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Understanding the importance of home security systems is critical in this era of significant technological advancements. Contemporary systems like smart locks and surveillance cameras offer a formidable combination of security functions and user-friendliness. These advanced devices eradicate the requirement for a traditional key and supply round-the-clock video surveillance for every entrance in your home.

Equipped with advanced features like remote access, motion detection, and two-way audio, these smart locks are transforming home security, ensuring peace of mind with the touch of a button. 

These devices combine the complexity and hassle of managing a doorbell camera and smart lock into a single device, minimizing maintenance and reducing unnecessary apps. 

However, there aren't that many available for sale, so in this blog post, I talk about the possible options and approaches you can take, starting with a couple of my top picks.

9.0 eufy Security Video Smart Lock S330
Top PickCamera-Doorbell-Lock combination with a fingerprint scanner
8.5 Lockly Vision
Runner-UpFingerprint recognition plus local and cloud storage options

What is a Smart Lock with an Integrated Camera?

A smart lock with a built-in camera is a device that combines the security features of a traditional lock with the added benefit of video surveillance. 

It allows homeowners to remotely monitor and control access to their property using a smartphone app and also provides visual verification of who is at the door.


Choosing the best smart lock with camera enhances your home's security, providing you with clear visuals and control over who enters your home, even when you're away. There are a couple of ways you can set up a smart lock with a video feed. That’s either through: 

  1. Standalone smart locks with integrated cameras
  2. Smart locks and security camera combo

As you can tell, both methods have their pros and cons. For starters, standalone smart locks with integrated cameras are not that common, with only a couple of models on the market.

Setting up both a smart lock and security camera allows you to get the best in class from each category. However, setup can be expensive and the two might not cooperate well together, especially if they’re not from the same brand. 

Best Smart Lock with Integrated Camera

Top Pick
Camera-Doorbell-Lock combination with a fingerprint scanner

The eufy Video Doorbell S330 is a 3-in-1 smart home device that combines a fingerprint-enabled smart lock, a 2K HD camera, and an advanced video doorbell into one device.

  • Video Resolution: 2K Ultra HD
  • Two-Way Audio: Yes
  • Storage: 16GB local storage with the HomeBase 2
  • Compatible Smart Platforms: Alexa, Google Home/Assistant, Nest Hub
  • Power Mode: Rechargeable battery (3-6 months)
  • Available Lock/Unlock Methods: Fingerprints, keypad, mobile app, and physical Key
  • Separate Hub Required: Optional but recommended for local storage
  • Rekeyable Cylinder: No

The best smart lock with camera integrates seamlessly into any smart home system, offering both robust security and user-friendly operation.

For homeowners looking to add better video quality and a sleeker smart lock/video doorbell, the eufy Video Doorbell S330 is the next best choice. 

This smart device shakes up home security with a 2K HD camera, smart lock, fingerprint scanner, and smart functionality for remote and automated control.

2K HD Camera

The built-in 2K HD camera gives clear, HDR visuals for every visitor. It’s got a dual camera setup to monitor visitors and packages at the same time.

This helps minimize blind spots and make sure the camera records everything to a tee. 

Alongside that, the smart lock also includes dual motion sensors to make sure nothing goes unnoticed. 

Known Issues 

Despite its features, the device does lack in battery life and app performance since many users have reported rapid battery drain and a lack of polish in the mobile app.


What I liked
  • Multiple unlocking options, including fingerprint
  • Two-camera set up to keep track of faces and packages
  • BHMA Certified and IP65 waterproof enclosure
  • Can interface directly with your Wi-Fi router, a dedicated hub is not essential
What I didn't like
  • Users report that the app could be more user-friendly
  • Motion detection is not up to the same standard as video doorbells or security cameras
  • Customers have complained about the short battery life
  • Touchpad is not peek proof
Fingerprint recognition plus local and cloud storage options

The Lockly is a fully-featured smart deadbolt lock with a built-in camera that records in crisp HD.

  • Video Resolution: 1080p HD
  • Two-Way Audio: Yes
  • Storage: 32GB Micro SD included
  • Compatible Smart Platforms: Alexa and Google Home/Assistant
  • Power Mode: 8 x AAA Batteries (9-12 months)
  • Available Lock/Unlock Methods: Fingerprints, keypad, mobile app, and physical Key
  • Separate Hub Required: Yes
  • Rekeyable Cylinder: Yes

Considering what it brings to the table, the Lockly Vision definitely earns the top spot. It’s got multiple access methods, a serviceable camera, and a microphone-speaker setup for two-way audio. 


With regular HD streaming, the camera is serviceable. It doesn’t lag and many users have found that it does get the job done. 

The camera is also tilted slightly upwards so it can get an easier look at whoever’s at your front door. 

Camera Drawbacks

However, the camera is not a wide-angle lens, so it’s not meant to cover everything that’s happening around your front doors.

It doesn’t have night vision, so it’s best to automate a porch light to capture faces and details. 

Also, the device doesn’t support motion sensors, so it won’t record automatically unless you stream via the app or somebody presses the doorbell button.  


The storage options are also a big plus. The device comes with a 32GB Micro-SD card without a cloud storage service that’s begging you to subscribe.

The footage is stored in the included hub and streamed directly from this device to the mobile app.

What I liked
  • Fingerprint feature that’s fast and accurate.
  • Randomly shifting keypad that’s peek-proof
  • Seamlessly compatible with Alexa and Google Home
  • Two-way audio to respond to doorbells remotely
  • Offline Access Code function to provide temporary access to guests
  • The locking cylinder can be rekeyed
  • Easy installation with well-detailed visual steps and guides
What I didn't like
  • The camera’s field of view tends to be too narrow.
  • Testers have found that it is very susceptible to signal interference
  • The interface can be confusing for users
  • Cannot detect motion
  • Lacks night vision cameras

Best Smart Lock with Camera: Other Options

Besides these two, there are a few other devices on the market that may provide the same level of functionality. 

However, due to poor reviews and the general lack of brand recognition, I cannot recommend these products.

Nevertheless, I’ve listed them below for reference:

Keyless Entry Door lock with 1080p HD video camera built-in
IP65-rated smart lock with similar functionality to the Lockly Vision

Alternative Approach: Setting up Separate Smart Locks and Security Cameras

As reliable smart locks with integrated security cameras are hard to find, many people opt to go for a smart lock with a separate security camera or doorbell camera. 

Although this might be a hassle, especially since you have to maintain two separate devices, it can be more effective, especially if they are compatible with each other and can seamlessly integrate into home automation. 

So, with that said, here are my recommendations for separate smart locks and security cameras:

2K Resolution Video and Instant In-App Locking/Unlocking

The eufy smart lock S230 and Wi-Fi doorbell can seamlessly interact with each other

  • Video Resolution: 2K Ultra HD
  • Two-Way Audio: Yes
  • Storage: 16GB local storage with the HomeBase 2
  • Compatible Smart Platforms: Alexa, Google Home/Assistant, Nest Hub
  • Power Mode: The doorbell is hardwired, while the smart lock runs on rechargeable batteries (3-6 months)
  • Available Lock/Unlock Methods: Fingerprints, keypad, mobile app, and physical Key
  • Separate Hub Required: Optional but recommended if doorbells are non-Wi-Fi
  • Rekeyable Cylinder: No


This is the best combination of smart locks and doorbell cameras thanks to their native compatibility with each other. 

This means that eufy has implemented the smart video doorbell’s app controls with the smart lock in mind, allowing you to toggle the lock instantly while you're monitoring the video feed through the smart doorbell. 


However, for this feature to work, you must ensure:

  • Both devices run on the same 2.4GHz network.
  • Both are connected to the same eufy account.
  • If either doesn’t have Wi-Fi capabilities, they should be connected via the eufy Wi-Fi bridge.

With these conditions set up, you can easily control the lock while directly streaming video from the doorbell camera.

What I liked
  • 2K Ultra HD video
  • Instant smart lock controls while streaming doorbell video
  • 16GB of local storage to review old footage
  • Fingerprints and physical keys for alternative/emergency access
What I didn't like
  • Both devices need to run on the same 2.4GHz network and eufy account
  • The combo can be a bit expensive
  • Some users have found the installation, setup, and linking of both devices to be a bit difficult
Keyless control with smart motion sensors and clear night vision capabilities

The Nest x Yale Lock & Nest Doorbell features a tamper-proof smart lock that ensures ultimate security for your home.

  • Video Resolution: 1080p HD
  • Two-Way Audio: Yes
  • Storage: Can store up to 1 hour of recorded events locally
  • Compatible Smart Platforms: Alexa, Google Home/Assistant, Nest Hub
  • Power Mode: The doorbell is hardwired, while the smart lock needs 4 x AA batteries (one year)
  • Available Lock/Unlock Methods: Keypad, and mobile app
  • Separate Hub Required: No
  • Rekeyable Cylinder: No (keyfree cylinder)


Although these devices won’t necessarily work together, the convenience afforded by controlling both devices through the Nest app does make it a tiny bit easier. 

So although it’s not 100% seamless, you can easily swap between the video doorbell feed and Nest x Yale lock without keeping your guests waiting. 


However, for this to work, make sure both devices are properly set up and connected to the same Google account. Otherwise, you might run into compatibility issues.

Also, they don’t need to be on the same Wi-Fi network, but it does help speed things up. 

What I liked
  • Tamper-proof door lock that prevents lock picking or key bumping
  • Easy to install and set up
What I didn't like
  • Doesn’t provide same-screen access to the video feed and smart lock
  • Lack of physical keys or fingerprints as alternative methods to unlock
  • Nest doorbell uses 1080p resolution
  • Lacks a proper local storage option.

All things considered, setting up these devices separately doesn’t make for the smoothest control, but they can be reliable and oftentimes, more affordable than a standalone smart lock with an integrated camera. 

Besides these two alternatives, you can also check out security cameras and smart locks from different brands. These might not mesh together, but you can still switch between the apps whenever necessary. 

So check out these guides to learn more about smart doorbells or smart door locks.

Buyers Guide for Smart Door Locks with Integrated Cameras

Regardless of whether it’s a smart lock with a built-in camera or a combination of security cameras and smart locks, there are a few specs you need to look out for. 

So in the case of these devices, you should be mindful of: 

  • Compatibility With Your Existing Door: Make sure the smart lock can easily fit the cylinder or mortise of your door.
  • Integration with Your Smart Home Security Platform: Compatibility with your existing platform makes it easier to set up, control, and combine with your smart devices.
  • Camera Resolution: 2K Ultra HD is always a plus but tends to be more expensive
  • Additional Security Features: Data encryption, tamper-proof locks, and peek-proof keypads, these all can make a huge difference 

Compatibility With Your Existing Door

Lock a Door Without a Lock

Before you jump the gun on buying a smart lock and security camera, you must consider the compatibility with your existing door. 

So when doing so, look at the details: is it a deadbolt, mortise? How thick is the door thickness, and how wide is the hole cutout? 

If these specs don't match, you might have to make some adjustments or even replace the door, which can add to the expenses.

Optional Hardware that Improves Compatibility

That being said, you won’t find a lack of options since most standard U.S. doors are adaptable and both the mentioned smart locks are designed to cater to most lock types and dimensions. 

Take the eufy S330 for example, it comes with the option to pick the desired faceplate and you can also get in touch with their customer service to switch if necessary. 

On top of that, they include adapters, additional screw holes, and spacers that fit the most common dimensions. This helps you easily switch things up without having to remodel your door. 

Integration With Your Home’s Smart Security System

Best Smart Lock with Camera

Ideally, look for a smart lock that can seamlessly link up with your current system, allowing you to access all security features from one platform. 

For example, the eufy S330 can seamlessly integrate with the eufy app, Alexa, and even other eufy cameras and bridge devices. 

This improves its ability to send real-time alerts to your smartphone, keeping you in the loop about your home's safety without the need for additional apps or devices. 

Similarly, the Lockly Vision has a dedicated app that allows for seamless remote control, no matter where you are.

Quality of the Camera’s Resolution

over the door camera

Your camera's resolution can dramatically impact the clarity of images, directly affecting your ability to clearly identify people or objects. 

High-definition (HD) resolution, as found in the Lockly Vision, can provide sharp, clear visuals for better security monitoring. 

However, if you need to track a wider area, you can go for the eufy S330. This device has two cameras with 2K Ultra HD resolution. 

One can help you focus on people’s faces while the other can keep track of any packages left on your doorstep.  

Additional Security Features

zigbee door sensor

Any lock collects sensitive data. This information, if fallen into the wrong hands, poses a severe risk. Therefore, data encryption and any other means to prevent others from getting your information is vital. 

The Lockly Vision is secure because it stores data locally and encrypts it via a non-Wi-Fi wireless network. On top of that, it includes a shifting keypad with random digits that prevent bystanders from reading your keycode. 

The eufy S330, on the other hand, uses bank-level AES-128 data encryption to protect the data transmission between your device and the lock, preventing would-be hackers from gaining access

How I Tested

For this lineup, I conducted extensive online research on smart locks and cameras to determine the best options for this guide. During my research, I focused on factors such as camera quality, lock performance, security level, ease of use, design, and additional features.

Research for this was pretty easy since very few devices managed to hit the mark. However, once I created a list of potential options, I whittled them down further by considering subtle aspects such as durability and advanced security features, night vision capabilities, and lock functionality. 

After this, I was left with four options, two of which I couldn’t actually recommend. Regardless, I decided to mention them while highlighting the top picks. 


Can I Access the footage in a Smart Lock With an Integrated Camera Remotely?

Yes, smart locks with cameras typically come with a mobile app that allows you to remotely control the lock and monitor the camera feed in real-time. 

So as long as you have an internet connection on your smartphone, you can easily access and manage your smart lock from anywhere.

What Happens if the Smart Lock with Camera Loses Power or the Internet Goes Down?

Most smart locks with cameras usually run on batteries to ensure the lock remains functional. 

When it comes to internet connectivity issues, some models will disconnect from the Wi-Fi, so you might not be able to monitor it remotely.

Whatever the case, there’s always a method to manually unlock a smart lock, whether that’s by using a physical key or jump-starting it with a battery or power bank. 

Are Smart Locks with Cameras Secure and Hack-Proof?

While no technology is completely hack-proof, reputable smart locks with cameras employ encryption protocols and secure communication channels to protect against hacking attempts. 

Therefore, it is important to choose a trusted brand and regularly update the lock's firmware to ensure optimal security.

Can Multiple People Access a Smart Lock that Has an Integrated Camera?

Yes, many smart locks with cameras allow you to create multiple user accounts, so family members, friends, or trusted individuals can have their own unique access codes or digital keys. 

This way, you can grant and revoke access to different people as needed, and track who enters your home and when.

Also, certain models will allow you to set up one-time codes or temporary codes for guests. 

Can I Use Voice Commands to Unlock My Door?

Because of security concerns, unlocking a smart lock via voice commands is not recommended, not to mention such a feature is not implemented by these devices themselves. 

However, they will provide many other secure alternatives, such as fingerprints, RFID key fobs, PIN codes, and in-app control.  


9.0 eufy Security Video Smart Lock S330
Top PickCamera-Doorbell-Lock combination with a fingerprint scanner
8.5 Lockly Vision
Runner-UpFingerprint recognition plus local and cloud storage options


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