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Do you have crank or vertical windows and no central air conditioning? Don't worry; you can always rely on casement window air conditioners to keep you cool.

Our guide will steer you through the top casement AC options and help you gain an insight into choosing and installing these machines, starting with our number one choice – the Frigidaire 10,000 BTU Vertical Air Conditioner!

What is a Casement or Vertical Window?

A casement window is a window attached to a frame by one or two hinges and swings outward to open. They're also called crank windows because they open with the help of a lever or crank. A casement window is often placed at tall and/or narrow window openings.

What's the difference between a standard window AC and a casement vertical window AC?

There's not much difference between a regular window air conditioner and a casement window AC in terms of operation. The only significant variation is in terms of build. You see, casement ACs are built to be taller and come equipped with supplies to help secure the unit to your casement window.

Smarten Up your Air Conditioner

The Cielo Breez Plus is a smart WiFi-enabled AC controller that allows you to gain more control over your vertical window air-con. If your window AC has a remote that isn't practical enough for you, then Ceilo's smart controller can give you the functionality and AC thermostat control you're looking for. 

Additionally, you can choose to use the controller via Ceilo's mobile app, Amazon Alexa, or Google Home. That means you can control the function of your air conditioner even when you're not at home or use the Cielo app to reduce your energy costs. 

Top Pick
A super-effective casement window air conditioner

The Frigidaire FFRS1022R1 AC is a stellar option for casement (or sliding) windows and comes with a handy installation kit.

Top Features
  • 10,000 BTU of cooling power

  • 450 square feet cooling capacity

  • Detailed installation kit

The Frigidaire FFRS1022R1 AC is a stellar option for vertical (or sliding) windows and comes along with a handy installation kit. 

Apart from that, this robust unit can provide you with up to 10,000 BTU of cooling power – which is perfect for homeowners that face moderate to high temperatures. As far as cooling capacity is concerned, the FFRS1022R1 is good for 450 square feet (roughly the size of a double garage).

However, one of our favorite features of this casement window air conditioner is its ability to offer dehumidification at 3.4 pints per hour. One of the worst aspects of summer is the unforgiving humidity that seems to collect in your home and can affect your health and hygiene. But, the Frigidaire FFRS1022R1 can help cut down on the collection of excess moisture and keep your home free of allergens, dust mites, and bacteria.

Energy Considerations

This aircon also offers an overall 10.4 energy efficiency ratio (EER), and an energy saver mode that can not only help you conserve energy but also cut down on the unit's use of a compressor until the temperature drops below your preferred setting. Not a bad combination for folks looking to save on utility bills and their carbon footprint. 

Additional Features

Installation can be a headache when it comes to home appliances. But with the Frigidaire 10000 BTU AC, installation can be wrapped up in a matter of minutes, thanks to its detailed installation kit and the SpaceWise adjustable side panels. Not to mention, this unit can easily fit any vertical window within the product's tremendous range – 15.5 – 16.25 inches (in width) and 21.5 – 40 inches (in height). 

Then there's the AC's remote controller that you can use to operate it without having to get up. The Frigidaire 10000 also features three cooling modes (or fan speeds) and a remote controller, so that you can achieve the temperature of choice with the press of a single button. Finally, the AC also includes a washable mesh-filter (with check filter alert) for easy maintenance. 

What we liked
  • SpaceWise adjustable side panels
  • Dehumidification at 3.4 pints per hour
  • Remote controller
  • 10.4 energy efficiency ratio (EER)
What we didn't like
  • Some users have complained the display is small and hard to read
An easy to install casement window AC

The PerfectAire Window AC is another formidable contender in the casement air conditioner market

Top Features
  • Offers a whopping 10,000 BTU

  • Suitable for spaces measuring 18×25 sq. ft.

  • 10.4 energy-efficient ratio

The PerfectAire Window AC is another formidable contender in the casement air conditioners market. It offers a whopping 10,000 BTU and is perfectly suitable for spaces measuring 18×25 sq. ft. Built to suit both sliding and crank out casement windows, this aircon also includes some other top-of-the-line features. 

Due to its expandable window mounting kit, the PerfectAire Window AC can easily fit windows with a 15.5 to 16.25 (in.) width and a 21.25 to 39.5 (in.) height. Which means you don't have to be too anxious about window size constraints. 

The design of AC may not be much to boast about, but it more than makes up for it thanks to its user-friendly digital controls. As a matter of fact, there isn't much this casement window AC doesn't have. It's easy to set up, lightweight, and simple to maintain. Overall, if you do purchase this model, you'll be looking at a terrific price-performance ratio. 

Energy Considerations

Much like the Frigidaire FFRS1022R1, the PerfectAire air con also has a respectable 10.4 energy-efficient ratio (EER). The product also includes an energy-saver mode that you can utilize to further cut down on your bills; without compromising on cool relief. 

Additional Features

The PerfectAire Window AC shares quite a few features with the Frigidaire 10000, starting from multiple function modes as the sleep mode, the auto mode, etc. Then there are three separate fan modes to help you increase the ventilation in your room. 

The full-range multi-direction feature promises an even temperature across any space, and a portable thermostat remote control certainly makes things more convenient. The PerfectAire AC also has a 24-hour timer option so that you'll never find yourself entering a sweltering room again. The only drawback we could unearth is the noise level the unit generates at a high fan speed. Nonetheless, with all its other plus points, the noise level is much of a deal-breaker.

What we liked
  • Energy-saver mode
  • Portable thermostat remote control
  • 24-hour timer option
What we didn't like
  • Generates noise at high fan speeds
A smaller casement window AC

If you're looking for a casement air conditioner that's ideal for spaces up to 350 sq. ft. then you don't need to look any further than the Frigidaire FFRS0822S1.

Top Features
  • 8000 BTUs

  • Dehumidification process of 3 pints per hour

  • Ideal for spaces up to 350 sq. ft.

Frigidaire has been making electrical appliances since the 1918s and AC systems for General Motor automobiles – they have pedigree. And that's why the Frigidaire FFRS0822S1 8000 BTU AC comes in at number three on our top vertical window air conditioners list. 

If you're looking for a casement air conditioner that's ideal for spaces up to 350 sq. ft. then you don't need to look any further than the Frigidaire FFRS0822S1.

Apart from a dehumidification process of 3 pints per hour, this unit also has easy to use digital controls backed up by a full-function remote control that adds to overall consumer satisfaction. 

Energy Considerations

This heavy-duty option gives you 8000 BTUs with an energy efficiency ratio of 10.9, so you can look forward to a comfortable cooling experience with a minimum of fuss. Additionally, it also offers an energy-saver mode that makes saving up on energy bills a breeze, even though it’s not Energy Star certified. 

Additional Features

The Frigidaire FFRS0822S1 offers users the convenience of three fan speeds and a four-way air direction function that lets you gain control over the airflow. 

It also features an easily retrieved washable mesh filter that allows to rid it of the accumulated particles and bacteria with a simple handwash. 

The unit functions at 55 dB. approximately on the highest fan speeds which means you don't have to worry about noise disturbance. Additionally, it also includes a 24-hour timer, three cooling modes, and a filter light reminder that will let you know when it's time to clean up. 

What we liked
  • Digital controls backed up by a full-function remote control
  • Four-way air direction function that lets you gain control over the airflow
  • Functions at 55 dB. approximately on the highest fan speeds
What we didn't like
  • Some users have complained about the fan power

Other Vertical Window Air Conditioners

Top Features
  • 10,000 BTUs

  • R410 A refrigerant

  • Convenient auto-restart feature

The Global Industrial Casement Window Air Conditioner is another viable option for folks looking for chilled relief. Apart from offering 10,000 BTUs, this aircon also features a user-friendly installation kit that can go a long way in making your life easier. 

Another notable feature of this AC is its R410 A refrigerant that doesn't produce any greenhouse gases and is environmentally sound. 

The unit also includes a convenient auto-restart feature, a sleep mode, and a 24-hour timer. Then, there's also the easily removable and washable air-filter that many users may appreciate.

Top Features
  • 10,000 BTUs

  • Suitable for spaces to 450 sq. ft. in size

  • Dehumidification process can remove up to 1.1 liters of humidity per hour

The Keystone Vertical Window Air Conditioner also brings plenty of power to the table with 10,000 BTUs, apart from being suitable for spaces to 450 sq. ft. in size. 

The aircon shares many similarities with other first-class casement window ACs, such as four-way air direction, three different fan speeds, and a remote controller. It also includes an energy-saving mode and a programmable timer.

The dehumidification process can remove up to 1.1 liters of humidity per hour so that your environment remains comfortably dry and mold-free.

How to Choose a Casement Window Air Conditioner?

Choosing a casement window AC may differ slightly from buying a regular unit. Here are some of the top factors you’ll need to keep in mind before you head out to buy or replace one.

Floor area of the room

A vertical AC's cooling capacity depends on the area of the room it has to cool. For that reason, air conditioners with more British Thermal Units (BTUs) are meant for larger spaces. If you're looking for a vertical AC that can cover 450 sq. ft. then opt for a unit with at least 10,000 BTUs.

Weight of an Vertical Window AC unit

Window air conditioners with 10,000 BTU capacity (or more) are much heavier than their low-BTU powered counterparts. These heavy ACs need to be secured to an exterior wall with the help of a bracket and sleeve to make sure the window can support the unit's weight.

Measure the window opening to ensure it fits!

Any mistake in the length or width of your window’s dimensions can end up denting more than just your wallet, if the AC doesn't fit where it's supposed to. Also, if your vertical window is particularly tall, you may have to invest in some type of filler, such as plexiglass, to cover up the excess space above the air conditioner.


Keep in mind that window air conditioners will block off at least a part of one window. For that reason, you want to make sure that the AC's location doesn't affect your source of natural sunlight or ventilation. There's a reason why people say location is everything!

Energy Rating

Your air conditioner’s energy rating tells you how efficient it is when it comes to saving power and cutting utility costs. To make sure, you save more than you spend over time, get an AC with a high energy efficiency ratio (EER). The higher the EER, the more money you can save.

Casement Window Air Conditioner Features to Consider

If you want to make sure that the air conditioner you purchase gets you value for money – then you need to know which features to focus on. A few specifications may sound more technical than they truly are, and most air conditioners will have a feature or two in common. But, you can cut straight to the point by focusing on the following details.

Filters for a Vertical Window AC

The filters of an air conditioner ensure that the air circulating inside your living space is clean. Additionally, filters also work to increase the lifespan of your AC. 

Due to the placement of vertical air conditioners, it's important you opt for a unit that has an easily-removable filter that you can wash by hand. This will not only help you cut down on expenses because AC filters are somewhat pricey to replace.

Different Fan Speeds and Modes

The temperature outside your house fluctuates and changes throughout the year. That means you need an air conditioner that can match your varying cooling needs. 

Vertical air conditioners that offer various fan speeds and modes can help you adapt to the climate outside more efficiently than models with little to no options. 

Air Direction

The air direction feature lets you control the air-flow of an air conditioner. That may not sound very meaningful, but it can make quite a difference to your level of comfort. 

Without a proper air direction feature, you can end up waking with a sore head in the morning or spend a restless night due to insufficient ventilation. That's why the more diverse an air conditioner's air direction feature is, the better your chances are of a hassle-free cooling experience.

Remote Control of a Casement Window AC

AC remote controls are indispensable for the same reason you can't live without your television remote. Casement window air conditioners with remote controls offer you complete control over the unit's functions without the effort of leaving your spot. 

Some models even include remotes with the ‘follow me' feature that allows you to use the remote from anywhere within the room. 

Timers, Auto Start & Sleep Modes

Air conditioners that offer features such as auto-restart, sleep mode, or timers help extend the product's utility. What's more, these functions can also help you save money. 

For instance, the auto-restart feature allows the air conditioner to switch on and off on its own based on your preferred temperature setting. This means you can cut down on energy costs by not having the air conditioner run overnight needlessly.

Energy Saving Modes

An air conditioner with an energy-saving mode can provide you with comfort while cutting down on the amount of power it consumes.It allows your AC to work without exhausting the compressor to its full capacity or by automatically switching to fan mode once the optimal temperature has been reached. 

An energy-saving function can aid you in looking after your needs and the environment, by reducing overall power consumption.

Common Questions Relating to Vertical Window Air Conditioners

Still have some lingering queries? Take a moment to go through our FAQs to get the answers you need.

What size should I choose?

When it comes to choosing the right size of vertical window ACs, you should consider several of the following factors:

  • Room Size

An air conditioner's cooling capacity largely depends on the area it's meant for. Typically, vertical air conditioners with 8,000 BTUs are best for areas measuring 300-350 sq. ft. For bigger spaces, it is best to opt for more powerful ACs with 10,000 BTUs or more. 

  • Placement

If the area you're buying the AC gets plenty of sunlight, it is likely to remain hot during summers. That's why it's recommended that you get a large aircon for such a space. 

  • Capacity 

If you're buying an aircon for space that's generally crowded at times, such as a living room, then go for the more powerful ACs to make sure the cooling isn't compromised. 

What is a BTU?

BTU stands for British Thermal Unit, and it's a form measurement for energy. BTU is used to gauge the amount of heat an AC can remove from a room. The higher the BTU rating of an air conditioner, the more powerful its cooling capacity is.

Do I need a platform to support the AC?

Heavy vertical window air conditioners require additional support in the form of bracket supports. However, some places may require the use of bracket support for vertical air conditioners regardless of their weight. You'll need to be sure about what the regulations are for window ACs in your area for that reason. 

You can find brackets in home improvement centers or online platforms like Amazon.

How do I install a vertical window AC?

You can try and install a casement AC on your own, but if the unit is large (more than 80 lbs.) or if it's your first time dealing with a vertical aircon, then you should get professional help. 

The process of installing a casement window air conditioner typically kicks off with installing the support base on the window sill. The next step involves installing the platform assembly as per the manual's instructions and finally sliding the window AC in place.

The Verdict

Air conditioners are an investment, so to make sure your air con gives the best value for money, remember to keep all your requirements in mind when you go shopping for one. 

Look for brands that offer extensive warranties and have a good track record of after-sales customer care so that problems with your AC unit can be resolved with a minimum of effort from your side.

Top Pick
A super-effective casement window air conditioner

The Frigidaire FFRS1022R1 AC is a stellar option for casement (or sliding) windows and comes with a handy installation kit.

Top Features
  • 10,000 BTU of cooling power

  • 450 square feet cooling capacity

  • Detailed installation kit


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