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Looking for the best sliding glass dog door? Go for one that is energy efficient, durable, weatherproof, and easy to install.

After spending hours reviewing the various options available, we think the Power Pet Fully Automatic Patio Pet Door is a great addition to any smart home. It’s fully electric and can be integrated with Alexa, via a smart plug.

If looking for something less sophisticated and cheaper then the PetSafe Freedom Sliding Glass Pet Door is also a great option.

Although dogs can adapt exceptionally well to living indoors, they truly love the freedom of the outdoors. That’s where a patio door with an embedded pet flap comes in.

Below is a comprehensive review of the best options available today.

By the time you’re finished reading, you’ll have everything you need to choose the ideal dog door for your patio. Let’s dive straight in!

Types of Product

There are two main types of sliding glass dog doors. These are:

  • Electronic (or powered) sliding glass dog door – These are designed to open automatically when your pet approaches.
  • Magnetic closure (or non-powered) sliding glass dog doors – With this type of pet door, your dog has to push through the door to go out or come in. The magnet stops the cold breeze from coming in after the dog.

Looking for a more high tech pet door? The Power Pet Automatic Sliding e-Glass Pet Door is a perfect pick.

Top Features
  • Fully automatic.

  • 4-way locking mechanism.

  • Fits almost all sliding glass doors.

Make your furry friend happier and your life easier with the Power Pet Automatic e-Glass Pet Door. Your dog will have the freedom to move in and out as they please. And you won’t have to worry about raccoons and or stray cats.

For pet parents living in areas that experience extreme winters and summer, then this dog door is worth considering. The flap is fully insulated and the glass panel comes with effective weather stripping (and a draft stopper). It doesn’t allow any cold or heat into your home.

Power Options

Another great feature of this electronic patio door dog door is that it has various powering options. You can power it by either connecting the provided adapter into a wall power outlet or using rechargeable batteries. 

An AC outlet with a battery backup option is also available. Batteries will recharge automatically when there’s power and utilized when power fails. Please note that the batteries are sold separately.For the smart home enthusiasts, you can connect this dog door with a smart plug and either integrate with a smart hub or control directly with Alexa.

Tech Specs

With a track height adjustment range of 75 to 80 ¼ inches, this dog door can fit a wide range of sliding doors. The dog flap is available in two sizes: medium (for small and medium dogs) and large (for larger and taller pets).

The door is also easy to set in your existing sliding door. No tools are needed during installation. And unlike most other glass door sliding dog doors, these will open automatically when your dog is around. Your dog won’t have to push through the door flap to come in or go out.

An ultrasonic MS-5 collar smart key is provided with each purchase. The best part, only the dogs wearing the collar are around to pass through the door. If you own more than one dog, extra smart collars can be ordered separately.

What we liked
  • Comes with full weather stripping.
  • Works for multiple dogs.
  • Has spring extenders to fit dogs of any height.
  • Water-resistant dog collar included.
  • Connect a smart plug for Alexa voice and remote control (sold separately).
What we didn't like
  • Not the cheapest dog door out there.
  • No timer feature included.
A durable sliding glass dog door.

Highly flexible as is adjustable with the option of five different fitting sizes and three different colour styles.

Top Features
  • Shatter-resistant glass.

  • Made of durable aluminum.

  • Flexible, energy-efficient flap system.

This PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Patio Panel is our top pick for several reasons.


The first is that it is extremely easy to install and it requires no invasive cutting. You can install the dog door in 15 minutes or less. It is also detachable which makes it a perfect choice for renters.  

Made of aluminum, this sliding glass dog door is both strong and durable. And it has shatter-proof tempered glass for ultimate security.

Magnetic Closure

What’s more, the dog door is weather-resistant and has a tinted flap to block the sun. It also has a magnetic closure system that works well in preventing cold or heat from entering your home.

And to ensure that your home is both safe and secure, this pet door has a sturdy sliding glass dog door insert lock for night time or when you are away.

Tech Specs

The patio panel is adjustable and comes in 5 different sizes: large, large-tall, medium, small and x-large. It is ideal for sliding doors with a height of 75 7/8 to 80 11/16 inches.

The door is also available in 3 color options (white, satin, and bronze). This wide variety makes it easy for you to find a perfect fit for your sliding door.

What we liked
  • Available in 5 different sizes.
  • Magnetic closure flap.
  • Slide-in cover to secure the door when you’re away from home.
  • The flap is tinted to block UV rays.
  • Three color options.
What we didn't like
  • Not ideal for extreme winters.
Best For Large Dogs
An easy-to-fit pet patio door.

This sliding glass dog door fits perfectly into a patio door’s track.

Top Features
  • For aluminum sliding doors.

  • Height is adjustable.

  • Bronze, silver, or white finish options.

With the magnetic closing system, the door closes right after your furry friend goes out or comes in.

For added security, the dog door comes with a door cover to lock your flap at night. This panel insert works as expected to give your dog the freedom to go in and out as they please.

As it is made up of heavy duty aluminum, this door holds up perfectly against everyday use. The color options available are white, silver, and bronze.

Tech Specs

Installation is a breeze. It has an adjustable height of 77 5/8 to 80 3/8 inches. And it is available in five size options. The super large door option has a flap size of 15 by 20 inches so large dogs can comfortably fit in.

This dog door is best for eight-foot sliding glass patio doors. It is made with tempered shatter-resistant glass.

Note that it comes with an insulation strip to prevent any draft from coming in. This works well in keeping the cold weather away. However since the flap is not insulated, it doesn’t provide enough insulation during winter and hot summers. You may notice a slight increase in your energy bills.

What we liked
  • Comes with a weather-strip for added weather resistance and insulation.
  • Hard plastic insert and a flap lock to keep raccoons out at night.
  • Easy and quick installation.
  • 5 flap sizes available.
What we didn't like
  • Locking system could be a bit better.
  • Weather-strip could be longer.

Give your four-legged friends the freedom to go to your garden and come back whenever they want with a top-quality option from Endura Flap.

Top Features
  • Easy to install and uninstall.

  • Dual-layer glass panel.

  • Strong slide-in cover.

The Endura Flap Pet Door easily installs into most sliding door tracks and it requires no cutting.

This dog door has a double-layered flap that can withstand heavy everyday use. On top of that, it has been proven to withstand strong winds with speeds of up to 50 mph. This makes it perfect for use in areas with harsh weather.

Additionally, the strong magnetic closure system provides insulation against heat and moisture. The flap closes immediately after your dog passes through it.

Made with light and rustproof aluminum frames, your dog door panel is easy to install. It is also durable and will serve you (and your fur friend) for years to come.

Tech Specs

The Endura Flap Pet Door is available in more than 10 size options. With an adjustable height of 93.25 to 96.25 inches, the extra-large dog flap size can fit even the widest and tallest dogs.

There are also three color options: white, brushed aluminum and bronze. Meaning, you can choose a color that best suits your interior.

The final benefit worth noting is the sturdy security cover. This slide-in cover comes in very handy. You’ll have control over when your dog can use the dog door. Plus, your home will be secure from unwanted critters in the evenings.

What we liked
  • Weatherproof.
  • Magnetic closure system.
  • Durable glass and aluminum frame.
  • Available in more than 10 size options.
What we didn't like
  • May affect your door’s locking system.

Other Notable Products

Top Features
  • Three size options available.

  • Ideal for large dogs.

  • Tempered shatterproof glass and a durable aluminum frame.

With a width of 10 ¼ and a height of 16 3/8, the PetSafe Sliding Glass Cat and Dog Door Insert is perfect for large dogs. It is easy to install and fits sliding doors of up to 80 11/16 inches tall.

The dog door is also available in small and medium sizes ideal for your other smaller pets. And the included glass door lock ensures extra security when the pet door is not in use.

Top Features
  • Ideal for 78 inches or 94-inch doors.

  • Two size options.

  • Ideal for vinyl sliding doors.

If you are searching for a vinyl dog door for large dogs, this could be exactly what you’re looking for. The dog door is height adjustable and it comes in two size options. The extra-large flap measures 10.25 by 15.75 inches. And the vinyl frame has a double “low e” tempered glass for optimum durability and weather resistance.

Top Features
  • Universal lock to fit any sliding door.

  • Heavy-duty top-quality aluminum frame.

  • Easy installation.

The Armor Flex Low-E Patio Pet Door is one of the most energy-efficient dog doors available. It is made of dual pane low-glass and a sturdy aluminum frame that is rust-resistant. This patio dog door is also reasonably priced and will provide an excellent seal against draft and moisture.

Should I Buy a Sliding Glass Dog Door

Easy access for your pets

Your furry friend will have easy and unrestricted access to (and from) your backyard. This allows your dog to exercise even when you’re away.

Some great options allow only pets with a pre-paired collar to use the door. That means you won’t have to worry about critters and other unwelcome guests coming into your home.

Save money on energy by keeping the door closed

You may think that installing a sliding glass dog door will mean increased energy bills for you, but the inserts are designed with a magnetic closure system.

Most dog doors are also insulated. They’ll keep wind, heat, cold, and debris right where they belong: outside! You can use it all year round.

No more getting up to let the dog in!

Are you tired of having to play doorman to your dog every time they need to pee? With a sliding glass dog, this will be nothing to worry about. Your dog can go out and come in as they may please.

Some high tech options can be connected to Alexa allowing you to control the door remotely.

Great if away

Dogs love to have company. When they are left to stay home alone for many hours, they’ll suffer from boredom. Boredom causes destructive behavior such as inappropriate chewing and scratching.

That’s where a dog door for sliding glass doors comes in. It gives your fur friend extra freedom to move outside when bored and come back to eat (or rest).

Easy Installation

Fitting a dog door to a sliding glass door is a breeze. Only a few modifications are required. And in most cases, these are simple DIY projects.

On top of that, the sliding glass door insert is detachable making it perfect for renters.

Sliding Glass Dog Door Features to Consider


One of the principal considerations before purchasing a patio door with a pet door built-in is the ease of installation. 

Unlike other dog doors, glass sliding dog doors are specially designed for sliding doors. Go for one that is easy to install. Better yet, choose one that allows DIY installation.

It shouldn’t include any complicated processes such as drilling, sawing, or any invasive cutting.

Magnetic Closing

A magnetic closure system ensures that the door remains closed when it is not in use. The door will shut immediately after your pet goes out or comes in.

Waterproof & Energy Efficiency

During cold winters and hot summers, a lot of energy is consumed to keep off the weather elements.

With this in mind, your choice of sliding glass dog door should be well insulated. It should also be waterproof and sturdy for optimum performance all year round.

Security and Locking

A pet door gives your pet the freedom to go in and out as they may please. But the problem is, the pet door may also allow access to other unwanted guests. 

A good option is one that can be locked at night. Better yet, go for electronic options that are set to only allow dogs that have a collar on them.

Powered or Not

There are two types of pet doors for sliding glass doors. These are powered (or electronic) and non-powered.

Electronic pet doors for sliding glass doors have a selective entry setting. They’ll only allow access for your dog (or dogs). These are often automatic. On the other hand, non-powered dog doors open for any animal that can fit in.

Powered doors are also more expensive than non-powered dog doors. But on the bright side, they are designed to keep raccoons and stray cats outside.

Multiple pets

Some electronic models are designed for use by single pets. Others allow use by multiple dogs.

On the other hand magnetic dog doors can be used by any animal that can push through. The ideal choice will depend on your budget and the number of pets you intend to keep.

Common Questions Relating to Sliding Glass Dog Door

Can you put a dog door in a sliding glass door?

Yes, you can put a dog door in a sliding glass door. The door can be installed either temporarily or permanently. This makes it perfect for renters.

Each dog door also comes with installation instructions. And installations are easy enough for you to do without requiring any help from a professional.

How do you install a dog door into a sliding glass patio door

Begin by opening your sliding door and place the panel on the track of your sliding glass door. Using the thumbscrews provided, adjust and attach the dog door to the wall. Once done, apply the weather strip provided to block away any weather elements.

How do you measure a dog for a sliding glass door?

Knowing the measurements of your dog will help to ensure that the dog door is neither too big nor too small.

Start by measuring the widest part of your furry friend and add 2 inches. Next, measure the height of your dog. This is its length from its shoulder down to its feet. Add 1 inch to this length.

How much does it cost to install a dog door in glass?

Like with all other products, there is no one-price-fits-all when it comes to the installation of a dog door in glass. Several factors (such as the size and material of your dog door) will come into play. But on average, the installation of a dog door for sliding doors can cost anywhere from $120 up to $600.

What is the best dog door for sliding glass doors?

There are so many options for dog doors for sliding glass doors in the market today. The best option is one that provides easy access to your pet, is easy to install, secure, and energy-efficient.

What size of dog door do I need?

The size of the dog door will depend on the size of your dog. Its width should be about two inches bigger than the widest part of your dog. And its height should be one inch larger than the length of your pet.

How do you secure a dog door from an intruder?

Most doggie doors come with a locking mechanism. Simply, lock them into place if you’re going to be away from the house.  If your dog door doesn't have a lock, cover the pet door by placing a barrier in front of it.  

There are also electronic options that will only open when your pet approaches.

If you are very security conscious, you could remove the patio dog door while away for an extended period and utilize the standard patio door lock. This is a very simple task and only takes 5 minutes.

How do I know if my sliding glass door is aluminum or vinyl?

Although vinyl and aluminum appear similar they also have several distinct differences. Vinyl is lighter and it has a brighter color. And when you tap on it, vinyl sounds like plastic. On the other hand, aluminum is metal-like, heavier, and has a darker color shade.

The Verdict

It is now easy to choose the best sliding glass dog door for your patio. Choose one that is easy to install, durable, and big enough for your dog.

If you are still unsure of what option will work for you, the Power Pet Fully Automatic Patio Pet Door is a brilliant powered dog door. The PetSafe Freedom Sliding Glass Pet Door is also a great choice if looking for something a bit cheaper. 

Happy hunting! I hope you’ve enjoyed our review of the very best patio pet doors.

Top Pick
A powered pet door.

Looking for a more high tech pet door? The Power Pet Automatic Sliding e-Glass Pet Door is a perfect pick.

Top Features
  • Fully automatic.

  • 4-way locking mechanism.

  • Fits almost all sliding glass doors.


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