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If you are experiencing issues with your television, a quick reset may be the solution you need. Samsung TVs provide two distinct reset options: a soft reset and a hard reset. This guide is designed to help you execute these different reset methods, irrespective of whether you are using a remote control.

Reasons Why You Might Need to Reset Your Samsung TV

Performing a reset on your TV – whether it is a soft reset or a factory reset – is going to affect your TV in a few ways. 

A soft reset won’t necessarily delete all the data that you have previously entered into the TV, but it’s going to drain the power and reset the system. A hard reset will delete all user data including login credentials and settings that you have previously altered – basically changing back to how it was when you first took it out of the box. 

Performing a factory reset on your TV should only be your last resort if other solutions don’t seem to work. Regardless, here are some reasons why you might want to perform a reset on your Samsung TV.

TV switching on/off repeatedly: There are several possible reasons for your TV switching on and off repeatedly and at random times. The easiest fix for this particular issue is to perform a soft reset. If a soft reset does not work, consider performing a hard reset.

TV freezing or stuttering: Outdated software, glitches, and viruses can cause your Samsung TV to behave erratically. This may cause the TV to experience lagging or freezing. Still, performing a reset on your TV will most likely fix the issue. 

Selling your TV: A hard reset should be mandatory if you plan on selling your TV. It is best to delete any important personal information before it is purchased.

How to Reset Your Samsung TV without a Remote

As you know, a remote makes it very easy to navigate a TV. Therefore, losing or breaking it can make it very difficult for you to access any features and applications that are on the TV. Fortunately, there are many alternatives to assist you in using your TV without the help of its proprietary remote. 

Third-party universal remote: A third-party universal remote covers all the basic tasks you would have to perform on a TV, including changing the channels and typing in general. 

The buttons on the TV: Most TVs come with a panel of buttons on their sides. The buttons should represent standard functions, including the power button, the volume button, and more. 

Wired USB keyboard: To navigate the menu, a wired USB keyboard may come in real handy. However, with a keyboard, you cannot change the volume or channels.

In the guide below, we will be showing you how to perform a soft reset on your TV without using a remote.

  1. First, switch the TV off by disconnecting the power cord from the wall outlet.
  2. Press and hold the power button on your TV for 30 seconds.
  3. Let go of the power button but keep the power cord disconnected for another 3 to 5 minutes.
  4. Finally, you can reconnect the power cord and switch the TV back on.

How to Reset Your Samsung TV without a PIN Code

Whenever you try to perform a factory reset on your Samsung TV, you will be asked for a 4-digit PIN code. This code is used as a safety measure to stop others from performing a reset on your TV. 

As mentioned previously, performing a factory reset on your TV will result in all of your user data getting deleted. This data will include any applications you have installed in the past, customized settings, login credentials, and more. 

Upon completing the reset process, you will have to re-enter your personal information again, such as entering your Wi-Fi password, logging in to your Samsung account, re-installing applications, and logging into those applications. It’s a real hassle so it is recommended that you change your PIN code from the default code 0000.

The following guide will show you how to bypass the PIN code.

  1. First, switch your TV off using the remote.
  2. Remember to keep the remote aimed at the TV during the following steps.
  3. Press the following buttons in succession: Info > Menu > Mute > Power.
  4. Depending on the model, the above combination may not always work. If so, you can try this sequence: Mute > 8 > 2 > 4 > Power.
  5. The TV will switch on, and after a couple of seconds, it will display a menu.
  6. In this menu, go to Options and select Factory Reset.
  7. Confirm your selection, and the TV will perform a factory reset.

How to Reset Your TV with a Black Screen

If your Samsung TV is showing a black screen, there are several fixes you can try out before you perform a factory reset. 

First, try performing a quick reset. A quick reset might be able to resolve the issue and fix the frozen black screen. If you have external devices connected to your TV, try disconnecting these devices from your TV and switching the input source. 

If the fixes mentioned above do not get the job done, the following guide should still be able to solve the issue.

  1. First, switch the TV on. You can find out if the TV is switched on if the standby LED light is off.
  2. Now, press and hold the Exit button on your remote for approximately 12 seconds.
  3. You may begin to see the standby LED light starting to blink.
  4. After several seconds, the factory reset menu option will appear on the screen.
  5. Now, confirm the request to perform the factory reset by selecting OK.

Things to Consider Before Performing a Reset on Your TV

Oftentimes a quick reset will be able to solve the more common issues you are facing with your Samsung TV. Just keep in mind that performing a factory reset should always be your last resort. It is not recommended that you perform a factory reset upon facing every minor inconvenience. 

In this section, we are going to talk about what you need to consider before performing a factory reset on your TV.

Selling it: A factory reset will revert all the settings back to their original state. Therefore, it is the perfect way to clear out all your personal information before you put it up for sale. 

Frozen or glitching screen: If your TV display is frozen or not responding, and you’ve already performed a soft reset, then you can go ahead and perform a factory reset

No hardware faults: If the issue remains present even after you have checked the hardware conditions, we recommend performing a factory reset before contacting Samsung or calling in a professional.

Common Questions Relating to How to Reset a Samsung TV without a Remote

Can you reset a Samsung TV without a remote?

Yes, it is possible to reset a Samsung TV without a remote. You can perform a soft reset by disconnecting the TV from the wall outlet and pressing a few buttons.

I’ve forgotten the PIN code on my Samsung TV, what should I do?

The default PIN code is 0000. If you’ve changed the code and forgotten about it, you can reset the TV using a remote.

How do I reset a Samsung TV when the display is malfunctioning?

If the display is frozen or won’t turn on, you can try performing a quick reset. You can also try disconnecting external devices or performing a hard reset on your TV.

The Verdict

In conclusion, Samsung TVs are undoubtedly durable and high-quality devices. However, they often experience issues, and the corresponding solution is usually a soft or hard reset. 

By knowing how to reset a Samsung TV without a remote, it will surely help you end your TV woes quickly and without any fuss.


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