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Primarily, Roomba error codes act as a proactive alert system for possible problems that may arise with your Roomba robotic vacuum. These codes not only pinpoint specific issues but also suggest an exact and appropriate remedy to handle the problem.

If your Roomba displays an error code, this guide will help you understand and follow the necessary steps to troubleshoot and fix the problem promptly.

All Roomba cleaners have a battery. Furthermore, they come with a home base, have brushes that sit underneath, and rely on wheels to travel from room to room. All these parts are susceptible to some form of error.

For instance, the battery on the Roomba cleaner might overheat, resulting in a battery error. The wheels and the brush that sit under Roomba can collect dirt particles and hair. These particles can jam the device’s brush and wheels. As a result, your Roomba cleaner might stop working. 

Whatever the reason might be, you can always troubleshoot the device by identifying the error and following the steps to resolve. Let's look into the most common types of error codes for Roomba robot cleaners and how you can fix them without seeking expert assistance.

Operational Errors & How to Fix

Roomba Error Code 1: Uneven Grounds

Roomba is a powerful home cleaner. However, uneven grounds are a major obstacle for it. If you are experiencing Roomba error codes that start with 1, then read on.

You will get the Roomba Error code 1 if Roomba encounters an uneven surface. In case the left wheel of the cleaner gets tilted and stays suspended above the ground, you will receive this error message.

To solve this error, place your Roomba on a stable, flat surface and press the “Clean” button.

Roomba Error Codes 2: Clean Brushes

Roomba cleaners come with dual multi-surface rubber brushes. Thanks to these, your Roomba can adjust its position and stay in contact with the surface at all times.

You will get the Error 2 message if for some reason the brush on your Roomba fails to self-clean. In that case, unless you clean the brush, the device will not be able to spin and continue cleaning.

Clear any dirt particles and any other object that might be tangled with the brush of your Roomba cleaner. That should resolve the error. 

Roomba Error 5: Clean Brushes

Every Roomba cleaner comes with two separate wheels. You will find the wheels below the body of your Roomba cleaner. It is of utmost importance that the wheels don’t get tangled with anything. Otherwise, your Roomba cleaner will stop working. If for some reason the right wheel of your Roomba cleaner no longer works, it will trigger the Roomba Error 5. 

The solution to this problem is very easy. First, take your Roomba cleaner and place it on its back. Gently push the wheels. This should dislocate any dirt particles. If you still don't see the dirt coming off, place the cleaner in one hand and tap it gently with the palm of your other hand.

Roomba Error 6: Clean Cliff Sensors

Roomba cleaners are designed to work perfectly on plain floors. They will not do their job if you place them on bumpy floors with a lot of obstacles. This is why your Roomba cleaner comes with Cliff Sensors.

When your Roomba reaches an obstacle, a fall, or even a wall that it cannot roll past, it will display the Error 6 message. Unless you pick it up and place it back on a plain surface, it cannot continue cleaning. 

To solve this, pick up the cleaner and place it on a plain surface. If you still encounter the error, double check to make sure there isn’t anything stuck or blocking the cliff sensors.

Roomba Error 7: Wheel Problem

The wheels are the only way your Roomba robot cleaner can move from point A to B. It will flash and voice the Error message 7 if the wheels get jammed. Furthermore, if your cleaner reaches a bumpy floor, you are equally likely to receive this message.

To solve this error, turn over your Roomba and analyze for debris stuck on the wheels. You can also use a hairdryer on a cool setting. The airflow from the hairdryer can clear out the dirt.

Roomba Error 8: Clean Vacuum

All Roomba cleaners come with a motor and a filter. If both of them stop working, you will get Error 8. A broken motor means your Roomba cleaner will not be able to suck the dirt in. And a broken filter means it won't be able to filter the collected dirt and store it in its bin.

To remove the bin, press the Bin Release Button on the back of your cleaner. Gently slide out the bin door and empty the trash. Hold down tight on the left side of the filter and slide out to separate the filter from the bin. Use a brush to clean out the debris or shake the bin and the filter. While doing so, make sure you do not try to clean the filter with any liquid detergent or water, as this part is meant to be kept dry. 

Roomba Error 9: Clean Bumper

You will get the Error 9 message if the bumper of your Roomba cleaner gets stuck.

Turn over your Roomba cleaner. The simple act of turning it over on its back is enough to clear out light dirt. On the flip side, to clear out heavy dirt and hair, you can gently shake the cleaner or use an object to untangle the hair. After you have cleaned the bumper, press the Clean button to start the cleaning again. 

Roomba Error 10: Clean Wheel

You will get the Error 10 message if your Roomba cleaner can’t move. This happens if anything gets stuck on any of the wheels on the underside of your Roomba cleaner. Also, if your Roomba comes across any obstacle, it will trigger this error message, too.

To solve this error, place your Roomba cleaner on a plain surface. You might also want to block off any problematic zones for the device. If you still get the error, check if the wheels have anything stuck on them.

Roomba Error 11: Replace Vacuum

Your Roomba cleaner comes with a powerful motor to suck in all the dirt. If the motor on your cleaner stops working, you will get the Error 11 message.

You might need to replace the motor to fix your Roomba. In this instance, we recommend you contact the iRobot customer care to order a new vacuum motor. Don’t forget to mention the warranty on your cleaner.

Roomba Error 14: Can’t Detect Bin

Your Roomba cleaner collects dirt and stores it inside a bin. If the cleaner fails to detect the bin, you will get the Error 14 message.

If you took out the bin for cleaning, make sure you place it back in properly. While doing so, also check if you have installed the filter as it should be installed.

Roomba Error 15: Can’t Communicate

You will get the Roomba Error 15 if the internal circuitry fails to communicate. This error indicates an internal communications error. 

Don't panic. It might sound too technical, but pressing the Clean button to restart the cleaner or performing a reboot will fix this problem in most cases.

Roomba Error 16: Tilted Bumper

You might hear different 16 Error messages on the Roomba 900 Series and Roomba i Series. You will also get this error message if your Roomba cleaner’s bumper is tilted and not in contact with the floor. 

For both series, press and hold the CLEAN button. This should initiate the cleaning process again. However, if you get this message even when you have placed Roomba on a flat surface, you should consider a reboot. 

Roomba Error 17: Navigation Problem

Your Roomba can self-navigate your apartment. However, it might encounter unknown territory from time to time. If it does, it will inform you of it by sending the Roomba Error 17. Moreover, it will also stop the cleaning process. 

To stop this error from appearing follow the below steps, don’t move any furniture around the room, ensure sufficient light is available, and ensure there isn’t too much clutter. You might also get this error if your Roomba cleaner is in contact with any infrared interference.

To solve this error, turn over your Roomba cleaner, locate the round iAdapt® Floor Tracking Sensor, and gently clean it with a soft cotton cloth.

Roomba Error 18: Docking Problem

Your Roomba Cleaner is programmed to return to the home base after it has finished cleaning your home. If for any reason, your cleaner fails to dock to the home base, it will show the Roomba Error 18 message.

To solve this, follow any or all of the below steps:

  • Make sure the home base is not unplugged or did not change its position during the cleaning cycle.
  • Make sure the charging ports on both the Roomba cleaner and its home base are clear of residue. 
  • Move any obstacle from in front of the home base. 
  • Check the Room Confinement Sensor to see if your Roomba cleaner can detect the Home Base.

11 beeps without a voice warning

This error message indicates your Roomba cleaner is unable to register obstacles. When hearing this error message, you are likely to find your Roomba cleaner stuck in one place.

To solve this error, tap the bumper to confirm that it is functional. Moreover, if you find the Roomba circling, chances are it has caught some debris around its wheels. Clean it and it should be working again.

4 beeps or Roomba says “Please charge Roomba.”

Your Roomba Cleaner depends on a battery to run. After it has run out of battery power, it will dock itself to the home base. 

If your Roomba cleaner loses battery power and doesn't have enough juice to get back to base, you will get this error message. To solve it, manually dock the Roomba robot at the Home Base and connect it to the charging port.

Roomba says “Please Inspect and Clean Roomba’s Cliff Sensors”

Roomba relies on its Cliff Sensors to determine changes in terrain. For example, if your Roomba reaches the stairs while cleaning other rooms, its Cliff Sensors will tell it to stop. 

You will get the “Please Inspect and Clean Roomba’s Cliff Sensors” message if the cliff sensors catch some debris that stops the cleaner from working properly. Clean the Cliff sensors to fix this error.

Roomba says “Please Inspect and Clean Roomba’s Wheels”

Your Roomba comes with two wheels to travel around your apartment. These wheels sit at the bottom of the device. Because of their position and rotating motion, the wheels are very likely to catch unwanted dirt and even hair. In that case, your Roomba will display the “Please Inspect and Clean Roomba’s Wheels” error message. Check the wheels and clean them to fix the error.

Roomba says “Please Remove and Clean Roomba’s Brushes”

If you turn over your Roomba, you will find its brushes. As with all Roomba models, the brush is located on the bottom of the device. If the brush can’t operate, you will get the “Please Remove and Clean Roomba’s Brushes” error message.

To fix it, you need to clean the main brushes. Flip over your Roomba cleaner and lift both the yellow tabs that sit on the opposite sides of the brush. This should unlock the brush compartment. Remove any debris and hair from the yellow brush caps and the metal brush cap shafts. Reinstall the brush after you are done cleaning. 

Roomba Returns to Dock Too Early with Full Battery

If your device returns to the home dock early with a full battery, there is no need to worry, as there is nothing wrong with the battery. This happens if the different parts of your Roomba cleaner fail to communicate with each other. 

To solve this error, perform a reboot. After the reboot is complete you should no longer face this issue. However, if you still get this error, contact iRobot customer care.

Charging Errors & How to Fix Them

Charging Error 1: Battery Disconnected

If you get this error, it means the battery has somehow been disconnected. Often, this error can also appear if your Roomba cleaner cannot detect the battery.  

What message you receive for this error varies on the Roomba model you are using. Along with voice messages, you might also see the troubleshooting, battery, or clean icons while charging.

To solve this error, make sure you are using an authentic iRobot Lithium-Ion battery. If you are using it and still get this message, check to see if anything is obstructing the battery connection.

Charging Error 2: Charging Error

This error message indicates the battery on your Roomba cleaner is unable to charge. If you have a Roomba 900 series, you will hear the following audio message “Charging error two (2)”. The 500, 600, 700, and 800 series models also display the same error message. 

To fix this error, you will likely need assistance from an expert. Contact iRobot customer care to fix it.

Charging Error 3: Charging Error

Similar to Charging Error 2, you need to contact iRobot customer care to fix this problem. 

You can tell you are having this error if your Roomba cleaner blinks three times. If you are using a Roomba 600 or 700 series model which comes with Wi-Fi, you will get the message “Charging error three (3). Please open the iRobot HOME app for help.”. 

Charging Error 5: Charging System Error

Depending on the Roomba model you have, the message for charging error 5 can be “Charging error five (5)”. Please open the iRobot HOME App for help or “Charging error five (5)”. 

This error message declares that the charging system on your Roomba is not working properly. This can occur if you are using an unofficial iRobot battery. Also, if any debris disrupts the connection point between the battery and the contacts within the Roomba robot, you will get this message too. Clean the charging contacts on the Home Base and the Roomba robot, which should resolve the error. 

Charging Error 6: Battery is too warm

This error declares that the Roomba robot is not charging. This error is often triggered if you place your Roomba beside a heating vent, radiator, or anything that emits heat. Also, while charging your Roomba make sure it is at room temperature. To fix this error, always charge your Roomba cleaner at room temperature.

Charging Error 7: Battery too warm or too cold

You will get this error message if your Roomba cleaner fails to charge. It can happen if you place your Roomba and its Home Base in a warm or cold place. 

During winter days and in summer, make sure Roomba gets its charge at the room’s temperature. It is recommended that you do not place the Roomba and its Home Base near an oven, radiator, or a refrigerator.

Charging Error 8: Communication Error

This error message is triggered when your Roomba battery fails to communicate with the Lithium-Ion battery. It will vary depending on the Roomba model you are using.

To avoid encountering this error, make sure you are not using a counterfeit iRobot battery. Always use authentic batteries.

Charging Error 9: Lithium-Ion Battery Error

The charging Error 9 is declared if the battery within the Roomba cleaner starts acting up. Upon receiving this error message, you should immediately contact iRobot customer care.

This message may vary depending on the model you are using. On Roomba 900 series you will get the message “Charging error nine (9)” and on other Wi-Fi models, you will get the additional message to launch the iRobot Home app.

How to Reset Roomba

Series 500 & 600 Reset

From time to time, you might need to reset your Roomba 500 & 600 models. You might have to do it due to some internal communication error or a battery error. Whatever the cause, the reset procedure only requires a couple of minutes to complete. Also, the process is the same for Roomba 500 & 600 series, as well as the Roomba e Series.

  1. Locate the Home and Spot button on your Roomba cleaner.
  2. Press and hold both the Home and Spot button at the same time.
  3. Hold the buttons for 10 seconds.
  4. Release the buttons after 10 seconds, and you will hear the reboot tone.
Series 700 & 800 Reset

Just like your smartphone, your Roomba 700 & 800 Series cleaners also come with a reset option. Once you perform the reset on your Roomba cleaner, it will restore your robot to its factory/default settings. It will delete all data, Wi-Fi credentials, maps, preferences, and cleaning schedules.

However, despite being a technical process, you don’t need expert assistance to perform a reset. You can do it all by yourself.

  1. You need to press two buttons simultaneously to perform the reset.
  2. Locate the Clean button on your Roomba robot cleaner, it should be in the middle of the control panel.
  3. Press and hold the Clean button for 10 seconds.
  4. Release the button after 10 seconds.
  5. This will trigger the reset, and you will hear the reboot tone.
Series 900 Reset

You can perform a reset on your Roomba robot cleaner all by yourself. This is achieved from the iRobot Home app, which is the most convenient method. Resetting using the app removes all language preferences, time-zone settings, third-party smart speaker connections.

Or, you can use the second method that involves resetting the robot using its buttons. In that case, nothing will happen to your app data, cloud data, and other account associations.

  1. You need to press three buttons to reset your Roomba 900 series model.
  2. Locate the Dock, Clean, and Spot icon on your Roomba cleaner.
  3. They should be at the center of the control panel.
  4. Press these three buttons down at the same time.
  5. Release the buttons once all the LEDs illuminate.
  6. Your Roomba should complete the reset within minutes.

The Verdict

Regardless of the Roomba model you are using, this article hopefully helped you find solutions for the most common Roomba error codes.

If any of the above guidance has not worked for you, or you have encountered other Roomba error codes, please leave a comment below and we can update the guide.

Happy cleaning!


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  • Gina H
    Posted April 26, 2022 at 10:31 pm

    What is error 99

  • Beryl Carter
    Posted February 8, 2022 at 7:02 pm

    My Roomba 600 series does not work keeps saying 41 move to a different location and press clean to re start.
    Done that numerous times still not working only 15 months old.

  • Kristina M Garrison
    Posted January 25, 2022 at 7:38 pm

    I have 800 series. Error 5 spin right wheel to clean. It would never go away so I ordered a new right wheel. It still does error 5. How do I clear the code or bypass it?

  • DeeAnn LEINES
    Posted December 26, 2021 at 2:48 pm

    What does it mean when it says “ceiling problem”?

  • Regina Lloyd
    Posted September 9, 2021 at 1:47 am

    My Roomba 800’s dock light constantly flashes when cleaning when the battery light is green and at the end of cleaning, a code of PE shows. What does this mean?

  • George Hanover
    Posted September 2, 2021 at 8:32 pm

    The app on my Braava 3m and Roomba s9+ disappeared. I restored the app and had to remap my home. Got through it fine with the Braava, completed the mapping, and it’s back up working fine. Not so with the Roomba. I’ve completed a very good map for my Roomba, but when I try to save it I get a message that “Something is not right.” I tried rebooting and resetting it, and have not been able to figure out how to save my new map. Would appreciate some instructions. Thank you.

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