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While you engage in your everyday tasks, miniature autonomous vacuuming robots tirelessly work to maintain the cleanliness and comfort of your living space!

Their convenience lies in their discreteness, clever programming, and autonomy that makes them “robotic” and independent. To put it simply: you press a button and a robot vacuum does the work for you. And they get to places hard to reach. When you think this is as good as it gets, newer models are even more clever.

Let’s get to know them more and see if you should get one.

Types of Robot Vacuums

Dedicated Robot Vacuums

robot vacuum

These are the standard well-loved robot vacuums. There are now “smarter” models than older ones that randomly go around the floor. Some have spot focus, quieter modes, and remote control functionality.

Intelligent navigation for these vacuums is helped by sensors (IR, camera mapping, etc.) to avoid problems like bumping or wet spots. Some are even capable of avoiding tangles with wires.

If you want more control, some models have scheduled programming capability. Some even have complementary apps that help maximize the benefits of these nifty devices.

Robot Vacuum & Mop Combos

Best Robot Vacuum Mop Combo: Make your life easier!

These hybrid devices have a tank of water and a mop to scrub and wipe with. They segment their time between vacuuming for dust and scrubbing and removing dirt with water on hard surfaces.

Features of Robot Vacuums

Navigation Mapping & Sensors

The sophistication of the mapping technology of robot vacuums will depend on the price range. Manufacturer competition is tough so customers have many options.

At the higher end, these robot vacuums can get the job done faster with smarter components. You’ll find gyro, laser, or camera features. You’ll also find app-enabled models here, where you can configure it to prevent the vacuum from going to some areas.

While lacking mapping ability, even the lesser models can avoid falling and obstacles with infrared sensors.

Programming & Boundaries

Some robot vacuums have scheduling functionality built-in. You can have them activate the schedule and start working even while you’re away from home. These features can be easily configured for app-enabled vacuums. You can even receive alerts and reports.

As mentioned before, you can limit these robots vacuums to virtual boundaries of operation. Some can detect physical markers you can set as boundaries.

Smarter robot vacuums are being designed with AI technologies to be able to learn and recommend schedules. Some are smart enough to suggest cleaning areas as they familiarize the space more.

Suction / Cleaning Power & Different Modes

Some manufacturers have been ambitious in robot vacuum’s cleaning power. Still not up to the level of upright ones, some are designed to take on more challenging homes.

Like upright vacuums, robot vacuums have modes that can be switched depending on the surface, such as hard flooring or carpet.

There are also different modes for operation types. The usual auto mode makes operation quick and easy. You can also choose a turbo mode for extra power, or spot focus for concentrated cleaning. Others can be set to eco modes to go longer on a single charge or a quiet mode for a more peaceful time.

Pet Hairs

Pet hairs are a specific challenge for robotic vacuums. Even pet-friendliness is an added quality, to the delight of homeowners with furry friends.

For pet hairs, stronger suction is an advantage. But even weaker models nowadays can do a decent job. Longer battery life usually helps with this, given it’s smart enough not to get stuck.

The more expensive models have storage-emptying features that help with better cleanup.

Smartphone App & Remote Control

Many robots vacuums already come with an app companion to access more features. These features are too good to miss.

Features using the app include setting no-go zones and other mapping controls, alerts and reports, and programming and scheduling.

With some models, you’ll also get a standalone remote control. You’ll find this convenient when you just want to get your vacuum running wherever it is. It can be a physical reminder to set your robot cleaning.

Integration with Smart Home Systems

Some robot vacuums are already smart enough to come with smartphone integration. If you already have a working smart home system, you might wanna check its compatibility list. Odds are good you’ll find more than one featured robot vacuum model.

Integration with smart technologies means you have advanced capabilities like voice control with Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant. You can make commands such as cleaning a specific room or zone, locating your vacuum, or asking for status.

Charging Station & Battery Life

This is a good quality to consider when picking out a robotic vacuums. Battery life is more important, the larger your home is. You’ll find a lot of models have at least a 1-hour runtime. Some other features contribute to quicker battery drain, while eco modes on some models help out.

The best robot vacuums out there are self-charging and not necessarily expensive. You can find these features in bestsellers at the low-to-mid price range. These include charging stations so you don’t have to worry.

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Robot vacuums are not quite ready to fully replace the good old fashioned vacuum cleaner just yet. However, they can perfectly complement your existing cleaning regime and help keep your home clean on a day to day basis.



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