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If you are faced with a decision to choose between Montavue and Reolink, various aspects need to be considered. Reolink is a well-regarded brand with a solid market standing. However, Montavue, a notable newcomer to the scene, caters mainly to the corporate camera market in the US. Montavue has a significant advantage over Reolink, attributed to the strong support it gets from its US team and Dahua OEM.

In this comparison guide, we compare a camera kit along with their PTZ models to give you a feel for what sets these two brands apart.

4K 16CH NVR Package
9.4 16 channel 4k security camera system w 8 4k 15fps bullet cameras 3tb hdd
Commercial-Grade IVS Features
9.6 Reolink
Full Color Night Vision Cameras
PTZ Camera
9.6 montavue ip poe pan tilt zoom ptz speed dome camera w 25x zoom 330ft of
25x Optical Zoom
9.2 Reolink
5x Optical Zoom

Montavue vs Reolink 4K 16CH NVR Kit Head to Head


Montavue 4K 8 Bullet Cam / 16 Ch NVR

Commercial-Grade IVS Features

16 channel 4k security camera system w 8 4k 15fps bullet cameras 3tb hdd

Model(s): MTIP8163-84KB-W

The Montavue 4K 8 Bullet Camera comes with up to 16 NVR channels and is ideal for buyers with additional surveillance needs. This affordable system offers perks including plug-and-play installation, intelligent video surveillance (IVS) features, and extensive storage capacity.

Reolink 4K 8 Bullet Cam / 16 Ch NVR

Full Color Night Vision Cameras


Model(s): RLK16-812B8-A

The Reolink 4K 8 Bullet Camera comes equipped with intelligent detection, color night vision feeds, and impressive overall video quality. The kit allows you to add up to 16 cameras and offers an advanced security solution for users with additional requirements.


  • It features advanced motion detection with customizable features.
  • It offers crystal-clear 4K resolution at 15 fps to promote efficient storage.
  • It includes IVS with intrusion, tripwire, and motion detection features.


  • No professional installation services included.
  • Users that require Cat 5e cables longer than 100 feet will have to purchase them separately.
  • No color night vision.


  • It comes equipped with advanced person/vehicle detection.
  • The cameras include four powerful spotlights for 24/7 color vision.
  • It includes built-in storage with upgrade capacity.


  • No Infrared Bulbs in the cameras – only spotlights
  • No professional installation services included.

The Montavue and Reolink 4K Bullet cameras share many similarities. Nonetheless, the Reolink 4K 8 Bullet Camera takes the edge in several places. 

Both cameras offer users the benefit of advanced motion detection. The Reolink camera includes both person and vehicle detection to reduce false alerts. On the flip side, the Montavue camera offers customizable motion detection zones with different sensitivity levels that can be adjusted manually.

Night Vision

Furthermore, Reolink models come equipped with four robust spotlights that offer 24/7 color vision for extended viewing capacity, even at night. This outshines Montavue models that only offer black and white night vision up to 100 feet. 

Montavue includes a 15 fps rate in full 4K resolution making it slightly more efficient in terms of storage. Both Reolink and Montavue cameras come with 3 TB of storage. However, Reolink users can upgrade their storage capacity to 12 TB compared to just 10 TB in Montavue 4K devices. 

Continuous 24/7 Recording

Both camera systems offer continuous or scheduled recording options, remote access via smartphone apps, and computer monitoring. They're also evenly matched in terms of real-time alerts to the user. 

The only area where the Montavue camera has the Reolink beat is in its waterproofing. Montavue 4K cameras come with IP67 waterproofing compared to the latter's IP66 rating.

To conclude, the Reolink 4K Bullet Camera has almost everything the Montavue 4K Bullet Camera offers with more additional features. This makes it a better option for buyers looking to improve their home security.

Montavue vs Reolink PTZ Camera Head to Head


Montavue 2K PTZ

25x Optical Zoom

montavue ip poe pan tilt zoom ptz speed dome camera w 25x zoom 330ft of

Model(s): MTZ4250-IRAISMD

The Montavue 2K PTZ offers users 360° panning and -15° – 90° tilt for advanced monitoring. It’s also loaded with top-end features like 25x zoom capacity, 330 feet of infrared night vision, and 2K resolution at 30 fps. This camera is highly suitable for extensive estates that require long-range surveillance.

Reolink 4K PTZ

5x Optical Zoom


Model(s): RLC-823A

The Reolink 4K PTZ camera includes 4K resolution, 360° pan & 90° tilt, with built-in sirens, motion lights, microphones, and speakers for two-way audio communication. It also offers microSD card storage capacity and NVR and FTP servers – making it ideal for small-scale residential setups.


  • It features 2K resolution at 30 fps for clear viewing.
  • The camera comes equipped with 25x optical zoom.
  • It offers extended nighttime monitoring with 330 feet range of infrared night vision.


  • It does not have microSD storage capacity.
  • It requires self-installation.


  • The cameras include motion spotlights and sirens to warn off intruders.
  • It includes a built-in speaker and microphone for two-way audio communication.
  • It offers 4K resolution with 5x optical zoom.


  • Zoom capacity is limited.

In the head-to-head battle of Reolink 4K PTZ vs. Montavue 2K PTZ, the latter takes the lead for several solid reasons. 

Let's start with image resolution. While the Reolink PTZ camera offers 4K clarity, the Montavue camera comes in with a not-too-shabby 2K resolution. 

Image Sensors

Compared to Reolink's 5x zoom and 190 feet of infrared LED night vision – Montavue's camera offers more range and security assurance. Whilst both cameras have the 1/2.8″ CMOS sensor, here's where the Montavue PTZ takes the lead.

Montavue’s camera is loaded with features such as 25x optical zoom, 16x digital zoom, and a range of 330 feet in night vision mode. Additionally, the Montavue PTZ camera also includes a low-light sensor that can capture color images at 0.005 lux. 


Furthermore, both cameras offer buyers direct access through smartphone apps and computer monitoring. They also have AI detection algorithms that can differentiate between human/vehicle detection. 

There’s a decent offering from both cameras but we give Montavue the edge in this particular battle. This is down to its better storage and technology inside the camera.

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The Montavue vs Reolink showdown proves that cameras from both brands offer great value for money, features, and overall security. However, certain aspects make each product suitable for buyers with specific needs on their property. 

Either way, there’s no real loser in the Montavue vs Reolink debate as both companies offer top-notch home and business surveillance cameras that will suit your needs.


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