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A blinking light on your Roku remote could indicate a problem that could interfere with its functionality. This issue might be due to an inadequate battery power or it might necessitate resetting the remote to its default factory settings.

In this article, we will be showing you how to resolve issues related to your Roku remote light blinking.

Why Is My Roku Remote Light Blinking?

What Causes the Remote Light to Blink Green?

If your Roku remote is flashing green light, it means that the remote itself isn’t working properly. This could be due to the following reasons: 

  • Lost connection with the Roku box 
  • Faulty batteries 
  • The remote needs to be reset 

These are fairly common issues to suffer from and by no means is it a terminal failure. In fact, there are simple tricks that you can carry out to overcome these issues. 

Resetting the remote 

For starters, resetting the remote will improve the connectivity between the remote and the TV. By performing this action, it should work like it was a brand new device and eliminate any problems that occurred previously. 

Faulty batteries

Another common cause of the green light flashing is due to faulty batteries. More often than not, this comes down to them getting old and needing to be changed. The issue is not the batteries themselves but just dirt and dust that have accumulated in the chamber. A quick investigation and clean-out will tell you whether or not this is the culprit.

Repairing the remote 

If the remote doesn’t need a full reset, a simple re-pairing with the player could solve your dilemma. This re-calibration only takes a few seconds to perform and could have things working in top form again in no time. It saves the hassle of having to perform any unnecessary resets with your Roku device. 

How to Sync the Remote with the Box

One of the easiest solutions is re-syncing the remote with the box. This can be helpful in case the remote has lost its connection with the TV. Restarting both and getting them to reconnect may improve the connection dramatically.

You can do it yourself and generally only takes a few minutes to complete.

  1. Take the batteries out of the remote.
  2. Switch the TV off.
  3. Wait for 10 seconds.
  4. Switch the TV on again.
  5. Put the batteries back in the remote.
  6. Place the remote next to the TV. The re-syncing process should start automatically.
  7. Follow the instructions on the TV screen.
  8. Check to see if the remote has stopped flashing green. If it has, you have been successful!
  9. If you completed all the steps and the remote is still flashing green light, move on to the next section.

How to Change the Batteries In a Remote

You’d be surprised to find out just how often people forget about the batteries in their remotes! Oftentimes the most obvious solution is the right one. This quick-fix doesn’t need much in terms of practical skills or time consumption.

  1. Remove the battery cover.
  2. Take out the batteries from the battery compartment.
  3. Clean the battery compartment to remove any dust or debris that may be in there. You can use a q-tip or a clean cloth to do that.
  4. Put the old batteries back into the battery compartment.
  5. Check to see if the remote works.
  6. If the light is still flashing green, take the batteries out again.
  7. Replace the old batteries with a set of new ones.
  8. Close the compartment.

How to Reset the Roku Remote

You can reset your Roku remote in a matter of minutes. A reset updates the signal, which may improve the connectivity.

This procedure is very simple and it’ll only take you a few minutes.

  1. Take out the batteries from the remote.
  2. Disconnect the player from its power source.
  3. Wait for 10 seconds or so before you reconnect the player to its power source.
  4. Wait for the home screen to appear on the TV.
  5. Then, you can put the batteries back in the Roku remote.
  6. Press and hold the reset button on your remote for about 5 seconds.
  7. You will see a light flashing, which signifies the beginning of the pairing process.
  8. Wait for the pairing to finish and check to see if the remote is working.

Other Roku Remote Troubleshooting Tips

If none of the obvious strategies mentioned above seem to do the job, there are still other things you can do to stop your Roku remote light from blinking constantly. Some other solutions you can try include:

Checking your internet connectivity

Roku needs a stable internet connection to be able to stream movies and apps efficiently. Thus, if your connection is not great, that may be the root cause of your problem. If you suspect the problem is indeed the network connectivity, change the network settings. Check your Wi-Fi and internet speeds. Restart the router to ensure everything reconnects seamlessly. When the Roku has connected to the internet again, everything should work at a normal rate again.

Download the Roku app

In case your remote continues to malfunction, you can use the Roku app instead of the remote. To do that, simply download the app on your mobile device and follow the instructions in the app to connect it to your Roku TV. The app has all the buttons and functionalities that your remote does, so you’ll do just fine with it while your remote is being fixed. 

The Verdict

There are many simple fixes to stop your Roku remote light from blinking green. Many are simple fixes that should only take a few minutes to perform and should resolve your issues instantly. 

By doing these, you should be able to get your remote working again and ensure that you never see your Roku remote light blinking unnecessarily ever again. 


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  • Jay
    Posted May 11, 2023 at 7:19 pm

    The resetting guide worked for me! First time as well! Thank you very much for the write up.


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