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The privacy mode is a prevalent feature found in various Yale Smart locks. If you are looking for the best method to utilize this feature, you have undeniably reached the right source for guidance.

Privacy mode disables the keypad on the outside, preventing users from gaining access or opening the lock remotely via the app. 

In this guide, I’ll show you how to enable privacy mode in your Yale smart lock and how to get the best use out of it. 

What is Privacy Mode?

Privacy mode is a convenient feature that allows you to temporarily disable all entry codes on your Yale Smart Lock, ensuring maximum privacy when needed.

It's important to note that privacy mode comes disabled by default, and has to be manually enabled before it can be used.

Once activated, privacy mode acts as a do-not-disturb mode, blocking any code-based access to your door for the duration that it is active.

It’s a security feature to prevent users, who were given access codes previously, from re-entering the premises. 

Many homeowners enable privacy mode after concluding events such as parties to prevent guests from re-entering.

Compatible Models:

Privacy mode is only available on the Gen 1 Yale Assure smart locks, Nest x Yale, and Yale Real Living lineup. Here are the specific model numbers:

  • YRD226-CBA-619
  • YRD256-CBA-619
  • YRD216-CBA-619
  • YRD246/YRD446
  • YRD220

Beyond that, you can easily tell if your model has a privacy mode feature by checking for the privacy mode button on the interior side of the keypad. 

Privacy Buttons
Privacy button on different models

Activating and Deactivating Privacy Mode 

To activate privacy mode, follow these steps:

  1. First, make sure you’re inside and that the door is locked
  2. Then, press and hold the privacy mode button on the indoor panel for four seconds
  3. Let go whenever the speaker prompts: “Privacy mode enabled” or the indoor indicator light starts flashing with several beeping sounds.

Privacy mode is now activated. You can deactivate it by manually unlocking the door via the thumbturn or holding the button as before. 

Toggling the Permissions to Enable Privacy Mode

To prevent children or guests from enabling privacy mode by accident, you can disable the option using menu mode. 

To enable or disable privacy mode permissions through programming, follow these steps:

  1. First wake up the lock by pressing the Yale logo, or simply running your palm over the touchscreen.
  2. Next, enter your Master PIN followed by the gear button to access the device's settings.
  3. Wait for the prompt from the speaker or for any light indicators. Then press “3” and the gear button.
  4. After that, press “4” followed by the gear button. 
  5. Now you can toggle privacy mode: Press “1” to enable or “3” to disable it, followed by the gear button to confirm your choice.

You can also manage Privacy mode via the Yale app.

To learn how to manage master and user codes, you can check out this guide.

Follow up Questions

1. My Lock Doesn't Have Privacy Mode, Can I Use All-code Lockout Instead?

All-code lockout isn't the best alternative to privacy mode since you need to be inside. 

However, if you're controlling the Yale lock through the mobile app, you can enable all-code lockout via the app while you're inside. This will function as an impromptu privacy mode. 

2. Children Keep Pressing the Privacy Button When I'm Outside, Can I Disable it?

Yes, you can prevent anybody else inside from activating privacy mode by disabling it via the programming menu. Just enter menu mode, and go through the primary command “3” and secondary command “4” to access the privacy mode settings. From there you can either press “1” to enable or “3” to disable. 

3. What is Passage Mode?

Passage mode does the complete opposite of privacy mode, it stops auto relocking of the door lock until you disable the feature. This mode is useful when you're having lots of guests over or you're going outside for a brief amount of time: just to get the mail or throw the trash.


Privacy mode is a handy feature to prevent unwanted guests, including those who were provided entry codes, from unlocking your smart lock. 

It’s similar to vacation mode or all-code lockout but instead of enabling it from the outside, you’re activating it while you’re still in the house. 

To get the best use out of the privacy mode setting in your Yale smart lock, don’t forget to go through the guides I’ve created above.


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