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Adding a steam generator to your bathroom delivers a relaxing and soothing showering experience. Not only does steaming improve circulation, but it also helps with skin, detoxification, and respiratory relief.

Steam showers come with various power ratings, features, and control panels. Choosing the best option requires thorough research. In this article, we have selected the best products based on their durability, functionality, and real-world customer reviews.

Best Steam Shower Generators
9.6 Kohler K-5529-NA Invigoration Steam Generator, 9 kW
Top PickA Luxury Body-Cleansing Steam Shower Generator
9.5 EliteSteam 7.5 KiloWatt Luxury Home Steam Shower System (Steam Shower Generator, Control, Steam Head, and Cable) (.Polished Chrome Inside Control)
Runner UpFull Steam Shower Head System
9.3 Superior 9kW Self-Draining Steam Bath Generator with Waterproof Programmable Controls and Chrome Steam Outlet
Budget PickA Self-draining Steam Machine For Showers
9.2 SteamSpa Premium 12KW QuickStart Acu-Steam Bath Generator Package with Built-in Auto Drain in Brushed Nickel | Steam Generator Kit with Touch Screen Auto Drain Steamhead 240V | PRT1200BN-A
Large Bathroom PickA Dual-Tank Auto-Draining Steam Bath Generator

What is a steam shower generator?

A steam shower generator, otherwise known as a steam machine, refers to a device that heats water to its boiling point, and then disperses the steam through the pressure heads in your showering area. They are ideal for people who prefer to shower with hot steam, similar to a steam room. 

Typically, steam shower generators are portable with some of them measuring about 16 inches wide, 13 inches high, and 6 inches deep. This makes them easy to install in your bathroom, in areas such as the closet.

Top Pick
A Luxury Body-Cleansing Steam Shower Generator

Designed with a 9kW capacity, the Kohler Invigoration Steam Generator delivers a powerful steam supply for relaxation, relief, and toxin removal.

Top Features
  • It is constructed with insulation and stainless steel.
  • It is designed with Fast-Response technology that ensures a short waiting time for the steam.
  • The steaming is uniform and at a constant rate.

If you want to enjoy a heavy-duty steam supply, the Kohler Invigoration Steam Generator is a viable option. The steam generator houses a powerful 9 kilowatt motor for optimal steam delivery. Furthermore, the steam machine is designed to generate constant steam, which, in turn, reduces temperature hikes.

Fast-Response Technology

To complement its heavy-duty build, the machine operates with Fast-Response technology. Equipped with this innovative technology, the generator creates an adequate amount of steam in just 90 seconds. 

Power Clean Technology

Kohler’s  Power Clean technology allows for easy maintenance. There is a single-touch automatic click that initiates the power clean cycle. The shower should not be occupied during the cleaning cycle, which lasts for about 45 minutes and is recommended after 600 minutes of steam.


The stainless steel gives the steam generator a sleek and shiny look.  It helps maintain the temperature without making the outer surface hot.  Additionally, the sleek outer stainless steel finish is corrosion and tarnish-resistant. The case is also insulated hence it is safe to touch.

What we liked
  • Its versatile design allows for installation in a shower stall or other desired setup areas.
  • It is constructed with durable stainless steel for optimal temperature control.
  • It comes with a corrosion-resistant premium Kohler finish.
What we didn't like
  • Some user reviews indicate that it is not ideal for large bathrooms.

Tech Specs

Power: 9kW
Material: Stainless steel
Size: 24” L x 15” H/240 Cu. ft.
Runner Up
Full Steam Shower Head System

Designed to offer portability, the EliteSteam Steam Shower Head System fits in the most compact and tight spaces.

Top Features
  • It has a polished chrome finish.
  • It is easy to install and offers a simple user interface.
  • It offers intelligent control communication.

The EliteSteam Steam generator is the complete kit for first-time owners. Each kit comes with a control panel, steam head, and cable to make installation easy and convenient. 


Its size allows it to fit into small and compact places measured at less than 250 cubic feet. The product is slimmer than Kohler’s, so it can fit into small spaces between walls. However, the body is not stainless.

Control Features

Despite its compact build, the generator still offers a reasonable amount of features. You can use the in-shower control to adjust the steam temperature.  You can also set the timer to avoid running a high power bill. 

In-Shower Controls

The in-shower control has a simple, user-friendly finish with an LED screen and sensitive touch buttons for more control. This product is currently being marketed as a device that features an intelligent communication system. 

Its interior wiring features overheating protection and high-pressure protection fusion to make the steam generator extremely safe. 

The machine for the shower steam comprises durable and rugged stainless steel components. The machine maintains optimal temperature control, minimum heat loss, and a longer life span, due to its robust construction.

What we liked
  • The control panels are easy to operate.
  • Its build is not as thick as Kohler’s, therefore it can fit into smaller spaces.
  • The stainless steel tank gathers less residue and is durable.
What we didn't like
  • You will probably prefer a larger unit for bigger shower spaces.
  • It does not come in a sleek design like Kohler’s due to its affordable price.

Tech Specs

Power: 7.5kW
Material: Stainless steel
Size: 15” L x 15.5” H/250 Cu. ft.
Budget Pick
A Self-draining Steam Machine For Showers

The Superior Self-draining Steam Bath Generator offers waterproof programmable controls for more convenience.

Top Features
  • It comes with a shower wand equipped with a control panel.
  • It comes with a chrome aromatherapy steam head.
  • The control panel is mountable.

The Steam Planet Steam Bath Generator offers both great value and generous capacity. The steam generator is built to sufficiently heat bathroom spaces measured at about 320 to 460 cubic feet. It also comes at a reasonable price. 

Value for Money

If you are on a budget, this steam generator is a great option. The steam generator’s powerful capacity along with the ETL-certified built-in aromatherapy outlet it comes with allows for a great shower experience. 


The steam head comes with an innovatively designed temperature sensor chrome-plated showerhead. In addition, the steam bath generator comes with a waterproof digital control panel. 

The control panel gives you access to setting adjustments such as temperature and time. The panel can be mounted inside or outside the shower.

What we liked
  • It integrates reliable overheating protection.
  • 16 feet wiring is included.
  • The versatile, waterproof control panel allows you to mount it inside or outside the shower.
What we didn't like
  • Some users have reported a longer waiting time for the heat to start coming.
  • The casing is not as high-end as other products.
  • It is larger compared to Kohler’s and Elitesteam’s products.

Tech Specs

Power: 9kW
Material:   Stainless steel
Size: 19.8”  L x 10.4”H/320 Cu.Ft.
Large Bathroom Pick
A Dual-Tank Auto-Draining Steam Bath Generator

Featuring an auto-drain design, the SteamSpa Bath Generator consistently performs maintenance to ensure optimal performance at all times.

Top Features
  • It features QuickStart technology.
  • It comes with a touch-friendly control panel.
  • It comes with a moist fragrance dispenser.

Due to its large size and capacity, the SteamSpa Steam Bath Generator can cover spaces of up to 450 cubic feet. The product comes with a complete kit of all the accessories needed for a full setup.

Steaming Features

The steam shower generator features a dual-tank design for optimal and consistent steam flow. It is also designed with an auto-drain feature to reduce maintenance needs and mineral build-up. The steam system also integrates a proprietary QuickStart technology. 

Control Panel

A waterproof touch-friendly panel is also integrated into the design to allow ease and convenience when controlling the system. 

On the single-touch panel, you can access a range of features. These features include setting the spa time, checking the room temperature, and saving your settings.


The steam bath generator features a sleek brushed nickel steam head. The generator can also release fragrances via the mist through the steam head for the ultimate spa experience. 

The steam machine also features a patented Quiet Steam technology for the faintest noise generation.

What we liked
  • Its large capacity makes it suitable for showers of all sizes.
  • It is designed to support fragrance release via the mist created by the steam.
  • It comes with a sleek brushed nickel steam head.
What we didn't like
  • Its dimensions are larger compared to the other products on our list.

Tech Specs

Power: 12kW
Material:   Stainless steel
Size: 17”  L x 15” H/450 Cu.Ft.

Steam Shower Generators Decision-Making Factors

Installation Location

Depending on your residential layout, you can fit a steam generator under the bathroom closet, under a shower bench, or in a heated attic. Although most steam showers have insulated and corrosion-resistant casings, it is better to avoid placing them in a space where there it is often exposed to human contact or water leaks.


The size of your bathroom determines the power rating of your steam generator. Typically, these generators come in power ratings ranging from 7 to 15kW. A kW steam generator ideally caters to a space that measures up to 100 to 250 cubic feet. A higher rating of 15kW covers more space, of up to 680 cubic feet.


For the steam generator to be effective, your shower needs an enclosure. With an enclosure, it curbs down the heat loss from the hot steam. However, you have to pick a suitable insulation material for the enclosure.

Some materials can easily allow some heat loss. Pick materials such as ceramic or porcelain tiles. To avoid heat loss, stay clear of materials such as granite, concrete, or marble, as they tend to be porous.

Steam Shower Head

The size of the generator determines the design of the steam showerhead and quantity. If you have limited space, a single steam showerhead is sufficient. Steam heads come in different designs and materials. You can opt for a standard stainless steel option. Alternatively, if you want to add more aesthetics and durability to your shower, you can choose a chrome or bronze brushed one.

The Verdict

Using the best steam shower generators, you can instantly transform your bathroom into a makeshift spa! After all, you can get these devices in any design you want and suit them to your specific budget. Make sure you choose the right features!

Top Pick
A Luxury Body-Cleansing Steam Shower Generator

Designed with a 9kW capacity, the Kohler Invigoration Steam Generator delivers a powerful steam supply for relaxation, relief, and toxin removal.

Top Features
  • It is constructed with insulation and stainless steel.
  • It is designed with Fast-Response technology that ensures a short waiting time for the steam.
  • The steaming is uniform and at a constant rate.


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