingerprint system
  • Battery dead alarm

The door lock system features an interactive and user-friendly intuitive interface that even shares the current status of your door access when you are in and out of the house. For added convenience and security, the door lock system allows you to set up different functions including the Away Mode for long-term absence from your property and silent mode.

Additionally, the prying warning helps to protect you against intruders if you enter wrong codes or settings more than 5 times. The emergency power supply on the other end allows you to continue using the lock system for emergencies.

Best value
A highly effective keyless RFID door lock

If you want to enjoy keyless freedom, the Prodigy SmartLock with RFID Keyless Entry is what you need. Thanks to this design, the door lock system allows you to lock and unlock an interconnected dead latch and a deadbolt by simply lifting the lever from the other side or inside. Furthermore, the door key is built with a highly responsive 12-key illuminated keypad.

Top Features
  • Anti-pry PIN code
  • High-security fingerprint-resistant keypad
  • Mechanical key override

The keypad is programmed with a choice of up to 400 user codes with interchangeable RFID keycards and stickers, ensuring no one can second guess your security. The door key system also features an anti-cryptic safety feature to ensure onlookers don’t identify your security combination. A manual key override is also included for easy entry back up.

An innovative 5-way lock smart door handle

The Nyboer Keyless Entry Door Lock Smart Biometric Door Handle is designed with a 5-way lock design. You can opt for the fingerprinting, Bluetooth app, touchscreen keypad code, RFID card, or mechanical key. To ensure optimal security, the keyless door handle takes less than 0.3 seconds for fingerprint identification.

Top Features
  • 5-in-1 flexibility unlock
  • Anti-peep touch screen
  • Backlight keyboard

Furthermore, the door handle comes with a choice of over 150 user keypad digital codes. Additionally, you can program it to work with up to 200 different RFID cards and 200 fingerprints. Integrating a smart design, the smart door handle allows for remote control using its gateway and can be voice-controlled using Alexa.

If you want to enjoy superior home security, the Agptek RFID Access Control System is what you need to invest in. The control system features a state-of-the-art CPU and integrated circuit technique that protects data saved in case of power outages. It allows you to open and lock your door using proximity cards, passwords, or hybrid use.

Top Features
  • CPU and integrated circuit
  • Anti-interference technology
  • Electric magnetic lock design

The system is even designed with optimal versatility, allowing you to open your doors, ring the doorbell, and lock doors by connecting the control to different terminals. To make the control system convenient to use, it features an extremely easy-to-install design.

Best Contactless Smart Lock

If you are happy to settle for contactless without NFC or RFID, then we recommend the August Smart Lock.

Z-Wave, Alexa & Homekit compatible door lock

Using the August Smart Keyless Door Lock Pro, you can monitor and control your door from anywhere you are, whether you want to unlock it, lock it, or monitor who goes in and out of your property. Furthermore, with the smart connection, you can track the battery level on the door lock and place smart orders to replenish your batteries before they die off.

Top Features
  • 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Smart DoorSense technology
  • Smartphone fingerprint biometric verification option

Designed with a 600 lb force, the door lock also integrates a patented DoorSense technology so you can easily tell whether or not your door is securely closed and locked. Its sensor also allows you to ensure the door locks automatically behind you and unlock as you approach.

Benefits of NFC & RFID Door Locks

Access Control & Monitoring

The advantage of NFC and RFID locks is they allow for easy access and control. Typically, these locks thrive in short-range operation much like Bluetooth technology. You can decide who comes in and who doesn’t.

Additionally, these locks can be wirelessly connected for real-time tracking and communication. Furthermore, the NFC locks and RFID chip locks require a very little source of power which allows them to operate for months without having to replace batteries.

Ease of Use

Furthermore, NFC and RFID locks are extremely easy to use. For one, they offer an easy authentication process which, in turn, improves their efficiency.

Typically, on average, the locks take between 0.5 and 2 seconds for authentication. Plus, using some of the best RFID and NFC door locks, you don’t have to worry about remembering codes or using keys.


You can also find wireless options without having to connect wires around your property. Through this connection, you can then control the door lock using access cards or smartphones via the NFC chip. Some wireless door locks are even compatible with smart home systems.

Home or Business Use

NFC and RFID door locks are also designed to be used in both homes or offices. These locks are available in a cross section of designs to suit homes, apartments, hotels, and airbnbs, just to mention a few.

For example, the Nyboer Keyless Door Handle can be programmed to be used with over 200 different RFID cards or 200 fingerprints, making it perfect for office settings.

Questions on NFC and RFID Locks

What is the difference between NFC and RFID?

The main difference between NFC and RFID technology is that NFC is a subgroup of RFID technology. Generally, RFID is identified using radio waves with three main tools—a tag, reader, and antenna. RFID devices come in a passive or active form and are available in low, high, and ultra high frequency.
NFC on the other end is referred to as a high frequency RFID and offers a more secure data exchange. Unlike RFID devices, NFC devices participate in peer-to-peer communication and can act as both readers and tags. Typically, NFC devices have a range of no more than 1.5 inches whilst RFID devices can cover up to 82 feet.

What is NFC?

NFC, also known as near field communication, is a set of communication protocols that connects two electronic devices typically within a distance of 1.5 inches. NFC can also be used to connect with wireless devices.

In door locks, the principal working mechanism for NFC is that it communicates with smart door locks to open and close them using different methods, including waving the phone. Keep in mind, however, Apple devices do not allow third party access to the NFC chip in phones.

What is RFID?

RFID is a radio frequency that uses electromagnetic fields to identify tags attached to devices such as door locks. The RFID technology uses a tiny radio transponder, receiver, and transmitter to send and receive command signals.

In practice, RFID technology works by using electromagnetic fields with a reader that automatically identifies digital data encoded within the RFID tags. The tag is typically represented by a card or similar tool.

How does an RFID lock work?

RFID locks feature a simple operational design. They primarily use cards as tags that help to send signals at a particular frequency to the tag/card reader. A chip embedded underneath the lock allows the transmission to happen. The card reader on the door dissects the signal and prompts the lock to open.

Once opened, the door can be released and as soon as it is shut, the lock will automatically latch. For the system to work, the card has to be in close proximity to the card reader on the door lock.

The NFC / RFID Door Lock Verdict

With the best RFID and NFC contactless door locks, home and office security will never be the same. You’ll no longer have to agonize about whether or not your home is safe. Additionally, the door lock systems offer access and control to your home or office doors beyond locking and unlocking.

Top pick
A double-locking RFID door lock

Integrating a random security code design, the Samsung RFID Digital Door Lock allows you to enter your pin whilst displaying 2 random numbers to prevent onlookers from guessing your actual security code.

Top Features
  • Random security code
  • Double authentication
  • Double locking


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