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Carrier designs and builds some of the best thermostats in the market, making it easy for you to control your indoor environment. Carrier thermostats range from basic, non-programmable options to automated, Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats that track your energy use.

The Carrier Infinity Touchscreen Programmable Wi-Fi Thermostat is the ideal thermostat for homeowners who value and understand the advantages of precision comfort.

This Infinity system has class-leading smart control systems that take full advantage of Carrier's latest technology, such as Greenspeed technology and Hybrid Heat system management.

This Infinity Wi-Fi Thermostat is simple, powerful, convenient, and easy to use—thanks to its intuitive user interface. This thermostat is packed with industry-leading features like wireless connectivity and occupancy sensing capabilities allowing you to be in complete control of your indoor environment.

These thermostat energy savings features are better than before. Apart from controlling the indoor temperature with ease and precision, the Infinity System Control includes managing and controlling airflow, ventilation, humidity levels, and indoor air quality up to 8 zones regardless of your physical location via an internet-enabled smartphone or tablet.

Voice Control

The Carrier Infinity Touchscreen Programmable Wi-Fi Thermostat is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and comes with energy tracking and reporting features that energy-conscious homeowners will appreciate. Furthermore, this smart thermostat's occupancy sensing ability automatically resets the system to maximize energy savings when there aren't any occupants in the room. 

Overall, if you're looking for a simple, intuitive, and powerful smart thermostat for your home, the Carrier Infinity Wi-Fi Thermostat will elevate your comfort to the next level.

Why Buy the Carrier Infinity Touchscreen Programmable Wi-Fi Thermostat?

  1. Infinity System Compatible and seamlessly integrated with other Carrier’s Infinity system products.
  2. Offers real-time energy use tracking. The thermostat automatically and continuously monitors and adjusts itself for improved energy-savings performance.
  3. Remote access features allow you to control the infinity system from anywhere with any iOS or Android device.
  4. Touch-N-Go scheduling feature allows for easy switching between programmed comfort settings such as home or away modes.
  5. Amazon Alexa integration.
  6. The zoning control feature can manage up to eight zones via an optional Infinity zoning panel and remote sensors.

The Carrier Performance Thermostat is a programmable Edge thermostat compatible with any Performance or Comfort series system.

This versatile thermostat is slim, and its wall-hugging design comes with seven faceplate color options allowing you to customize the look. Features include managing temperatures, ventilation, airflow, humidity, and indoor air quality. 

This nifty thermostat is fully compatible with heat pumps and offers class-leading comfort management and customized schedules. If your system comes with a heat pump and a furnace, the Carrier Performance Thermostat's advanced features can include the Hybrid Heat system. 

Why Buy the Carrier Performance Thermostat?

  1. Enhanced comfort features that allow occupants to control and adjust humidity levels and program customized comfort schedules.
  2. Includes standard energy-saving features that enable occupants to set customized schedules and reduce cooling and heating costs remotely.
  3. It comes with heat pump compatibilities enabling users to control the heat pump heating and cooling system.
  4. Integration with zoning panels for tailored zoned comfort.
  5. 5-year parts limited warranty.

The new Carrier Cor 7-Day Programmable Wi-Fi Thermostat offers you a seven-day programmable scheduling feature that allows you to configure your HVAC system according to your preferences.

This smart thermostat comes in with a user-friendly touchscreen in front of the unit, and homeowners who are familiar with smart thermostats will be pleased with this unit given the fact it is a huge upgrade over previous models. 

In addition to being compatible with a wide variety of HVAC installations, other standard features this unit supports include humidistat technology, and an energy report feature that gives you tracking information about outside weather conditions. This thermostat is also Amazon certified and fully compatible with Alexa devices.

Ecobee is one of the leading smart thermostats available today. This model is powered by Carrier, and has been thoughtfully designed for everyday life. The ecobee3 has a nice screen that lights up when you’re nearby, displaying the current weather and weather forecast for up to five days.

The thermostat is fully programmable to your schedule, your comfort preferences, and the weather outside. The ecobee3 also provides details of energy-savings each month and valuable insights about your heating and cooling equipment. 

The ecobee3 is ENERGY STAR approved, and thanks to its remote access feature, you can control the system from anywhere via your iOS or Android device. This smart thermostat also sends an alert if it detects any anomalies like a sudden drop in temperature. 

Additionally, this thermostat is smart home compatible and works seamlessly with popular smart home platforms such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, IFTTT, and Samsung SmartThings.

The Comfort Programmable Touch-N-Go Thermostat is a simple, intuitive, and attractive thermostat from Carrier.

The thermostat is ideally designed for ease-of-use and comes with energy-saving programming features to reduce your heating and cooling costs. The thermostat has weekday/weekend programming and simple, one-button Touch-N-Go programming features. 

Other standard features include comfort features with the option to set customized comfort schedules and the ability to set customized schedules to reduce heating and cooling energy costs when there aren’t any occupants. The thermostat is fully compatible with zoning panels for tailored zoned comfort. One of the major setbacks of this Comfort model is that it isn’t compatible with heat pumps. This thermostat also doesn’t have humidity control or Wi-Fi.

About Carrier

Carrier is one of the largest manufacturers of residential HVAC equipment in North America. Carrier falls under the umbrella of the United Technologies brand, which is the parent company of Bryant HVAC. 

The product lineups of the two brands are virtually identical.  Carrier offers two models of thermostats: Carrier Wi-Fi thermostats and traditional thermostats.

Carrier Thermostats Features to Consider

Compatible HVAC Systems

The most common HVAC systems are the heating and cooling split systems. As the names suggest, the system is split into two units: a heating unit and a cooling unit. Most HVAC systems come with easily identifiable indoor and outdoor units. 

This system requires a traditional thermostat to control the indoor temperature. These HVAC units use refrigerants, coils, compressors, and coils to cool the air and are located outside the house. On the other hand, these systems also come with a furnace and use fuel to heat the house. Typically these are located in the basement. Carrier’s range of smart thermostats are compatible with most HVAC systems.

Smart Programming & Scheduling

Smart thermostats are customizable or programmed to suit the heating and cooling needs of the occupants. We recommend you program your thermostat to suit your family’s heating and cooling schedule as soon as you install it. To save your energy consumption, dial back the HVAC settings when everyone is out of the house or goes to sleep. 

Some advanced smart thermostats include the smart setback feature that enables the thermostat to track the HVAC needs of people living in the home and executes adjustments accordingly. This smart feature keeps your family more comfortable and saves on your energy costs at the same time.

Energy Saving Features like Geo-Fencing

One major reason behind the soaring popularity of smart thermostats is their energy-saving features like geo-fencing. Smart thermostats reduce your household energy usage and energy costs significantly. Furthermore, many smart thermostats provide energy reports that show your total energy usage for the whole month. 

If you want to cut back on your energy use or lower your utility bill, these energy reports will help you make adjustments to your typical energy consumption. Models like Carrier Cor 7-Day Programmable Wi-Fi Thermostat offer these kinds of features.

Voice Control with Alexa or Google Home

Many smart thermostats are compatible with voice control technology found in Amazon, Apple, and Google devices. Smart thermostats also work seamlessly with other popular smart home platforms such as Apple Home Kit, IFTTT, and Samsung SmartThings. 

The voice command feature in smart thermostats allows you to control and make adjustments on the spot by speaking a command like “Hey Alexa, turn off the heating.” Voice control makes it convenient and easy to control your HVAC systems without taking a break from what you’re doing.

Remote Control via Smartphone App

One of the most common yet essential features of smart thermostats is Wi-Fi capability. Wi-Fi capable smart thermostats seamlessly connect to your home network. Once it is linked to your home’s Wi-Fi network, you can use your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet to log in and control the thermostat remotely or without physically being present in your home. 

Just ensure you’re using the right smart thermostat app on your smartphone or tablet. Done that, you can monitor your home’s indoor temperature or make adjustments to your cooling and heating schedule from work, home, hotel, or any other location around the world. 

The Verdict

Unlike manual thermostats from the days of yore, smart thermostats have tremendously transformed how to control our HVAC systems for our heating and cooling needs. 

Thermostats today have intuitive user-interfaces, intelligent technology, voice control, smart sensors, and Wi-Fi capabilities. We can now control the temperature of our homes and offices through an app using our smartphones from anywhere across the world.

The Carrier Infinity Touchscreen Programmable Wi-Fi Thermostat is the ideal thermostat for homeowners who value and understand the advantages of precision comfort.


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