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All Eufy video doorbell models are uniquely designed with a disconnection pin feature. This special tool facilitates easy removal of the device for crucial battery recharge whenever needed.

But it's pretty easy to lose this little pin which then leaves you stuck.

It's happened to me on more than one occasion and can be a bit of a hassle.

In this article, I test out some other ways of removing the doorbell, such as by using a paper clip, safety pin, needle, screwdriver, and bobby pin, and reveal what worked and what didn't.

Let's begin!

Eufy Detaching Pin for Video Doorbell

Firstly, What is the Detaching Pin?

The detaching pin is a small tool that comes with your Eufy doorbell.

Its primary role? It facilitates the easy removal of your device from its mount.

Eufy Detaching Pin for Video Doorbell 1

It works by inserting the pin into a small hole on the top or bottom of the device that loosens the doorbell and detaches it from the wall-attached plate.

So it's essentially a key to remove the device from its base.

In my image above, you can see that the hole is at the top of the mount.

I have the eufy Video Doorbell Dual. (Check out my 18-month review here if you're interested)

Eufy Video Doorbell Paper Clip

Test 1 – Paper Clip

Result: Success!

This was my first, go-to solution to try and get it off and it worked!

Every home should have one so no need to buy something online and wait for it to be delivered.

By comparing the official tool to the paper clip I used, I didn't actually think it would work but it did.

Eufy Video Doorbell Paper Clip 1

While the clip was roughly the same diameter and it wasn't sharp, I assumed the clip would be too frail and bend easily when straightened out.

In turn, I thought it would not depress the release tab properly.

So try that!

Test 2 – Small Screwdriver

Result: Success!

It's worth raiding the shed to see if you have any small screwdrivers that might do the trick. I have an old screwdriver set for working on electronics which has a number of heads that are similar to the detaching pin. See the image below.

Eufy Video Doorbell Pin vs Screwdriver

After testing a few, I found one that is the same diameter as the pin and is also blunt enough not to damage the release tab.

Eufy Video Doorbell Pin vs Screwdriver 1

So, I tested it out and voila, it worked! It was pretty tight though as the head I used, is nowhere near as long as the pin so it only barely reached the tab.

Eufy Video Doorbell Open with Screwdriver

Test 3 – Sewing Needle and Safety Clip

Result: Fail and Avoid

Eufy Video Doorbell Needle 1

As you can see from the image above, the end is much smaller than the official detaching pin and it's just way too sharp.

I tried gently to release it but stopped as was afraid it might just push straight through the tab and damage the mount.

Eufy Video Doorbell Mount

In the image above you can see the catch and release tabs are made from plastic so would be easily pierced by a sharp object like a needle.

Test 4 – SIM Card Ejector

Result: Success!

Despite having a slightly narrower diameter than the official tool, my SIM card key also succeeded in detaching the doorbell from the mount.

It's just the right size and strength to seamlessly slot into the release hole of the doorbell and doesn't bend under pressure.

Sim card ejector

Test 5 – Bobby Pin

Result: Fail

I thought a bobby pin would be a good option to release the doorbell, as it would be stronger than a paper clip, so unlikely to bend.

It's unfortunately just too big, particularly at the end which rounds out. So it wasn't possible to get it into the release hole.

Swing and a miss!

Bobby Pin

Official Replacement Detaching Tool

If you have lost the official detaching pin that came with the doorbell, the best long-term option is probably just to order a new one. That way you can be confident that whatever tool you are using isn't going to damage the release tab.

The replacement pin works with a range of Eufy doorbells, including the Wired 2K, Wired 1080p, Battery 2K, and Battery 1080p.

You can order it from the eufy website here –

Tips and Advice

If you're going to play around with some household items to help detach the doorbell from its mount, I'd recommend that you avoid any sharp objects so as not to damage the tab.

Also, be gentle! Don't try and pry it off, or it could be a costly replacement.

Finally, if the device is hardwired to the doorbell circuit, then make sure to isolate the power to the device before you go messing with it!

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