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Trash cans can become a hub of bacteria with germs spreading each time you put something in. Innovative, touch-less trash cans are a great solution to keeping both you and your kitchen clean.

The motion sensor allows these smart devices to automatically open the lid for you. Other notable features include odor-controlling and stainless steel construction that not only resists germs but also makes the cleaning process easier. Our top pick is the iTouchless 13 Gallon Touchless Trash Can!

How Does a Motion Sensor Trash Can Work?

Motion sensor trash cans are equipped with an infrared motion sensor that opens the lid of the can automatically when it detects motion. This hands-free operation makes smart trash cans very hygienic.

In order to check how much a trash can is filled up, a sensor facing downwards is mounted on the lid. It releases radio waves and captures the echo which bounces back after hitting the bottom. The time difference between the two signals (trigger signal and echo signal) is measured to check if the trash can is full.

Top Pick
An innovative Motion Sensor Trash Can

iTouchless SensorCan offers several innovative features that allow you to easily dispose of trash in your kitchen, home, or office.

Top Features
  • Motion sensor detects the motion of your hands to automatically open the lid, preventing you from the germs that can cause serious illness

  • Features AbsorbX odor filter that can absorb trash odors and makes the surrounding environment healthier

  • Includes Reflx technology feature that senses your hand movements and instantly opens or closes the lid

As the name tells, iTouchless is primarily a brand that is famous for its automated products. Its trash can comes with a motion sensor that automatically opens the lid of the trash can, hence making the process of trash disposal entirely touchless and hygienic.

The AbsorbX technology employs an odor filter that ensures fresh and clean air by absorbing and neutralizing trash odors inside your home or kitchen. So if you have visitors in your house, this foul smell will not turn them off.

As for the battery life, the 4D size batteries of the trash can provide three times more battery life compared to other competitors. With a battery life of up to 1.5 years, the trash can offers an incredible experience. Alternatively, you can use an AC adapter, which is sold separately.

With a rated capacity of 13 gallons, dedicated customer support, two years of service assurance, and a lot of other innovative features, this motion sensor trash can remains quite an ideal and safe option to buy.

What we liked
  • Ensures a touch-free operation
  • It’s lightweight and you can easily carry it around in your home
  • It has the capacity to carry up to 13 gallons of trash
  • With an incredible stainless steel design, it looks stylish and modern
What we didn't like
  • Compared to other alternatives on the market, it’s a little expensive
  • 4D batteries are needed for power
  • Some users have complained about sensor malfunction after a few months of use
  • AC adapter is a separate purchase
A Feature-Loaded Motion Sensor Trash Can

A feature-loaded motion sensor trash can that allows both automatic and manual operation and can be filled with up to 20 gallons of trash

Top Features
  • The Clorox antimicrobial protection of the Glad sensor trash can ensures the germs stay away from your hands

  • Features a rear bag compartment that allows you to store extra bags of the trash behind the trash can

  • Motion sensor automatically opens the lid for five seconds as it detects the movements of the hands

With its bigger size and larger capacity, the Glad motion sensor trash can is an ideal choice for an office space or a large house. It’s designed for heavy-duty use and can store up to an incredible 20 gallons of trash easily.

Motion sensor automates the lid opening operation and you no longer need to touch the bin. Besides, the trash can allows you to manually close the lid with its on/off button. This helps especially during the disposal of a large amount of trash.

This smart trash can incorporates Clorox Odor Protection technology, meaning you don’t need to worry about unpleasant smells. It effectively inhibits illness-causing bacterias and eliminates trash odors.

The stainless steel construction resists fingerprints on the body of the trash can, as a result, it always looks classy and stylish. Moreover, the company provides a two-year warranty which makes the product even more reliable. All in all, the Glad motion sensor trash can packs powerful features and offers great value for your money.

What we liked
  • With a bigger storage capacity, this trash can is an ideal choice for heavy-duty use
  • Also comes with a rear compartment for extra bags
  • Gives you great value for your money
  • The company offers a two-year warranty period
What we didn't like
  • Not ideal for a compact space
  • Not easy to move when packed with trash
A Comprehensive Motion Sensor Trash Can

This automatic trash can from Ninestars incorporates highly sophisticated sensor technology and has been designed for recycling purposes.

Top Features
  • The infrared motion sensor is enclosed in a water-resistant material that prevents it from the damage

  • Delay sensing feature won’t allow unnecessary openings from pets or children

  • Motion sensor automatically opens the lid if your hand is at a 130-degree angle and within a range of ten inches from the sensor

This motion sensor trash can and recycler makes use of an advanced sensor that automatically opens the can’s lid when you pass your hand or trash within ten inches from the sensor. Furthermore, it features delay sensing technology which prevents unnecessary openings and significantly improves the battery life.

The compartment has two sides – one is for the trash and the other for recyclables. Additionally, the trash can comes with garbage bag rings that keeps the bag hidden for a clean appearance. The sensor lid seals in trash odors, hence eliminating cross-contamination of the germs. This ensures your kitchen doesn’t smell like trash.

Talking of the construction, this trash features a stainless steel design that ensures your fingerprints don’t appear on the exterior and makes your smart kitchen look like a million-dollar. 4D batteries are used for power that can last for up to 6 months, however, you’ll have to purchase them separately.

This automatic motion sensor trash can/recycler from Ninestars is another valuable addition to our list which can be a great choice for your home or office.

What we liked
  • Two compartments allow you to separate waste and recycle it at your home or office space
  • Effectively controls trash odors and has a hands-free operation
  • Features modern stainless steel design
  • The exterior resists fingerprints and gives a classic look
  • Has a long battery life that doesn’t require charging for up to 6 months
What we didn't like
  • 4D batteries aren’t included in the package
  • Not a compact or lightweight option
An Elegant Motion Sensor Trash Can

This Touchless Rectangular Motion Sensor Trash Can with over 13-gallon trash storage capacity has excellent features, a classic look, and some sophisticated technological applications.

Top Features
  • An intelligent sensor automates the operation and opens the lid for you. You can also use a touch switch for a manual operation

  • Features a compact design and allows a trash volume of up to 13.2 gallons

  • Lid silently descends and gently closes

Compared to other smart trash cans manufacturers on the market, Eko Mirage is a new brand, however, they have been able to design such a sophisticated and reliable motion sensor trash can in a very short period. This can in our list offers advanced sensor, elegant design, and a lot of other features that users would love it.

It’s been constructed with fingerprint-resistant brush stainless steel which makes it both strong and stylish. Despite having such a compact body, it offers a decent trash storage capacity of up to 13 gallons, making it an ideal choice for kitchens, homes, and many other places.

An intelligent touchless sensor operation only opens the can’s lid when needed. The lid stays open for five seconds however, you can use a touch switch to hold it longer. A soft close feature has been added to the trash can that quietly closes the lid.

This smart trash can also comes with an inner rim that holds the trash bags and can be easily removed. During the replacement procedure, the trash bag remains hidden.

While it’s great to know that this trash can works on battery, it takes six AA batteries which can be a little disappointing for some users.

What we liked
  • A sophisticated sensor that opens the lid only when needed
  • Quiet operation with a reliable sensor and durable design
  • Compact size but enough trash storing capacity
  • Premium build quality
  • Stylish look with numerous state-of-the-art features
What we didn't like
  • Requires 6 batteries for the operation
  • Batteries are a separate purchase
An Advanced Motion Sensor Trash Can

With two separate compartments and massive storage capacity, this trash can and recycler from iToucheless is the smoothest and futuristic step trash can that needs a very gentle force for operation.

Top Features
  • Operation requires a little force and the lid silently closes

  • Two compartments with individual steps are color-coded, making it easy to separate waste and recycling

  • AbsorbX Odor Filter contains trash odors and is easily replaceable

This advanced trash can and recycler is an ideal choice for large spaces. It has a large trash storage capacity of over 16 gallons yet it covers minimal floor space due to an efficient design.

To separate the trash and recycling, two compartments with two pedals are provided which make the process easier. You’ll find a removable 8-gallon bucket in each compartment. These buckets have grip holes to lift them up easily.

If you think trash odor is going to be a problem, the bin uses an AbsorbX Odor Filter that absorbs the odors for clean air. The filter can be easily replaced when needed.

Moreover, air dampers of the trash can ensure the lid closes gently. Over time if you feel that the lid has started making noise, you can simply replace the air dampers for the same new performance.

Similarly, the durable pedals of the trash can have been built to last for over 200,000 steps. That’s over 25 years if you use 20 steps daily. Therefore, this trash can is a very suitable option for a busy home or office as well.

What we liked
  • Includes sophisticated technology and delivers reliable performance
  • Super solid and stylish
  • Built to last for decades
  • Separate compartments for trash and recycling
  • Suits large houses and offices
What we didn't like
  • Not an economical option for many
  • Can be a little heavy when filled with trash

Motion Sensor Trash Can Features to Consider

Touchless Operation

Motion sensor trash cans are equipped with advanced functionalities such as infrared sensors that fully automate the process and open the lid. The user’s hand doesn’t come into contact with the trash can, hence there isn’t any chance of bacterial infection. The lid closes automatically after a few seconds when the trash is thrown. Therefore, the use of a motion sensor trash can not only makes trash disposal easier but also keeps you safe from illness-causing microbes.

Odor Absorbing Filter

Smart trash cans also employ sophisticated filters to remove the trash odors that can make the surrounding environment uncomfortable for your guests at home. These air filters use activated carbon or zeolite –  another natural mineral that is quite good at purifying the air. Using odor-absorbing filters trash odors are effectively contained inside the trash can and the air remains clean and safe to breathe.

Trash Recycling

You will find some motion sensor trash cans that come with the ability to store and recycle the trash in one place. Typically, these trash cans have two compartments that make it easy for you to throw away the trash and recycle it. They aren’t usually a compact option but offer great convenience and help you develop a trash recycling habit.

Manual Operation

The main idea behind a motion sensor trash can is that you should not touch it while throwing the trash into it. Nevertheless, some of these sensor cans are facilitated with an open/close switch that helps you operate them manually and keeps the lid open until you are finished throwing or collecting the trash. On some occasions, this becomes quite convenient as you might want to throw multiple trash items into the bin and need more time.

Elegant Stainless Steel Construction

As a variety of trash items get thrown into your trash can, it will have to face a lot of use and abuse over time. Additionally, you wouldn’t want any corrosion effects on its surface so that it always looks stylish.

While most of the sensor cans these days feature stainless steel construction, it’s advised not to look for those that don’t. Cans with stainless steel material get incredible strength – they are easy to clean, fingerprint-resistant, and stylish.


It’s always great to have a trash can at home that is hygienic, odor-free, space-saving and enables a hands-free operation. They are highly efficient and convenient. In this discussion, we have presented a comprehensive review of the top five motion sensor trash cans to help you make an informed decision.

The iTouchless 13 Gallon Trash Can is our top choice in this list and Glad Stainless Steel Trash Can takes the second spot.

Top Pick
An innovative Motion Sensor Trash Can

iTouchless SensorCan offers several innovative features that allow you to easily dispose of trash in your kitchen, home, or office.

Top Features
  • Motion sensor detects the motion of your hands to automatically open the lid, preventing you from the germs that can cause serious illness

  • Features AbsorbX odor filter that can absorb trash odors and makes the surrounding environment healthier

  • Includes Reflx technology feature that senses your hand movements and instantly opens or closes the lid



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