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Are you considering transitioning to a Z-Wave automated system at your home? Let your imagination run wild and embark on a quest towards a smart home with these 19 remarkable Z-Wave devices.

About Z-Wave

Z-Wave wireless technology operates in a lower frequency range than Zigbee, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. This makes it perfect for smart home devices that require low bandwidth communications such as sensors and switches. Operating at a lower frequency means it can save on battery power, which means less maintenance for your devices. 

Z-Wave also works as a mesh network, allowing messages to hop between devices. This helps increase the distance of your network.

smart switches

Z-Wave Devices

Z-Wave Smart Hub

A Z-Wave smart home hub controls all of your Z-Wave devices. This one from Aeotec can also connect to Wi-Fi and Zigbee devices. You can connect it to your voice assistants, speakers, cameras, light switches, and so on. Manage all of your automations in one place. Program your devices according to your schedule.

Z-Wave Smart Plug


A smart plug can turn your non-smart devices into smart ones. All you have to do is connect the appliance to a power source using a smart plug. The smart plug from Aeotec does the job. This little device allows you to automate home appliances and control them remotely.

Z-Wave Motion Sensor

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Motion sensors are used for your safety and convenience. They let you know if someone is at the door using alerts. Motion sensors are also frequently used for light switch automation. This model from Zooz offers adjustable motion sensitivity and comes with a magnetic mount for the easiest installation. 

Z-Wave Thermometer & Hygrometer

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Z-Wave thermometers and hygrometers are small devices that can detect the temperature, humidity, light levels, and more. The device sends this information to an app on your smartphone, where you can run analytics and monitor the temperature. This one from Zooz offers quick reports and allows you to select the desired motion sensitivity.

Z-Wave Light Switch

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A smart light switch does a lot more than just control the lights in the house. It can be controlled using voice commands or a smartphone app. This GE smart light switch is an excellent contender. The device can be controlled remotely using your phone and voice commands.

Z-Wave Thermostat

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With a smart thermostat, the temperature in your house is always just right. If you pick a programmable thermostat, you can program it in accordance with your schedule for your best convenience. This thermostat from Honeywell has all the aforementioned features. You can set the temperature using the display.

Z-Wave Window & Door Sensor

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A door and window sensor serves to protect your home from intruders. If the sensors sense a door or window opening, they will alert you immediately. This way, even when you’re outside of the house, you can keep your home safe. The model from the brand Ecolink has all the necessary features.

Z-Wave Scene Controller

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Scene controllers let you control and trigger your Z-Wave lights and routines / scenes. The one from Aeotec is a great choice.

Z-Wave Smart Lock

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A smart lock allows you to lock and unlock your door from any place in the world using your phone. Add your door to your smart home system and unlock it wirelessly without using a key. The lock from Kwikset allows you to set up to 30 codes for family members and guests.

Z-Wave Siren


A home security siren can serve as an alert for intruders, as well as a chime in other cases. You can link it with other Z-Wave devices in a scene to trigger other actions. Depending on the model, you can assign different chimes to different events. This model from Dome, for example, features 10 different alarm chimes. Each can be assigned to a different event.

Z-Wave Water Leak Detector

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The name leak detector is pretty self-explanatory. The device can sense water and even changes in temperature. In case of a leak you can get alerted on your phone. Alternatively, set up a scene for such cases. This leak detector from Fibaro can sound an alarm when it detects water.

Z-Wave UV & Vibration Sensor

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A UV and vibration sensor only checks for high levels of UV light and dangerous vibration. This 6-in-1 device from Aeotec checks for motion, temperature, light, humidity, UV, and vibration. If you purchase this device, you’ll be killing 6 birds with one stone!

Z-Wave Relay for Sprinklers, Garage Doors, Pool Pumps and Gas Fireplaces

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A multi relay allows you to automate multiple devices at once. In this case, this multi relay from Zooz is great for garage doors, sprinklers, gas fireplaces, doorbells, landscape lights, pool pumps, house fans, and more. The device makes it easy to control other appliances using your phone.

Z-Wave Smoke & Co2 Detector

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CO2 and smoke can be very dangerous and, in some cases, even deadly. Having a smoke detector and carbon monoxide alarm at home is a necessity. This alarm from First Alert does the job of protecting you from CO2 and smoke. You can receive notifications if dangerous levels of either are detected.

Z-Wave Smart Lamp Dimmer

With a smart light dimmer, you can adjust the brightness of any lamp in the house remotely, using your phone. Set up schedules and scenes, and program your smart home system to deliver exactly what you need. The model from Jasco can be controlled manually using the buttons on the device.

Z-Wave Extender

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A range extender boosts the wireless signal in the room or house. These are useful Z-Wave devices for when your signal is not strong enough and you don’t want to invest in a new network or router. The one from Aeotec extends the wireless signal’s range by 250%. 

Z-Wave Energy Monitor

An energy monitor or meter monitors your energy consumption. You can make use of this data by analyzing it and minimizing your energy consumption to save money. The device from Aeotec boasts 99% accuracy. The set comes with one monitor and two clamps that can be used for two loads.

Z-Wave Doorbell

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A Z-Wave doorbell is nothing like a regular doorbell. It is programmable, with different chimes and safety alerts. It is also generally louder and more secure than a regular doorbell. This model from Aeotec features 30 sounds. 8 of them are dedicated to the doorbell and others used for other features.

Z-Wave Water Valve

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A Z-Wave water valve fits over your regular levered ball valve. It can usually be controlled with a controller or using an app on your phone. The model from EcoNet is a great option for everyone. It’s very easy to install by yourself, with no plumbing required. 

Z-Wave Devices: The Verdict

Besides the obvious technological advances, Z-Wave devices also provide added security and safety to you and your family members. Plus they are all cool gadgets! If you feel like treating yourself and updating your smart home system, choose the device you find most useful and install it!


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