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Montavue and Lorex are quickly growing their footprint in the Dahua OEM. Although their design philosophies are similar, each possesses unique qualities that set them apart. Explore more to understand the specific attributes these camera models bring to the table!

There has been an evolution in the security camera industry, with 4K resolution and high bandwidth network surveillance becoming standard. Our Montavue vs Lorex guide pits two popular security brands against each other to see which has the better wares!

Montavue vs Lorex: NVR Kit

montavue 8 channel nvr system with four 4k cameras

An 8-channel NVR security system with 4 4K audio turret cameras, a 100-foot Starlight Night Vision, and low light color optics


Model(s): N4K2-84BB

An 8-channel NVR security system with 4 4K smart IP bullet cameras, 130-foot IR night vision, and low light color optics


  • 4 different recording modes—continuous, scheduling, motion, and IVS recording
  • Video file compression saves the storage by up to 50%
  • A wide viewing angle of up to 102 degrees


  • Needs manual DIY installation—no professional installation services


  • Connects to other Lorex Wi-Fi devices such as Wi-Fi cameras, doorbells, and floodlights
  • No monthly fees
  • Offers smart motion detection that differentiates between people and vehicles


  • No professional monitoring is available


Number of Channels, Image Sensor & Resolution

Both Montavue’s and Lorex’s security systems are designed with an 8-channel 4K NVR build. This allows them to connect up to 8 cameras on a single system. The Montavue system also delivers a high quality 4K 8 MP resolution that records with a smooth 20-30 FPS. Its latest 4K resolution image sensors deliver clear images up to 4 times better on the 1080p cameras.

Similarly, the Lorex surveillance system is designed with an 8-channel 4K NVR, allowing it to connect up to 8 different cameras. The system comes with 4K 8 MP cameras. Furthermore, each camera is built with a 4K image resolution.

Storage, Streaming, Device Compatibility & Other Features

The Montavue surveillance system is installed with a 2TB security-grade hard drive. However, it also features an industry-leading H.265 video compression design which allows it to use up to 50% less storage and bandwidth. This, in turn, allows you to store more footage.

The Lorex surveillance system features 2TB hard drive storage as well. Additionally, the security system is built with a high efficiency video encoding system which saves up to 40% of the storage space. With both systems, you can store more surveillance for longer without affecting the video quality.

Power Options: Wired vs Wireless

When it comes to the overall connection, the Montavue surveillance system uses a wired design. The surveillance system comes with an Ethernet cable that completes the connections. However, you can also wirelessly connect the system with your Wi-Fi network to enjoy remote transmission through your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

The Lorex surveillance camera functions as a wired system as well without the need for an internet connection for the cameras to function. However, to enjoy remote viewing through smart devices or to integrate with other Lorex devices, the system requires a wireless connection.

Night Vision, Motion Detection & Audio

The Montavue security system features an advanced motion detection design. Using its cameras, you can create distinct motion detection zones, allowing you to pick a more traditional or smart option (filters vehicles and humans). The system also features a 100-foot night vision function with starlight technology which enhances nighttime performance.

The Lorex security system features a smart motion detection function that allows you to filter people or vehicles. This, in turn, allows you to receive accurate alerts. The system also features a 130-foot night vision function to extend surveillance throughout the night.


The Montavue 8-Channel NVR System and Lorex 8-Channel Fusion NVR systems function in a similar way. Both systems offer a full surveillance solution for your home thanks to the multiple camera/channel design.

Montavue vs Lorex: PTZ Camera

montavue ptz 25x zoom 4k camera

An 8MP 4K pan tilt zoom camera with an auto-tracking feature and 500-foot starlight IR night vision


An 8MP 4K UHD pan tilt zoom camera with color night vision and 100-foot IR night vision


  • Heavy duty, vandal-resistant aluminum housing
  • Video compression saves up to 50% bandwidth and storage space
  • Offers both traditional and smart motion detection options


  • No professional installation—only DIY installation


  • Designed with a smooth app interface
  • Easy PoE camera installation with a single Cat5e Ethernet cable
  • Pairs with multiple other Lorex security tools and equipment


  • Occasional false alerts


Image Sensor, Resolution & FPS

The high-powered Montavue security system features an 8MP pan tilt zoom camera. The camera is paired with a 5.4mm–135mm lens to offer 4K quality footage. Plus, the camera offers 30 FPS recording at an 8MP 4K HD resolution. It features a 25x optical zoom and 16x digital zoom.

The Lorex security system features an 8MP camera with 30 FPS recording at 4K UHD resolution as well. Similarly, the pan tilt zoom camera offers a 25x optical zoom and 16x digital zoom.

Field of View, Zoom & Movement

The Montavue security camera allows for a continuous and endless 360-degree pan rotation. It also offers titling of between 15 and 90 degrees to cover more distance, mimicking the functions of up to 20 cameras. Furthermore, the camera offers a 0.1–300 degree per second panning and 0.1 to 200 degree per second tilt.

The Lorex security system camera is designed with a continuous 360-degree pan rotation for complete area coverage. It also features a fast 400 degree per second preset panning speed and up to 300 degrees per second manual panning speed.

Power Options, Model Type & Build Quality

The Montavue security camera offers a wired design to complete its connection and Wi-Fi wireless connectivity that allows for remote viewing. With an IP67-rated heavy duty aluminum body, the system survives outdoor conditions even during rainy and windy days. It also has a temperature range of between -40 degrees Fahrenheit and 158 degrees Fahrenheit.

Similarly, the Lorex security system features a wired design. However, to extend its functions to remote viewing and smart home integration with other Lorex devices, you will need a Wi-Fi connection. The security system’s aluminum body boasts an IP67 weatherproof rating and has a temperature range of between -40 degrees Fahrenheit and 158 degrees Fahrenheit.

Night Vision, Motion Detection & Audio

The Montavue security camera features 4 powerful built-in infrared LEDs which offer an impressive infrared night vision function, covering up to 500 feet. The system also gives you the option of traditional or smart motion detection (human and vehicle filter) for more accurate alerts.

The Lorex security system offers night vision function with colors, extending up to 150 feet in low light conditions and 98 feet in total darkness. Furthermore, the system is built with a smart motion detection design, allowing it to distinguish between people, vehicles, animals, and trees.

Storage, Streaming, Device Compatibility & Other Features

The security system features an H.265 video compression system which allows you to save up to 50% on storage. This means that the files will have a smaller size without affecting their speed or video quality. When it comes to video streaming, you can review footage through the MontavueGo app on PC, Mac, Android, or Apple devices.

The Lorex security system is also designed with a high efficiency video coding function that compresses video files without affecting their speed to save your hard drive space. Using the Lorex app, you can view the footage on Apple or Android devices or on your laptop or PC.


Both the Montavue PTZ Security Camera System and Lorex PTZ Security Camera System are great cameras.

When it comes to tilting capability and speed, the Montavue security cameras do a slightly better job. Furthermore, extending to the night time, built with up to 4 LEDs, the camera’s IR night vision delivers clearer footage covering up to 500 feet space compared to the Lorex camera’s 150 feet. So, if you want to cover more space with more efficiency, the Montavue PTZ 25X 200m 4K Camera definitely takes the lead.


Overall, the Montavue vs Lorex comparison proves that these security cameras and video surveillance systems deliver great functionality, quality, and value for your money. The systems feature a similar design concept. So, the key is to pick the option with the right feature needs for your home.



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