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Upon initially viewing the Nanoleaf Shapes, one might assume they come with a hefty price tag. However, given the significant upgrades they introduce to any smart home configuration, their price seems fairly justified. Our comprehensive review of the Hexagon starter kit, loaded with a multitude of personalization features, mandatory rhythm capabilities, and mirror display potential, substantiates its cost-effectiveness. Taking all of these features into consideration justifies the asking price.

A modular smart lighting system

With the Nanoleaf Shapes, you have the creative freedom to achieve your home lighting ambitions.

Top Features
  • 16 million+ color varieties
  • 1200 – 6500 Kelvin light temperature
  • Simple, drill-free setup

The Nanoleaf Hexagon Starter Kit features an elaborate design that allows you to create a modern statement piece for your home. Its Connect+ technology allows you to combine a variety of shapes to form a single stunning light mosaic that adds aesthetics to any room.

These smart lights let you do more than just arrange the shapes. You can even transform your favorite songs into symphonies of color and light thanks to the myriad of rhythmic scenes incorporated into the lighting.


Integrating Connect+ technology, the Nanoleaf Hexagon Shapes Lighting allows for untamed customization. You can create beautiful symmetry in any room in your home. Alternatively, you can combine different Nanoleaf Shapes products to achieve the unique and versatile light mosaics you want.

Furthermore, the Nanoleaf Hexagon Shapes allow for more customization using the Nanoleaf app on your Android or iOS device.  Using the app, you can create scenes and playlists and set  schedules and timers. Since Nanoleaf is so popular, you can access scenes from other users in the community and share your own ones. Customization can be done through touch or voice commands using Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT, or Apple Homekit technology.

Music Visualization

The Nanoleaf Hexagon Shapes also allow you to bring your music to life through the music visualization feature. Using the music visualizer, you can transform your favorite songs into harmonies of color and light. The built-in rhythm music sync module allows your Nanoleaf hexagons to react to music of all genres instantly.

You can control the music visualizer and many other customization options through your Android or iOS device through touch or voice commands.

Tactile Control

The Nanoleaf Hexagon Shapes Lighting integrates unique, smart tactile control technology. Using the tactile control technology, the lighting integrates multi-sensory triggers which deliver real-world interactions. The touch-enabled experiences allow you to control the lights or even play touch games.

You can even try the lighting’s touch actions to activate several Homekit devices – adding an extra layer of smart control to your devices at home. The highlight motion touch control feature allows you to experience a unique ripple effect.

Light & Color Ranges

The Nanoleaf Hexagon Shapes offer a choice of more than 16 million colors with a 1200K to 6500K white temperature range and brightness control.  With this extensive range of options, you can choose crisp, clean white light to focus on your projects or a more relaxing combination for when you want to rest or read a book before you hit the hay. The Nanoleaf ShapesLighting features exclusive LayoutDetect technology. Using LayoutDetect, you can set color animations to flow between the light panels based on the layout you opt for.

Custom Schedules

You can customize and create schedules for your lighting using the Nanoleaf app. The Nanoleaf app offers a custom scheduling option whereby you can execute scenes at specific times. Using the app, you can create custom scenes and color motions at specific times.

Furthermore, the customized schedules let you set up the light to wake up naturally.  You can even set the lights to come on and go off at certain times of the day if you want. Additionally, you can even set up lighting scenes to come up at a particular time or choose a routine the lighting can follow throughout the day.


Installation of the Nanoleaf Hexagon is pretty easy. As they have adhesive strips, you don’t have to drill through your walls to install them. Each shape can easily be mounted on any flat surface using the mounting tape that comes with the lights. Each Nanoleaf Shapes bundle comes with flex linkers, too.

These linkers come in handy when you want to bend around corners or mount your shapes to angled surfaces. Similarly, if you want to add more panels, you can do so. You can invest in expansion panels and use the mounting tapes and flex linkers to add them to the existing panels.

Mix with other Shapes

The Nanoleaf Hexagon Shapes are compatible with several other Nanoleaf Shapes, but not all of them. You can connect shapes such as the Nanoleaf Triangles and Mini Triangles with the Hexagons. Alternatively, you can choose to connect them through the Nanoleaf app and operate them together through a single app.

However, the shapes connections don’t work with the Nanoleaf Light Panels or the Nanoleaf Canvas.  When connected, you can connect up to 500 hexagons in one place. You can also connect up to 28 triangles and up to 77 mini triangles.

Voice Control & Smart Home Hub Integrations

When it comes to smart home hub integrations and voice control, the Nanoleaf Hexagon Shapes works with multiple technologies. including Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Thread, Nanoleaf Screen Mirror, Razer, IFFT, Flic, and SmartThings.

You can choose to control the Nanoleaf Shapes using touch control, voice control, or mobile app control. For example, using the Nanoleaf Shapes with Apple devices only requires a simple tap. You can then control the devices by communicating with Siri. Similarly, you can do the same when you integrate with the Amazon Alexa hub by communicating with Alexa.

What I liked
  • Long lifespan – at least 25,000 hours.
  • Low energy consumption – only 2W per panel.
  • Simple setup – Each kit comes with mounting tapes and flex linkers for corners.
  • A single controller can support up to 500 panels.
  • Works with Homekit, Alexa, Google Home, and SmartThings smart home ecosystems.
What I didn't like
  • Expensive.
  • App only works when you are on the same Wi-Fi network which can be a little annoying.
  • The Hexagon Shapes don’t mix with the Nanoleaf Light Panels or the Nanoleaf Canvas panels.
  • The power cable needs to be connected to an outlet for it to work.

Nanoleaf Shapes: The Verdict

Using the Nanoleaf Hexagon Shapes brings style and décor in your home to a whole new level. But, unlike regular lighting, their customizable designs and operation allow you to set the ambiance and style you want at any particular time.

A modular smart lighting system

With the Nanoleaf Shapes, you have the creative freedom to achieve your home lighting ambitions.

Top Features
  • 16 million+ color varieties
  • 1200 – 6500 Kelvin light temperature
  • Simple, drill-free setup


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