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Incorporating video management software into a security system is vital. The questionable use of antiquated technology is emphasized by the considerable expenses relating to the equipment and installation. Advanced software skillfully merges multiple audio and visual data, thereby augmenting the security system with refined capabilities. Key features of the software include the identification of persons or objects through artificial intelligence, offering cloud-based storage for guaranteed data protection, and enabling continual functionalities.

In this article, we have gathered a list of the best security camera software on the current market, which will provide you with the highest performance, most functionality, and ease to use.

How do I know if my camera will work with the software?

Before you invest in a new security camera software, you need to figure out if your camera is compatible with the software. One way to find out is to check the compatibility list on the official website of the software. For example, if you are purchasing an ONVIF product, make sure your device is ONVIF compatible.

What is ONVIF?

ONVIF stands for the Open Network Video Interface Forum. The goal of ONVIF is to create a good standard for video surveillance and UP-based security products. ONVIF network video products are always compatible with each other, which makes it easy to pair the software with the appropriate devices. 


ONVIF works with IP-based physical security products. The organization allows different manufacturers’ products to connect seamlessly. At the moment, the organization has over 100 members and 14,000 conformant products. The mission of the company is to create a standardized set of software programs and devices that can all work together.

Profile S

Security camera software usually falls under Profile S, which concerns itself with IP-based video systems. Profile S is usually used for basic streaming videos. All software on our list is compatible. You can integrate any software mentioned with your ONVIF device seamlessly. 

Best Security Cam Software

1. Blue Iris

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With Blue Iris, you can use as many as 64 cameras and create screenshots through the program. Not only does Blue Iris allow you to record movements in a given space, but it can also remotely manage your cameras and create alerts based on an action list you have created. 

Additional Features

Other features include managing multiple installations, listening and talking through your video and webcam software, easily navigating cameras, using motion or audio sensing to begin recordings (video, audio, or both), receiving alerts, and many more. 

System Requirements

There are a few requirements needed to implement our video security and webcam software to ensure your safety. These requirements include a Pentium dual-core 2GHz processor, 2GB or more system RAM, Microsoft Windows 7 (or newer), and 1+ Network IP camera (or an analog capture card with DirectShow drivers). 


Blue Iris offers different plans for our customers. You can opt for a basic 1-year plan, which is priced at $34.95. In doing so, Blue Iris can support the current version updates and offer email support. The extended plan, which is priced at $29.95 yearly, offers current updates, major version upgrade protection, and prioritized email support. Its priority plan, which is priced at $59.95, gives you the highest priority email support as well as phone and remote desktop support.

2. iSpy

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iSpy is an open-source camera security software that you can access remotely from your phone, laptop, or tablet. The software supports a large number of video and audio devices. You can implement it on ONVIF devices, IP cameras, USB cameras, and many more. 


iSpy is specifically designed to reduce false alarms in motion detection and use AI to improve object identification. You can experience basic motion detection as well as other modes of work. The software is integrated with apps, such as  IFTTT, and voice-based virtual assistants such as Amazon Alexa. Use voice commands to control the program when needed. 


When there is a disturbance, you can choose to receive an alert via your phone. The program can send you a message, email, or push notification, among other options. The best part is, you can gain access to your records from anywhere on any device. 

Additional Features

iSpy software is most commonly used for home security systems, theft prevention, and wildlife watching. If you choose to use the program for home security, you can receive alerts when there is a disturbance. The cameras will record any motion detected when you arm the security system. Then, you can disarm it when you return home.

When used in a commercial space, the software can come in handy if your camera is ever stolen. It will back up all the recordings on the cloud, so you will still have evidence of the theft. 

Pricing and Installation

You can visit the iSpy official website and download the solution to your device. The solution can be downloaded on Mac or Windows desktop computers. Most of the advanced features of the software come at a price. Choose a plan and pay a subscription fee.

3. ivideon

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Ivideon is a cloud video surveillance system for commercial and personal purposes. The program boasts useful features such as face recognition, queue detector, and access control. 

Main Features

One of the main benefits of ivideon is that you can access your security camera footage from anywhere in the world using a mobile app. The program offers reliable TLS data encryption, so you do not have to worry about the safety of your data.

As a customer of the brand, you have access to customer support 24/7. Get notified whenever there is motion or sound detected. You will get used to ivideon very quickly as it boasts a user-friendly interface.


Ivideon works with global organizations such as Henkel, Power Design, and Dodo Pizza. The service also works with the vast majority of cameras (98%, to be specific), so it will most likely work with your security cameras as well. 

Facial Recognition

Ivideon can inform you of who your visitors are. It uses the facial recognition feature to create a list of people that often visit your property. The program can analyze and recognize an individual’s face that has visited your home in the past. This feature can be useful in many settings, including offices, construction sites, and banks. Facial recognition can help you identify your visitors and keep track of everyone who visits.


Ivideon is great for checking security camera footage as well as for analytics. With ivideon, you can create statistics regarding the number of visitors at your place of business at every hour of the day, when the biggest queues form, and so on.

4. Netcam Studio

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Netcam Studio offers simple one-click installation and a nice protection plan for your home or place of business. 

Receive email or push notifications alerting you about unusual activity. If there is a sound or movement, you will be the first one to know. All you need to do to check the footage is have a stable internet connection.

Additional Features

Much like other security camera systems on this list, Netcam Studio works with ONVIF cameras. You can connect up to 64 cameras at once. Connect your Nectar Studio account with other commonly used apps, such as  Slack, Dropbox, and Google Drive. Create an integrated network that will allow the most effective communication.

5. Anycam Studio

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AnyCam Studio is IP camera software that you can connect to any IP camera of your choosing. Download the AnyCam desktop application to stay on top of your security needs. The program is relatively easy to set up. 

All you have to do is connect your camera to the program and it is ready for use! AnyCam Studio is one of the few security programs that offer a free version. If you opt for the free version, you will still have access to all its features. 

User Interface

AnyCam is very easy to use. You can use the desktop app to monitor the camera’s view at any moment. Keep track of several cameras at the same time. Enjoy different viewing modes, such as a single camera and video wall. If it is not enough for you to view the live security camera footage, you can record it for later use. 

Recording Modes

Use one of the three recording modes: continuous, scheduled, or motion recording. Each recording is linked to the date it was recorded on, thus you can access it through the calendar in the app. Play your recorded videos directly in the app or use third-party video players.


The installation process is simple. To add your camera to the AnyCam app, just type in the camera’s IP address. The program will fill in everything else. Use the app to view the angle from one camera or multiple cameras at the same time. The application is meant for Windows 7 and any later version.

6. Avigilon Control Center (ACC)

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Avigilon Control Center advertises itself primarily for commercial spaces, however, it can be used for home security as well. ACC is a video management software. The latest version of the software currently allows its users to buy their own ACC upgrade licenses right through the app. 

The software will integrate with your other video security devices and provide the best results. One important thing to note is that the program is still user-friendly and easy to use.


Avigilon works in three simple steps: detect, verify, and act. The cameras spend most of their time looking for unusual activity. The goal here is to alert you as soon as possible in the event of a house intrusion. 

When suspicious activity is detected, a human operator verifies it to make sure it is not a false alarm and a waste of your time. Finally, once you have received an alert, you can choose to act on it!

Additional Features

The software boasts useful features and capabilities, such as AI & video analysis, video security, access control, and Avigilon cloud services. The latter allows you to access footage from anywhere, anytime.

7. Zoneminder

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ZoneMinder is a scalable video security system. You can create your system with as many cameras and devices as you want and ZoneMinder will take care of the rest. 

The software system can be used at home as well as in your place of business. It is perfectly scalable, so you can create a big or small security system. One of the most common uses for ZoneMinder is theft prevention. 

Integration and Pricing

The program is among the few programs that are both free and open source. ZoneMinder leaves you completely in control of your data and footage. It works with many different security cameras; you can find out exactly which ones if you reach out to the company or visit their website. The software is also incredibly easy to install, which only makes the experience of using it better.


If you want to enjoy remote access and total control over your security cameras, download the desktop and mobile app zmNinja. This will allow you to monitor your property from anywhere and keep an eye out for intruders. The app is available on Android and iOS devices. All you need to do is connect your device to the internet.

8. Luxriot

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Finally in our best security camera software list is Luxriot. Luxriot Evo offers different editions of their product that you can choose from. The IP camera software Luxriot Evo, for example, has all the basic features of a video surveillance system. 

Luxriot Evo 5 promises to work with the vast majority of security cameras available out there. Luxriot Evo Global enables multiple server administration, making it easier than ever.


Luxriot Evo utilizes machine learning during automatic video streams. The software uses tools that include face recognition, video content analysis, and vehicle license plate recognition. The latter was redesigned not so long ago, in 2017. Now, it is completely integrated into the system and recognizes license plates from different countries all over the world. 


With the newest update, you can stream the footage from your security cameras on YouTube Live. If you are a Mac user, you will enjoy the MacOS Luxriot Evo application. View any recorded footage or live streams through the desktop application. 

Customer Support

One of the main selling points of Luxriot Evo is the round-the-clock customer support. If you have a problem with video surveillance in the middle of the night, you will be paired up with a customer support representative that will help you resolve it. 

The official website of the company also has an extensive FAQ section that should be able to answer most of your questions. If you cannot find an answer to your question, you are certainly welcome to reach out to customer support via email.

The Best Security Camera Software Verdict

If your existing security camera software does not satisfy your security needs, perhaps it is time to look for something more feature-packed and comprehensive. Check out the programs mentioned in this article. Figure out what you are missing and which features are most important to you. You cannot go wrong with any one of these!



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