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Nest Thermostats offer a wide range of resetting options. Along with Factory Reset, you can perform a Schedule Reset, an Account Reset, and a Wi-Fi Reset.

Difference between Resetting vs Restarting

The primary difference between resetting and restarting is that resetting will remove all your data, settings, preferences, and schedules from your Nest device. 

Users who are facing issues with their Nest models such as a frozen screen, failure to connect to the internet, should do a reset to troubleshoot that problem.

On the other hand, restarting your Nest device will simply turn it off and on again. This option will not sign you out of your account. After the restart is complete, you can continue using your thermostat just like before.

How to restart your Nest Thermostat

Follow these easy steps to quickly restart your Nest thermostat

  1. To restart your Nest Thermostat, press and hold the ring button for 10 seconds
  2. When the display goes blank, release the ring button
  3. Wait a few seconds
  4. Now press and release the ring button
  5. Your Nest will startup now

Types of Resets for the Nest Thermostat

1. Schedule Reset

All Nest Thermostats, including the 3rd Gen and Nest E, allow users to create schedules. According to these schedules, the different cooling and heating systems in the house will adjust their temperature. 

But when the seasons change, users might need to remove that schedule and add a new one. 

In such cases, a Schedule Reset will completely remove all schedule data from the Nest device.

Below are the steps to achieve this …

How to Schedule Reset
  1. Press on the Nest Ring
  2. Move to Settings
  3. Click Reset
  4. Hit Schedule
  5. Press Reset or Clear
  6. Your Nest Schedule is now reset
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2. Wifi Reset

Every Nest device needs to stay connected to a network. If you purchased a new router, a Wi-Fi reset is advised. This will remove all the network information from your Nest device and have it ready to connect to the new network.

Also, if you are facing trouble connecting to a Wi-Fi network after a power outage, performing a Wi-Fi Network reset might solve that issue. 

Below are the steps to achieve this …

Wifi Reset
  1. Press on the Nest Ring
  2. Move to Settings
  3. Click Reset
  4. Hit Network
  5. Press Reset or Clear
  6. Your Nest Wif-Fi configuration is now reset

You can now sign in to your new Wi-Fi network under Settings > Network

3. Away Reset

If you would like to remove all settings and temperature configurations related to home vs away modes then you can carry out an Away Reset.

Below are the steps to achieve this …

Away Reset
  1. Press on the Nest Ring
  2. Move to Settings
  3. Click Reset
  4. Hit Away
  5. Press Reset or Clear
  6. Your Nest Away settings are now reset

4. Factory Reset

Hard or Factory Reset is the ultimate solution to any recurring problem. Other than fixing technical problems for good, a hard rest will turn any Nest Thermostat completely new. It overwrites every setting on your device and restores it to default. 

Moreover, if you are moving out of your old house, you should perform a Hard Reset before you leave to make sure all your personal information is removed from the device. As well, if you have moved into a new house, perform a Hard Reset before you add your account.

Below are the steps involved in a factory reset.

How to Disconnect a Nest Thermostat from your Nest Account

Before you perform a Factory Reset, it is advisable to disconnect the Nest device from your Nest Account.

  1. From your phone or tablet, launch the Nest App.
  2. Tap on the Menu icon at the top left.
  3. Pick the home that is connected to the device you want to remove.
  4. From the App home screen, select the thermostat you want to remove.
  5. From the upper right-hand corner, tap the Settings icon.
  6. Scroll down, and tap Remove.
  7. From the new prompt, confirm your choice.

How to Factory Reset your Nest Thermostat

Before you perform a Factory Reset, you should be aware that after it, your Nest Device will need to be connected to your Nest account all over again.

You will also need to go through the setup and configuration steps again.

  1. Press on the thermostat face to launch the Quick View Menu
  2. Tap on the settings icon
  3. Select Reset and tap on the Select option
  4. Turn the ring to All Settings
  5. Press Select
  6. To confirm, turn the ring to Reset, and press Select
  7. Turn the ring from left, to the right and select OK
  8. The reset will start now

About Nest Thermostats

Nest is a popular brand for home thermostats. After they were acquired by Google, they started to introduce many software upgrades and hardware modifications to their systems. Starting with Nest 1st gen and ending with the Nest Learning Thermostat, all Nests thermostats come with many advanced features. 

Nest thermostats are not only popular for their top of the range features; they also help users cut down a lot on their energy consumption costs. Almost all have an airwave feature. This particular technology lets the Nest thermostat automatically turn off their Air Conditioners before hitting the optimal temperature. This way, they are saving on their AC usage.

Also, all Nest thermostat models come with the option of scheduling your heating and cooling needs. For instance, you can program your Air conditioners to turn on at a certain point during the day. The common practice is to schedule the AC to turn off in the morning, right after you leave for work, and program it to turn back on, as soon as you return. 


In this article, you saw how to perform different resets on your Nest Thermostat. We covered how to do the most common resets, and we also explained when you can benefit from them.

We hope you found this article helpful. Do let us know if you have any feedback.


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  • Pam Nicholson
    Posted November 18, 2021 at 8:28 pm

    You explained things very well. However, your instructions are for someone who has direct access to the thermometer. I am bedbound and need to know how to reset my thermometer settings with my computer. I have been setting times and temps with it under schedule, but there must be a faster way to do it and I need to know how I can clear the schedule and then set the new times and temps. I am assuming that if I set one temp at a certain time and then put a change of temp at a later or earlier time, that I only have to do it once and it will continue at that temp until I change it at another time. Sure would appreciate some help with this. Thank you.

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