Smart animal traps are truly a modern approach to traditional pest control. These IoT-connected pest-control devices have the capability to collect real-time data automatically from devices placed around the home and inform us about pest activity in our surroundings.

In some devices the built-in infrared sensors can instantly sense the presence of pests or unwanted animals by tracking down heat signatures. 

The best smart animal traps on the market are typically easy to set-up, hassle-free to monitor, and safe for pets. These devices feature mechanisms for the detection and elimination of pests.

Here we’ll review some of the best-selling smart animal traps to help you solve your pest problem.

Victor M1 Smart-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap

Whether at home or in the shed, this Smart-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap will alert you of catching a mouse via your mobile device, so you don’t have the hassle of checking traps manually. This device can eliminate up to 100 mice with a set of fully charged batteries without having use of any poisons or chemicals. 


  • Free & user-friendly app for monitoring traps
  • Allows using multiple traps with a single app
  • Kill rate is almost 100%
  • Built-in safety switch to ensure the protection of pets and children
  • Runs off 4 AA batteries


  • No use of any insecticides or chemicals
  • Just 3 easy steps to get started:
  • Download the app > Connect the device to the Wi-Fi network > Monitor the trap from your mobile device
  • No need to touch the dead mouse. You can tip it out by just opening the lid and hold it upside down


  • Does not work with ZWave, Mesh or other smart networks
  • Needs Wi-Fi signal to communicate via mobile device
  • Only suitable for indoor use


The built-in smart sensor enables it to sense the presence of a mouse while inside the tunnel, triggering a shock. After a catch, it will automatically send you a notification to your mobile device through the Victor Pest app, informing you to empty it. 

The set-up procedure is fairly easy. Firstly, load in 4 x AA batteries. Then, download the Victor Mouse Trap app from the app store and run the setup wizard which will connect the trap to your Wi-Fi network. Now, wait for the notification of catching a mouse from the device.

Victor M1 Smart-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap features a clever tunnel protection system which means pets cannot get their paws into it. For additional safety, it has a built-in safety switch that ensures kids cannot access it when primed.

This smart animal trap does not use any painful poisons to kill mice. Instead, it triggers an electric wave to shock and exterminate.

AbcoSport Electronic Rodent Zapper

This smart animal trap works well for all types of rodents such as mice, rats, chipmunks, and voles. It features an intelligent wireless circuit sensor that instantly senses the entry of any rodents and exterminates them automatically by triggering a 7000v instant shock.

It also carries out a self-inspection post-shock. If a dead rodent is detected, the device triggers a beeping sound and stops working for safety purposes, allowing you to empty the trap and reset it manually.


  • All in one solution. Equally effective for all rodents like rats, mice, squirrels, hamsters,   porcupines, and other similar mammals.
  • Automatically sense the rodent with a smart circuit technology and prevents any possibility of escape.
  • Auto self-detection for dead rodents and creates alert with beeping sound.
  • Unique LED indicator – flashes red when the rodent is being killed and green once the rodent is dead.  
  • Dual power options – runs on either A/C Power with included power adapter or 4 alkaline D batteries.
  • Lasts for up to 30 electric shocks with the battery power option


  • Kill rodent without any use of toxic chemicals
  • Instant killing through the use of a powerful electric shock of 7000 volts
  • No need to touch the dead rodent, just open the trap and dispose.
  • Very easy to install


  • Not smart enough to connect with IoT which sends signals to mobile devices
  • Some customers complained about rodents escaping 


There is very little set-up required. Just place the device in a suitable place in your home and plug in the adapter plug or use the wireless battery option. Then simply wait for the notification beeps.

This smart animal trap generates a shock of 7000 volts which kills rodents instantly. So, it’s a completely humane way to kill.

JT Animal Control ADC6 Spray Proof Skunk Trap

If you are in the unpleasant situation of skunks running around your property, spraying foul odor, then this smart animal trap is the perfect solution. JT Animal Control ADC6 Spray Proof Skunk Trap is specifically designed for trapping skunks.

It features a heavy-duty six-inch PVC pipe that prevents skunks from lifting their tails to spray. Once the skunk is trapped, it also eliminates the possibility of the skunk biting and scratching.


  • Solid metallic body structure prevents attracting the attention of children or pets.
  • Completely spray proof.
  • Easy to use and transport


  • Complete humane live trap
  • Durable metallic & PVC body
  • Completely safe for children & pets


  • No clear window to check nor any notification system
  • Setting up the spring loader is a bit tricky


The setup procedure is as follows: Place the lure in the tunnel under the lever (e.g. peanut butter); Lift the rod and bolt and release the door.

As the captured skunk is not harmed with this device its a completely human pest control system. It is designed with a spring-loaded door trap that prevents environment-related misfires.

Environmental Impact

Traditional pest control companies use poisons, such as rodenticides, which pollute our environment. 

The devices listed above all offer non-toxic mechanisms for pest control of rodents. In addition, these devices offer the fastest and most humane way to detect and eliminate pests.

Happy hunting!

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