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I love window cleaning – said no one ever! While people tolerate their domestic cleaning duties, it’s always great when you find a gadget that can be a real time saver! Enter the automatic, robot window cleaner. Our top pick is the Ecovacs Winbot 880, to keep your windows spick and span!

What Is A Robot Window Cleaner?

Robot window cleaners (or winbots) are pretty similar to robot vacuum cleaners, except winbots can stick to windows while they clean them. Winbots are highly effective for homeowners (or businesses) with large or inaccessible windows and are easy to set up and use. 

How Does An Automatic Window Cleaner Work?

On the whole, winbots function based on motor-powered suction. Unlike magnetic window cleaners, robot cleaners with a suction motor are single-sided and come equipped with a harness that can attach to the gadget to make sure it doesn't go crashing to the ground while cleaning. Most robotic window cleaners can handle all types of windows and have the same features more or less. Although, there may be differences in models based on height restrictions, cleaning modes, battery life, etc.

Top Pick
A powerful robotic window cleaner

The Ecovacs 880 robotic window cleaner is a powerful cleaning gadget that makes use of a 5-layer microfiber cleaning pad to ensure streakless clarity.

Top Features
  • WIN-SLAM (2.0) technology and Edge Detection Technology

  • 4-stage cleaning method

  • User-friendly interactive system

This robot features Ecovacs WIN-SLAM (2.0) technology and Edge Detection Technology, which helps it avoid obstacles and navigate seamlessly around the window pane. Additionally, the 880 can function on framed and unframed windows without falling. 

Another notable attribute of the Ecovacs Winbot 880 is its 4-stage cleaning method. The gadget kicks off its cleaning process by spraying a cleaning solution on its microfiber pads. Next, the 880 employs its flexible squeegees on the surface to ensure all traces of dirt are wiped clean. 


As far as ease of use is concerned, the Winbot 880 is extremely easy to operate. Once you go through the simple instructions in the manual, getting the hang of things isn't difficult. 

You're required to place the Winbot on the relevant window and attach its harness to the safety pod to ensure the automatic window cleaner doesn't free fall. After that, it's just a matter of pushing one button to start the cleaning. 

Not to mention, the product also features a handy remote control so that you don't have to stick around waiting for the Winbot 880 to finish its job. If there's an area that requires extra attention, you can use the remote to direct the robot to the problem area. 

The Ecovac 880 clocks in at 1.8kgs (4 lbs), along with a durable handle, so lifting it and moving to another window isn't too problematic either. However, you might want to make sure you attach and remove the robot cleaner at a convenient height to avoid injury! 

Additional Features

Apart from the remote control and smart sensors, The Ecovacs 880 also features a user-friendly interactive system that gives you updates on the cleaning status or any other abnormalities. 

Then there's also a 30-minute backup battery in the case of a power cut, which means the Winbot's seamless cleaning won't be interrupted by much. All in all, Ecovacs 880 is a very capable cleaning device.

What I liked
  • Easy to operate
  • Employs flexible squeegees
  • 30-minute backup battery
What I didn't like
  • The Ecovac 880 clocks in at 1.8kgs (4 lbs)
A multi-surface window cleaner

The Sophinique X5 Window Vacuum Cleaner works on multiple surfaces and is building a steady reputation for itself.

Top Features
  • Works on multiple surfaces

  • Built-in uninterrupted power supply

  • Intelligent AI technology

The gadget features a powerful vacuum motor that helps it stick to vertical surfaces such as window panes. And, it's built-in UPS allows the robot to continue its cleaning in the event of a power cut. 

Aside from all that, the X5's intelligent AI technology allows the robot cleaner to navigate and chart its path along the surface. Buyers also have the option of controlling the robot cleaner with a remote control or by downloading the product's mobile app. 

The Sophinique X5 can easily reach surfaces measuring up to 20ft and also comes along with a 13ft extension cord – which makes it perfect for people with high rise cleaning needs. 


Installing the Sphinnique X5 is an easy enough process. The extension cord features two joints – one that connects directly to the robot and another that joins the adapter to the plug/power cord. The joints include a screw-in connection to make sure the wiring doesn't detach as the window cleaner moves around. 

Once the wiring is ready, simply plug the device in and select any one of the four automatic cleaning routes from the remote control or phone app. 

The X5 also includes a high-strength safety rope with 150 kilogram-force that you can utilize to tether the device and keep it from falling in case its anti-fall algorithm doesn't work. 

Additional Features

The X5 has a good line-up of features, from its mobile app to its embedded UPS. Apart from all, it also includes smart-detect sensors that can automatically detect window edges.

What I liked
  • Features a powerful vacuum motor
  • Option of controlling the robot cleaner with a remote control or by downloading the product's mobile app
  • Can easily reach surfaces measuring up to 20ft
What I didn't like
  • Some users have completed it is a little noisy
A reliable automated window cleaner

Another efficient and reliable option for automated window cleaning is the Mamibot W120-T winbot. What's more, this winbot is perfect for angles and flat surfaces.

Top Features
  • A robust 4000PA motor

  • In-built UPS

  • Includes AI technology that helps it chart cleaning routes

This square-shaped cleaner is built to maximize the cleaning area and features two deep-cleaning methods. Much like the other winbots on the market, the W120-T also includes AI technology that helps it chart cleaning routes and switch between cleaning modes. The bot is designed to return to its starting position for comfortable retrieval. 

The bot operates via the remote or a downloadable app, suitable for Android devices. Even though the robot weighs only 1.5 kg (3 lbs), it still manages to house a robust 4000PA motor that creates strong suction. That's also why this automatic window cleaner is suitable for cleaning multiple flat surfaces, such as marble or ceramic walls.  

Mamibot also comes along with two different types of microfiber pads – for dry and wet cleaning. While the bot is in operation, it generates no more than 65dB of sound – which means you can use it without having to worry about background noise. 


Mamibot W120-T's operation is pretty standard and doesn't involve too many complicated steps. The procedure involves properly attaching the bot with its cord and fitting in the cleaning of choice. Then there's the safety rope that needs to be attached in case of the bot slipping. The one-button switch and the user-friendly mobile app make maneuvering the winbot straightforward. 

Additional Features

The W120-T features an in-built UPS (much the Sophinique X5) that provides a 20 minutes backup battery for uninterrupted cleaning in the event of a power outage. However, the one drawback is that the Ecovacs 880 winbot offers at least 30 minutes of backup battery time even without a UPS.

What I liked
  • Operates via the remote or a downloadable app
  • Two different types of microfiber pads
  • Generates no more than 65dB of sound
What I didn't like
  • 20 minutes worth of backup battery which is a little less than competitors

Other Robot Window Cleaners

Top Features
  • AI technology for smart navigation

  • Spraying nozzle that ensures extended cleaning

  • 4.5-meters long safety rope with 150 kilogram-force

Founded more than a decade ago, the Hobot company specializes in developing robotic cleaning products. That's probably why the company's 298 winbot is making a name for itself with features like a spraying nozzle and a removable water tank. 

The Hobot 298 also includes all the standard features winbots possess, for instance, AI technology for smart navigation, three different operation modes, extended control via a smartphone app, and an embedded UPS with 20-minutes of back-up battery power. 

However, what makes Hobot 298 stand out is its spraying nozzle that ensures extended cleaning. It also helps that the winbot's extension cord is about 13 ft long to make room for improved movement. This gadget can clean up to one square meter of space in under three minutes, which makes it a good option for large windows. 

Finally, there's also the product's 4.5-meters long safety rope with 150 kilogram-force to make sure the winbot's safety is certain while it's in operation.

Top Features
  • 2500PA suction motor

  • AI technology for smart navigation

  • 30-minute backup battery

BOBOT's Window Cleaner Robot 3060 is another viable option when it comes to window robots. The Win3060 bot features a 2500PA suction motor, AI technology for smart navigation, and a 30-minute backup battery. 

Although this gadget includes one microfiber pad, it doesn't offer the nozzle spray or removable water tank capacity like the Hobot-298. Nonetheless, the Win3060 is versatile enough to suit different window surfaces and has relatively low noise levels. 

The gadget also comes equipped with one remote control, a safety rope, and a 12-month warranty. Although, you should note that despite not having smartphone app connectivity, the Win3060 is still one of the pricier robot cleaners out there.

Robot Window Cleaner Features to Consider

Now that you're aware of the more popular brands of robot cleaners available – let's move on to the features you should keep in mind when browsing for a winbot. As stated before, most window robot cleaners will have at least two or three traits in common. 

Here are 6 of the most notable features of winbots you should consider when shopping for one:

Shape & Size Details

You may not pay much attention to the shape or size of your winbot, but rest assured, they matter. In fact, the shape of an automatic window cleaner may directly affect its cleaning capacity. For instance, winbots that include dual spinning wheels are curved at the ends and aren't very convenient for cleaning near corners.

Motor Power

To say that the motor is a crucial part of a winbot is an understatement. A robot window cleaner's motor not only affects its suction ability but is also related to how fast the gadget cleans. 

High-end winbots generally feature robust motors that generate remarkable suction while emitting barely any noise. While mid-level winbots may create some noise, that can be overlooked if the gadget's cleaning capacity is exceptional.

Operation modes

Automatic window cleaners generally tend to differ when it comes to cleaning modes. Some robot window cleaners have two, while others have three styles based on their model. 

These styles consist of cleaning paths or directions and may have a bearing on how well the winbot performs its cleaning function.

Battery Lifespan

Battery lifespan is another vital characteristic you should keep in mind when buying a robot window cleaner. 

Generally speaking, robot window cleaners are mains powered via an AC plug. The onboard battery is essentially a backup in case the mains power fails. It ensures the robot doesn’t fall from the window and cause irreparable damage. The longer the backup battery life the better!

Safety Features

A winbot is quite an investment, and that's why you should focus on winbots that include safety features. For example, most robot window cleaners have an alert system to inform users of a malfunction. 

The latest models come equipped with voice alerts to communicate info about critical failures.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence-powered robot window cleaners use smart technology to map cleaning routes and to identify areas that need more attention. It's best to go with a model that includes AI to gain the benefits that come with advanced circuits, sensors, and multi-step cleaning functions.

The Verdict

There's no doubt that automated cleaning devices have introduced a more convenient method of keeping up with household chores. And, winbots sales are picking up speed because of this. If you're considering investing in a robot vacuum cleaner, then be sure to review your requirements before you go on a shopping trip. 

Details like the quantity and placement of windows in your home and your budget are factors that shouldn't be overlooked. You can also try going through customer reviews to get a better idea about a product's functionality. The more informed your decision-making process is, the better your chances are of landing an automatic window cleaner that suits you perfectly.

Top Pick
A powerful robotic window cleaner

The Ecovacs 880 robotic window cleaner is a powerful cleaning gadget that makes use of a 5-layer microfiber cleaning pad to ensure streakless clarity.

Top Features
  • WIN-SLAM (2.0) technology and Edge Detection Technology

  • 4-stage cleaning method

  • User-friendly interactive system


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