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If you're dealing with a Schlage lock that's malfunctioning, considering selling it, have lost its access codes, or want to connect it to another smart home gadget, you may need to carry out a factory reset.

Resetting Schlage locks doesn't require a lot of effort, you only need to follow a simple procedure and ensure you’ve got the default programming and access codes to hand.

So stick with this article because, here, I’ll walk you through how to perform a factory reset on all the different Schlage Lock models.


Although the exact process for resetting Schlage locks may differ based on the model,below are some common things shared across all the different models.

  • Disconnecting the battery: In most models, except for the Schlage Encode lineup, the first step usually involves disconnecting the lock's battery. This action halts the lock's power supply, allowing you to easily reset the lock.
  • Pressing the Schlage button: This action is generally required in most Schlage model resets, especially to help clear the memory of Schlage locks after you remove the battery. It could involve pressing and holding the button or quickly pressing and releasing it.
  • Reconnecting the battery: After clearing the memory, you need to reconnect the battery and allow the Smart Lock to boot up in the default state.
  • LED indicator lights or beeps: Most Schlage models use a combination of indicator light color changes and beeping sounds to signal a successful factory reset. Pay close attention to these cues and look for a solid green light and a beep, which usually represents a successful reset.
  • 10-second window: In many Schlage models, the time window to perform a factory reset is pretty narrow. You must follow each step within 10 seconds of each other to avoid a timeout.
  • Default codes: After performing a factory reset on any Schlage model, the lock will revert to its default programming and access codes. It's crucial to have these codes on hand, as you'll need them to regain access and program the lock to your desired settings.

By understanding these common things shared across all Schlage lock models, you can better understand the factory reset process regardless of the lock you own.

To learn more about removing the batteries on your lock, check out this guide.

Model-Specific Factory Reset Instructions

So now, let’s go through the different models and talk about how you can perform a factory reset.

Schlage Encode Plus

Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt with Apple Keys Compatibility

Model Schlage Encode Plus 2 2 2

Thankfully, the Encode and Encode Plus Schlage Smart Lock models have a simple factory reset procedure that doesn’t require you to remove the batteries. You only need to slide out the battery cover and hold the reset button.

However, don’t forget that performing a factory default reset will erase all programmed codes and virtual keys in your Schlage Smart Lock.

Ensure you have your default codes handy to reprogram the lock afterward.

The default codes can be found on a label on the back of the printed quick start guide, as well as inside the lock, underneath the battery cover.

image 10
Location of Default Codes on the Schlage Encode

Factory Reset Procedure for the Schlage Encode/Encode Plus

  1. To factory reset your Schlage Encode Plus, first, remove the battery cover on the indoor side.
  2. Next, press and hold the black circle reset button located to the right of the thumb turn.
  3. The LED will flash red; continue to hold the button until the LED stops flashing (approximately 7 seconds). Learn more about the flashing red light here.
  4. The LED will then turn solid blue to indicate that the factory default reset is complete (this may take up to 10 seconds).
  5. To verify that the reset was successful, enter one of the default user codes.
  6. If the reset is successful, the bolt will eject and retract once from the edge of the door.
image 1 2
Reset Button and LED indicators on the Schlage Encode

Schlage Encode

Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt

Model Schlage Encode Three 1 2

The Schlage Encode shares a similar procedure, where you have to press the reset button and wait for confirmation from the LED.

When the lock is reset to factory defaults, you'll need to reprogram your access codes and virtual keys, as the previous codes will be deleted to ensure security.

A factory reset not only clears all previous codes and settings but also restores secure communication within the smart lock system, offering you a fresh start to move the lock and set it up on a different door or troubleshoot any issues.

Schlage Sense

Smart Bluetooth Deadbolt

Model Schlage Sense 1 1

Although the factory reset procedure is not as simple as the Encode, the Schlage Sense has a pretty straightforward method. 

However, before you do anything, make sure to have the default codes on hand. You can find the default codes on the printed user guide or on the back of the alarm assembly. 

image 11
Location of the Default Codes on the Schlage Sense

Factory Reset Procedure for the Schlage Sense

Follow these simple steps to reset the Schlage Sense and get your lock ready for a fresh start.

  1. Disconnect batteries.
  2. Press and hold the outside Schlage button.
  3. Continue holding the button while reconnecting the batteries.
  4. Release the button.
  5. Install the lock on the new door, if necessary.
  6. Test with default access code.
  7. Wait for the setup routine to complete.
image 8
Battery Replace Instructions on the Schlage Sense

Schlage Connect

Electronic Lock with Z-Wave Plus

Model Schlage Connect Two 2

The Schlage Connect shares a similar type of battery compartment and housing to that of the Schlage Sense. Because of this, the factory reset instructions are also similar. 

Regardless, here’s a step-by-step of how you can factory restore the Schlage Connect:

Factory Reset Procedure for the Schlage Connect

  1. First, slide out the back cover on the inside of the lock
  2. Remove the lock's batteries to cut its power.
  3. Press the Schlage logo button and hold it while re-inserting the batteries.
  4. Test the lock using a default code from the user guide to ensure the reset was successful.

As always, don’t forget to find the default programming code and user access codes. Located on the user guide or the back of the alarm assembly, you need these codes to regain access to a factory-reset Schlage Connect Lock.

Schlage Connected Keypad BE369

Electronic Lock with Z-Wave

Model Connected Keypad 2

The Schlage Connected Keypad BE369, and older models, follow a more traditional process of factory resetting. Even so, it’s quite easy to manage, so please check out the instructions below and keep your default codes ready.

The default codes are usually indicated on the installation instructions guide and the back of the keypad (you might need to disassemble the lock to find it.)

image 1 1
Find the Default Codes on the Schlage BE369 Connected Keypad

Factory Reset Procedure for The Schlage Connected Keypad BE369

  1. Unscrew the inside cover of the Schlage lock
  2. Disconnect the 9V battery from the BE369 lock.
  3. Press and release the Schlage button located on the lock keypad (no need to hold it down).
  4. Reconnect the 9V battery, ensuring the Schlage logo button is no longer illuminated.
  5. Within ten seconds, press and hold the Schlage button until a green light and a beep signal a successful reset.

Schlage Touch Deadbolt BE375

Electronic Lock with touchscreen

Model Schlage Touch 1 3

The older Touch models, such as the Deadbolt BE375 have an easy-to-perform factory reset procedure.

However, before proceeding, please find the default codes on the printed user/installation guide or behind the touchscreen. 

image 12
Location of the Default Programming Codes on the Schlage Touch Series

Factory Reset Procedure for the Schlage Touch Smart Lock models (BE375, FE695)

  1. Start by unscrewing the battery panel on the indoor side of the Schlage touch smart lock.
  2. Disconnect the lock's 9V battery.
  3. Press and release the outdoors Schlage logo button.
  4. Within the next 10 seconds, Reconnect the battery and wait for the indicator light to turn green for a second.
  5. Immediately, press and hold the Schlage button until the indicator light turns green again and the lock beeps.
  6. Verify the lock has been reset by entering one of the default user codes.
  7. Tuck the battery back in and reinstall the panel cover. Make sure, you don’t crimp any wires while doing so.
image 6
Battery Replace Panel on the Schlage Touch Smart Locks

Schlage Touch Lever FE695

Electronic Lock with Touchscreen

Model Schlage Touch Lever 3

The Schlage touch lever also follows similar instructions to the Touch Deadbolt BE375. Make sure to check the above guide and follow the instructions. Also, don't forget to ready the default programming and user codes and safeguard them should you need to perform a factory reset in the future. 

Schlage Keypad Deadbolt BE365

Electronic Lock with Keypad

Model Schlage Keypad Deadbolt 1 1

The factory reset procedure for the Schlage Keypad Deadbolt is somewhat similar to the common factory resetting procedure. Also, it shares the same internals with the FE575 and FE595 keypad lever models.

Let’s walk through the factory resetting guide. However, before proceeding, don’t forget to ready your default programming and user access codes. They can be found on the front of the printed user guide and behind the keypad.

image 7
How to find the default programming code on the Schlage Keypad variants

Factory Resetting Procedure for Schlage Keypad Models (BE365, FE575, and FE595)

  1. First, take out the rear panel on the inside of the Schlage lock by removing the two screws using a screwdriver. 
  2. Disconnect the 9V battery.
  3. Press and release the Schlage button (don’t hold it)
  4. Immediately, within 10 seconds, perform the following actions:
    1. Reconnect the battery (the Schlage button will light green for one second).
    2. Press and hold the Schlage button until it lights green and beeps.
  5. Test with a default User Code.
  6. If the reset is successful, tuck the 9V battery back in and re-install the cover. Make sure any wires are safely tucked inside without crimping.
image 9
Taking out the battery on Schlage keypad-style electronic locks

Schlage Keypad Lever FE575, FE595

Electronic Lock with Keypad

Model Keypad Lever 1 2

As mentioned, the Keypad Lever FE575 and FE595 models share the same reset instructions as the guide mentioned above. Please get your default codes ready and check out that guide.

When to Perform A Factory Reset

A factory reset of your Schlage smart lock can serve various purposes – whether that’s repositioning the lock to a different door, recovering a forgotten code, or forcing the device to unpair, because of security reasons.

  • Relocating the lock: Factory resetting is recommended if you’re moving the lock to a new door or leaving it to a new owner. However, don’t forget to include the printed user guide (if possible) and make sure the default codes on the lock itself aren’t erased or faded out. 
  • Forgotten Programming Code: In the case of a misplaced or forgotten programming code, performing a factory reset will restore the lock to its default codes, allowing you to regain control.
  • Unpairing from mobile devices/home automation hubs: If you have set up your lock using a mobile app or smart hub and wish to disconnect from all paired devices, a factory default reset will erase all codes and unpair the lock, providing a clean slate for future use. You will then need to reconnect to systems like Google Home.

Things to Consider Before Carrying Out a Factory Reset

Before initiating a factory reset on your Schlage Smart Lock, here are a few crucial aspects to be aware of.

  • First and foremost, ensure you have the default Programming and Access codes available, which can be found on the guide's front or the Alarm Assembly's back.
  • It's important to note that a factory reset will restore these default codes and wipe out all existing access codes as well as the current Programming Code.
  • Customer service cannot retrieve lost codes especially the default ones printed on the user guide and inside the lock.
  • If you’ve interfaced the lock with an app, use the app to delete the lock.
  • The app will attempt to revert the lock to its original factory settings.
  • However, if the reset is unsuccessful through the app, you may need to try the manual methods outlined in this guide or contact customer service.


Regardless of the model, factory resetting a Schlage smart lock doesn't require extra tools or professional help. A good old factory reset can help troubleshoot issues, restore the lock to its default settings, or prepare it for a new door/owner.

That said, always remember to make a note of your access codes and reconfigure your smart home connections after the reset.

By taking these measures, and following the model-specific steps laid out in our guide, you can easily reset and maintain your Schlage smart lock's performance, security, and convenience.


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