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If you've just moved into a home with a Radionics alarm, you may wonder if it can still be used and maintained or if you need to invest in a new system. 

That's where our Radionics-centric guide comes in handy. From replacements to maintenance and FAQs, we've got you covered!

Quick Summary of Replacements
9.5 Frontpoint
Top Pick24/7 monitoring and protection
9.2 Vivint Pro Security System
Runner UpA system designed to avert crime
9.0 SimpliSafe
Budget FriendlyA contract-free security solution

About Radionics

Radionics isn't new to the home security scene by any standard. The company has secured homes and businesses with their Omegalarm 4012/8102 systems for many years.

These systems worked as a hub that received and decoded information from protection devices like motion detectors and fire detectors. Radionics Inc. is now part of Bosch Security Systems and focuses more on commercial security systems.

Option 1: Replace With a New Home Alarm System

If you've moved into a house or apartment to discover an old Radionics alarm on the premises (that may or may not work), it may be best to start thinking about a replacement.

That's true, even if the Radionics Alarm is in OK shape. Regular use and wear-and-tear often require users to upgrade or maintain their security alarm systems, which may not be an option with a Radionics system.

The system is old, which means you can face trouble when it comes to finding spare parts. In the end, it may be better to cut to the chase and get a new system altogether.

If you're looking for a security system that offers round-the-clock functionality and monitoring, you may want to check out FrontPoint's security solutions.

Top Features
  • Crash and Smash technology
  • 24-hour backup battery
  • Automatic hourly checks to ensure the system is functional

The company's Safe Home Starter Package provides users benefits such as:

  • Crash and Smash technology—allows the security system to remain operational even if someone tries to smash it.
  • Wireless operation—all the devices within Frontpoint's security system are wireless, which means intruders can't snip any wires to disarm the system.
  • Backup battery—a 24-hour backup battery ensures you receive continuous protection in the event of power outages. 

FrontPoint also offers customers the added advantage of creating a security system based on their unique needs.

From selecting a security base to add-ons like cameras, intrusion sensors, smoke detectors, touchscreen pads, keypads, etc., you can build a system that's tailor-made for your space.

Runner Up
A system designed to avert crime

Top Features
  • Fully-armed home security system with necessary add ons
  • Smart Deter technology in cameras
  • Smart sensors wired to notify you and Vivint’s monitoring team in case of a breach

Vivint's home security systems are created with a mindset of deterring crime and include devices like outdoor security cameras, doorbell cameras, smart lighting, smart locks, security sensors, and more. Here are some advantages you can look forward to if you opt for Vivint:

  • Vivint's Outdoor Camera Pro makes use of Smart Deter technology to monitor your surroundings and deter any suspicious lurkers. If the camera detects someone lingering around your property for too long, it illuminates its bright-red LED ring and emits a loud sound to let the lurker know they're being monitored.
  • Vivint's Doorbell Camera Pro comes equipped with the Smart Deter technology as well and uses it to keep your packages and front porch safe from theft. The Doorbell Camera Pro lights up and activates a 65 dB speaker to alert the potential thief.
Budget Friendly
A contract-free security solution

The US News & World Report dubbed SimpliSafe's home security systems as the “Best Overall Home Security of 2020.”

Top Features
  • Easy installation—no wiring or drilling involved
  • Automatic updates to keep security system up-to-date
  • The monitoring plan offers extra security via SimpliSafes’s surveillance team

And, if that's not enough to convince you of SimpliSafe's advanced home security systems, you might want to pay attention here. To begin with, SimpliSafe's products aren't just designed to look after your security needs in terms of break-ins, but they also cover events like floods, fires, etc. 


You don't have to worry about installation either because there's no wiring or drilling involved, and all you need to do is plug in the base station to get started. Additionally, all devices within SimpliSafe's security systems can automatically update themselves, which means fewer chances of breakdowns and constant maintenance.
If you opt for a monitoring plan, the burglary sensors won't just work to sound the alarm in case of a break-in; they'll automatically alert the surveillance team at SimpliSafe to help you through the emergency. Plus, because the motion sensors are precision-engineered—you won't have to worry about the alarm blaring out because of pets and other critters.

Option 2: Maintain / Repair / Replace Components

Radionics Spare Parts

If you're in the mood to continue with your Radionics alarm system, you can go ahead and check out eBay for all kinds of spares. You can fix an error like your system not having power by checking whether the transformer and (main panel) battery are connected. Or you may need to replace the battery, which is where eBay can help.

However, if your alarm is more or less in working condition, but you do not have a working code (a code to arm/disarm the alarm), you can fix this problem by getting in touch with a (Radionics) authorized alarm company.

Click here to find a local Bosch security dealer who can support your Radionics panel.

Radionics Alarm Panels and Security Systems

Bosch (or Radionics) has multiple series of security systems, which can be programmed locally (or remotely) via the remote account manager (RAM).

As far as functionality is concerned, the security systems by Bosch/Radionics offer security solutions for residential and business settings, thanks to their vast range of products. These include the Omegalarm panels, 2000, 6412, and 9000/7000 series with an incorporated intrusion, fire, and access control system.

Each series provides users with various benefits. For example, the 9000/7000 series can look over up to 8 command centers, contain a fully operational command menu with customization capabilities, and accommodate up to 99 to 249 users.

Conversely, the 2000 series contains a 12 VDC control along with eight hardwire zones. The system can accommodate eight users with arming and disarming codes and may be used with 2-wire smoke detectors.

All Radionics/Bosch security systems are suitable for residential and business settings (large or small) and can offer electronic monitoring for single or multi-dwelling purposes.

Radionics Fire Alarm Panels

The Radionics (now Bosch) Security Systems Fire Alarm (control) panels are created keeping stringent industry standards in mind to offer customers the highest levels of safety. These fire alarm panels come equipped with a vast line of control equipment, starting from high-end, fully integrated fire alarms to 3-zone digital alarm communicator transmitters (DACTs).

Nonetheless, all fire alarm systems can offer a precise and rapid local response to any kind of fire hazard. Furthermore, Radionics fire alarm systems can also communicate/interface with other building functions like controlling HVAC vents or unlocking doors (via access control) in an emergency situation. These fire alarms are also capable of being utilized as integrated controllers for intrusions.

Typical Functions of a Radionics Panel

Even though the Radionics/Bosch Panel may seem a little old-school compared to the touch screen pads accompanying the latest home security systems, you can navigate and use it with relative ease.

Here are some of the more basic functions the Radionics Panel will allow you to execute:

Arm All
Press “Command” and the number “1.” Immediately after, type in your 4-digit passcode and press “Ent” (or “Enter”). This will initiate the 30-second countdown to allow you to leave before the system arms itself.

Arm Instant
Press “Command” and the number “2.” Next, type in your passcode and hit “Enter.” The system will arm itself immediately.

Arm Partial
Press “Command” and number “3.” Type in your passcode and hit “Enter.” This will arm perimeter protection while reserving entry/exit delay times.

Common Questions on Radionics Alarm Systems

How do I silence an audible Radionics alarm?

Depending on the model and make of your Radionics/Bosch security system, the audible alarm will continue to ring for a specified period before shutting off automatically. 

If you want to shut off the alarm before that timeframe expires, you can do so by entering in your passcode on the command center and pressing “Enter.“

Additionally, you can also quieten your command center (during a service alert) by pressing the “Command” button and then pressing “4.”

How do I arm and disarm my Radionics alarm?

Disarming your Radionics/Bosch alarm system is pretty straightforward. However, you need to ensure that you enter your premises through the right door to be able to have the opportunity to disarm the system. Entering through the wrong door or typing in the wrong passcode will instantly activate the alarm.

Having informed you of possible consequences, here's how to go about disarming your system. Once you enter through the designated door, this should kick off the entry delay time, while the command center starts beeping to remind you to type in your passcode ASAP. All you need to do to disarm the system is type in your passcode and hit “Enter” (within the countdown time).

The Verdict

There's no doubt that the Radionics/Bosch security system can provide you with a respectable security solution for your home.

However, if the system isn't working at total capacity, or you don't have the working codes, your only options are replacing your system with another brand or trying to have your existing alarm fixed. 

Seeing as how spare parts for Radionic alarms aren't too readily available, it's better to cut to the chase and opt for a newer, better security solution.

If you're looking for a security system that offers round-the-clock functionality and monitoring, you may want to check out FrontPoint's security solutions.

Top Features
  • Crash and Smash technology
  • 24-hour backup battery
  • Automatic hourly checks to ensure the system is functional


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