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Think about the advantages that come from updating your home with the latest Zigbee compatible appliances, converting it into an automated, self-reliant sanctuary. Enhancing the connection between your thermostat and the Zigbee network can lead to a significant improvement in the performance and speed of your HVAC system. With a profound understanding of these devices' remarkable ability to extend your current Zigbee network, our expert team has intentionally selected these smart thermostats, ensuring a seamless transformation in your home management system.

Best Zigbee Thermostats
9.4 Lux
Top PickSupports geofencing
9.2 Zen
Runner UpBattery-powered thermostat with a nice display
9.0 Centralite Systems, Inc
Budget PickQuick installation
8.8 31cSnrcPFJL. SL500
Line Voltage PickHigh-voltage systems

Benefits of a Zigbee Thermostat

If you’ve got a Zigbee mesh, or a smart home hub like Samsung SmartThings that can connect to Zigbee, integrating your thermostat into the existing home network is a great idea. Once interconnected, your Zigbee thermostat can communicate with other smart home devices, making your entire home automation system more efficient and better tuned to your schedule. 

Once connected, you can control and monitor these thermostats using mobile apps, or through voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant.


These thermostats can also connect with additional sensors, either individually or through smart home hubs, to become more responsive. For example, multiple temperature sensors in different rooms can make climates more personalized. In addition, connecting with motion sensors can allow these thermostats to turn your HVAC components on when you enter, or just turn the display on so you know what the climate is in the room. No more time-consuming guesswork as you fiddle with the traditional remote control!

These thermostats also help minimize overall power consumption in your home by integrating your HVAC system with your daily routine.

Additionally, by pre-programming your customized settings, you extend the lifespan of your HVAC equipment and also minimize your carbon footprint. 

A highly competent smart thermostat that fits well into any décor.

Top Features
  • Smooth integration with multiple smart home hubs through Zigbee 3.0.
  • Available in a range of colors; fits well in any décor.
  • Controllable via voice activation or smartphone app.

The KONOz Smart Hub Thermostat manufactured by Lux uses Zigbee 3.0 technology and easily connects to a wide range of smart home hubs. Thanks to the interchangeable Décor-Snap covers with fully paintable options, it allows businesses and domestic users full esthetic freedom. 

Battery-powered and easy to install, the KONOz smart thermostat supports 3 different modes – heating only, cooling only, or heating and cooling combined. 

Display & Interface

The display includes a front knob, which can be used to adjust the temperature, navigate through settings, and create your personalized heating and cooling schedules. 

In addition to the weekly scheduling options, the KONOz smart thermostat is compatible with conventional heating and cooling systems, residential heat pump systems, and electrical furnaces. 

Voice control

You can fully control it from anywhere by using voice-enabled devices supporting Amazon Alexa and/or Google Assistant, or through the free app available for both iOS and Android. It also supports geofencing, which makes it easy to adjust the temperature in your home based on your location. This means you will save energy while you’re away and reduce your overall utility costs. 

The KONOz thermostat is a Zigbee-compatible thermostat with  Google Home integration and a fairly good option that can be purchased at a reasonable price. 

What I liked
  • Stylish design, choose from more than 10 different plate covers.
  • Simple to install.
  • Supports geofencing.
  • Compatible with multiple voice-enabled devices.
  • Fully controllable via the well-designed smartphone app.
What I didn't like
  • Operating the thermostat through the knob can take some getting used to.
  • Larger dimensions than most thermostats.
Runner Up
Battery-powered thermostat with a nice display

Simple to use and stylish smart thermostat compatible with Zigbee.

Top Features
  • The Zen HQ feature enables complex HVAC and lighting changes to be made via the cloud. Adjustments can be made every 15 minutes if needed.
  • Energy Star certified to reduce energy consumption by 19%.
  • Full voice activation via various virtual assistants.

The Zen Thermostat uses the Zigbee protocol to fully automate your HVAC system offering complete control within your home or business. It is compatible with Zigbee HA 1.2, SmartThings, SwannOne, and Securifi’s Almond+.  

Heating, cooling, and fan parameters can be easily adjusted via an ergonomic LED display. The display which is visible and large enough to view data fades to conserve battery power but can easily be woken up by touch.

Style & Finish 

The thermostat body is offered in a black or white finish, on a slimline, lightweight controller with a magnetic attachment to a wall mount. Zen offers its own dedicated HQ cloud, where numerous thermostat settings can be saved and easily controlled via the Android and iOS Zen applications.

With the online firmware updates, the system software can always stay up-to-date. 

What I liked
  • Lightweight body, making mounting easier.
  • Compatible with Zigbee HA 1.2.
  • Elegant design and an attractive display.
  • Available in two colors: black or white.
What I didn't like
  • The on-screen panel display goes into standby and requires “waking up” if viewing temperature is needed.
  • Requires batteries.
  • A bit pricey compared to other smart thermostats.
Budget Pick
Quick installation

An affordable option, with less than 15 minutes’ installation time.

Top Features
  • Can easily be installed in less than 15 minutes.
  • Compatible with multiple Zigbee HA 1.2 platforms.
  • Easy to operate, the display includes soft controls.

The Centralite Pearl Thermostat comes in two colors (black and white), is easy to install, and has a simple interface, making it easy to use too.

This device includes a user-friendly touch-screen display. It allows you to define your own schedules and create different events, which can be paused or canceled through the Hold soft-touch button. 

If you want to control the thermostat remotely, you just need to connect it to your Zigbee HA 1.2-compatible smart home hub and you will be able to make any adjustments on the go.


Certified for Zigbee Home Automation 1.2, the Pearl thermostat is compatible with all Zigbee platforms as well as SmartThings, Spectrum, Cox, Time Warner Cable, and Vera. It also works with almost all residential HVAC systems and supports two stages of heating and two stages of cooling. 

The Pearl thermostat has an integrated temperature sensor that provides accurate temperature control. On top of this, you also have the option to add optional remote sensors such as humidity sensors, occupancy sensors, or simply more temperature sensors to cover different rooms.

What I liked
  • Equipped with a built-in power amplifier.
  • Detects temperatures as low as 0.1 degrees.
  • Supports optional remote home sensors.
What I didn't like
  • Might not work with some boilers.
  • Requires batteries.
Line Voltage Pick
High-voltage systems

The Stelpro KI Thermostat is simple yet smart, and can be integrated with a range of line voltage systems.

Top Features
  • Designed to work with conductors, fan heaters, and electric baseboards.
  • Can reduce energy use significantly.
  • Features two modes for economic use or enhanced comfort.

Unlike the other thermostats listed, the Stelpro KI Thermostat is the only one designed to work with high-voltage systems up to 4000W.

Energy Saving

With up to 30% energy-saving capabilities, it will significantly reduce the overall costs of your normal utility bills. It has been developed to use four different levels of heating power to help you achieve this. 

Another noteworthy feature is that, unlike other thermostats, Stelpro uses pulses to turn the heat on. No need to worry about unequal and inconsistent heating. 


Designed specifically for smart home systems, it uses the Zigbee protocol so you can easily integrate it into your existing Zigbee network and control it from a distance by using your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

The installation is fast and easy and usually does not require professional assistance. Also, batteries are not required as it connects directly to the main power source. You can forget about replacing batteries!

Different Modes

This thermostat features two different modes and allows you to easily switch between them. It covers anyone’s needs – whether you opt for the economic mode to save energy or go for more comfort, it has it all. 

Moreover, it can be purchased at a reasonable price and comes with a 3-year warranty.

What I liked
  • Excellent compatibility with high-voltage systems.
  • Can reduce energy consumption by up to 30%.
  • Display with adjustable light.
  • No batteries are required.
  • 3-year warranty.
What I didn't like
  • The heating function cannot be turned off completely.
  • The display is a bit small.

The Best Zigbee Thermostats Verdict!

Zigbee is the go-to connectivity protocol after Wi-Fi, for most smart home devices, and with so many available options on the market, finding the most suitable Zigbee-compatible thermostat for your smart home may seem difficult at first. But that’s where we step in – showing you the best products that are worth looking into. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can rest assured there is a variety of good options to choose from.

A highly competent smart thermostat that fits well into any décor.

Top Features
  • Smooth integration with multiple smart home hubs through Zigbee 3.0.
  • Available in a range of colors; fits well in any décor.
  • Controllable via voice activation or smartphone app.



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