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It's absolutely uncomplicated and straightforward to concurrently manage both Roku and Fire TV Stick on one television! Essentially, controlling both of these systems simultaneously is incredibly simple.

In this article, we are going to show you the various ways in which you can achieve this. Some TVs come with either Roku TV or Fire TV pre-installed as an operating system, so adding a second streaming device is usually as simple as plugging it in as an additional HDMI source.

Can Roku and a Fire TV Stick be used on the same TV?

The simple answer is yes!

First of all, Roku and the Amazon Fire TV Stick are plug-and-play devices that you can add to your tv through the HDMI ports.

Non-Smart TV

If your TV has more than one HDMI port, you can connect both Roku and a Fire TV Stick. This scenario arises when you own a regular TV that is not a smart TV.

Smart TV

The second scenario is where your TV is a Fire TV. This means that your TV is already a smart TV and it comes with the Fire Operating System already installed. Here, you can always add a Roku device through the HDMI port of your Fire TV. 

The same concept applies when your smart TV comes pre-installed with Roku. Here, you can also just add a Fire TV Stick.

In all these scenarios, all you have to do is change the input channel using your TV remote to access either of the two streaming services.

Why would you want both devices?

While most of the apps that you use daily will be found on both streaming services, there are some services that are exclusive to each. These are outlined in further detail below and include Roku’s exclusive access to Vudu and the Fire TV Stick’s easy Alexa integration.

Using a Smart TV with a built-in streaming service

If you already own a smart TV, you will know that it comes pre-installed with some streaming services.

Roku Built-in

Some TVs like the TCL 6-Series Roku TV and the Hisense R8F Roku TV come with a built-in Roku streaming service. With these TVs,  you don't have to buy an extra Roku streaming device. When you power on your TV, all you have to do is use your TV remote to select and use Roku services. 

In this scenario, if you want to add a Fire TV Stick to your streaming experience you can always do so. 

This is very straightforward because all you have to do is connect your Fire Stick device to any of the HDMI ports on your TV and connect the device to a power source. Now you can always flip between both services by changing the input sources using your TV remote control.

Fire Operating System

The second scenario is one where your TV has an inbuilt Fire Operating System. In this case, your Smart TV does not need the extra baggage of plugging in a Fire TV Stick. All you have to do is power on your TV and access the streaming services that are offered. 

However, if you also want to access Roku services, you need to plug in the Roku streaming device. All you have to do is plug the device in via the HDMI port of your TV and you will have access to both Fire and Roku services.

Using a TV with no built-in streaming service

If your TV has no built-in streaming service, this does not mean you cannot access streaming services like Roku and Amazon's Fire TV Stick services. Before the invention of smart TVs, we had normal flat-screen TVs that came with some HDMI ports at the back or on the side.

Many people don't see the need to upgrade from these old TVs to a smart TV with built-in streaming services. This is usually because Amazon and Roku offer great alternatives if you don't own a smart TV.

All you have to do is buy either a Roku streaming device or a Fire TV Stick. These devices are Plug and Play and this means that you simply have to plug them into your regular TV via the HDMI port and enjoy the services.

Best Features of the Amazon Fire TV Stick

1. Smart Home Integration 

Who doesn't love Alexa? If your Smart Home is powered by Alexa, there's no reason to choose another streaming device that is not Amazon Fire TV Stick.

If your Fire TV Stick comes with a microphone button, this means that you can control your Smart Home using your Fire TV Stick. All you have to do is press the button with a microphone or Alexa icon and issue your voice commands.

If you have an Amazon Echo, you might not even need your Fire TV Stick remote control because you can easily talk to your TV through your Echo. You can control everything easily. So if you have an Amazon Echo, it makes sense that you have chosen the Fire TV Stick instead of Roku. 

2. Voice Searching

Not only does this remote look slick, but it also offers voice search options. This means that you don't have to go through the pain and suffering of typing each letter on the remote control if you're searching for something on YouTube or Netflix.

Basically, whatever you can ask Alexa, you can use your Fire TV Stick remote to ask Alexa. For example, you can ask about the weather or traffic because everything in your Smart Home is now connected. 

3. Ability to have multiple account profiles 

With Fire TV, you can always create different profiles if more than one person is watching the TV at different times. Amazon allows you to create up to 6 profiles. 

The benefit of this is that your experience will be very customized based on the content you've watched in the past. This is possible because Amazon makes the Fire TV Stick and it's also a streaming service. This is not the same story when it comes to Roku TV.

roku 1

Best Features of Roku TV

1. Roku TV remote

The Roku TV remote is simple to use. It also offers a voice search option so you don't have to type everything using the remote buttons. We all know how frustrating this can be!

The Roku remote also has dedicated buttons for Netflix, Hulu, and Vudu. These buttons were added because the folks at Roku believed that these are the most used services. The buttons are certainly a useful time saver and a positive feature of the Roku TV.

2. Use your smartphone as a remote

You can download the Roku app on your phone and control your TV from your phone. This app can help you to type faster on the TV and again avoids using the remote. 

3. Exclusive access to Vudu

If you have Roku TV, Vudu comes pre-installed and you have access to it. This service is not yet legally available on the Amazon app store. So if you need Vudu, owning a Roku TV is the sensible choice for you. The exclusivity that comes with Roku TV is indeed one of the best features of Roku TV. 

4. Unbiased experience 

If you have used both Roku and Amazon's Fire TV Stick, you know that Roku gives you a lot of content without necessarily being biased towards one service.

For example, if you have a Fire TV Stick, you will realize that there are a lot of Ads that are promoting Amazon products on the home screen. Generally, it's safe to say that the Fire TV Stick somewhat limits the user experience when it comes to their home screen. 

However, when it comes to Roku, you get a feel for everything. On the home screen, you can see a broad range of apps like Sling, ESPN, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and many others.

This is not an experience that you will get on the Fire TV Stick.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that both Roku TV and Fire TV are great streaming devices. The decision to choose either of them will come down to your tastes and preferences. If you are obsessed with the whole Amazon Ecosystem, you will be better off with a Fire TV Stick.

If you don't mind missing out on the seamless integration, you can get Roku TV. Roku offers many benefits that are highlighted in this article.

However, there's no harm in owning both the Roku TV and the Fire TV Stick streaming device. You can always hook up your TV to both of them and enjoy both worlds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a universal remote for both Roku and a Fire TV Stick?

The safe answer is no!

Although there have been some innovations regarding universal remotes, we haven't been able to find one that seamlessly works on both streaming devices. This is simply because the Fire TV Stick remote uses Bluetooth to pair with the device while the Roku TV Remote uses traditional infrared. 

However, you can always download the official apps of both streaming devices on your phone and you can control both devices from your phone.

Does the Fire TV Stick have Amazon Alexa?

Newer Fire TV Stick remotes come with an Alexa button that helps you intimate voice commands to Alexa.

If you're using an older remote, you won't be able to talk to Alexa using your remote. 

Also, if your TV has an inbuilt Fire TV, chances are that it has Alexa.

How can I use the Fire TV Shortcut Menu?

Push your home button for one second and let it go. A quick menu of your most used and popular settings will appear. Here, you can easily switch profiles or even put your Fire TV to sleep. 

This shortcut is also quite useful if you want to access all of your apps quickly.

Can I add HDMI ports to my TV?

Yes, you can buy a device called the HDMI switch which will add additional ports. 

If your TV has only one HDMI port and you want to add both a Fire TV Stick and Roku, you can connect an HDMI switch to your TV's HDMI port.

This will give you an extra HDMI port or ports depending on the number of ports your switch has.


Both the Fire TV Stick and Roku TV streaming devices are great. Usually, your choice will be determined by your tastes and preferences. However, you can always just use both of them on the same TV. If your TV has only one HDMI port, you can always buy an HDMI switch to get more HDMI ports.


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