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Sometimes your door lock is just not up to the task of keeping people out. For that reason we’ve created this list of ways to secure a door, without using a traditional lock.

Reasons for wanting to lock a door without a lock

There are many reasons why you might want to lock a door without a lock …

  • The current door lock isn’t working
  • You are traveling away from home and don’t trust the Airbnb, motel or hotel locks
  • The neighborhood is unsafe, and door locks have proved to be ineffective in keeping intruders at bay
  • You are a student living in a dormitory whose belongings keep going missing

We created this list for times when you wished for a way to lock a door without using a traditional lock. Here we go!

Top Features
  • Easy Installation

  • Usable with different types of doors

  • Portable lock

Most of the time landlords are against drilling holes. The best thing about Addalock is that the installation doesn’t require any drilling. The installation is tool-free and doesn’t take more than a minute. 

This simple installation makes Addalock the ideal lock for renters or students living in a dormitory. It doesn’t matter if the door has a deadbolt lock or a padlock, you can use this portable lock with doors of different styles.

If you are someone who travels a lot, then a portable Addalock is the best option for providing additional security. The product is compact so you can take it with you anywhere.

Top Features
  • Top-notch metal used in making

  • High security lock

  • Bears 3000 lbs force, so it's not easy to break

Thieves don’t knock on the door! Burglars drill through locks or use force to break down exterior and interior doors.This is where the OnGuard door security brace can help you.

This device has a high-quality metal body that can withstand a force of 3000 lbs. No matter how hard someone pushes the door with OnGuard on guard, no one can enter. Install OnGuard on all exit doors on your house to keep your home safe.

It should be considered that this device leaves permanent holes in a wooden floor so it won’t be a wise option for renters!

Top Features
  • Easy installation

  • Professionally designed

  • Top-notch security

You must’ve seen in the movies when characters put chairs and tables behind the door to prevent it from opening. You can do the same to secure your house, but the fact is that chairs don’t work as a good barricade. We recommend using a high-quality barrier that works better than a chair.

The Door Bull is an easy to install, professionally engineered barricade. This item spreads the force applied to the door evenly and hence makes breaking the door difficult. This barricade has an aluminum body that increases durability. On top of that, this product has a universal design, and you can get on almost every door.

This is a self-explanatory technique, remove the outside handle of your door.

The main idea is that if there is no handle, then intruders cannot use it to open the door.

This is a self-explanatory technique, remove the outside handle of your door. The main idea is that if there is no handle, then intruders cannot use it to open the door.

Once you close the door, the latch will click shut. On the inside you will be able to open it however from the outside, they would need to find something to replace the spindle in the hub.


Top Features
  • Very hard to break

  • Aluminium made lock

  • Distributes even force to provide security

Most of the time if you have a door with glass panels, intruders can break them and reach the doorknobs. However, the Outward door lock barricade makes breaking into a house a nightmare. Outward not only prevents the door from opening but distributes the force evenly to make breaking the door harder.

This barricade has a high-quality aluminum build and can withstand extreme force. Install the Outward lock at floor level so even if an intruder gets hold of the handle, they wouldn’t be able to open the door.

Just like the Door Bull barricade, this Nightlock Residential door barricade also requires you to drill holes in the floor and door. Hence, it might not be a good option for people who are living on rent.

Top Features
  • Perfect for travelers

  • Easy to install

  • Very durable as aluminium is used in making

What makes it one of the best products that travelers can own? As the name suggests, this Travelers Security Lock is created especially for travelers.

This lock needs less than a minute to install. The installation requires no drilling, which means you can use it on any door you want. In addition to that, this lock is suitable for both left and right handle swinging doors.

Furthermore, the Traveler's security lock is almost weightless. It is made with aircraft-grade aluminum metal that gives the lock its lightweight and durable body.

Lastly, the lock is easy to uninstall as well, which makes it safer as during any emergency, e.g. a fire hazard you can push open the door quickly.

If your door lock isn’t working and you don’t have time to get a locksmith or create a barricade, then this trick could work for you.

Anyone can tie up their door handle securely within a few minutes.

If your door lock isn’t working and you don’t have time to get a locksmith or create a barricade, then this trick could work for you. Anyone can tie up their door handle securely within a few minutes.

What do you need to tie up the door properly? A rope, tightly braided rug, or an old cable, and a column, pillar, or stairs banister.

Tie one end of the rope to the door handle and the other to the supporting pillar. To make this trick work, you need to knot the rope tightly. If anyone tries to open the door or give it a push, the rope will tighten around the handle and stop the door from opening.

Top Features
  • Heavy steel won’t let it break

  • User friendly to install

  • Tight security

Choosing the right master lock can be a tricky choice depending on what you need. If you need something simple, and that does the trick just fine, a door security bar is the right choice.

This door security bar works with sliding and hinged doors. It has a dimension of 27.5 in. Up to 42 in. (it is adjustable) and 1m in length to fit most standard doors. Made of heavy steel, it won’t be easy to break through.

The way it works is straightforward. For doors with door knobs, you place the yoke end tightly against the doorknob and slide the padded base of the door stopper toward the door until snug (works on most surfaces but not rugs). 

For sliding doors, remove the yoke from the door stopper, place the stopper along the base of the door frame (adjust the stopper to the desired length).

Top Features
  • Reliable lock

  • Takes very little space for installing

  • Solid grip that averts door opening

Another simple method of securing your door is the tried and trusted door wedge. These are usually made with various materials although that never stops it from being a reliable yet simple method of locking your door.

Wundermax door wedges are made of plastic and rubber. It is small enough to not be too intrusive in your space. The way the door wedge works is by stopping your door from being opened through the use of a slope design and an anti-slip base that grips the floor and prevents your door from being opened. 

The Wundermax door stoppers have been tested to work with any surface such as carpet, concrete, tile, etc.

Top Features
  • Bears ample force

  • Easy installation

  • Portable lock

One of the pricier choices in this lineup is a door jammer. 

It functions almost like a door wedge, but the potential lies with how much force this particular lock withstands. Additionally, it takes a bit more time to install than a door wedge, but it is more trusted in its use. 

It is usually used for emergencies in public buildings, schools, offices, etc. The way it works is simple enough, insert the flat side under the door base and rotate the handle on the footing until it fits snug.

One similarity between the door jammer and door wedge is their portability. This door jammer can fit in your briefcase, carry-on bag, or backpack should you need a portable door lock for your travels.

Top Features
  • Easy to use

  • Stainless steel protects door from opening

  • Can’t be unlocked from the outside

Door chains are an effective method to secure doors for people who aren’t afraid of slightly complex installation. 

The process is simple, attach the small chain to the door frame and attach the lock track on the door. This type of lock is ideal if you don’t want to lock yourself entirely and see who is on the other side of the door. It still provides safety as people won’t be able to open your door. 

The V-Chrome door chain is made with stainless steel; it won’t be easy to break through. The latch is extra thick coming at 3mm, and the length is at 13cm. Installation is easy, and the manufacturer guarantees it won’t be able to be unlocked from the outside

The Verdict

So there you have it … 11 ways to lock a door without a lock! Don't forget that while these tricks and products offers additional security don't forget to lock your door with a lock before locking without one!



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