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A thermostat with Wi-Fi capabilities provides sophisticated features. It not only allows you to control the temperature from a distance for optimal comfort, but it also responds to voice instructions. Plus, this device simplifies the process of incorporating the thermostat into smart home systems like Alexa and Google Assistant.

But if you’re still unsure of how to set up your Honeywell thermostat with your home’s Wi-Fi network, this guide will show you how. 

So, let’s get into it!


Despite the various models of Honeywell thermostats, their Wi-Fi setup processes share some common steps and key features. So before you head into the model-specific instructions, make sure to read up on this overview.

  1. Accessing Wi-Fi settings through the thermostat's menu: In most models, the WiFi setup starts from the menu options on the thermostat screen. Users can navigate and choose the Wi-Fi-related options to initiate the connection process.
  2. Connecting to the home network: For most models, you will need to select your home network from the list of available WiFi networks after the thermostat scans its surroundings.
  3. Entering the network password: Every model requires users to provide their home network's password to initiate a secure connection between the thermostat and the internet.
  4. Registration for remote access: After successfully connecting the thermostat to WiFi, most models require users to register the thermostat through the Honeywell Home app or the Total Connect Comfort website.

The Benefits of Connecting a Honeywell Smart Thermostat to Wi-Fi

Although these Honeywell smart thermostats don’t need to be connected to the Wi-Fi in order to operate as a non-smart programmable thermostat, I highly recommend doing so because of the advantages outlined below: 

  • Enable remote access: Monitor and adjust your heating/cooling system settings from anywhere using a smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • Simplify scheduling: Conveniently set temperature schedules and make adjustments with ease.
  • Flexible schedule: Get access to more efficient and reliable schedule modes such as geofencing
  • Vacation Hold: Set up a vacation hold for thermostats that don’t natively allow it.
  • Stay informed: Receive important alerts and updates via push notifications and email, including maintenance reminders and system notifications.
  • Automatic updates: Keep your thermostat up-to-date with the latest features and improvements.
  • Enhanced climate awareness: Access weather forecasts, and real-time outdoor temperature and humidity information to optimize your home's energy consumption.
  • Voice Commands: Integrate with voice assistants such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to issue voice commands or set up routines with smart home hubs.
  • Bypass Screen Lock: Control the app remotely, even when the screen lock is engaged

Honeywell Apps

There are two different mobile apps for connecting Honeywell thermostats. These are the Honeywell Home app for the more recent models and Honeywell Total Connect Comfort for the older models (such as the RTH6500WF smart series).

Regardless of their differences, both apps enable remote monitoring and integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Home/Assistant.

In the model-specific guide below, I’ll mention which app is supported for each model.

Model-Specific Instructions for Connecting a Honeywell Thermostat to Wi-Fi

Before you continue, make sure to:

  • Have a smartphone or other smart device (android tablet or iPad) with the compatible app already downloaded and installed
  • The Wi-Fi password of the network. If you don’t know the Wi-Fi password, you can check the back of the router or access the Wi-Fi settings via your computer or smartphone. 
  • The Wi-Fi connection is not a guest network, business, or enterprise connection
  • It runs on the 2.4GHz band.

With all that said, let’s get into the model-specific instructions for linking up your Honeywell smart thermostat to Wi-Fi. 

T9 and T10 Pro

Smart thermostat with touchscreen

  • Compatible App: Honeywell Home

For the more recent T9 and T10 variants, connecting to the Wi-Fi network, switching between different networks, and disabling Wi-Fi are relatively more straightforward thanks to the advanced touchscreen display.

This also makes troubleshooting Wi-Fi issues a breeze since you don’t need to carry out Wi-Fi resets every time you need to switch to a hotspot or different network.

Connect to Wi-Fi

  1. Wake up the touch display by tapping anywhere within it
  2. Then tap on the menu button at the bottom (Three horizontal lines)
  3. From the menu options, scroll down and tap on “Wi-Fi”
  4. Then touch on “Choose Network”
  5. Finally, select a Wi-Fi network from the list and enter the password, if necessary.
T10 Pro Connect to Wi Fi
How to choose a Wi-Fi network on a Honeywell T10 style thermostat

Connecting to the Wi-Fi helps the thermostat adjust the time and get outside weather information. However, to truly leverage the convenience of these smart thermostats, I highly recommend pairing them up with the Honeywell Home App.

Connect to the App

  1. Open the menu on the thermostat
  2. Then, find the option titled “Connect App.” Tap on it
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your thermostat in pairing mode
  4. After that, open the Honeywell Home app on your smartphone or smart device
  5. Tap on the setting named “Add New Device”
  6. Pick the device model from the list, then tap on it
  7. Wait for the app to pick up the thermostat
  8. After the connection is successful, assign a location to the thermostat or create a new one.
Honeywell Home app add new device
Adding the T10-style thermostat to the Honeywell Home App

You can then easily switch between different networks or unlink the thermostat from the app. However, unlike the older models, you don’t always need to disconnect the device from the app just so you could switch to a different network. 

T6 Pro Smart and T6 Pro Z-Wave

Smart thermostat with touchscreen

T6 Pro Z Wave
  • Compatible App: Honeywell Home

The T6-style Honeywell thermostats don’t feature a fully-fledged touchscreen, so they can be less flexible and lack certain options such as the ability to disable Wi-Fi. 

Connect to the App

To set up your T6 Pro style thermostat with the Honeywell Home app:

  1. First, make sure the initial installation of the thermostat is complete.
  2. Then, open the Honeywell Home app and create an account if you haven’t done so already
  3. After that, pick on the option to “Add New Device”
  4. Follow on-screen instructions to set the thermostat in pairing mode.

Here, you might have to interact with the thermostat during the pairing process, so make sure you’re closer to the thermostat when carrying this out. 

Disconnect and Reconnect to a Wi-Fi Network

Apart from carrying out a Wi-Fi reset, you can also disconnect the thermostat from the Honeywell Home app and reconnect to the same or different network. Here’s how:

  1. Open the Honeywell Home app
  2. Select the device you want to disconnect from
  3. Then, tap on the settings button at the top-right (the gear wheel icon)
  4. From the menu that opens up, tap on “Thermostat Configuration”
  5. Then, tap on “Delete Thermostat”
  6. Confirm these changes
  7. To reconnect, you can add the device again using the steps above. 
T6 Pro Smart Remove From App
Removing the thermostat from the Honeywell Home app


Smart Thermostat with Touchscreen

T5 1
  • Compatible App: Honeywell Home

Setting up the Honeywell T5+ During Initial Set Up

  1. First touch “START SETUP” on the thermostat screen.
  2. Next, select “Yes” on the “USE APP” screen.
  3. Your thermostat will now be ready to be configured with the Honeywell Home app.
  4. Open the Honeywell Home app and see if the app shows the thermostat. Make sure you’ve created an account on the app.
  5. If not, tap on “Add New Device” and pick your Honeywell T5+ from the list. 
  6. Then, follow the instructions given by the app.

Setting Up Wi-Fi at a Later Time

To initiate pairing mode in your Honeywell T5+ after the initial setup, you can:

  1. Tap on the “Menu” button on the thermostat home screen
  2. Then, use the left and right arrows to find the “Wi-Fi” settings. 
  3. When this option shows up, tap on “Select” to head into the menu.
  4. After that, follow the options available or select the “WiFi Setup” option. 

Unlinking from the App

If you wish to unlink your thermostat from the app, open the app, select your thermostat, tap on the gear button icon and then choose “Thermostat Configuration.”

Finally, tap “Delete Thermostat.”

You can reconnect the thermostat at any time using the Wi-Fi settings mentioned earlier.

9000/8000 VisionPRO Series

Smart Thermostat with a touchscreen display

90008000 series all 1
  • Compatible App: Total Connect Comfort Mobile App and Web Portal

Although much older and reliant on the Resideo Total Connect Apps, the 9000 and 8000 series offer more flexibility in switching between Wi-Fi networks thanks to their full-featured Wi-Fi module and touchscreen display. 

So despite slight variations, between the 9000 and 8000 series, especially since the 8000 series doesn’t have enough space for a touchscreen keyboard, you can still pick the available networks and type in the password through the display itself. 

However, before you can connect to the app, you need to register the thermostat online through the Total Connect Comfort web portal. This is best carried out on a computer or laptop. 

Connecting to the Wi-Fi Network

  1. Begin by accessing the thermostat's MENU and tapping on Wi-Fi Setup.
  2. If it's your first time setting up the thermostat (either after a fresh installation or factory reset), you will be greeted with a message saying “Do you Want to Connect this Thermostat to a Wi-Fi Network Now?” Touch “Yes” to confirm. 
  3. After that, you will be redirected to a list of available Wi-Fi networks
  4. If your home’s Wi-Fi network doesn’t show up, tap on “Rescan” to refresh the list. If it still doesn’t show up, try repositioning your router or setting up a system to improve signal coverage. 
  5. (For 9000 Series) Select your home network and enter its password using the on-screen keyboard.
  6. (For 8000 Series) Use the up and down arrow buttons to modify the characters, and the left and right arrow buttons to move between them.
  7. (For 8000 Series) To switch between uppercase and lowercase, use the up and down arrow buttons at the bottom of the screen.
  8. After successfully connecting, note down the Thermostat MAC and Thermostat CRC, as you'll need them for registration purposes.
9000 series mac address
MAC and CRC Address on the Honeywell 9000 Series

Also, you can check out this video for a visual step-by-step

Register Thermostat

To register your thermostat: 

  1. Visit the Total Connect Comfort website at
  2. Log in or create an account.
  3. If you're a new user, follow the on-screen instructions and verify your email address to activate the account. Give it several minutes and don’t forget to check your spam folder for the confirmation email.
  4. Once logged in, proceed to register your Wi-Fi thermostat by entering its MAC ID and MAC CRC.

Alternatively, you can find these credentials on the “Register Online” screen or on the Thermostat ID Card included in the packaging.

Note: The IDs aren’t case-sensitive.

Thermostat ID Card
ID Card of the Honeywell 9000/8000 Series displaying the MAC and CRC Addresses

RTH6500WF Smart Series

Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat

FocusPRO 6000 Series 1

As the oldest model with smart capabilities, the RTH6500WF Smart Series thermostat allows WiFi setup through a not-so-tedious, 3-step process. These include

  1. Connecting your mobile device to the thermostat's Wi-Fi network
  2. Accessing the thermostat’s Wi-Fi setup using a web browser on your smart device
  3. Registering the thermostat on the total connect comfort web portal.

Now, let’s go through these steps to connect and register the RTH6500WF.

1. Connecting to the Thermostat’s Wi-Fi Network

  1. First, make sure the RTH6500WF is in pairing mode, this is indicated by a “Wi-Fi Setup” label displayed at the top of the thermostat home screen.
  2. If instead, the thermostat display shows Wi-Fi signal bars, it might be connected to the network already. 
  3. To remove the thermostat from this previous network, you might have to carry a Wi-Fi reset using steps 4-8 mentioned below. Otherwise, skip over to step 9.
  4. To reset the Wi-Fi, press and hold both the “Fan” and “Up” arrow buttons until the home screen changes.
  5. Then, keep pressing the “Next” button until the display shows “39” on the left side of the screen. 
  6. After that, use the Up or Down arrows until the number displayed on the right side changes from “1” to “0.”
  7. Then, press “Done” and wait for up to two minutes for the Wi-Fi reset to complete.
  8. The home screen will then display “Wi-Fi Set-Up” 
  9. Now, turn on Airplane mode in your smart device and then turn on the Wi-Fi (so it doesn’t run into interference from other networks).
  10. After that, browse the list of available Wi-Fi networks on your smart device and pick the thermostat’s Wi-Fi network. It’s usually displayed as “New_Thermostat xxxxxx.”
  11. If your phone automatically connects to multiple Wi-Fi networks (Such as your tablet, iPad, or home’s 5Ghz band), make sure to forget all these other networks or disable the option to connect automatically.
  12. After connecting to the thermostat’s Wi-Fi, your smart device may display a prompt indicating that this Wi-Fi network doesn’t have access to the internet. Don’t worry about this error message and simply pick the option to “Stay Connected.” Don’t let the device default to another network.
6500 series Wi Fi setup
How to tell if the Honeywell 6500WF is connected to the Wi-Fi or not

2. Accessing the thermostat’s Wi-Fi setup using a web browser on your smart device

  1. Once connected, open a web browser on your smart device.
  2. Then type in the web address “” into the window and press or tap on “Enter”
  3. Then, follow the instructions on this page to input your home’s Wi-Fi details into the thermostat.
  4. After you’ve submitted the correct password for your home’s Wi-Fi password, and confirmed changes, the thermostat will disconnect and automatically switch over to your home’s network. 
  5. Now, check if the thermostat display is showing the Wi-Fi signal bars instead of the “Wi-Fi Setup” message. 
  6. If not, wait a couple of minutes and try again. 

3. Registering the Thermostat

  1. After the thermostat has connected to your home’s network, visit to register your thermostat.
  2. After that, create a Resideo account or log in.
  3. Set the location of the thermostat
  4. After that, submit the MAC ID and CRC found on the back of the thermostat. You can also find this information in the user manual, thermostat ID card, or warranty card.
  5. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to conclude the registration process. 


The process of connecting a Honeywell smart thermostat to the Wi-Fi can seem very complicated. 

But as long as you follow the instructions laid out in the guide above, you’ll be able to connect to the Wi-Fi and take full advantage of its smart capabilities.


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