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If your TV is not responding to the volume buttons on your Roku remote it is typically down to a faulty remote or an interrupted connection between the remote and the TV.

We dive into both reasons and provide tips and tricks on how to solve the problem.

Why Is My Roku Remote Volume Button Not Working?

Most of the time, the reason behind the volume button on your Roku remote not working is very straightforward. It could be due to either a defect in the remote itself or a glitch in the TV/Roku device. Some of the most common reasons are shown below. 

Wiring issues

Hardware issues can be a real pain to resolve. They won't occur unless something is fundamentally wrong such as damaged cables. However, it could be something simpler such as a damaged HDMI port. 

Wrong audio output

When there are external devices connected to the TV, users tend to forget and leave their TVs configured incorrectly. Therefore, the simple solution to this is to navigate the settings menu and disconnect non-essential HDMI devices. 

Issues with the remote

Usually, dead batteries are the culprit. It is always recommended to keep a spare set of batteries or recharge the remote whenever possible. Nonetheless, it can also be a fault in the remote, for instance, broken buttons, or something is blocking the receiver signal between the remote and the TV.

How to Set Up a Voice-Activated Roku Remote

Voice-activated Roku remotes allow you to control the TV using voice commands. On top of that, you can also call out to ping your remote whenever you can’t find it.

The Roku Voice Remote Pro functions the same as any typical Roku remote. However, it has some additional capabilities, including the remote finder feature, rechargeable batteries, and the always-on voice control feature – which can be disabled by flipping a switch.

In this guide, we will show you how to set up your voice-activated Roku remote.

  1. First, press the home button on your remote.
  2. Scroll down to Settings.
  3. Select Remotes and Devices.
  4. Select Remote.
  5. From the list shown, select your remote.
  6. After that, select the option to Set up remote for TV control.
  7. Turn up the volume on your TV to an audible level and keep the voice-activated Roku remote directly facing your TV.
  8. A few prompts will ask you to confirm if the music is playing or not playing. Follow these prompts and confirm them.
  9. After that, the device will try to detect your TV’s brand. If it cannot do so automatically, provide the details manually.
  10. Your voice-activated Roku remote will not be able to power up/down the TV and change the volume using only voice commands.

How to Perform a Reset on Your Roku Remote

If the Roku remote starts glitching and behaving abnormally – a simple shake or tap might not be able to fix it. Therefore, we recommend you perform a quick reset on your Roku remote.

A quick reset on your Roku remote and device will let you disconnect the remote from the device and help you repair it. A quick reset and repair will help fix any glitches or issues with the remote and Roku device/TV.

  1. First, take out the batteries on your Roku remote.
  2. After that, disconnect the Roku device from the power outlet.
  3. Wait 3 to 5 seconds before plugging it back in.
  4. After you’ve switched on the Roku device, put the batteries back into the remote.
  5. The reset button on the remote is inside the battery compartment, so before you put on the cover, press and keep holding this button for 5 seconds or so.
  6. If you’ve done it correctly, a light will start blinking on the remote. You will also receive a notification from the TV screen informing you when the reset and connection are complete. Usually, it takes around 30 seconds for this notification to kick in.
  7. Your remote is now repaired. Check to see if the issue has been resolved.

Other Roku Remote Troubleshooting Tips

If you are still facing issues, the following tricks should help get your remote up and running again.

Checking the Roku remote thoroughly

If the volume controls on your Roku remote fail to work properly, you might be having an issue with the physical buttons or the internal wiring. 

Although it’s not easy to repair circuits or broken buttons on a remote, you can try repairing them on your own if you are confident in your skills and have already passed the warranty period. 

First, try removing the battery and insert a fresh new pair. After that, you can try checking the remote for any damages and broken buttons. Try pressing all the buttons and see if they work. 

Finally, you can dismantle the remote using a screwdriver. Check if there are any damages to the circuits and clean the remote from dust and dirt. Try using the remote after piecing everything back together. 

Try reprogramming the codes for your TV

One issue that many users face – when auto-programming the remote codes – is that it comes out with one of the commands not working. Either the volume controls won’t work or the TV won’t switch on/off using the remote.

Fortunately, the solution is reprogramming until the remote gets it right. You can help by making sure that the details you entered are accurate.

Common Questions Relating to The Roku Remote

Can I use a Roku device without the remote?

Unfortunately, you cannot navigate the Roku device using only the TV’s buttons or the Roku device itself. You need a universal remote or the Roku app to double up as a remote controller.

Can I change the volume on a Roku device without the remote?

Yes, there are several alternatives you can use instead of a Roku remote. You can directly control the volume using the TV or its remote. You can also use the Roku app to do this.

Can I use the Roku remote to control other devices such as a Soundbar?

Yes, you can, but it depends on the external device and whether it supports the Roku TV’s HDMI-ARC port. This will allow you to change the volume on this external device when it is set as the current audio output channel.

The Verdict

Roku devices can run into occasional faults, but whenever this happens, there are easy fixes you can perform to resolve this. 

Users can use the smartphone app to bypass the remote or do some further troubleshooting and get it resolved.

At the end of the day, it’s easy to learn what to do when the volume button on your Roku remote is not working. 


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