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Can the Ring doorbell withstand water? While it's not fully waterproof, it has shown significant resilience when exposed to rain.

As of the time of writing, Ring has not published the exact IP rating of their video doorbells however they do so say they are water resistant. They do not recommend regular or intentional exposure of the device to water, which is pretty common sense!

If you live in an area prone to monsoon style conditions, read on to learn how to further protect your device!

Best Ring Doorbell Protectors
Top PickA weather blocking, anti-glare wall mount
Runner UpSimple plastic shield to keep out the rain or snow!
A versatile weather protection cover

Is the Ring doorbell Waterproof: Ways to reduce the risk of Ring getting wet and causing damage

For installations where the device would be highly exposed to intense rainfall, it may be necessary for additional protection to prevent water ingressing into the casing.

It is advisable to install the Ring doorbell under a roof or a protected porch in front of the house. Where this is not possible, you can install an alternative cover that will provide a shield to protect the device from water ingress. There are many possible ways to reduce the likelihood of the device getting wet.

  • Installing a waterproof cover protects the Ring doorbell from rain or any other water source.
  • You could cover any spaces where you think water may drip on to the device. 
  • Covering the top and the sides will reduce the influence of water on the device. 

It is not costly to install these protective and weather-proof devices and may save you money in the long run.

Is the Ring Doorbell Waterproof or Weatherproof
Ring Doorbell Installed

Ring Doorbell Protectors & Covers

Top Pick
A weather blocking, anti-glare wall mount

This is a convenient and effective device that holds the Ring doorbell in position and protects from rain.

Top Features
  • The acrylic material used to manufacture the device is highly effective in reducing any damage that may be caused by rain.
  • Its adjustable bracket allows one to shift the camera into three different angles to reduce the effect of direct sunlight.
  • The anti-glare adapter protects the camera from direct light and UV rays for the best outdoor performance during the day or night.

This is a convenient and highly effective device that holds the Ring doorbell in its position. It is designed to protect the camera from the overhead sun. It can be slightly adjusted up and down. 

The top of the mount protects the Ring doorbell from rainfall splashing. It is easy to install and steadily holds the camera in focus. The mount is capable of remaining in position against strong winds and the worst weather conditions.

What I liked
  • It is suited for use against daylight or artificial lights. such as street lights.
  • The device is compatible with several Ring devices and fits perfectly when mounting.
  • It holds the Ring doorbell firmly to the wall with minimal risk of tamper or theft.
  • The device is easy to install on wood or brick walls using the standard nut.
  • Its edge-to-edge dimensions make it possible to install on relatively narrow surfaces.
What I didn't like
  • There is a need for a tube to cover the charging wires if the Ring is powered electronically.
  • The mount is limited to three angles only.
  • The anti-glare adapter is not adjustable.

No better way to stop rain getting in or snow building up on top of your device then to put a physical surround around it!

Top Features
  • Hardened Plastic
  • Simple Installation
  • 10cm depth

Sometimes the simplest solution is the best. A clear plastic shell to surround your Ring Doorbell. It's large enough to not block the camera's view angle while also tidy enough to fit by most doors.

With a 10cm depth, it can also act as a visor, stopping any potential direct sunlight hitting the lens.

The recommended way to install is to use AB glue however it does not come in the pack. So best pick up some super glue if going down this route.

Top Features
  • It is weatherproof as it protects the Ring doorbell from dust, rain, strong winds, and snow.
  • The silicone skin is resistant to extreme temperatures. It will not wear off in high temperatures or collapse due to low temperatures.
  • It is designed to give enough view for the camera, space for the microphone and motion sensors.

This is a simple cover that is waterproof and weatherproof. The design is nicely structured for safety and comfort. It is user friendly and can be used as a shield against explosion or water. 

The rain cover is suited for devices that use fingerprints or have a keypad. It is fast and easy to install. The bottom cover is coated with glue that enables it to stick firmly on the wall. It takes approximately 30 minutes for the glue to dry.

Runner Up
Simple plastic shield to keep out the rain or snow!

Top Features
  • The cover is waterproof and easily protects against rainwater.
  • It acts as a sunscreen to protect the Ring doorbell from UV rays and direct sunlight.
  • It is made of highly durable PVC plastic to give a long operating life.

The cover is built as a protective and camouflage device. In the case of a fall, the rubber will absorb the shock to prevent damage to the Ring doorbell. It blends well with the doorbell and décor to make it undetectable from far. It is best suited to protect from all kinds of weather conditions that can damage the Ring doorbell.

This water-resistant silicone cover is designed to protect the Ring camera doorbell from inclement weather.

Top Features
  • The silicone material used to manufacture the cover is durable against UV rays.
  • It expertly camouflages the Ring doorbell for minimal detection by the public.
  • The device offers protection to the Ring doorbell camera against rain and sunlight.

It covers all small spaces to protect the circuit board from getting wet. 

It has been manufactured using premium silicone material that is durable and long-lasting. The Ring doorbell is protected from adverse weather conditions such as rainwater and direct sunlight.

What I liked
  • The skin casing is lightweight to complement the Ring doorbell device without creating an additional weight to the mount.
  • It is sleek in design and convenient while sliding in the mount.
  • The case perfectly fits with most of the Ring doorbell devices available.
  • By enclosing most of the parts, it protects the Ring doorbell from damage caused by excessive exposure to the sun.
  • The silicone cover is resistant to rainwater and preserves the Ring doorbell for a longer time.
What I didn't like
  • It can only fit with the 1st generation video Ring doorbells.
  • It can only work with the original flat-mount.

How does the Ring Doorbell handle Extreme Heat, Cold, Rain, or Snow?

The Ring doorbell has been developed to cope with some of the most challenging weather conditions. It can withstand extreme temperatures, snow, and strong winds. 

If using a battery, the camera and sensor components incorporated into the Ring doorbell can operate in temperatures ranging from -5 degrees Fahrenheit to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. When wired directly into an electrical circuit, it can withstand temperatures as low as -22 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Additional protection, such as a weatherproof cover, can be utilized in cases where the Ring doorbell is installed in areas where it may be susceptible to intense water jets, which may penetrate the outer shell.

Why is it important to be waterproof?

Waterproofing for outdoor electrical devices is important as by virtue of being installed outdoors, they will encounter more extreme weather conditions.

If an outdoor electrical device was damaged, due to weather conditions, there may be the potential for malfunction or in extreme cases electric shock, risking human life.

As the Ring doorbell is water-resistant, it may be prudent to install a waterproof cover to reduce the potential risk. This will reduce the chance of moisture build-up within the device and ensure the clarity of the camera is maintained. It will also prolong the operating life of the doorbell by preventing hardware damage.

Any need for a technician to repair the device will also be averted, thereby saving money.

Ingress Protection (IP)

While the Ring devices are not IP (Ingress Protection) rated, they are highly resistant to water. In reality, the Ring doorbell can only be water damaged by subjecting it to intense water jets or by fully submerging it in water. 

It is advisable to clear any snow that accumulates on the Ring doorbell to avoid freeze-thaw expansion that may cause gaps and damage to the casing.

Common Questions Relating to Ring doorbell

Can the Ring doorbell get wet?

Yes, as any device installed outdoors, the Ring doorbell can get wet. 

It has been designed to be water-resistant to reduce the impact of any exposure to rain. Therefore it is not easily damaged by rainwater.

If however the device is installed in a location that is prone to intense rainwater then it may be advisable to install a waterproof covering.

What if the Ring doorbell gets wet?

When the Ring doorbell gets wet, there is the possibility of droplets of water forming on the inside of the camera. This is caused by condensation or moisture. 

In the case that there is water leaking into the Ring doorbell, the droplets could short circuit the motherboard. 

In this scenario, your options are to contact Ring in case the device is still within warranty. If not, you could remove the device and place it in a bag of rice for a number of days to help remove moisture.

If that fixes it, then when re-install we recommend you also install a waterproof covering.

How do I protect my Ring doorbell from rain?

Although the Ring doorbell is water-resistant, it is not 100% waterproof. An ingress of water may damage the device.

There are several available options for protecting your Ring doorbell. 

  • Installing the device under a roof or porch will greatly reduce the rainwater that makes its way to the mounted security device.
  • Purchasing a waterproof cover can protect the device from direct rainfall.
  • You could add a stylish cover that fully conceals the Ring doorbell and repels rainwater.
  • For additional protection, you could run a bead of waterproof silicone around the device filling any spaces where rainwater may penetrate.

Can a Ring doorbell be installed behind glass to protect it from rain?

The PIR sensors used in Ring doorbells do not work if installed behind a glass protection. The device uses heat to detect motion and the sensors cannot detect the motion with the glass blocking it. 

Therefore we do not recommend installing behind a glass panel.

Are Ring doorbells wired or wireless?

Most models of the Ring doorbells are wireless and run on power from a rechargeable battery. The Ring’s Pro and Elite models are the only versions that are wired. All models except the peephole cam can be hardwired into the existing doorbell connections.

There is no need to wire the Ring devices for them to operate. The functionality is not affected by using a wireless connection. Setting up is easy with the WI-FI support enabled in the Ring doorbells devices.

Where is the best place to mount a Ring doorbell?

To mount a Ring doorbell consider the space in the front yard and distance from the door to the road to the road, view range, and height of the door. Do not mount the camera too high on the door. The camera is recommended to be placed 48 inches above the floor. Use this recommended position to efficiently detect motion 30 feet from the location.

Can the Ring doorbell be in direct sunlight?

The Ring doorbell should not be exposed to direct sunlight. The direct sunlight can trigger the motion sensors and the bell to Ring. UV rays from the sun can cause a glare which distorts the image. To avoid the glare, the Ring doorbell can be switched from one angle to another for the best results.

What is the Ring doorbell?

The Ring doorbell is a suitable way to watch over and protect your home or business. It is a convenient way to get notified of visitors and speak with people calling to your property, whether you are at home or away. With its video capture, live stream and online recording, it increases the security of one's property.

With its Wi-Fi connectivity feature, the device does not require any additional hardware to operate. The operating Ring app is free and compatible with all Android, Apple, and Windows devices. 

The Ring doorbell device generally comprises a bell, a camera, a two-way audio device, and motion sensors. Ring products give awareness of the surroundings as well as make the community a safer place. 

Its functionality is not compromised by changing weather conditions. Whether it is summer, autumn, winter, or spring, the Ring doorbell will remain fully functional. 

The system requires minimal technical support, and it takes less than 10 minutes to set it up.

The Verdict

The Ring doorbell is a great device to have in your smart home. Its wireless nature makes it easy to install strategically according to your home and security needs. The connectivity to other smart devices, the ability to live stream, engage in audio conversation, and be alerted when someone approaches the front premises really makes it stand out. With all the benefits of a home security system, the Ring doorbell is also cost-effective so definitely work a look! Is the Ring doorbell waterproof? No!

Top Pick
A weather blocking, anti-glare wall mount

This is a convenient and effective device that holds the Ring doorbell in position and protects from rain.

Top Features
  • The acrylic material used to manufacture the device is highly effective in reducing any damage that may be caused by rain.
  • Its adjustable bracket allows one to shift the camera into three different angles to reduce the effect of direct sunlight.
  • The anti-glare adapter protects the camera from direct light and UV rays for the best outdoor performance during the day or night.


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