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As you search for various security camera options, you are bound to come across brands like Lorex and Nest. Lorex is renowned for its standalone security cameras that eliminate the need for monthly fees. In contrast, Google Nest offers a wide range of smart home devices, encapsulating a diverse variety of cameras in their product line.

We pit both brands against each other in our Lorex vs Nest showdown!

Indoor Wi-Fi Security Camera: Head to Head
WinnerNo monthly subscription with 16GB local storage
9.5 Google
Infrared night-vision for 24/7 clear coverage
Outdoor Wi-Fi Security Camera: Head to Head
Winner18 LEDs for superior night vision
Nest Aware monthly subscription for full features

Lorex vs Nest: Indoor Wi-Fi Security Cameras


Lorex Full HD Smart Indoor Pan-Tilt Camera

No monthly subscription with 16GB local storage


The Lorex Full HD Smart Indoor Pan-Tilt Camera is highly suitable for users interested in a 360-degree view of a room at an affordable price.

Nest Cam Indoor Camera

Infrared night-vision for 24/7 clear coverage


The Nest Cam Indoor Camera will appeal to buyers looking for plug-and-play security options with HD resolution.


  • High definition 1080p resolution for sharp images
  • Local storage with a 16GB microSD card
  • Works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice support


  • Pan and tilt may be a little challenging to manage for newbies


  • 1080p resolution with 130-degree wide-angle view
  • Compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Philips Hue Lightbulbs
  • Infrared night-vision for 24/7 clear coverage


  • A monthly subscription to Nest Aware is a must to unlock some features
  • Some users have complained of extensive false activity alerts.


Image Sensor, Resolution & FPS

The Lorex Wi-Fi Pan-Tilt Security Camera captures video 1080p with a 1/2.7” CMOS sensor at 30 frames per second (FPS). That may not sound too impressive, but 30 FPS is actually ideal for security cameras that offer local storage like this product. At 30 FPS, the image quality is far from compromised, and you have the added benefit of smaller files, resulting in more storage space for your footage. 

Similarly, the Nest Indoor Camera records video at 1080p with a 1/3″ 3-megapixel sensor at 30 FPS. This means both products are pretty well-matched as far as FPS is concerned; however, the Nest camera has a slight edge as far as sensors are concerned.

Field of View, Zoom & Movement

This section will cover how both the Lorex and Nest cameras perform as far as the field of view, zoom, and movement is concerned.

The Lorex Smart Indoor Camera offers a 135° diagonal field of view with an astounding 16x digital zoom. The camera can pan (move horizontally) and tilt (move vertically) to allow users a clear picture of any given space.

On the other hand, the Nest Indoor Camera provides a 130° diagonal field of view with an 8x digital zoom, meaning the Lorex camera definitely has an edge over the Nest Indoor Camera in this area.

Power Options, Model Type & Build Quality

Both the Lorex and Nest camera come equipped with power cables that you can plug into your standard electrical outlets, which means both products run on electricity.

Another similarity between the cameras is their durable plastic construction. However, the Lorex camera seems more sturdy, thanks to its stout shape and one-piece structure. Conversely, the Nest camera features a platform (that you can use for free-standing operation) with a more streamlined design, making it more suitable for modernistic home decor.

Night Vision, Motion Detection & Audio

The Lorex indoor camera includes infrared night vision with a range up to 33ft. (10m). It also provides person detection and motion-only alerts. There's also a two-way audio capacity which means you can listen and talk to anyone inside your home via the camera.

The Nest indoor camera offers users the benefit of 8 infrared LEDs for clear images in low-light settings. The camera's alert type is audio and motion; however, you can only access the camera's person detection software after subscribing to Nest Aware. The camera also includes a built-in microphone and speaker to allow for two-way communication.

Storage, Streaming, Device Compatibility & Other Features

Lorex’s indoor camera offers a 16GB microSD card (upgradeable up to 256GB) for local storage so that your recorded footage is available to view whenever you require it. You can live-stream the recording on your smartphone, tablet, or Apple TV. Although, the Lorex camera isn’t compatible with third-party apps.

Whereas the Nest camera offers storage with a Nest Aware subscription, otherwise you can only watch the live feed. Streaming options include web browsers, phones, and tablets via the free Nest app.

Lorex vs Nest: The Verdict

The Lorex Indoor Camera is pretty evenly matched with the Nest's indoor cam in terms of specs like field of view, resolution, and image sensors. Lorex offers customers more in terms of aspects like local storage, more powerful zoom capacity, and a wider field of view.

Lorex Cameras are quite reasonably priced and offer top-notch infrared night vision for crystal clear picture clarity at night. But, Lorex's best selling point is the fact that the cameras come along with an upgradeable local storage option that allows users to view the recorded footage without any hassle.

Lorex vs Nest: Outdoor Wi-Fi Security Cameras


Lorex Smart Outdoor 1080p Security Camera

18 LEDs for superior night vision


The Smart Outdoor Camera by Lorex is a cost-effective deterrence gadget with a whopping 18 LEDs for superior night vision.

Nest Cam Outdoor Camera

Nest Aware monthly subscription for full features


Nest's Outdoor Cam is a robust option for buyers looking for 24/7 security and added features like person and facial recognition.


  • A weatherproof outdoor camera that can withstand temperatures ranging from -22 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Compatible with the Lorex Home app
  • Night vision range of up to 50 feet


  • No option for professional monitoring
  • Installation may be a little complicated for first-timers


  • Offers 130-degree wide angles, along with HD resolution.
  • Weatherproof and runs on power, so you don’t have to worry about batteries
  • Provides alerts for motion and sound disturbances


  • No alternative for local storage of recordings
  • Requires subscription to Nest Aware to unlock features like Intelligent Alerts after a 30-day trial period


Image Sensor, Resolution & FPS

When it comes to cameras (of any type), image sensors, resolution, and frames per second (FPS) matter because they give buyers some idea about the clarity of footage they should expect. Additionally, an adequate FPS setting will ensure your recordings end up as smaller files, which is imperative for saving space regarding storage.

The Smart Outdoor Camera by Lorex comes equipped with a 1/2.8″ CMOS image sensor (slightly more powerful than the sensor in the indoor camera) and offers a 2MP sensor resolution. As far as video footage resolution is concerned, the camera provides 1080p HD resolution at 30 frames per second.

Conversely, the Nest Outdoor Cam is fitted with a 1/3″ 3-megapixel sensor and captures footage at 1080p at 30 FPS (much like the camera by Lorex).

Field of View, Zoom & Movement

The wider a camera's field of view is, the more space it'll be able to capture. Features like zoom capacity and movement can maximize user control for in-depth monitoring. That's why we're covering all three aspects in this section.

The Lorex Indoor/Outdoor Smart Camera has a 129° field of view and 16x digital zoom (similar to their indoor camera). However, unlike Lorex's Pan and Tilt Indoor Camera, their outdoor security cam doesn't include any type of movement. 

As far as our other contender—the Outdoor Cam by Nest—is concerned, users can look forward to its 130° field of view with 8x digital zoom.

Power Options, Model Type & Build Quality

Apart from a few other details, outdoor cameras differ from indoor ones in one particular aspect—durability. Unlike indoor surveillance devices, outdoor cameras are exposed to the elements, be it harsh sunlight, rain, or snow. That's why durability and build quality, along with power options, should also be considered when you're thinking of investing in outdoor cams.

Lorex's outdoor camera comes with an IP65 weather-resistant rating, which means the electronic enclosure on the device makes it waterproof and offers protection from condensation and water spray. It'll also hold up against dirt, debris, and ultra-fine particles. Moving on to durability, the camera's commercial-quality construction is pretty indicative of its endurance. The wall-mounted cameras are well-built and don't feel flimsy at all.

Nest's outdoor cam is quite similar to the Lorex outdoor camera in this aspect because of its IP65 rating and build quality. Unlike Lorex cams, these appear more modern and streamlined thanks to their round and white bodies, which contrasts nicely with the black camera face.

Night Vision, Motion Detection & Audio

An outdoor security camera without night vision or motion detection sensors isn't going to do you much good. Thankfully, that's not a problem with Lorex or Nest Outdoor Cameras.

Buyers can look forward to Lorex's person and vehicle detection technology in their outdoor cams that are powered by advanced motion sensors. The cameras also feature a built-in mic and speakers to allow you to listen or speak with anyone near your premises. Finally, the camera also includes infrared night vision with a vision range capacity of 50 feet.

Nest fans will be happy to know that the outdoor cams offer person and facial recognition technology. They're also able to handle two-way communication like Lorex cams, and they also offer infrared night vision thanks to eight LED sensors.

Storage, Streaming, Device Compatibility & Other Features

This section is all about storage, device compatibility, and streaming options for the Lorex and Nest outdoor cams. Not everyone is amenable to paying a subscription to gain access to cloud storage for their recorded video footage. And if you're the same, then you're going to love the fact that Lorex offers local storage through a 32GB microSD card (which can be upgraded to 256GB). The device is compatible with Lorex's Home app and can be controlled via voice assistants like Google Assistant or Amazon's Alexa. Although, what we like best of all in the Lorex Outdoor Cam is its deterrence feature—the camera turns on its LED motion activated warning light when it detects motion to warn intruders they’re being watched.

Nest cameras offer 24/7 streaming; however, there's no local storage option, and you'll be required to subscribe to Nest Aware (after a 3-day trial) to access recorded footage and other features like Intelligent Alerts. Nest cameras are compatible with Google Assistant, Chromecast, Alexa, and Fire TV, which means you can stream live footage on your television. Or you can hook up the camera to other devices in your smart home ecosystem to come up with convenient power and time-saving automation.

Lorex vs Nest: The Verdict

It may seem like we're partial to Lorex Camera. Still, the truth is, the brand's outdoor security camera outperforms the Nest Outdoor Cam at almost all levels except field of view and image sensor capacity.

Both the Lorex and Nest outdoor cameras are IP65 rated, meaning they're pretty well-equipped to handle being exposed to all types of weather and temperatures. Plus, Nest Outdoor Cameras are fitted with ⅓” 3-megapixel sensors and capture footage at 1080p.

However, the fact the Lorex Outdoor Camera has a 16x zoom and includes a night vision range of up to 50 feet helps tip the scales in its favor. What's more, there's a local storage option, the cameras connect to the Lorex Home app (allowing for enhanced user convenience), and there's a warning LED light to boot.


There you have it, people. Our head-to-head Lorex and Nest Camera showdown has come to its end with clear winners all-around.

According to our research and examination, Lorex's cameras outperform the security cams from Nest in quite a few categories. However, the biggest beef buyers have with Nest is undoubtedly the Nest Aware subscription they're compelled to purchase to get full access to storage and other features.



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