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No matter what gadget you're using, the initial step to troubleshoot any issues usually involves rebooting it, which means turning it off and then back on. However, devices such as Alexa or Echo might require added procedures to completely reset them due to the absence of a straightforward reset button. This comprehensive guide offers a step-by-step approach to effectively reset Alexa.

How to Restart Alexa Device

In many cases, fixing issues with Alexa requires you to restart Alexa devices. You can use the power button on some of the models. However, if your model does not have a power button there are still ways to restart it.

  • You can simply unplug your device from the wall outlet or power adapter. Let it rest for a few minutes and plug it back to the power.
  • If your device features a removable battery. In addition to unplugging it from the power outlet, remove the battery. Then return the battery to the device and plug it into the power before restarting it.

Restart or Reset?

Sometimes, restarting your device may not be the solution. Instead, you want to reset it. Each of these actions has pretty different outcomes. Restarting Alexa devices simply means you are removing temporary caches and starting a new interface again. This process works the same way as you would restart a computer. 

On the other hand, resetting your device does a more thorough job. This means that you are reversing all the settings back to the original factory settings. Doing so removes data such as account logins, synced devices, and newly stored data. It also removes information such as saved passwords, usernames, and save Wifi networks.

how to restart alexa

Why Reset?

Have you restarted your Alexa device countless times with no permanent solution? If you have been encountering a persistent issue with no solution, restarting alone may not be enough. In this case, resetting your device may be the way to go.

This process allows you to delete all preferences you’ve saved on the device. Resetting is also a good idea if you want to regift your device. After all, you don’t want everyone to have access to your private information.

Reset Echo Dot

Here is a guide on how to reset  Echo dot and Echo Amazon Alexa device;

1st Generation Model

At the bottom of the Echo and Echo dot device, you will find a button opposite to the mute button with the cancel mic icon. This is the reset/action button.

  1. Using something light that can apply pressure to the button, such as a paper clip or pen, long press the button for about 20 to 40 seconds until the button light turns orange and eventually blue.
  2. Once you notice the light turn blue, the reset process should be complete. You can then set up the device as if it is new.
  3. If you want to set up a new Wifi network, log in to your Amazon account and register it.

2nd Generation Model

As you move on to the second-generation models, the steps are slightly different.

  1. At the bottom of the device, you will see a microphone off button with a cancel mic icon. You will also see the volume down button. Long press both buttons for about 20 to 40 seconds until the light turns orange and then blue.
  2. Once you notice the blue button, reset will be done. You can set up the device again. Like the first generation, you can complete other network settings through your Amazon account.

3rd/4th Generation Model

The third and fourth generation models have varying processes too.

  1. Look for the action button at the top of the device. It should have a circle icon with a slash.
  2. Long press the action button for about 25 seconds. As usual, the light ring will first turn orange and then, it will turn blue.
  3. Once you notice the blue button, the reset process would’ve been successful. You can proceed to the setup mode and choose new settings for the device.
  4. Complete the network registration through your Amazon account.

The Verdict

If you are struggling to restart Alexa devices, fixing the problem isn’t all that difficult. You simply have to know when to restart and when to reset your device for a complete solution. Nonetheless, the process is clear and should take more than an hour at most!


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