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Honeywell and Ecobee are acknowledged as prominent players in the thermostat business. Honeywell has successfully maintained market domination due to its long-standing presence, whereas Ecobee is quickly rising in prominence mostly because of its trailblazing smart thermostat technology. The aim of this article is to emphasize the range of products offered by both brands, thus aiding you in choosing the ideal thermostat for your house.

Honeywell vs ecobee
9.3 Ecobee
WinnerIntegrated voice assistant

So, why would you want a smart thermostat? The real question is, why wouldn’t you? A smart thermostat allows you to control your HVAC system using your phone or voice while allowing it to become more efficient over time!

Ecobee has taken a leaf from the Nest thermostat with a built-in feature to learn from your routine to create customized schedules. It can also recommend changes to your existing schedule based on your routine. Whereas Honeywell is a better choice for those who want to be able to program the settings to their liking.

Smart Thermostat Head to Head


Ecobee 4 Smart Thermostat

Integrated voice assistant


Ecobee SmartThermostat with Voice Control uses SmartSensor technology to adjust temperatures based on room occupancy. It claims to help in saving up to 23% on your HVAC costs every year. The smart thermostat takes less than an hour to install!

You can control the thermostat with the user-friendly phone app from your smartphone, tablet, computer, or Apple Watch. The thermostat has Alexa built-in which is a great feature, particularly if you don’t have an Echo speaker lying around. With Alexa you can adjust the temperature settings using your voice.

Honeywell Home

Model(s): RCHT9610WFSW2003

Honeywell Home T9 WIFI Smart Thermostat allows you to change the temperature in any given room manually or let the Smart Room Sensors figure out which rooms are most populated and thus should be focused on. That said, the thermostat can handle more than one room at once!

Adjust the temperature on your thermostat with just a few clicks on your phone or use the programming feature to fit your schedule.


  • Elegant design with a glass finish and a touch display.
  • Touchscreen interface and an intuitive app make the thermostat easy to use.
  • Works well with most smart home systems and voice assistants, including Alexa and Google Assistant.


  • Programming detailed and complex schedules can be a little tricky.


  • The sensors reach up to 200 feet and even further.
  • The touchscreen display is stylish and easy to operate with a friendly user interface.
  • The thermostat is easy to install yourself and compatible with most homes.


  • The thermostat cannot learn your schedule automatically, you need to program it manually.
  • The mobile app can be slow when delivering real-time updates.


Ecobee 4 Smart Thermostat
Honeywell Home T9 WIFI Smart Thermostat

Both smart thermostats are relatively easy to install. Though the ease of installation will likely depend on your skills and experience, you don’t need to call in a professional unless you have a very specific HVAC configuration. 

Ecobee claims their thermostat can be installed in under 45 minutes with no extra help. There is a video that you can follow that will guide you through the installation process. You can also find a detailed guide on the official ecobee mobile app. If all else fails, the company invites you to call the support team and ask for help!

Honeywell Home claims that their thermostat is just as easy to install as their competitors'. There is an installation guide available that you can follow closely for easy setup. There is a power adapter included in the package that replaces a C-Wire to provide a constant stream of power to the device. That makes the thermostat even easier to install and highly compatible with most HVAC systems. 

Overall, it appears as though both contenders offer quick and easy installation. If you’re worried about setting things up, you can’t go wrong with either option.

Style & Design

Ecobee 4 Smart Thermostat
Honeywell Home T9 WIFI Smart Thermostat

Sure, we’ll get to talking about the technical features and capabilities of these thermostats, but first, let’s discuss style and design. This is a category where both products really shine! 

The ecobee smart thermostat has a beautiful shape that is neither extravagant nor too harsh or boring. Its lack of sharp edges automatically makes it feel cosy, while its crisp glass display allows for easy viewing and programming. Overall, the smart thermostat will look quite, for lack of a better word, smart, in your home!

The thermostat offered by Honeywell Home is slightly less interesting to look at. The shape is nice and soft, and the white colorway will fit in well with any color variations on your wall. The beauty of the T9 smart thermostat is in its simplicity. If you’re looking for a thermostat that will blend in with the surroundings, this is a great option.

Though both thermostats are beautiful in their design, the Honeywell Home model is slightly underwhelming in comparison to the ecobee.

Programming & Learning Capabilities

Ecobee 4 Smart Thermostat
Honeywell Home T9 WIFI Smart Thermostat

Finally, we’re getting to the important stuff! Programming and learning capabilities are important features customers look for in a smart thermostat. 

The smart thermostat by ecobee can learn your daily schedule and even give you recommendations that will help lower heating costs. The occupancy sensor will automatically adjust the temperature when you leave the room/house, and again when you return. Programming the thermostat to follow a complex schedule can be tricky, but you can always ask the support team for help, or let the thermostat adjust the temperature automatically.

The T9 smart thermostat by Honeywell Home is quite the opposite. It cannot learn your schedule automatically, so you need to program it yourself. You can choose the temperature for each room manually or let the thermostat do that for you. It does so by using occupancy sensors to detect which rooms are in use. Naturally, the ones that are in use get the most comfort, be it heat in the winter, or cool air in the summer. 

Smartphone App

Ecobee 4 Smart Thermostat
Honeywell Home T9 WIFI Smart Thermostat

One of the features that make a smart thermostat smart is the official app you can use to control the device. Of course, both ecobee and Honeywell Home have their very own apps that make changing the temperature in your home easier than ever.

The ecobee app not only lets you control your indoor climate, but also offers a myriad of other helpful features. These include notifications sent when the system needs maintenance. You will also get a notification if the temperature in your house has become dangerously low which can lead to frozen or burst pipes. 

Honeywell Home lets you monitor the usage of all your Honeywell Home devices. You will get a handy reminder when you need to change the air filter, as well as when temperatures fall or rise way above the norm, leading to possible problems. Your thermostat can also determine when you’re home or away using your phone’s location. It can then adjust the temperature automatically and shave a few dollars off your electricity bill for the month.

Smart Features, Integrations & Extensibility

Ecobee 4 Smart Thermostat
Honeywell Home T9 WIFI Smart Thermostat

What’s a smart thermostat without any smart features? Here are some capabilities that help the ecobee smart thermostat and Honeywell Home T9 Wi-Fi smart thermostat stand out from the crowd. 

The ecobee smart thermostat boasts a SmartSensor feature that allows the device to adjust the temperature all on its own. The eco+ software maximizes efficiency and reduces wasted energy in your home. 

The smart thermostat by ecobee works with many smart home systems, including Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, and IFTTT. And as if that wasn’t enough, the thermostat also has Alexa built-in. Talk to your thermostat, ask for weather updates, play music, and make use of the Alexa Calling feature!

The Honeywell Home device uses smart room sensors to determine which rooms are occupied and keep them comfortable. Use Auto Home and Away Scheduling to keep your energy costs at a minimum and reduce waste. Let the sensors change according to your lifestyle and enjoy maximum comfort with the Honeywell Home T9 Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat! The device is compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and other smart home systems.

Technical Comparison (ecobee vs Honeywell)

ecobee4 Smart ThermostatHoneywell Home T9
Item Weight1.72 pounds1.46 pounds
Product Dimensions4.29 x 4.29 x 1 inches3.7 x 4.92 x 0.94 inches
StyleSmart ThermostatThermostat with Sensor
Included ComponentsEcobee Smart Thermostat mounting plate, Ecobee Smart Thermostat, SmartSensor w/ detachable stand, Install & Quickstart guide, Wire Labels, Large Trim PlateThermostat, Mounting Hardware, Sensor
Battery Cell TypeLithium-IonAlkaline
Warranty Description3-year limited1-year warranty
Control Through iOS and Android AppYesYes
Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung SmartThings, etc.YesYes
Amazon Alexa Built-InYesNo


Both thermostats we’ve reviewed showed great capabilities and scored almost the same. The smart thermostat by ecobee is our winner because of its sleek design, voice control, and SmartSensor features. The Honeywell Smart Thermostat is almost as good, as it offers an great sensor range and allows you to program settings with ease.

So between Honeywell vs ecobee, which one are you leaning towards? Let us know in the comments below!


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