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Do you stress and worry about the safety of your loved ones at home? If you do, then this guide is for you. Choosing the right dome security camera can be tricky so we’ve put together a list of the best available dome cameras along with a run-through of what features to look out for when weighing your options.

9.6 Amcrest Full HD 1080P 1920TVL Dome Outdoor Security Camera (Quadbrid 4-in1 HD-CVI/TVI/AHD/Analog), 2MP 1920x1080, 98ft Night Vision, Metal Housing, 3.6mm Lens 90° Viewing Angle, Black (AMC1080DM36-B)
Top PickA metal-housed dome camera for your safety
9.5 Anpviz 5MP PoE IP Dome Camera with Microphone, Audio, IP Security Camera Outdoor Night Vision 98ft Weatherproof IP66 Indoor Outdoor ONVIF Compaliant Wide Angle 2.8mm, #IPC-D250W-S
RUNNER UP OUTDOORA very sturdy dome camera.
9.3 YI Indoor Wireless WiFi Security IP Camera, Smart Nanny Pet Dog Cat Cam with Night Vision, 2-Way Audio, Motion Detection, 360-degree, 1080p, Phone App, Works with Alexa and Google(Black)
RUNNER UP INDOORA smart dome camera with great video quality.
8.9 CACAGOO Video Baby Monitor, Security WiFi Camera 1080P Wireless IP Camera Indoor Home Dome Camera with IR Night Vision/Two-Way Audio, Cloud Storage
A dome camera with cloud storage to prevent data loss.

Dome cameras are turret-style security cameras with built-in infrared LEDs. They are dome-shaped and work even in low to no light conditions. These devices can be installed both indoors and outdoors. They spin around their base, so you won't miss seeing what’s happening in any direction.

Usually, dome cameras have a 5-megapixel resolution and a zoom lens to ensure proper surveillance. They can withstand extreme weather conditions and should be mounted on ceilings or walls.

Types of Dome Cameras

  • Indoor – These dome cameras have high-performance image sensors. They work well in low to no light. 
  • Outdoor – These outdoor dome cameras are built to withstand the harshest weather conditions. They can work day and night to provide the security you need.
Top Pick
A metal-housed dome camera for your safety

This dome camera is cost-effective and offers a great view of its surroundings.

Top Features
  • Night vision works up to 98 feet.
  • It features a metal housing that makes it very durable.
  • 1080p of video resolution.

This outdoor dome camera system features wireless communication and a video resolution of 1080p. Its viewing angle is 90 degrees and it offers very clear images, even in low light. As a matter of fact, its night vision range is 98 feet.

This camera’s output video format is AVI, while its waterproof level is IP66, meaning it’s resistant to extreme weather conditions. You can livestream from anywhere in the world through your phone or any other device by downloading the dedicated app from the Google Play Store or iOS App Store.

This device has 20 powerful infrared LEDs and a long transmission range of 984 feet. Its package comes with the camera and the User Warranty leaflet.

Tech Specs

3G wireless communication
1080p resolution
IP66 waterproof rating
Transmission range of 984 meters
What we liked
  • It has a viewing angle of 90 degrees.
  • The video quality is excellent at 1080p resolution.
  • It features IR LEDs for night vision.
  • It has a waterproof rating of IP66.
  • The user can access livestreaming from anywhere in the world.
What we didn't like
  • A voltage drop takes place when the IR is switched on.
  • It uses more power in night mode.
  • The setup can be complicated for not so tech-savvy people.
A very sturdy dome camera.

This device is perfect for outdoor use, as it’s very durable and rugged.

Top Features
  • It works with NVR and other third-party software.
  • Waterproof and resistant to extreme weather conditions.
  • It features a video resolution of 5 MP.

This outdoor dome camera system has a 5 MP resolution and one-way audio that includes a built-in microphone. The microphone can be used to record audio, but there isn't a speaker installed on it. The camera can be powered over ethernet as well, which allows receiving power and data through a single cable.

Field of View

Going further, this dome camera has a wide field of view with 110 degrees horizontal coverage, and H.265 installed. This helps it consume 50% less data, reducing its footprint to allow greater data storage.

It features a plug compatible with the Anpiz PoE NVR, Laview, LTS, Hikvision, and Lorex, among others. It also supports viewing video feeds on major web browsers, such as IE, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. 


The waterproof rating of this device is IP66, making it ideal for outdoor use. Moreover, the camera can operate in a wide range of temperatures.

The video captured is in the form of MPEG-H. The PoE allows this outdoor camera to receive power and data over the local LAN, utilizing the PoE Injector or Powered Switch. The 2.8 mm lens offers a viewing field of 108 degrees.

Last but not least, this outdoor dome camera also features video compression technology that allows it to store more data in less space. It can be mounted on the wall with a junction box. Its operating voltage is just 12 volts and its microphone has an audio range up to 15 feet.

Tech Specs

5.0 Megapixel (30 FPS Real-time)
PoE or 12V DC
Horizontal: 110 degrees
What we liked
  • Comes with one Ethernet cable for both power and data with PoE.
  • Ideal for outdoor use owing to the high waterproof level.
  • High efficiency video compression allows more video storage.
  • It sends alerts through email or push notifications whenever motion is detected.
  • It has an ultra-wide field of view with 110 degrees of coverage.
What we didn't like
  • It has only one-way audio and no speaker.
  • The infrared LEDs cannot be turned off.
A smart dome camera with great video quality.

The YI Dome Security Camera has a wide range of features including compatibility with Alexa.

Top Features
  • This dome security camera is compatible with Alexa.
  • Great night vision mode.
  • Both iOS and Android apps available for livestreaming.

This wireless dome camera has a 1080 resolution and a 45-degree horizontal with 115-degree vertical rotation range. It features 8 x 940 nm infrared LEDs that can cover up to 3 meters with no light.

The 24/7 emergency service is very useful, not to mention its user-friendly app that can be customized according to any user's needs. There is also a YI cloud service that helps prevent losing data from the SD card in case of damage or write errors.

Motion Detection

This device has a motion detection feature that sends alerts within 10 seconds of detecting movement. What’s also great about it is that it has a baby crying detection mode for the security of your little ones, so it works as a baby monitor, too. It sends a notification whenever crying is detected. You can even calm the baby with the help of the two-way audio feature. 

This Yi Dome Camera can go into auto-cruise mode to survey the area. You can choose up to 8 locations for it to cruise. It’s compatible with Alexa and works well with any screen-based Alexa device.

Lightweight at only 13.7 ounces and compact with 4.33 x 5.91 x 4.33 inch dimensions, this indoor dome camera doesn’t put any pressure on the wall where it’s mounted. It connects to a 2.4 GHz bandwidth wireless network. Unfortunately, 5 GHz frequency is not supported.

Tech Specs

Connects only to a 2.4 GHz bandwidth network
Encryption mode must be WPA or WPA2
1080P video resolution
8 x 940 nm IR LEDs
What we liked
  • 1080P high-quality video.
  • 24/7 emergency response service.
  • User friendly and the app can be customized to the user’s needs.
  • It includes a motion detection feature that sends alerts within 10 seconds.
  • It integrates with YI cloud which prevents the risk of losing data from the SD card.
What we didn't like
  • There is no option to pause video playback.
  • Only one way to access the camera: through the YI app.
  • A reboot is required to remove or add an SD card.
A dome camera with cloud storage to prevent data loss.

This dome security camera system has a two-way audio feature and cloud storage.

Top Features
  • Supports a 64 GB micro SD card.
  • It’s equipped with two-way audio.
  • Comes with cloud storage to help prevent the loss of data.

The best thing about this wireless dome camera is that you can rotate it 355 degrees horizontally and 155 degrees vertically. So, if you happen to select and install it for your baby’s security, you will be able to view the entire room. Its innovative pan and tilt technology and motion detection will come in handy, too.  

Using the two-way audio feature, you can communicate with anyone who’s in front of the camera. All in all, these features make this particular device one of the best indoor dome cameras on the market. 

Night Vision

To enable video capturing at night, this mini dome camera was outfitted with infrared vision. Another of its exciting features is the auto-cruise mode that surveys the surrounding areas horizontally. So, even while you’re away or busy, this dome security camera keeps an eye on everything.

This device supports SD cards of up to 64 GB, so you can save the recordings and view them later on. It records in amazing 1080p resolution, so you won’t have any blurred images.

Tech Specs

1080P & 360° Coverage
Motion Detection
Two-Way Audio Conversation
Infrared Night Vision
Stable WIFI Connection
Multiple Storage
What we liked
  • 1080p high resolution.
  • Innovative design provides 360 degree coverage.
  • Enhanced night vision makes sure you see clearly at night.
  • Comes with a built-in 36 dB mic, speaker and noise-cancelling technology.
What we didn't like
  • Makes noise when the IR light comes on.

Other Notable Products

Top Features
  • Night vision can record up to 80 feet, even when it's pitch dark.
  • Equipped with high-efficiency video compression technology.
  • Supports 1 TB security hard drive storage.

This wireless dome security camera system is jam-packed with amazing features like 90 degrees viewing angle, 1080p resolution, motion detection, and alert system. 

Compared to all the other wireless dome camera systems on the market, it has high-efficiency video compression and an extendable system overview. You can pair the DVR recorder with 4 of these waterproof cameras and set up your very own dome security camera system.

Top Features
  • Compatible with Alexa.
  • Storage features include cloud and local storage options.
  • Equipped with motion and sound detection.

It should come as no surprise that this wireless dome camera has a video resolution of up to 1080p. Furthermore, it provides video and audio detection. You can stay alert and connected with its smart artificial intelligence alerts and two-way audio feature.

Two amazing modes that this camera has are night vision and privacy mode. So, if purchasing this product, make sure to try them out.

Top Features
  • Equipped with 4x optical zoom and pan and tilt features.
  • Easy set–up with quick power over Ethernet.
  • Compatible with different software and multiple NVRs.

The JideTech dome camera comes with flexible pan, tilt and zoom options. In addition, the video resolution offered is 1080p at 18 frames per second. 

As this dome camera uses Power Over Ethernet (POE), you will only have to connect it with one single cable for both Ethernet and power.

Should I Buy a Dome Camera?

Security and Peace of Mind

All the products in this rundown will provide you with security and peace of mind while away from home. With efficient video capturing features working even at night thanks to built-in infrared LEDs, you can capture even the smallest movement.

All the above-mentioned dome cameras have motion detection and send alert triggers by email or push notifications within seconds of any detection.

The user can even livestream the video on their phone or PC using the company’s dedicated app or software. Constant supervision using these products ensures the security of your loved ones.

Easy Dome Camera Installation

All of the dome security camera systems selected here come with a user manual that walks users through the installation process.

Following the step by step instructions in the user manual, even a layman will be able to install these products without too much hassle. So, you will not have to enlist a professional to assist with the installation of your dome security camera system.

Pet Monitoring and Baby Monitoring with Crying Detection

Another amazing feature that is present in all these dome cameras is that they come with pet- and baby monitoring features. These functionalities further ensure the safety of your pets and little ones. 

Most of the products above have two-way audio, which enables you to communicate with your baby when you are away from their room. Plus, with the motion detector, you will be notified when the baby or your pet makes an unexpected move.

Smart Home Hub and Voice Assistant Integration

Some of these wireless dome security camera systems are compatible with Alexa and Google Home along with a range of smart hubs. So, the user can connect the smart voice assistants with the security camera for easy integration. 

Using the voice command feature, you can instruct the security camera to alter its operations. This feature makes operating mini dome cameras super-efficient.

Flexibility and Remote Control

Some of these products are flexible and rugged enough to use both indoors and outdoors. The wide viewing angle truly shines outdoors. Using the applications and software that come with these cameras, you can control them remotely.

Dome Camera Features to Consider

Resolution and Field of View

These dome cameras are able to provide higher security as they have high resolutions ranging from 720p to 1080p. Thus, they are able to capture the smallest object without making the video blurry. 

Furthermore, the high resolution makes sure the zoom feature is efficient. So, even when you zoom in on the video, you will be able to see the smallest details very clearly. 

They’re also designed to have a great field of view and rotation, so you don’t have any blind spots in your surveillance. Some of the dome cameras are equipped with pan and tilt features in order to capture any disturbance within 360 degrees.

Audio Recording and Two-Way Audio

The audio recording feature helps a dome camera detect the slightest changes in audio and sends alerts almost instantly, enhancing security. 

Plus, the two-way audio allows one to receive and transmit audio through the camera. This added feature is great when having to communicate with babies or pets from another location.

Night Vision and Motion Detection Alerts

The night vision mode of these innovative cameras enables surveillance even on long distances during the night, so you can sleep safe and sound. 

Night vision works efficiently thanks to the use of infrared LEDs. Moreover, all these devices provide motion detection alerts and send emails or push notifications within seconds of identifying any disturbance.

Remote Access and Control, Smartphone App

Using the application that the company has specifically created for their dome security camera system, you can livestream surveillance footage. Regardless of where you are, the remote access feature will allow you to view your house or belongings within seconds.

Dome camera smartphone applications can be customized according to your needs and preferences.

Video Storage – Cloud vs DVR

DVR here means to connect the security camera with a physical device like an SD card or a hard disk. On establishing this connection, you will be able to store data and view it later on. 

On the other hand, cloud storage requires internet access as the data is stored over the internet and no physical device is required. 

A comparatively greater advantage of the cloud service is that it also prevents the risk of losing data in case of hardware issues or write errors.

Smart Home Hub and Voice Assistant Integration

Some of these wireless dome cameras are compatible with Alexa or Google Home. So, the user can connect the smart voice assistant with the dome security camera and send commands through voice. 

Such cameras do not need wired connections as they operate using Wi-Fi. You can easily access them from different devices like phones, desktops, laptops, or tablets.

Weatherproof and Vandal-proof

Among the ultimate outdoor security cameras available on the market, all the previously mentioned dome camera systems have an IP66 water-resistance rating. This means they can resist heavy rain and snow. 

The high vandal-proof level makes them resistant to any shock or vibration. These features make dome cameras super durable, so you can expect them to last for a very long time.

Power Options – Wired or Wireless

The thing with wired cameras is that they need an additional power source to charge, and wiring them up can be a hassle. Power over Ethernet makes life easy since you can provide data and energy services directly to the cameras with a single cable.

With wireless battery-powered cameras, zero wires are required. They have a built-in battery that lasts for a long time and only needs to be changed once in a while.

Common Questions Relating to Dome Cameras

What is the difference between an indoor and outdoor dome camera?

An indoor dome camera is lighter when compared to an outdoor dome camera. It typically requires less waterproofing and vandal-proofing.

Outdoor dome cameras are bulkier and have higher water- or vandal-resistance. Thus, they can survive the harshest weather conditions.

How do I install a dome camera?

Dome cameras can be mounted on the ceiling or walls. You can drill holes at the desired position, mount the unit, and connect the service wires. 

Care needs to be taken to ensure the camera is pointed in the direction requiring surveillance.

Are dome cameras better than bullet cameras?

Dome cameras are mostly considered better than bullet cameras as they offer more flexibility with a wider field of view. Typically, they can be installed indoors and outdoors, which makes them more versatile.

Bullet cameras are more of a visual deterrent than dome cameras, which have a slicker profile.

What is two-way audio?

Two-way audio is a feature in dome cameras that allows users to receive as well as transmit audio via the camera. 

This feature is highly useful in monitoring pets and babies, since it allows the user to interact with the person or pet on the other side of the camera.

The Verdict

With this list of innovative cameras at your disposal, home security has never been simpler. 

This rundown highlights the best dome cameras available to enhance your security while also diving into features to consider when making your decision. 

Based on our research, we believe the Amcrest Full HD Outdoor Dome Camera is the best outdoor dome camera available while the YI 1080p Dome Security Camera is our top pick for indoor monitoring.

Top Pick
A metal-housed dome camera for your safety

This dome camera is cost-effective and offers a great view of its surroundings.

Top Features
  • Night vision works up to 98 feet.
  • It features a metal housing that makes it very durable.
  • 1080p of video resolution.


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